22 Best Beaches in Bali Indonesia 2024 (Top Rated Beaches)

An in-depth guide on The Best Beaches In Bali Indonesia. We Lived in Bali, Indonesia 🇮🇩 For a year as Digital Nomads, and we will tell you about all the Best Beaches In Bali.

We also listed several tips from our Digital Nomad friends who have lived In Bali for years to make this Bali Beach guide even more worth your time!

Best Beaches in Bali
Beautiful beaches in Bali

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1. Echo Beach

Popular Sunset at Echo Beach In Bali
Popular Sunset at Echo Beach In Bali

Echo Beach is one of my favorite beaches I had the pleasure of exploring while living in Canggu, Bali.

If you enjoy “people watching,” this beach is perfect for you as it is a popular surf spot for many tourists and locals in the area.

With breathtaking sunsets, 180-degree seascape, and delicious food spots all along the beach, it’s no wonder Echo Beach has become a favorite of many.

You can find parking lots for your motorcycles and tons of shacks where you can rent surfboards to catch some waves. You’ll even come across some ding repairs where you can repair your surfboard if needed.

As you approach the end of all of the cafes, you will come across a temple on a small cliff from many centuries ago.

Not too far away from that, you will also see the black sand beach where you can comfortably lounge on beanbags across the sand.

The beach is immaculate and well-kept, thanks to routine beach clean-ups done by surf clubs and schools along the coast

2. Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua Beach is located in Southern Bali and is well known for being family-friendly. Still, it was once covered by mangroves but has been transformed into the beautiful beach it is today.

Not only of its family-friendly restaurants but also because there are many water sports facilities and places to enjoy shopping for the day. You’ll come across beautiful calm blue waves spanning 14 kilometers from its base.

Just 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport, you will find the beautiful Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa. You can enjoy many accommodations, including 5-star luxury dining, a chocolate body wrap at the spa, and Balinese dance classes perfect for the whole family.

The beach is relatively clean, allowing you to fully admire the beautiful white sand along the ocean. If you just want to enjoy sunbathing at the beach, there are still lots to admire, including orchids around the beach, palm trees, and wild mangroves.

Nusa Dua Beach, South Bali

Nusa Dua is renowned for its luxury and elegance. How can I find an ideal honeymoon spot? Check. Are we looking forward to receiving our own massage? The spa is abundant. Are there any golfers out there? The golf courses are 18 holes in total.

These beaches are primarily a huge peninsula covered with immaculate sand and filled with things you didn’t know. The whole place is enclosed by a gated community.

In contrast to the lively Kuta Nua Dua has a quieter, calmer atmosphere. Over 20 significant resorts offer a range of all-inclusive vacation options for families in this area. There are miles of pristine white sandy trails, glancing at mega-hotels along their paths.

The White Sand cannot be more beautiful than Aleksandar Todorovic. Nusa Duan has an island-style resort in Bali, and the hotel complex is a mix of lovely palm tree-filled lawns beautifully decorated.

Fortunately, the landscape is still full of mangrove forests with beautiful orchids.

The beaches of this area are very friendly, with calming blue waters making it the perfect beach for swimming and exploring some tropical marine life while diving.

3. Jimbaran Beach/Jimbaran Bay Beach, South West Bali

A famous beach located in the southwest region of Bali that is 3-kilometers long is known for its white sand and delicious seafood dinners by the sunset.

You will come across local fishermen while strolling along the beach and notice fresh fish sold at local markets. You can enjoy other fresh and tasty seafood at a barbecue or grilled food spots in Jimbaran Bay.

Aside from the beach, there are tons of other activities you can participate in, including hanging out at the Sundara Beach club, where you can hang out at the luxury infinity pool while catching incredible views of the Bali sunset.

4. Padang Padang Beach, Uluwatu

It is a famous surf spot in Bali and is only a 30-minute drive from Bali International airport for its incredible barrel waves on a hot sunny day. While hanging out at Padang Padang Beach, don’t forget to visit one of its international surfing events once a year.

You’ll find a distant horizon across the waves and big beautiful rocks across one beach entrance. This beach is very exotic with its clear waters, tidal swimming pools, and incredible rock caves.

The only thing you may have to. Worry about a few loose monkeys trying to take your belongings and a parking fee of around IDR 2,000 for a motorbike and IDR 5,000 to park a car.

5. Seminyak Beach

Known as one of the most popular beaches in Bali, it’ll be sure to catch your attention with its vibrant nightlife scene, loungers, and colorful umbrellas on the beach that you can’t miss whether it’s day or night.

You can also participate in horseback riding on the beach In Bali, starting at $65 per person on Viator. Don’t be afraid to explore a few small nearby villages with incredible fashion boutiques and upscale dining.

Its beaches are populated with luxurious accommodations, including the Oberoi Beach Resort in Bali, among the first luxury hotels in Seminyak Beach, and remains a well-liked seashore resort for many tourists and locals.

Seminyak Beach is another famous beach for surfers as it has relatively light waves during the day.

6. Green Bowl Beach

According to Hotels.com, known as one of the top secluded beaches in Bali, according to Hotels.com, and is another white sandy beach with a 30-meter coastal strip. You have to go down quite a bit of stair to reach the ocean, but the walk is worth it.

It is a very exotic location making it an attractive spot for surfers and other adventurous people. Two limestone caves offer shade and incredible photo locations for beachgoers. Its crystal clear water makes it an excellent place for snorkeling, and there are tons of snack options around, with 4 warungs close by that sell fresh coconut water.

Not too far away, you will come across Taman Sari temple and Dalem Batu Page right in front of the beach. Parking will cost you around IDR 5,000 to visit. You might spot some macaques while hanging out at the beach, but they tend to keep to themselves unless you try to entice them with some food.

7. Berawa Beach

Another favorite of ours, partially because there is a beautiful Octopus sculpture that I cannot take my eyes off when I am at Berawa Beach. It has been standing firm on Berawa Beach since 2019 as it was built for the Berawa Beach Art Festival in May 2019.

The octopus sculpture is 20 meters high and 300 meters long and symbolizes how dynamic the coastal area is today. You will see lots of surfers here and people flying colorful kites. If you’ve been thinking of practicing water sports such as kitesurfing, this is definitely the perfect beach.

Not precisely a family-friendly beach as rough ocean currents occurs pretty often. Still, if you want a romantic night to spend with your partner, you can definitely catch a gorgeous sunset while having a delicious seafood dinner on the beach.

If you want to catch some sun in the morning as we do, you’ll find plenty of restaurants offering aesthetic and delicious smoothie bowls. There is no fee to enter Berawa Beach, but if you are looking to sunbathe and lounge around by the ocean, you’ll pay about IDR 50,000 for a sunbed you can use the entire day.

8. Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach In Bali
Sanur Beach In Bali

If you are an early riser, unlike me, Sanur beach is your go-to to catch some beautiful early morning views. It is a reasonably clean beach with calm waves, and it is a fun place to participate in many activities. You can consider doing the sunrise bike tour on Sanur beach, which allows you to see all the incredible views of Bali while not having to worry about crowds since it is so early in the morning, making you and your spouse enjoy the views alone.

You will visit one of Bali’s most photogenic locations, known as Sanur Point, with a local guide. As you travel in a minivan to the starting point of the cycle tour, you will come across the beautiful architecture of Monument Bajra Sandi, so have your cameras ready! Prices are around $135 per group for up to 100 people but are well worth the 4.5-hour tour and cycling trip with views you won’t forget.

There are other fun activities on Sanur beach, including jet-skiing, parasailing, and taking a banana boat ride around the ocean. The banana boat game lasts around 15 minutes and is IDR 338,000 per person, but you can get a few cheaper deals if you pay online. If you want more of a private experience for just you and your loved one, consider hiring a fisherman to explore more of Bali on a “jukung” boat, a small wooden canoe.

9. Blue Lagoon Beach

If you are looking to spot Nemo, this is the beach to do it as it is well known for its remarkably blue but clear waters and its abundant marine life. It is the perfect beach for snorkeling with its calm waves surrounded by black coral. Blue Lagoon is a tourist beach, so you can expect many people to be there, but there are a lot of accommodations nearby.

Restaurants, hotels, and spas are all nearby the beach and don’t forget your GoPro because you will surely get stunning underwater shots of your friends and some sea animals. Snorkeling is ideal for both new and experienced divers, and some boats can take you diving when you are ready to go. The Blue Lagoon is only 5 meters deep, making it very shallow, but you will come across an octopus, reef sharks, beautiful starfish, and other types of fish.

You will find pear cactus around the surrounding cliffs, and just a 2-minute walk away from the beach, you will see the Bloo Lagoon Village, a 4-star village with free wifi and affordable scuba diving lessons. You can also enjoy your free time at the yoga deck and learn the art of Indonesian cooking or at the spa and pool within the villa. The villa is fully furnished with a kitchen, terrace, and living room.

10. Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach In Bali
Suluban Beach In Bali

You can enjoy a private swim here as there are high limestone cliffs behind the clear blue water. As you approach the beach, you will find excellent coves and caves you are free to explore. You will take a few stairs down to the beach, and before that, you will come across many different restaurants. The waves are unpredictable, so be sure to check the tides beforehand.

11. Balian Beach

Balian Beach In Bali
Balian Beach In Bali

Balian Beach Is one of my favorite beaches in Bali that is away from the tourist areas. It is known as “volcanic ash beach” for its black sands and is a popular place for yogis and surfers. Suluban is more of a hidden beach than other beaches in Bali, and this is probably why it is not too crowded when you visit. Unlike many other beaches in Bali, you won’t find too many bars or restaurants on Balian Beach. So if you just enjoy living in the moment, then grab a book to read and lay on your towel and soak up the sun in one of the most beautiful beaches in bali.

If you are hungry, you will come across Deki’s Warung, a short walk away and vegetarian-friendly. The restaurant offers Asian and Indonesian food, so enjoy some nasi goreng while you’re there. The only thing you’d have to worry about is shark attacks, as they have been reported over the years. If you don’t swim, you can still enjoy the beauty of the beach in other ways.

12. Melasti Beach

Melasti Beach is a family-friendly white sandy beach with clear water and a nearby beach club. The only setback is that there are both entrance and parking fees before entering the beach, but you will get free WIFI after purchasing your tickets. If you are looking to take a scenic drive, this is an excellent beach for you to do that, and it is only a few minutes away from Green Bowl beach. Parking is free here, but you will pay around IDR 100,000 for a lounge chair.

The bluish water is a sight you can’t miss as the limestone cliffs on the way to the beach. It is known as one of the cleanest beaches for those who’ve visited it in Bali. You can find almost anything you are looking to eat or drink right on the beach! You will discover shacks with beers, smoothie bowls, and a range of Indonesian food! Melasti Beach is well known for its stunning Instagram-worthy views, so don’t be surprised if you see an engagement photoshoot happening in front of you.

13. Atuh Beach In Nusa Penida

Atuh Beach is another white sand beach in Bali, a famous beach on Nusa Penida, and massive cliffs surround it. If you aren’t the best at swimming, you shouldn’t go too far into the water as it can become quite deep. There are offshore rock formations surrounding the beach, and on the beach itself, you will find tons of Warungs offering you tasty snacks and $2 coconuts you can enjoy.

The beach also has sunbeds you can rent and beanbag chairs, so you don’t burn up in the sand under the hot sun in Bali. There’s a cool elephant-shaped rock in the ocean that is definitely picture-worthy. Just make sure you check whether it is low or high tide before deciding to come here for a swim!

14. Pasir Putih Beach White Sand Beach (Pasir Putih), Candidasa, East Coast

Known for being a more secluded beach in East Bali, if you like a lot of greenery, you’ll definitely appreciate the beauty of this beach. This is another white sand beach that is very exotic and one of the best beaches in Bali, with many trees surrounding the sand and its turquoise blue waters. You’ll never run out of activities because aside from tons of warungs on the beach offering you delicious food, they also provide services if you are interested, including snorkeling, sailing, and fishing.

If you decide to just stay and hang out on the beach, you will see tons of colorful umbrellas and comfortable lounge chairs spread out in front of warungs. So if you want a romantic date night with your significant other on this gorgeous hidden beach, grab some fresh coconut and seafood from a cafe and enjoy the sunset at Pasir Putih Beach.

15. Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach is one of my favorite beaches in Bali as well, The ocean here is pretty intriguing with its bluish-green tones and can have some rough waves, so this beach may not always be ideal for swimming. If you are an advanced surfer, then you may enjoy this beach. If you’re not, that’s fine too because there is still plenty to do, including paddling or kayaking.

The cafes at Pandawa Beach serve a wide variety of food, including burgers, fries, seafood, and cold drinks. There are rentable chairs available, and after hanging at the beach, you can visit Uluwatu temple, which is just 3 km away Pandawa Beach is a beautiful White Sand Beach.

Pandawa Beach is more of a quiet beach known for not being too crowded, which can allow you to feel more comfortable if you decide to visit. You will get an incredible view over the Indian Ocean, and the limestone cliffs over the sand make it another Instagram location.

You can find tons of accommodations nearby, including a massage shop, spa, and. Some shopping centers nearby. There are also changing rooms and toilets at the beach when you need to go. The only catch of visiting Pandawa Beach is the entrance fee, which will cost you IDR 15,000 and 5,000 IDR to park your car or 2,000 IDR for your scooter this Beach is one of the Best Beaches in Bali.

16. Legian Beach

The Legian beaches offer vacationers a place to surf, go shopping, or relax. You can also attend a surf school that is nearby Legian beach. Beginner surf lessons begin at $9 per person, and for private surfing lessons, you are looking to pay a starting price of $15 per adult. The surf lessons last around 2 hours and include free surf photos, clothing, equipment, and online training courses. The staff is even willing to pick you up and drop you off if you’re within a 1 km radius from/around the surf club.

Be mindful that you will come across some large waves on Legian beach, so swimming may be best for older children and adults. Be sure to check the flags for swimming restrictions in the area. The wide, golden, and sandy beaches are ideal places for you to relax, picnic, and even build your own sandcastle.

Its paved beachfront path makes it a good option for walking with friends and family. Just a few kilometers from the beach, you can partake in the Galih Bali tour, where locals will drive you around and show you some magnificent places on the island. You will learn a lot about the history and culture of Bali.

17. Blue Point Beach | Suluban Beach

As you can probably already tell by the name, Blue point beach is just that. The dark blue and turquoise water is a sight you’ll never forget. Located in the Pecatu Village and formally known as Suluban Beach, has many coastal cliffs with restaurants located on top. Bluepoint Villas is closely nearby and is a popular place known for shooting advertisements and known for its beautiful white sand Beach.

If you aren’t too good at swimming, it’s not wise to go too far into the ocean as there can be huge waves that can knock you down. Blue Point beach is a fun place to get some fantastic Instagram photos as there are many cliffs around that give you some hidden spots to take some excellent pictures with a cave-like effect.

This is why Blue Point beach is also known as a Bat cave, where you will see the blue waves passing through the caves. While you enjoy the sunset, you can stop in at Delphi Cafe and enjoy some overhead views of the Indian Ocean while enjoying some drinks and delicious food.

18. Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is known for being a famous scenic beach in Bali, and you just walk a few steps down from a cliff to get to the beach entrance. Balangan Beach attracts surfers worldwide because of its golden sand and crystal blue waters than can sometimes be rough. It is about 30 mins away from Denpasar Airport and is eye-catching with high cliffs surrounding the ocean, which you’ll be able to spot on your way there.

You will come across beachfront warungs where you can enjoy nasi goreng for just a few U.S. dollars. The ocean water is pretty warm, and you can treat yourself to a nice Balinese massage for about $5 after you get done at the beach. we really enjoyed Balangan Beach. You will absolutely love it! Balangan Beach is definitely One of the best beaches.

19. Kuta beach

Kuta Beach is well known for having cream-colored sand and is a popular place to enjoy Bali’s gorgeous sunsets. You might want to head to this beach early as it is a famous touristic beach and can be pretty crowded, so sunbathe then head there in the morning. You can visit Waterbom Bali, a family-friendly waterpark with restaurants, a bar, and rides located in the southern section of Kuta Beach. Since Kuta beach is catered to tourists, there are plenty of activities for entertainment. Main roads of the coast.

There are places to shop, restaurants, markets, bars, hotels, and resorts. Not too far away, you can also check out the Kuta Theatre, where you will see locals wearing Balinese dance costumes on stage and performing magic tricks. Kuta Beach is ideal for beginner and advanced surfers, and there are beach vendors on the beach that will offer you refreshments and even massages if you’re interested. There is so much entertainment on the beach itself as you may witness some fire dances, people playing the drubs, and soccer matches going on.

You may come across the Sea Turtle Conservation Site not too far away, where you’ll see hatchlings being released. You can rent surfboards, parasols, and lounge chairs and enjoy a meal at the Hard rock Cafe. There are restrooms close by and endless activities for you and the family to enjoy.

20. Thomas Beach

Thomas Beach is a white sandy beach between Padang Padang Beach and Blue Point Beach. You’ll come across gorgeous light blue waves here but be sure to go early because it gets pretty crowded as the day goes on.

Warungs are on the beach for when you get hungry, and like many other beaches we already mentioned, umbrellas, surfboards, and sunbeds are all available for rent. You’re looking at around IDR 50,000 to rent umbrellas and sunbeds.

Visitors have said that you can get a free fish foot massage here, and it is the perfect beach for snorkeling. It is a fairly private beach, and there are tons of restaurants nearby if you want a bite after a swim. The water is shallow, and you’ll have to take quite a few stairs to get down to the beach. Entrance to Thomas Beach is free of charge.

21. Medewi beach

Not a commonly visited beach in Bali, making it perfect for a private beach experience and still a place you should definitely explore.

The beach is split into two parts, one of which is very rocky but the other half is better for walking and sunbathing. You can enjoy incredible sunsets here over the Indian Ocean. You’ll see local fishermen catching fresh fish, which you can purchase, and other fresh seafood if you’re interested.

If you want more to do, 30 minutes away is Juwuk Manis waterfall, where you can enjoy a swim for an entrance fee of IDR 5000. Close by the front of Medewi Beach, you will find Mai Malu Restaurant and Guest House, where you can find popular American food like burgers and stay at a nice. Accommodation. It is a popular spot for surfers, and it is an excellent way to enjoy the nature views of Bali.

22. Keramas Beach

This is a black sand beach that is great for long strolls with the family as it goes on for 1.8km long. If you’re an advanced surfer, you’ll enjoy some powerful right-hander waves which may make you come across some uneven lava reef, so be careful! Keramas Beach is also perfect for pool hangouts because not too far away is Komune Beach Club.

If you are enjoying time with your friends, the whole group will love this place as it offers a great nightlife scene at the Komune Resort where you can chill by the pool, enjoy some music, an open-air garden, movies, and night surfing. When you are ready to explore a different area, the Jalan Ida Bagus Mantra highway is close by for your convenience.

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