COST Of Living In Gothenburg Sweden 2024 (Our Experience)

Cost of Living in Gothenburg Sweden

What is the Cost of Living in Gothenburg Sweden Introduction

Hey Friends! The Cost Of Living In Gothenburg Sweden makes it possible to Live For $2,014 – $4,073 (22,468 SEK – 43,256 SEK) Per Month for a STRICT budget vs. a LUXURY budget.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the cost of living in Gothenburg Sweden!

Situated on the scenic western coast of Sweden, Gothenburg is a lovely port city with a relaxed vibe and rich cultural offerings. As the second largest city in Sweden, it provides big-city amenities like vibrant nightlife, diverse dining, and extensive public transit while maintaining a cozy small-town charm.

If you’re considering a move to Gothenburg, an important factor is getting a handle on the overall cost of living.

Can you enjoy what Gothenburg has to offer while still being mindful of your budget?

The answer is YES and in this cost of living guide for Gothenburg, we’ll walk through typical prices for housing, food, transportation, utilities, healthcare, and other day-to-day expenses.

You’ll find average monthly costs with price ranges so you can budget wisely. We’ll also share money-saving tips to help you lower expenses in each category.

Whether you’re a student, remote worker, retiree or just dreaming of Gothenburg living, use this guide to live affordably. Discover how to create a comfortable lifestyle in one of Sweden’s most appealing cities without breaking the bank.

Let’s dive into the ins and outs of living costs in Gothenburg!

  1. Housing Insights: From cozy studio apartments to expansive residences, we’ll guide you through the diverse rental landscape in Gothenburg Sweden and Give you all of the local rental websites. Explore how living in different parts of the city impacts prices and discover neighborhoods that align with your preferences.
  2. Everyday Expenditures: Our journey continues into the heart of day-to-day spending. So prepare to gain clarity on monthly expenses including homemade meals, grocery trips, dining, and more. We’ll cover utility and transportation options and explore specifics like electricity, water, internet services, and mobile plans.
  3. Well-being and Health Finances: Navigating healthcare is important, and we’ve got you covered. We take a dive into Gothenburg Sweden’s healthcare system, deciphering the financial landscape of medical services. We discuss health insurance for expats, with companies like SafetyWing, World Nomads, and Cigna Global—your partners in safeguarding your health.
  4. Cultural Treasures on a Budget: Immerse yourself in Gothenburg Sweden’s cultural tapestry without risking your savings. We highlight the cost of leisure activities across different neighborhoods, and we’ll even spotlight budget-friendly events that allow you to enjoy what the city has to offer without breaking the bank.
  5. Crafting Financial Equilibrium: Concluding our exploration, we offer essential budgeting insights. Expert tips to help you optimize expenses, to ensure a full life while maintaining financial equilibrium. Trust us to guide you in making every penny count.
  6. Leisure and Entertainment: The vibrant cultural scene in Gothenburg Sweden offers a wide range of entertainment options. We’ll cover the financial aspect of popular activities across various neighborhoods and showcase cost-effective events for those seeking wallet-friendly choices.
  7. Financial Wisdom and Budgeting Know-How: Our final tips to conclude the article include budgeting strategies to maximize your financial experience in Gothenburg Sweden. Learn the art of money-saving while relishing all the splendors this beautiful nation presents.
  • You can easily live comfortably on a budget of $2,000 per month on a somewhat strict budget so if you are looking for a beautiful, affordable city to live in, Gothenburg Sweden is a great option.
  • Our goal by the end of the article is to give you the necessary knowledge to embrace the Swedish lifestyle while making smart financial choices.
  • We will also give you the local websites to use to find an apartment and all of the ex-pat and digital nomad Facebook groups, tourism boards, and data on Gothenburg Sweden.

In the next few articles, we will take a deeper dive into the cost of living in specific cities in Sweden like Stockholm and Malmö.

The healthcare system in Gothenburg is renowned for its accessibility, quality, and universal coverage, ensuring that residents have access to top-notch medical care when needed.

But if you are just traveling through and not a resident, you may not have access to the free quality healthcare Gothenburg Sweden offers its residents and workers. But do not fear, as this is where SafetyWing Insurance comes in. SafetyWing offers reliable and flexible insurance solutions tailored for global travelers and ex-pats. Later on in the post, we cover the different aspects of healthcare in Gothenburg Sweden.

Here are some of the things we will cover in this blog post:

  • Accommodation expenses in Gothenburg Sweden
  • Healthcare Expenses in Gothenburg Sweden
  • Grocery prices in Gothenburg Sweden
  • Recommended local dishes and best things to do in Gothenburg Sweden
  • Transportation costs in Gothenburg Sweden
  • The general cost of living in Gothenburg Sweden
  • Money-saving tips for living in Gothenburg Sweden

We want to give you the insights you need to make the most out of your time living abroad in Gothenburg.

Here is what you will learn in this guide:

  • A comprehensive breakdown of expenses and an in-depth analysis of the cost of living in Gothenburg Sweden, covering housing, transportation, utilities, gym memberships, food, entertainment, and health insurance.
  • Detailed tables, tips, and videos to show you how to live in Gothenburg Sweden on a budget ranging from $2,014 – $4,073 (22,468 SEK – 43,256 SEK) Per Month depending on your lifestyle and spending habits.
  • Highlights of the amazing outdoor and nature activities available in Gothenburg Sweden, make it an ideal choice for anyone seeking adventure, culture, and a relaxed pace of life.
  • A comprehensive list of unique local rental websites and Facebook groups will assist you in finding affordable accommodations in Gothenburg Sweden.
  • Reliable and up-to-date sources of information for living in Gothenburg Sweden, including data on the country, tourism boards, and more.
  • Budget tips and recommendations to help you make a smooth and comfortable transition to life in Gothenburg Sweden, including essential information about healthcare and other practical matters.
  • Thriving ex-pat and digital nomad communities.

How this guide will help you:

  • Make the most of living in Gothenburg while still being smart with your money.
  • Discover all this vibrant city has to offer – from the winding cobblestone streets to the mouthwatering cuisine. Treat yourself to an active lifestyle filled with scenic hikes, boat rides through the picturesque archipelago, and bike rides along the river.
  • Be prepared to make informed decisions by getting the latest info on rental costs, public transportation, healthcare options, and more.
  • Look for insider tips to uncover great deals on housing, eating out, shopping, and activities.
  • Embrace an exciting yet balanced lifestyle that nourishes both your wallet and your spirit as we cover free cultural events and affordable neighborhoods to live in.
  • The key is planning ahead and making choices that allow you to get the most out of your experience in Gothenburg while still being able to save and achieve your financial goals.
  • Make wise spending decisions so you can thrive in this Nordic gem.

With a range of expenses estimated Cost Of Living in Gothenburg Sweden is between $2,014 – $4,073 (22,468 SEK – 43,256 SEK) Per Month.

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Cost Of Living in Gothenburg Sweden Quick Facts, Key Takeaways, Statistics, Data

Cost of Living in Gothenburg Sweden Quick Facts, Statistics, Data

A breakdown of some key expenses: Total Monthly Cost of living in Gothenburg Sweden ranges from $2,014 – $4,073 (22,468 SEK – 43,256 SEK) Per Month.

Here are some quick facts about the cost of living in Gothenburg Sweden:

  • For all expenses, and if you budget correctly, you can expect to spend $2,100 – $3,000 per month for all expenses.
  • Living well in Gothenburg Sweden is possible with a monthly income of around $2,800.
  • There is no set minimum wage in Sweden but a minimum income per month may be around 16,000 SEK or $1,500.
  • The average salary in Gothenburg Sweden is around $36,800 or 396,000 SEK yearly.
  • The monthly rent, food budget, housing expenses, and transportation options in Gothenburg Sweden can all be determined based on your budget.
  • To maintain the same standard of life with $9,400 in New York City, an estimated $4,190(46,020 SEK) is needed in Gothenburg Sweden.
  • On average, the cost of living in Gothenburg Sweden is 69% cheaper than in New York City, United States.
  • On average, rent in Gothenburg Sweden is 79% lower than in New York City, New York, USA.
  • The cost of rent in Gothenburg Sweden ranges from 750 – $2,900 Per month.
  • Restaurant prices are estimated to be 81.5% lower than prices in New York.
  • Grocery prices are estimated to be 77.9% lower than in New York City.
  • The Cost of Accommodation in Gothenburg Sweden costs around $730 – $2,400 Per month from a simple studio to a Luxury 3+ bedroom apartment.
  • A budget food and grocery plan in Gothenburg Sweden will cost around $320 – $620 per month, depending on location and budget.
  • An estimated monthly cost for a couple living in Gothenburg Sweden is $2,566 – $6,269.
  • An estimated monthly cost for a family of four in Gothenburg Sweden is $4,952 – $9,464.
  • An estimated monthly cost for a single person in Gothenburg Sweden is $2,014 – $4,073 (22,468 SEK – 43,256 SEK) Per Month.
  • Transportation costs in Gothenburg Sweden are estimated to be $45 – $600 per month (it is higher if you own or rent a car.)
  • Expats and digital nomads may spend around $3,500 – $4,000 per month, to maintain their living standards in Gothenburg Sweden.
  • We spent around $2,070 – $2,379 (21,953 SEK – 24,025 SEK) per month but you can definitely bootstrap it and live for less.

Our Personal Costs of Living in Gothenburg Sweden: Table of Expenses Breakdown 2024

To give you a better understanding of our monthly expenses in Gothenburg Sweden, we’ll share our own costs. While experiencing Gothenburg Sweden’s beauty, we also wanted to make sure we could manage our finances effectively.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of our monthly cost of living in Gothenburg Sweden, including rent, utilities, gym, food, transportation, entertainment, and health insurance:

Our Monthly Rent and Accommodation Costs

We pay approximately 11,719 SEK – 12,811 SEK ($1,131 – $1,290 USD) per month for our apartment rental in the Majorna area of Gothenburg. We live in a modern, fully furnished 1 bedroom unit that is about 50 square meters in size. The amenities like in-unit laundry and parking space make it very convenient. While rents are generally lower outside the city center, we value being able to walk and bike everywhere we need to go.

Our Monthly Utilities Costs

We budget 3,488 SEK – 5,164 SEK ($336 – $498 USD) to cover our monthly utilities including electricity, heating, water, garbage collection and 25 Mbps internet service. In winter, we lower the thermostat temperature and bundle up to reduce heating expenses.

Our Gym and Fitness Costs

Our monthly gym membership costs around 1,943 SEK – 2,618 SEK ($187 – $251 USD). We chose a gym near our apartment that has lots of weights, cardio equipment, and fitness classes included. They offered a reasonable discount rate for students. Working out regularly is important for our health and wellbeing.

Our Food and Groceries Costs

We spend about 3,922 SEK – 7,286 SEK ($385 – $661 USD) per month at the supermarket and dining out occasionally. By cooking most meals at home and eating out only on occassion, we save on food costs every month. We also shop at farmer’s markets and budget-friendly stores to get the best deals.

Our Transportation Costs

Our public transit passes run 1,041 SEK – 1,317 SEK ($100 – $126 USD) monthly. This gives us unlimited tram, bus and ferry access. We supplement this with walking and biking as often as possible. We budget a bit extra for the occasional taxi ride as needed.

Our Leisure and Entertainment Costs

We allocate around 640 SEK – 1,027 SEK ($62 – $99 USD) for activities like going to museums, concerts, movies and weekend hiking trips. There are lots of free events and beautiful nature nearby to explore on a budget.

Our Health Insurance Costs

We pay about 500 SEK ($45 USD) per month for travel health insurance to cover emergencies. The policy has a low deductible and includes coverage worldwide. Having this safety net provides peace of mind.

Our Total Monthly Cost of Living

All together, our average monthly living expenses total 21,953 SEK – 24,025 SEK ($2,070 – $2,379 USD). By choosing a less pricey neighborhood, using public transit, and cooking at home, we can enjoy Gothenburg comfortably without breaking the bank. Sticking to our budget allows us to regularly save and invest for the future as well.

Here is a table of Expenses for what we personally spent for our Monthly Cost of Living in Gothenburg Sweden:

Our Monthly Cost of Living in Gothenburg SwedenEstimated Cost in USDEstimated Cost in SEK
Our Monthly Cost of Rent and Accommodation$1,131 – $1,29011,719 SEK – 12,811 SEK
Our Monthly Cost of Utilities$336 – $4983,488 SEK – 5,164 SEK
Our Gym Cost per month$187 – $2511,943 SEK – 2,618 SEK
Our Monthly Cost of Food and Groceries$385 – $6613,922 SEK – 7,286 SEK
Our Monthly Cost of Transportation$100 – $1261,041 SEK – 1,317 SEK
Our Monthly Cost of Activities, Leisure, Entertainment$62 – $99640 SEK – 1,027 SEK
Our Monthly Cost of Health Insurance$45500 SEK
Our Monthly Cost of Living in Gothenburg Sweden Total Expenses$2,070 – $2,37921,953 SEK – 24,025 SEK

Monthly Cost of Living in Gothenburg Sweden Summary Cost Of Rent, Groceries, Transportation, Healthcare: $2,014 – $4,073 (22,468 SEK – 43,256 SEK) Per Month

Monthly Cost of Living in Gothenburg Sweden

You can live in Gothenburg Sweden, for around $2,014 a month for all expenses on a tight budget or $4,073 a month if you want to live much more luxuriously. The Cost of living in Gothenburg Sweden is from $2,014 – $4,073 (22,468 SEK – 43,256 SEK) Per Month.

The following is a breakdown of the average cost of living in Gothenburg Sweden:

Cost of Rent

  • Studio Apartment: 9,056 SEK – 13,825 SEK ($830 – $1,267 USD)
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment: 11,141 SEK – 20,210 SEK ($1,021 – $1,868 USD)
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment: 14,773 SEK – 24,003 SEK ($1,354 – $2,200 USD)
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment: 17,457 SEK – 29,461 SEK ($1,600 – $2,700 USD)

Rent accounts for a significant portion of living costs. Prices are highest in the city center and lower in the suburbs. Apartment sizes range from 20 sqm studios to 100+ sqm 3 bedrooms.


  • Electricity, heating, water, etc: 1,331 SEK – 2,200 SEK ($156 – $258 USD)

Utility costs can vary based on apartment size, family size, and usage. Conserving resources can save money. Many apartments may include utilities as well.

Mobile Phone

  • Unlimited data plan: 179 SEK – 441 SEK ($21 – $52 USD)

Prepaid SIM cards or monthly phone plans with unlimited data help you stay connected. You can reduce costs by using free WiFi when available.


  • Wifi: 273 SEK – 562 SEK ($32 – $66 USD)

Having a reliable internet connection at home is essential. Fiber, cable or DSL packages offer different speeds to suit needs. Bundling can reduce costs.


  • Groceries, dining out: 2,621 SEK – 5,299 SEK ($308 – $621 USD)

Grocery shopping and eating out a few times a month is included within the price range. Cooking at home and limiting restaurant meals reduces costs substantially.


  • Public transport, taxis: 595 SEK – 1,308 SEK ($70 – $154 USD)

Gothenburg has an excellent public transit system. Monthly passes provide discounted rates for frequent users. Biking is also popular and there are designated bike lanes for safe cycling.


  • Gym, yoga, massages: 341 SEK – 878 SEK ($40 – $103 USD)

Staying active by joining a gym or yoga studio helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many activities offer discounted rates for students or seniors.

Health Insurance

  • 500 SEK – 1,732 SEK ($45 – $207 USD)

Having comprehensive health insurance is highly recommended. Prices vary based on policy level, deductible, and provider. Prices start as low as $45 if you decide to use Safetywing Insurance like we do while traveling and living abroad.

Total Estimated Monthly Costs

In total, estimated monthly living costs range 22,468 SEK – 43,256 SEK ($2,014 – $4,073 USD). Costs are lower for a single person living in a simple apartment outside the city center with fewer amenities. Families and central city residents face higher expenses. Careful budgeting allows you to live well in Gothenburg.

Here is a table of expenses for the cost of living in Gothenburg Sweden per month:

Cost Of Living in Gothenburg SwedenCost Range in USD ($)Cost Range in SEK (kr)
Cost of Rent (Studio apartment) in Gothenburg Sweden$830 – $1,2679,056 SEK – 13,825 SEK
Cost of Rent (1 bedroom apartment) in Gothenburg Sweden$1,021 – $1,86811,141 SEK – 20,210 SEK
Cost of Rent (2 bedroom apartment) in Gothenburg Sweden$1,354 – $2,20014,773 SEK – 24,003 SEK
Cost of Rent (3 bedroom apartment) in Gothenburg Sweden$1,600 – $2,70017,457 SEK – 29,461 SEK
Cost of Utilities (electricity, water) in Gothenburg Sweden$156 – $2581,331 SEK – 2,200 SEK
Cost of Mobile phone (unlimited data plan, Sim Card) in Gothenburg Sweden$21 – $52179 SEK – 441 SEK
Cost of Internet (wifi) in Gothenburg Sweden$32 – $66273 SEK – 562 SEK
Cost of Food (groceries, dining out, Local Swedish Food) in Gothenburg Sweden$308 – $6212,621 SEK – 5,299 SEK
Cost of Transportation (Public transport, Taxi, Scooter, car) in Gothenburg Sweden$70 – $154595 SEK – 1,308 SEK
Cost of Healthy activities (gym, martial arts, yoga, massages) in Gothenburg Sweden$40 – $103341 SEK – 878 SEK
Cost of Health insurance (SafetyWing, World Nomads, or Cigna Global) in Gothenburg Sweden$45 – $207500 SEK – 1,732 SEK
Total Monthly Cost Of Living In Gothenburg Sweden$2,014 – $4,07322,468 SEK – 43,256 SEK

Here are some tips for reducing your cost of living in Gothenburg Sweden:

  • Housing:
    • Consider shared housing or roommates to split rent and utilities costs.
    • Look for apartments in suburbs or less expensive neighborhoods.
    • Explore student housing options if you are a student.
  • Transportation:
    • Use public transportation like buses, trams, and trains, which are more cost-effective than owning a car.
    • Consider walking or cycling for short distances and cheaper options.
    • Look into monthly transportation passes for better deals.
  • Food and Dining:
    • Cook at home more often to save on eating out expenses.
    • Buy groceries from farmer’s markets and budget-friendly stores to take advantage of sales and discounts without sacrificing quality.
    • Limit dining out to special occasions and opt for local and street food options instead.
  • Utilities:
    • Be mindful of electricity and water usage to reduce utility bills.
    • Unplug devices when not in use and switch to energy-efficient lighting.
  • Communication:
    • Choose a budget-friendly mobile plan that suits your usage.
    • Use messaging apps or internet calling to save on international communication costs.
  • Entertainment and Activities:
    • Look for free or low-cost entertainment options such as public parks, cultural events, and community activities.
    • Take advantage of student discounts on museums, theaters, and other attractions.
  • Health and Fitness:
    • Consider outdoor activities and exercise routines that don’t require a gym membership.
    • Explore public facilities for fitness classes and sports.
  • Insurance and Healthcare:
    • Research and compare health insurance plans to find the most cost-effective option.
    • Utilize public healthcare services when applicable and consider using Safetywing Insurance. for affordable but great healthcare.
  • Shopping and Shopping Habits:
    • Buy second-hand or thrifted items for clothing and household goods.
    • Take advantage of seasonal sales and discounts.
  • Language and Integration:
    • Learn the local language to improve your job opportunities and avoid language-related barriers.
    • Engage with local communities and make friends who can share cost-saving tips and insights.
  • Travel:
    • Plan travel in advance to take advantage of lower airfare and accommodation rates.
    • Consider using budget airlines and staying in hostels or guesthouses.
  • Financial Management:
    • Create a budget and track your expenses to identify areas where you can cut costs.
    • Save money by using banking apps to help manage your finances.

A great monthly budget for a single person living in Gothenburg Sweden is around $2,000 to $2,900 monthly.

Others spend $4,100 or more each month for an extravagant, next-level lifestyle or even $1,800 on the strictest budget staying in hostels, couchsurfing, and smaller studio apartments, ensuring they make it work no matter what!

  • Expect to spend for a single person or a family living in Gothenburg Sweden.
  • $3,500 per Month is sufficient to live on.
    • The markets, food trucks, local food shops, and supermarkets are the most cost-effective and knowledgeable ways to shop and eat in Gothenburg Sweden!

The Cost of living table below is an extensive poll of Digital Nomads, Expats, travelers, our personal experience living here, Locals, and Numbeo users who were used to put this table together.

The Exchange Rate is $1 USD is currently equal to 11 SEK (SEK) This estimate is based on a Strict Budget Vs. A luxury Budget in Gothenburg Sweden per Month! The Cost Of Living In Gothenburg Sweden makes it possible to Live For $2,014 – $4,073 (22,468 SEK – 43,256 SEK) Per Month or more, depending on your spending habits! Check out the Currency Converter.

Here is the Table of the monthly Cost Of Living per person in Gothenburg Sweden:

Cost Of Living per person in Gothenburg SwedenCost (Monthly) in USDCost (Monthly) in SEK
Cost of Living for a Single Person$1,730 – $4,210SEK 14,717 – SEK 35,742
Cost of Living as a Couple$2,566 – $6,269SEK 21,759 – SEK 53,209
Cost of Living for a Family of Four$4,952 – $9,464SEK 41,872 – SEK 79,953

Average Cost of Living in Gothenburg Sweden: Table of Expenses in 2024

Average Cost Of living In GothenburgEstimated Cost in USDEstimated Cost in SEK
Average monthly rent for a studio$800 – $1,200SEK 8,855 – SEK 13,275
The average monthly cost for food and groceries$315 – $628SEK 2,669 – SEK 5,362
The average monthly cost for dining out$473 – $945SEK 4,004 – SEK 7,999
The average monthly cost for miscellaneous items$52 – $158SEK 446 – SEK 1,331
The average monthly cost of utilities$104 – $262SEK 880 – SEK 2,238
The average monthly cost of transportation$74 – $157SEK 626 – SEK 1,330
The total average monthly cost of living in Gothenburg Sweden$1,630 – $3,887SEK 18,033 – SEK 43,002

Table of Cost of Living Expenses in Gothenburg Sweden:

Cost of Living Expenses in Gothenburg SwedenAverage Monthly Cost (USD)Average Monthly Cost (SEK)
Rent and Accommodation$1,110 – $2,758SEK 9,417 – SEK 23,547
Food and Groceries$331 – $666SEK 2,828 – SEK 5,650
Utilities$110 – $283SEK 971 – SEK 2,433
Public Transportation$78 – $168SEK 660 – SEK 1,414
Private Transportation$223 – $447SEK 1,897 – SEK 3,786
Healthcare$45 – $335SEK 500 – SEK 2,832
Entertainment$110 – $335SEK 971 – SEK 2,832
Clothing and Personal Items$56 – $168SEK 482 – SEK 1,414
Activities and Excursions$56 – $223SEK 482 – SEK 1,897

Cost of Housing and Rent In Gothenburg Sweden In-Depth Summary And Table of Expenses

Cost of rent and housing in Gothenburg Sweden

Studio Apartment in the City Center

  • Average Rent: 10,110 – 15,685 SEK ($910 – $1,410 USD)
  • Studio apartments in popular central neighborhoods with units are usually 20-35 square meters with a small kitchenette and bathroom. Many are newly renovated in modern buildings.

Studio Apartment Outside the City Center

  • Average Rent: 8,108 – 12,152 SEK ($730 – $1,090 USD)
  • Studios in outer districts like Angered, Biskopsgården, and Tynnered have apartments that are often in older yet well-maintained buildings. Sizes around 20-30 square meters.

1 Bedroom Apartment in the City Center

  • Average Rent: 11,111 – 18,696 SEK ($1,090 – $1,678 USD)
  • Centrally located 1 bedroom units are typically 40-60 square meters with a full kitchen and living area. Many are modernly furnished.

1 Bedroom Apartment Outside the City Center

  • Average Rent: 8,911 – 14,403 SEK ($820 – $1,300 USD)
  • In outer districts, 1-bedroom apartments tend to be slightly older buildings but still well-maintained. Average 50 square meters in size.

2 Bedroom Apartment in the City Center

  • Average Rent: 13,295 – 20,497 SEK ($1,200 – $1,850 USD)
  • Centrally located 2-bedroom apartments are typically 60-80 square meters with a full kitchen, living room, and 1-2 bathrooms.

2 Bedroom Apartment Outside the City Center

  • Average Rent: 9,972 – 16,065 SEK ($900 – $1,450 USD)
  • In outer areas, 2-bedroom apartments are usually a bit older with renovated interiors around 65 square meters.

3 Bedroom Apartment in the City Center

  • Average Rent: 16,286 – 23,266 SEK ($1,470 – $2,100 USD)
  • 3 bedroom rentals in central Gothenburg are typically 80-110 square meters with multiple baths and a full kitchen.

3 Bedroom Apartment Outside the City Center

  • Average Rent: 10,857 – 18,834 SEK ($980 – $1,700 USD)
  • In the suburbs, 3-bedroom apartments have units around 90 square meters in size, sometimes with amenities like a balcony.

Luxury Apartment in the City Center

  • Average Rent: 25,494 – 32,129 SEK ($2,300 – $2,900 USD)
  • Ultra-modern, designer finishes, concierge, rooftop terraces, excellent amenities.  

Luxury Apartment Outside the City Center

  • Average Rent: 21,060 – 26,602 SEK ($1,900 – $2,400 USD)
  • High-end suburban buildings, valet parking, pool/spa access, and top amenities.

So in summary, rents tend to be 20-40% cheaper for apartments outside versus inside the city center while still being easily accessible via public transit.

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Monthly Cost Of Rent and Housing in Gothenburg Sweden: Table of Expenses in 2024:

Monthly Cost Of Rent and Housing in Gothenburg SwedenAverage Monthly Rent Cost (USD)Average Monthly Rent Cost (SEK)
Studio Apartment in the City of Gothenburg Sweden$910 – $1,41010,110 – 15,685 SEK
Studio Apartment outside the City of Gothenburg Sweden$730 – $1,0908,108 – 12,152 SEK
1 Bedroom Apartment in the City of Gothenburg Sweden$1,090 – $1,67811,111 – 18,696 SEK
1 Bedroom Apartment outside the City of Gothenburg Sweden$820 – $1,3008,911 – 14,403 SEK
2 Bedroom Apartment in the City of Gothenburg Sweden$1,200 – $1,85013,295 – 20,497 SEK
2 Bedroom Apartment outside the City of Gothenburg Sweden$900 – $1,4509,972 – 16,065 SEK
3 Bedroom Apartment in the City of Gothenburg Sweden$1,470 – $2,10016,286 – 23,266 SEK
3 Bedroom Apartment outside the City of Gothenburg Sweden$980 – $1,70010,857 – 18,834 SEK
Luxury Apartment in the City of Gothenburg Sweden$2,300 – $2,90025,494 – 32,129 SEK
Luxury Apartment outside the City of Gothenburg Sweden$1,900 – $2,40021,060 – 26,602 SEK

Actual rental prices may still vary based on factors such as location, property size, and amenities offered.

Here is a table of expenses for the Cost of rent and Accommodation in Gothenburg Sweden per month:

Cost of Rent and Accommodation in Gothenburg SwedenDescriptionAverage Monthly Rent Cost (USD)Average Monthly Rent Cost (SEK)
Studio Apartment (City)A compact and cozy apartment usually offers a combined living and sleeping area, a kitchenette, and a private bathroom. Some may come with basic furnishings and essential appliances.$800 – $1,200SEK 8,902 – SEK 13,353
Studio Apartment (Suburb)These apartments are often situated in quieter neighborhoods or suburbs, offering a peaceful living environment. Ideal for those seeking a balance between urban and suburban living.$640 – $950SEK 7,121 – SEK 10,571
Shared Room (City)Typically found in shared apartments or student housing, these rooms come with a bed and shared access to common areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Often chosen by students and young professionals.$450 – $600SEK 5,007 – SEK 6,676
Shared Room (Suburb)Similar to city center shared rooms, shared accommodations outside the city offer a cost-effective living arrangement. These rooms are usually part of shared apartments or houses in quieter areas. Residents share common spaces and facilities, making it a sociable and budget-conscious choice.$300 – $500SEK 3,338 – SEK 5,563
Hotel Room (3-star)3-star hotel rooms in Gothenburg offer comfortable and convenient temporary lodging. They typically include a private bathroom, TV, and basic amenities. While smaller than apartments, they are suitable for short stays and may offer services like daily housekeeping and room service.$80 – $160SEK 890 – SEK 1,780
Hotel Room (5-star)These rooms feature upscale furnishings, spacious layouts, private bathrooms, and a range of amenities such as spa services, fine dining, and concierge assistance. Ideal for travelers seeking a lavish experience.$160 – $300SEK 1,780 – SEK 3,338
1-Bedroom Apartment (City)It typically includes a separate bedroom, a living area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom. These apartments are often well-located, providing easy access to urban amenities and cultural attractions.$900 – $1,600SEK 10,014 – SEK 17,804
1-Bedroom Apartment (Suburb)1-bedroom apartments outside the city offer a suburban or quieter living experience. They come with a bedroom, a living area, a kitchen, and a bathroom. These apartments are suitable for individuals or couples looking for a balance between city and suburban life.$700 – $1,140SEK 7,789- SEK 12,685
2-Bedroom Apartment (City)A two-bedroom apartment in the city center provides even more space for residents. It typically includes two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and one or more bathrooms.$1,000 – $1,500SEK 11,127 – SEK 16,691
2-Bedroom Apartment (Suburb)Usually has two bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen, and one or more bathrooms. They are suitable for families or those who prefer a quieter environment.$770 – $1,270SEK 8,568 – SEK 14,132
3-Bedroom Apartment (City)Three-bedroom apartments inside the city center offer spacious living for families or larger groups. They typically include three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and multiple bathrooms.$1,200 – $2,000SEK 13,353 – SEK 22,254
3-Bedroom Apartment (Suburb)3-bedroom apartments outside the city provide roomy accommodations in suburban or quieter locations. These apartments come with three bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen, and multiple bathrooms.$860 – $1,700SEK 9,569 – SEK 18,916
Luxury Apartment/VillaLuxury apartments and villas offer the epitome of upscale living in Gothenburg. These properties are equipped with top-of-the-line furnishings, modern amenities, and spacious layouts. They may also include features like private gardens, pools, and stunning views. Ideal for those seeking an opulent lifestyle.$2,200 and aboveSEK 24,480 and above

Please note that these are approximate ranges and the actual rental costs may vary based on location, current market conditions, and other factors

Tips for finding affordable accommodation in Gothenburg Sweden:

  1. Look for hostels. Gothenburg has many high-quality hostels with dorm beds starting at around 150-200 SEK per night. Great for solo travelers or students.
  2. Consider couchsurfing or homestays. Sites like Couchsurfing connect you with locals offering free accommodation in exchange for cultural exchange.
  3. Use booking sites and filter by price. Sites like, Hostelworld, Airbnb let you sort listings from low to high price.
  4. Travel just outside the city center. Neighborhoods like Gamlestaden, Kortedala and Angered have lower average rents and good transportation links.
  5. Look for monthly discounts. Some hotels and hostels offer discounted weekly or monthly rates, which can be cheaper than the nightly rate.
  6. Rent a room in a shared apartment. Sites like Blocket, student housing boards, and Facebook groups are great for finding rooms for rent in shared flats.
  7. Ask about free amenities. Many hostels and rentals include free amenities like WiFi, linens, breakfast or bike rental to enhance affordability.
  8. Book private rooms in hostels. You can get hotel-like accommodation for hostel prices at many modern hostels.
  9. Visit in the off-season. Prices are often lower in the fall and winter months outside of summer high season.
  10. Check university housing options. Student dorms and housing may have short-term rentals available even if you’re not a student.

Remember that the Swedish rental market can be competitive depending on the city and region but with great research, you can find an affordable place to live that suits your needs and budget.

  • You can also join Facebook groups such as “Digital Nomads in Gothenburg Sweden”, “Expats in Gothenburg Sweden” and Gothenburg Sweden rental groups on Facebook to connect with others and potentially find affordable rental options.
  • Alternatively, consider staying at a Hostel, Airbnb, hotel monthly, homestay, guesthouse, or bed and breakfast in Gothenburg Sweden for more affordable rates rather than a costly hotel or tourist location you can also ask around with locals and find a cheaper apartment that isn’t listed on websites.

Here are the sources for local rental websites in Gothenburg Sweden:

  1. Blocket Bostad
  2. Hemnet
  3. Bostad Direkt

When exploring these local sites, you’ll have access to a wide selection of rental properties, helping you find the ideal living space in Gothenburg Sweden.

Where to Stay in Gothenburg Sweden: Best Areas and Neighborhoods In Gothenburg Sweden

Let’s explore some of the best neighborhoods and areas to live in Gothenburg Sweden, each with its unique charm and lifestyle.

Here are some of the best areas, cities, and neighborhoods to live in in Gothenburg Sweden:


  • Charming district with cobblestone streets and historic buildings
  • Vibrant atmosphere with cafes, restaurants, and boutiques
  • Rental prices range from 8,200 SEK – 12,300 SEK ($800 – $1,200 USD) per month
  • Offers lively urban living in the heart of the city


  • Trendy area known for its boutiques, cafes, and green parks
  • Mix of historic buildings and modern, upscale apartments
  • Rentals range from 9,200 SEK – 14,300 SEK ($900 – $1,400 USD) monthly
  • Ideal for those looking for culture and stylish city living


  • Bohemian, artistic neighborhood near the harbor
  • Affordable rentals from 7,200 SEK – 11,300 SEK ($700 – $1,100 USD) per month
  • Lively pubs, coffee shops, intimate music venues
  • Perfect for creatives and young professionals


  • Central location near Avenyn shopping street
  • Beautiful 19th century architecture blended with modern buildings
  • Rental prices span 10,300 SEK – 16,400 SEK ($1,000 – $1,600 USD) monthly
  • Great amenities make this ideal for urban city living


  • Suburban family-friendly area with excellent schools
  • Quiet and green yet still close to city center
  • Rentals from 12,300 SEK – 18,500 SEK ($1,200 – $1,800 USD) per month
  • Mix of houses and apartment options, great for families


  • Residential area with abundant green spaces and parks
  • Peaceful, quiet setting away from the city bustle
  • Rentals ranging 8,200 SEK – 13,300 SEK ($800 – $1,300 USD) monthly
  • Perfect for those seeking a relaxed environment


  • Up-and-coming neighborhood with modern developments
  • Close to tram and bus links for easy transportation
  • Affordable rentals from 7,200 SEK – 11,300 SEK ($700 – $1,100 USD) per month
  • Ideal for budget-conscious renters

Table of Neighborhoods and Best Areas To Live in Gothenburg Sweden:

Neighborhoods and Best Areas To Live in Gothenburg SwedenDescriptionEstimated Rent Range per Month (USD)Estimated Rent Range per Month (SEK)
HagaHaga is a charming district with cobblestone streets, cafes, and historic buildings, offering a vibrant urban atmosphere.$800 – $1,2008,200 SEK – 12,300 SEK
LinnéstadenLinnéstaden is known for its green parks, trendy boutiques, and a mix of historic and modern apartments.$900 – $1,4009,200 SEK – 14,300 SEK
MajornaMajorna is a bohemian neighborhood with a lively arts scene, cozy pubs, and affordable rental options.$700 – $1,1007,200 SEK – 11,300 SEK
VasastanVasastan offers a central location, great architecture, and a range of apartments, making it ideal for city living.$1,000 – $1,60010,300 SEK – 16,400 SEK
ÖrgryteÖrgryte is a family-friendly area with parks, schools, and suburban charm, featuring houses and apartments for rent.$1,200 – $1,80012,300 SEK – 18,500 SEK
KungsladugårdKungsladugård is a quiet residential district with green spaces, suitable for families and those seeking a peaceful setting.$800 – $1,3008,200 SEK – 13,300 SEK
GamlestadenGamlestaden is an up-and-coming area with modern developments and good transportation links, offering affordable housing.$700 – $1,1007,200 SEK – 11,300 SEK

Living in Gothenburg Sweden Credible Reliable Sources With Tourism, Data, Government

Here is a list of local apartment rental websites, Government resources for Visas, Facebook Groups, Tourism Boards, and more to help you with your potential move here!

Local Websites to help with your apartment search:

  1. Blocket Bostad – Blocket is a popular Swedish online marketplace where you can find rental listings for apartments, houses, and rooms in Gothenburg.
  2. Boplats Göteborg – Boplats Göteborg is the official housing agency for Gothenburg, offering rental listings and affordable housing options in the city.
  3. Hyra Bostad – Hyra Bostad provides a platform to search for rental properties, including apartments and houses, in Gothenburg and other cities in Sweden.
  4. Qasa – Qasa connects tenants with landlords, offering a range of rental listings, including furnished apartments and rooms for rent in Gothenburg.
  5. Findroommate – Findroommate helps you find shared accommodations and roommates in Gothenburg, making it an affordable option for renters.
  6. Renthia – Renthia provides rental listings with a focus on quality housing and transparent pricing for apartments and houses in Gothenburg.
  7. Studentboet – Studentboet is a platform that caters to students looking for housing options, including affordable student apartments in Gothenburg.

Housing in Gothenburg, like many other major cities, can be competitive, especially in popular and central areas. There are a few factors contributing to the competitive housing market in Gothenburg:

Good luck with your apartment search!

Additional resources for finding accommodation:

  1. – offers a wide range of accommodation options, including hotels, hostels, and apartments in Gothenburg.
  2. Airbnb – Airbnb provides short-term rental listings, including apartments, houses, and unique accommodations offered by local hosts in Gothenburg.
  3. Expedia – Expedia offers hotel bookings and vacation packages, making it a convenient platform to find accommodation options in Gothenburg.
  4. – provides a variety of hotel options with user reviews and discounts for travelers visiting Gothenburg.
  5. Hostelworld – Hostelworld specializes in hostel bookings and offers a selection of budget-friendly options for travelers to Gothenburg.
  6. Trivago – Trivago compares hotel prices from various booking websites, helping you find the best deals on accommodations in Gothenburg.
  7. HomeAway – HomeAway features vacation rentals and holiday homes in Gothenburg, suitable for families and larger groups.
  8. Agoda – Agoda offers hotel bookings and special deals on accommodations, including options in Gothenburg.

When using non-local websites to search for apartments in Gothenburg, it’s important to review the listings and contact the property owners or managers directly for inquiries and booking.

Facebook Groups and Marketplace: Utilize local Facebook groups and the Marketplace feature to find sublets, shared accommodations, or rooms for rent. This can be a more direct and potentially budget-friendly option.

Government of Sweden: For information and assistance regarding government services in Sweden, you can visit the official website of the Swedish government: Sweden Government

  • For exchanging money use Wise Which is the Best Option if you are a digital nomad and Expat. a cheaper solution to send, spend and receive money internationally rather than exchanging money through other platforms like Paypal, Payoneer cost a lot of money for exchange fees and rates
  • Booking Flights: To Find insane flight deals, search on Google Flights, and Skyscanner and choose the monthly option to find the best day to fly on.

Always be careful when dealing with individual landlords or private listings and try your best to verify the legitimacy of the listings and communicate directly with property owners or agencies to ensure a safe and smooth rental process.

Cost Of Transportation In Gothenburg Sweden Summary and Table of Expenses

Let’s explore the best transportation methods in Gothenburg Sweden, and go over the estimated monthly costs, and additional insights to help you make the best choices for your travel needs.

The cost of Transportation in Gothenburg Sweden may be around $45 – $600 per month as you can get around well using public transportation or renting a bicycle or scooter but expect to be on the higher end of the scale if you choose to take taxis, or buy a car with comes with additional expenses like gas and insurance.

Best Transportation Methods in Gothenburg Sweden:

Public Bus

  • Gothenburg has an extensive bus network operated by Västtrafik covering the whole city.
  • Single tickets are valid for 1 hour and cost 31 SEK – 41 SEK ($3 – $4 USD).
  • Tickets can be purchased onboard, at transit centers, or via the Västtrafik mobile app.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly passes are also available to save money on frequent use.
  • Schedules and route maps can be found on the Västtrafik website and app. Buses run frequently throughout the day.


  • Trams offer convenient transportation in central Gothenburg and are operated by Västtrafik.
  • Single ride tickets are 31 SEK – 41 SEK ($3 – $4 USD) and valid for 1 hour.
  • Purchase tickets onboard, at stations or via mobile app. Passes are available.
  • Tramlines crisscross the city center and run often, especially during peak hours.


  • Ferries connect Gothenburg harbor to nearby islands like Hönö and Öckerö.
  • Fares range from 41 SEK – 102 SEK ($4 – $10 USD) depending on distance traveled.
  • Great way to experience the archipelago and coastal views.
  • Schedules and ticketing available on the Styrsöbolaget ferry website.

Commuter Train

  • Gothenburg commuter trains link the city to neighboring towns and suburbs.
  • Tickets cost 41 SEK – 82 SEK ($4 – $8 USD) depending on distance.
  • Purchase tickets at station kiosks or via mobile app before boarding.
  • Frequent service especially during rush hour to communities like Alingsås, Kungsbacka and Lerum.


  • Gothenburg’s subway system, or “pendeltåg”, connects central districts underground.
  • Fares are 41 SEK – 102 SEK ($4 – $10 USD).
  • Tickets available at station vending machines and kiosks.
  • Quick transport between key destinations like the Central Station and Chalmers.


  • Taxis are available throughout Gothenburg and can be hailed or booked by phone.
  • Fares start at 59 SEK ($6 USD) plus 15 SEK ($.15) per kilometer.
  • A reliable and convenient option, especially at night. Expect to pay 123 SEK – 246 SEK ($12 – $24) for most short trips within the city.

Rental Cars

  • Major rental car companies can be found across Gothenburg.
  • Average daily rates start around 411 SEK ($40 USD) per day. Extra fees may apply.
  • Useful for exploring the region at your own pace. Be aware of parking restrictions.


  • Gothenburg has an extensive network of bike lanes making cycling easy.
  • Bike rental stations are found throughout the city for rates of around 103 SEK ($10 USD) per day.
  • A fun, eco-friendly way to experience the city that gives you flexibility while keeping you in shape.

Electric Scooters

  • Cost is typically 2 SEK ($.20 USD) to start then 2 SEK per minute of use.
  • Easy to locate and rent scooters on various phone apps.
  • Provides convenient transport for short distances.

Here is a table of all estimated costs of transportation options in Gothenburg Sweden:

Estimated Costs of Transportation Options in Gothenburg SwedenDescriptionEstimated Cost (USD)Estimated Cost (SEK)Additional Information
Public BusGothenburg has an extensive bus network operated by Västtrafik. Tickets are typically valid for one hour and can be purchased onboard or via a mobile app.$3 – $431 SEK – 41 SEKSchedules are available online.
TramTrams are a convenient way to get around the city and are also operated by Västtrafik. Tickets can be purchased onboard or through the mobile app.$3 – $431 SEK – 41 SEKTram routes cover central areas.
FerryFerries connect the city’s islands and offer scenic views. Ticket prices vary based on the route.$4 – $1041 SEK – 102 SEKPopular to visit the archipelago.
Commuter TrainCommuter trains link Gothenburg with nearby towns and suburbs. Tickets are available at stations and online.$4 – $841 SEK – 82 SEKFrequent services to suburbs.
SubwayThe Gothenburg subway, also known as the “pendeltåg,” connects the city with Alingsås and Kungsbacka. Tickets are sold at stations and online.$4 – $1041 SEK – 102 SEKGreat for reaching suburbs.
TaxisTaxis are readily available in the city, and fares are metered. Starting fare and per-kilometer rates apply.$12 – $24123 SEK – 246 SEKReliable and convenient.
Rental CarsVarious rental car agencies operate in Gothenburg, with daily rates starting around $40 USD (411 SEK).$40+411 SEK+Useful for exploring the region.
BicyclesGothenburg is bike-friendly with bike lanes and rental stations. Renting a bike costs around $10 USD (103 SEK) per day.$10 per day103 SEK per dayEco-friendly and convenient.
Electric ScootersElectric scooters are available for rent in the city. They are typically priced at around $0.20 USD (2 SEK) per minute of use.$0.20 per minute2 SEK per minuteQuick and agile urban transport.

These transportation options in Gothenburg provide various ways to get around the city, each with its own advantages and price range.

Additionally, here are some other related expenses:

  • Gasoline (1 gallon): around $5.60 per gallon
Monthly Cost Of Gas and Petrol For Scooters & Cars in Gothenburg SwedenEstimated Cost in USDEstimated Cost in SEK
The Average Monthly Cost of Gasoline, Petrol for Scooters & Cars$50 – $150556 SEK -1,669 SEK

Please note that the actual cost may vary depending on factors such as fuel prices, the type of vehicle, and your driving habits.

For more information check out the Government Of transportation in Sweden.

Here are some reliable sources for information on transportation in Gothenburg Sweden:

  1. Västtrafik – Official website of the regional public transportation company in Gothenburg, providing information on buses, trams, ferries, and more.
  2. Göteborg Landvetter Airport – Official website for Gothenburg’s international airport, offering details on flights, services, and transportation options to and from the airport.
  3. Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) – The government agency responsible for transportation infrastructure in Sweden, including roads and railways.
  4. Visit Gothenburg – Getting Around – The official tourism website of Gothenburg offers transportation tips and information for visitors.
  5. Gothenburg Port Authority – The official website for the Port of Gothenburg, one of the largest ports in Scandinavia.
  6. Gothenburg City Bikes – Information about the city’s bike-sharing program, including station locations and rental details.

These sources provide information on public transportation, airports, and getting around Gothenburg, Sweden whether you’re a visitor or a resident.

Cost of Food and Markets In Gothenburg Sweden Explained: Table Of Expenses 2024

The cost of food in Gothenburg Sweden can range from groceries to affordable local food and fine dining restaurants:

Local Food

  • Eating at inexpensive local restaurants, cafeterias, and food stalls costs about 3249 SEK – 5402 SEK ($319 – $531 USD) per month. You’ll find affordable Swedish cuisine like meatballs, fish dishes, sandwiches, salads, and daily lunch specials. Shopping local helps you experience authentic Gothenburg food on a budget.

Mid-Range Restaurants

  • Dining at mid-range restaurants with full service expect to pay 5471 SEK – 8141 SEK ($574 – $849 USD) monthly. These bistros, cafés, and Swedish establishments offer good quality food and ambiance at moderate prices.

Fine Dining

  • Upscale restaurant dining including Michelin star venues runs 9817 SEK – 16233 SEK ($765 – $1599 USD) per month. Fine dining offers elegant Swedish cuisine, amazing views, and attentive service at premium rates. Perfect for special occasions.


  • Grocery shopping at supermarkets like ICA, Coop, and Willy’s will cost around 3781 SEK – 8167 SEK ($371 – $801 USD) monthly. Staples like dairy, produce, bread and household items are reasonably priced. You can reduce costs by shopping sales, generics, and bulk bins.

Supermarkets Per Item

  • Imported specialty groceries like cheese, wine, cereal, and snacks run 60 SEK – 179 SEK ($6 – $22 USD) per item at supermarkets. Local items tend to be more affordable.

Street Food

  • On-the-go street food like sausages, kebabs, crepes and tacos from food trucks and stalls costs approximately 60 SEK – 136 SEK ($6 – $17 USD) per meal. A cheap way to explore different cuisines.

Specialty Food Shops

  • Specialty food stores like cheese shops, bakeries, and butcher shops range from 113 SEK – 448 SEK ($11 – $56 USD) per item. Great for splurging on imported and gourmet ingredients.

Total Estimated Food Costs

Overall, plan on spending 4102 SEK – 13293 SEK ($404 – $1222 USD) per month on groceries, dining, and food if you cook often and eat out moderately. Prices can vary greatly by your choices.

Here is A Table of Expenses For the Cost of Food In Gothenburg Sweden Per Month:

Cost of Food In Gothenburg Sweden Per MonthEstimated Monthly Cost in USDEstimated Monthly Cost in SEK
Local food$319 – $5313249 SEK – 5402 SEK
Mid-range restaurants$574 – $8495471 SEK – 8141 SEK
Fine dining restaurants$765 – $15999817 SEK – 16233 SEK
Groceries$371 – $8013781 SEK – 8167 SEK
Supermarkets (imported goods) per item$6 – $2260 SEK – 179 SEK
Street food$6 – $1760 SEK – 136 SEK
Specialty food stores$11 – $56113 SEK – 448 SEK
Overall Estimated Monthly Cost of Food and Groceries$404 – $12224102 SEK – 13293 SEK

Please keep in mind that these are rough estimates and actual expenses can vary based on individual preferences, location, and lifestyle choices.

Overall Monthly Cost of Food in Gothenburg Sweden

  • The monthly cost of food in Gothenburg Sweden for 1 or 2 people can range from $440 – $1,290 (4837 SEK – 11906 SEK) Per Month depending on if you eat the local food, dine at restaurants, or prefer to shop for your groceries and cook at home.
  • The average cost of food per month for a family of four is $900 to $1,230 USD or 10,014 SEK to 13,686 SEK for a family that dines out once in a while and mostly shops for groceries and cooks at home.
  • But a family of four can expect to spend around $1,200 to $3,034 USD or 13,353 SEK to 33,760 SEK per month on a luxury budget on groceries and frequent dining expenses.
    • Actual costs can vary depending on eating habits, location, and food choices.
  • Families dining at mid-range or fancy restaurants will spend more compared to those choosing fast food or local Swedish dishes.

Here are some tips for reducing the cost of food in Gothenburg Sweden:

  1. Plan Your Meals: Create a weekly or monthly meal plan before shopping. This helps you buy only what you need and reduces food waste.
  2. Shop Smart: Compare prices at different supermarkets and look for special offers and discounts. Consider buying in bulk for non-perishable items.
  3. Use Loyalty Cards: Many supermarkets offer loyalty cards that provide discounts and exclusive deals to regular customers.
  4. Buy Local and Seasonal: Opt for local and seasonal produce, which is often fresher and more affordable than imported goods.
  5. Cook at Home: Dining out can be expensive. Cooking at home not only saves money but also allows you to control ingredients and portions.
  6. Reduce Meat Consumption: Meat is usually one of the more expensive items in a shopping cart. Consider incorporating more vegetarian meals into your diet.
  7. Limit Dining Out: While dining out can be a treat, limiting restaurant visits to special occasions can significantly reduce your food expenses.
  8. Meal Prep: Prepare meals in advance and freeze portions for later use. This can save time and money on busy days.
  9. Avoid Convenience Foods: Processed and pre-packaged foods are often more expensive than making the same dish from scratch.
  10. Minimize Food Waste: Be mindful of expiration dates and try to use leftovers creatively in new recipes.
  11. Join a Food Co-op: Look for local food cooperatives or co-ops that offer bulk purchases at lower prices.
  12. Limit Impulse Buys: Stick to your shopping list and avoid impulse purchases. Stores often strategically place tempting items near the checkout.
  13. Use Apps and Coupons: Many grocery stores have mobile apps that offer digital coupons and discounts. Take advantage of these savings.
  14. Share Costs: Consider sharing bulk purchases or cooking responsibilities with friends or roommates to save on ingredients and meal preparation time.
  15. Freeze Leftovers: If you have leftovers that you can’t finish, freeze them for future meals instead of letting them go to waste.
  16. DIY Snacks: Make your own snacks like popcorn, granola bars, and trail mix instead of buying pre-packaged snacks.
  17. Track Expenses: Keep a budget and track your food expenses. This can help you identify areas where you can cut back and save.

By incorporating these tips into your daily life, you can save money on food costs while enjoying the delights that Gothenburg Sweden has to offer.

Here is an example table of expenses for the average monthly food and grocery costs in Gothenburg Sweden:

Average Monthly Food and Grocery Costs in Gothenburg SwedenEstimated Monthly Cost Range (USD)Estimated Monthly Cost Range in SEK
The average monthly cost for groceries and local food$276 – $4603039 SEK – 5058 SEK
The average monthly cost for dining out$512 – $1,2285635 SEK – 11406 SEK
The average monthly cost for miscellaneous food items$51 – $104562.65 SEK – 1141 SEK
The total average monthly cost of food in Gothenburg, Sweden$440 – $1,2904837 SEK – 11906 SEK

These figures are approximate and may vary based on individual preferences and lifestyle choices.

Cost of food in Supermarkets in Gothenburg Sweden:

Cost of Food In Supermarkets in Gothenburg SwedenEstimated Monthly Cost in USDEstimated Monthly Cost in SEK
Milk (1 liter)$2.07 – $2.5921 SEK – 26 SEK
Bread (500g loaf)$1.55 – $2.0715 SEK – 21 SEK
Rice (1kg)$2.07 – $3.1221 SEK – 31 SEK
Chicken (1kg)$6.22 – $8.2962 SEK – 84 SEK
Apples (1kg)$2.59 – $3.6326 SEK – 37 SEK
Oranges (1kg)$2.59 – $3.6326 SEK – 37 SEK
Eggs (1 dozen)$2.59 – $3.6326 SEK – 37 SEK
Cheese (1kg)$10.37 – $12.46104 SEK – 125 SEK
Beef (1kg)$10.37 – $12.46104 SEK – 125 SEK
Potatoes (1kg)$1.55 – $2.5915 SEK – 26 SEK
Tomatoes (1kg)$2.07 – $3.1221 SEK – 31 SEK
Onion (1kg)$1.55 – $2.5915 SEK – 26 SEK
Soft drink (1.5-liter bottle)$1.55 – $2.0715 SEK – 21 SEK
Beer (330ml bottle)$2.59 – $3.6326 SEK – 37 SEK
Wine (mid-range bottle)$7.26 – $10.3773 SEK – 105 SEK
Fast food meal$7.26 – $10.3773 SEK – 105 SEK
Restaurant meal (mid-range)$15.50 – $31157 SEK – 314 SEK

Please note that the estimated costs are approximate and may vary depending on the location and supermarket.

Here is a table of estimated costs for Food and Groceries in supermarkets in Gothenburg Sweden:

Estimated costs for Food and Groceries in supermarkets in Gothenburg SwedenEstimated Cost Range (USD)Estimated Monthly Cost Range in SEK
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant$11 – $16103 SEK – 154 SEK
Meal for 2, Mid-range Restaurant$52 – $70510 SEK – 779 SEK
Combo Meal at McDonald’s$8.64 – $10.5682.34 SEK – 102.72 SEK
Coke/Pepsi (0.33-liter bottle)$1.92 – $2.8815.46 SEK – 20.54 SEK
Domestic Beer (0.5-liter draught)$5.76 – $7.6851.36 SEK – 71.92 SEK
Cappuccino (regular)$3.84 – $4.8030.84 SEK – 40.98 SEK
Bottled Water (0.33-liter bottle)$1.92 – $2.8815.46 SEK – 20.54 SEK
Milk (regular), (1 liter)$1.92 – $1.9210.27 SEK – 15.46 SEK
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g)$2.88 – $3.8420.54 SEK – 30.84 SEK
Rice (white), (1kg)$2.88 – $3.8420.54 SEK – 30.84 SEK
Eggs (regular) (12)$2.88 – $3.8420.54 SEK – 30.84 SEK
Local Cheese (1kg)$10.56 – $16.32102.72 SEK – 153.60 SEK
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless)$8.64 – $10.5682.34 SEK – 102.72 SEK
Beef Round (1kg)$10.56 – $16.32102.72 SEK – 153.60 SEK
Apples (1kg)$2.88 – $3.8420.54 SEK – 30.84 SEK
Banana (1kg)$2.88 – $3.8420.54 SEK – 30.84 SEK
Oranges (1kg)$2.88 – $3.8420.54 SEK – 30.84 SEK
Tomato (1kg)$2.88 – $3.8420.54 SEK – 30.84 SEK

Please note that grocery costs can vary depending on the location.

Here is a Table of the Best Local and Traditional Street Food in Gothenburg Sweden:

Best Local and Traditional Street Food in Gothenburg SwedenDescriptionEstimated Cost in USDEstimated Cost in SEK
SmörgåsA classic Swedish open-faced sandwich served with various toppings like herring, salmon, and cheese.$4.52 – $7.5346 SEK – 76 SEK
Korv med brödGrilled Swedish sausages served in a bun with toppings like mustard, ketchup, and crispy onions.$3.41 – $5.6935 SEK – 58 SEK
RäkmackaA shrimp sandwich made with fresh shrimp, lettuce, and a creamy sauce on bread.$8.97 – $14.9592 SEK – 153 SEK
KanelbulleCinnamon rolls that are sweet and delicious, often enjoyed with a cup of coffee.$2.26 – $3.7723 SEK – 38 SEK
PitepaltDumplings made from grated potatoes and filled with pork. Served with lingonberry sauce.$7.53 – $12.5576 SEK – 128 SEK
Ärtsoppa med pannkakorPea soup with pancakes, a traditional Swedish Thursday dish.$6.41 – $10.6866 SEK – 109 SEK
GravlaxThinly sliced cured salmon served with mustard sauce and dill.$8.97 – $14.9592 SEK – 153 SEK
Vetebröd med glassSweet wheat buns served with a scoop of ice cream on top, a delightful Swedish dessert.$5.69 – $9.4958 SEK – 97 SEK
LutfiskDried fish that has been rehydrated and served with white sauce and peas, a unique Swedish delicacy.$10.68 – $17.80109 SEK – 183 SEK
SurströmmingFermented herring, an acquired taste for many, typically served with potatoes, onions, and sour cream.$14.95 – $24.92153 SEK – 256 SEK

These are some of the best local and traditional street foods you can enjoy in Gothenburg. Prices may vary depending on the vendor and location.

Here is a list of some major supermarket chains in Gothenburg Sweden:

  1. Coop
  2. ICA
  3. Hemköp
  4. Willys
  5. Lidl
  6. Netto
  7. City Gross
  8. ICA Maxi
  9. Lindströms Livs

These supermarket chains offer a wide range of options for grocery shopping, catering to various preferences and budgets. You can find these stores conveniently located throughout Gothenburg.

Cost of Utilities in Gothenburg Sweden Summary and Table of Expenses 2024

Here is an estimated monthly cost breakdown of utilities in Gothenburg Sweden, including electricity, gas, water, internet, and mobile phone services.

Total Cost of Utilities in Gothenburg Sweden

When totaled up, plan to budget 2131 SEK – 4487 SEK ($213 – $449 USD) per month on average to cover your major utilities while living in Gothenburg. You can reduce your utility expenses by conserving resources and shopping for the best rates.

Table of expenses for the Average Monthly Cost Of Utilities in Gothenburg Sweden:

Average Monthly Utilities in GothenburgRange of Expenses (USD)Range of Expenses (SEK)
Basic electricity/gas$76 – $143763 SEK – 1428 SEK
Water$14 – $34140 SEK – 342 SEK
Garbage and Recycling$10 – $24101 SEK – 252 SEK
Internet (ADSL, Wifi)$29 – $58290 SEK – 583 SEK
Internet (Fiber Optic, Wifi)$37 – $76376 SEK – 762 SEK
Mobile Phone Sim Card (Prepaid)$10 – $30101 SEK – 302 SEK
Mobile Phone Plan (Postpaid)$19 – $58197 SEK – 583 SEK
Mobile Phone Plan (Unlimited Data)$29 – $67290 SEK – 672 SEK
Average Monthly Cost of Utilities in Gothenburg Sweden$213 – $4492131 SEK – 4487 SEK

These average monthly costs can vary depending on the location, usage, and service providers.

Here are some reliable sources for utilities in Gothenburg Sweden, including electricity, water, mobile phone plans, and internet WiFi:

  1. Electricity (Electric Utility):
  2. Water and Wastewater Services (Water Utility):
    • Göteborgs Stad, VA-verket (City of Gothenburg, Water and Sewerage Services)
  3. Gas (Natural Gas Utility):
  4. Mobile Phone Plans and Providers:
  5. Internet and WiFi Providers:
    • Telia Sverige AB (Offers broadband and fiber-optic internet)
    • Com Hem AB (Offers cable and broadband services)
    • Bahnhof AB (Offers broadband and fiber internet)
    • Please note that utility providers and plans may vary based on your specific location within Gothenburg. It’s advisable to visit the official websites or contact these providers directly to get the most up-to-date information and offerings.

Table of Pros and Cons of Living in Gothenburg Sweden:

Pros of Living in Gothenburg SwedenCons of Living in Gothenburg Sweden
– Excellent healthcare system– High Cost of Living
– High safety and low crime rates– Expensive housing and rent
– Beautiful natural landscapes– Relatively high taxes
– Strong social welfare programs– Long, dark winters
– Vibrant cultural scene– Limited daylight in winter
– Excellent education opportunities– Language Barrier: Swedish primary
– Efficient public transport– Competitive Job Market
– Access to nature and outdoor activities– Limited job opportunities in some
– Proximity to beautiful archipelagoindustries
and forests– Weather Challenges:
– Hiking, biking, and water sports– Rainy and overcast weather for much
– High quality of lifeof the year
– Sustainable and green city planning– Snow and ice in winter
– Diverse dining options– Bureaucracy:
– Rich historical and cultural heritage– Administrative processes can be slow
– Access to free education for citizensand complex

Cost of Healthcare in Gothenburg Sweden

Here are some key features of the healthcare system in Gothenburg, Sweden:

  • Universal coverage – All residents of Sweden have access to healthcare, largely subsidized by taxes. Coverage extends to emergency care for all EU citizens.
  • Publicly financed – Healthcare is funded through regional taxes as well as governmental budgets and grants. Patients pay a maximum annual fee for medical services.
  • E-health records – Digital medical records help streamline care between providers. Patients can access their records online.
  • Primary care centers – Gothenburg has over 20 vårdcentraler or health centers for non-emergency care with nurses, doctors and specialists.
  • Sahlgrenska Hospital – This university hospital in Gothenburg provides emergency services, surgeries, intensive and specialist care.
  • Dental care – Regular and emergency dental care is available at public and private clinics, with subsidies for those under 30.
  • Prescription drugs – Prescriptions are subsidized, with an annual cap. Pharmacies are found throughout the city.
  • Mental healthcare – Covered services include psychotherapy, psychiatric care and counseling.
  • Preventive care – Checkups, screenings, prenatal care, and child healthcare are emphasized and affordable.
  • Private options – Residents can choose private medical and dental clinics for faster access. These carry higher costs.

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Here is a table of Healthcare costs in Gothenburg Sweden:

Cost of Healthcare In Gothenburg SwedenCost Range in USD ($)Cost Range in SEK
Doctor’s Visit (General Practitioner)$41 – $103410 SEK – 1026 SEK
Specialist Visit$62 – $206616 SEK – 2052 SEK
Prescription Medications (Generic)$11 – $31103 SEK – 308 SEK
Prescription Medications (Brand Name)$21 – $52205 SEK – 513 SEK
Dental Cleaning$62 – $154616 SEK – 1539 SEK
Dental Filling$82 – $257820 SEK – 2565 SEK
Eye Exam$41 – $103410 SEK – 1026 SEK
Glasses (Basic)$103 – $3081026 SEK – 3078 SEK
Glasses (Designer)$206 – $6162052 SEK – 6156 SEK
Emergency Room Visit$154 – $5131539 SEK – 5130 SEK
Hospital Stay (Per Day)$308 – $8213078 SEK – 8208 SEK
Health Insurance (Individual)$45 – $411500 SEK – 4378 SEK

Main FAQS Section About Gothenburg Sweden:

What is the monthly cost of living in Gothenburg Sweden?

The cost of living in Gothenburg Sweden on average, is around $2,014 – $4,073 (22,468 SEK – 43,256 SEK) Per Month.

What is the Cost Of Living in Gothenburg Sweden vs. the USA?

The Cost Of Living in Gothenburg Sweden is around 69% cheaper than living in New York City, USA, and the average monthly Cost of living in Gothenburg Sweden is $2,014 – $4,073 (22,468 SEK – 43,256 SEK) Per Month in Gothenburg Sweden vs. $5,500 to $10,398 per month living in New York City, United States.

What is the Cost of Accommodation in Gothenburg Sweden?

The Cost of Accommodation in Gothenburg Sweden is around $730 – $2,400 Per month from a simple studio to a Luxury 3+ bedroom apartment.

When is the best time of the year to visit Gothenburg Sweden?

Summer is peak season but popular for the long days, festivals, and outdoor activities. The best time to visit Gothenburg is late spring through early autumn (May-September) as the weather is milder and the most comfortable.

What is the Cost of Utilities in Gothenburg Sweden?

The Cost of Utilities in Gothenburg Sweden is around $100 – $250 per month for a single person, depending on your energy consumption!

What is the Cost of Food in Gothenburg Sweden vs. the USA?

Restaurant prices are estimated to be 81.5% lower than in New York City.
Grocery prices are estimated to be 77.9% lower than prices in New York.
Food in Gothenburg Sweden can cost you around $300 if you eat a lot of street food and local food and up to $950 if you dine out frequently (multiple times a week).

What is the Cost Of Rent in Gothenburg Sweden vs. the USA?

Rent prices are 79% lower in Gothenburg Sweden than in New York City.
The monthly rent for a studio in Gothenburg Sweden ranges from $730 – $1,270
1 bedroom in Gothenburg Sweden ranges from $1,021 – $1,868 depending if the apartment is inside or outside of the city center, while a 1 bedroom apartment in NYC is around $3,700.
2-bedroom apartments in Gothenburg Sweden range from $1,354 – $2,200.
3-bedroom apartments in Gothenburg Sweden range from $1,600 – $2,700 per month.

What are the Food Expenses In Gothenburg Sweden?

The Food expenses in Gothenburg Sweden range from $350 per month (if you can stay under a budget, cook at home, and eat locally or as expensive as $900 if you dine out often. So consider cooking at home and dining out only occasionally to save money.

What is the average cost of Rent In Gothenburg Sweden?

The Average cost of rent in Gothenburg Sweden is around $800 to $2,000 Per Month in Gothenburg Sweden.

What is the Cost of Mobile Phone SIM and Internet Data In Gothenburg Sweden?

The Cost of Phone Data and internet from Gothenburg Sweden is around $5 for a sim and up to $46 per month for internet data.

What is the Average Cost of Food in Gothenburg Sweden?

The average Cost of Food in Gothenburg Sweden is around $350 – $620 per month for one person or a couple if you cook at home and eat local food with the exception of dining out a few times a month.

Is Gothenburg Sweden a good place to live?

Sweden provides high-quality healthcare and education services that are largely funded through taxes and aside from the high quality of life, you have plenty of entertainment and recreation options too.

Is Gothenburg Sweden a safe place to live?

Sweden, including Gothenburg, is considered a safe place to live for both individuals and families. It is known to have low crime rates but still practice street smart and secure your belongings.

What are the Expenses for a Single Person in Gothenburg Sweden?

The expenses for a Single Person in Gothenburg Sweden are from $2,014 – $4,073 (22,468 SEK – 43,256 SEK) Per Month for all expenses.

What is the average salary in Gothenburg Sweden?

The average salary in Gothenburg Sweden is around $36,800 (396,000 SEK) per year.

Is it expensive to live in Gothenburg Sweden?

It is expensive compared to other countries we’ve talked about and rent will be your biggest expensive here but you will recieve a high quality of life here so to us, its worth it! Keep in mind, if you are a resident and work here, the more you make the higher your income tax rate will be.

What is a good salary to live in Gothenburg Sweden?

A great Salary to live in Gothenburg Sweden is around $2,800 to $3,200 per month. This will cover all expenses and leave you with money you can spend on leisure activities.

How Much does it cost to live in Gothenburg Sweden?

On average, living in Gothenburg Sweden costs around $2,014 – $4,073 (22,468 SEK – 43,256 SEK) Per Month.

Cost Of Living in Gothenburg Sweden and Budget Tips Conclusion

We hope this detailed guide has given you a good overview of the cost of living in Gothenburg, Sweden and answered any questions you had about making your finances work in this exciting city.

With the budgeting advice provided, plus a few extra helpful tips, you’ll be ready to enjoy everything Gothenburg has to offer while still being smart with your money. Whether it’s finding affordable accommodations, taking advantage of free activities, or getting around town on the cheap, you now have the knowledge to live well in Gothenburg without breaking the bank.

Cheers to wise spending and making the most of this incredible city! Please let us know if you have any other questions as you plan your move to Gothenburg.

Additional Budget Tips That You May Find Helpful

  • Stay in a hostel or Airbnb instead of a hotel. Hostels and Airbnb are often much cheaper than hotels, and they’re a great way to meet other travelers.
  • Buy a local SIM card for your phone. This will save you money on international calls and data.

Additional Tips on How to Find Affordable Accommodations in Gothenburg Sweden:

Here are some tips for finding affordable accommodations in Gothenburg, Sweden:

  1. Look for hostels. Hostels are often the most budget-friendly accommodation option. Some popular hostel chains in Gothenburg include STF Hostels, Hostel Gamla Göteborg, and Masthuggskajen Hostel. Dorm beds can cost as little as 150-200 SEK per night.
  2. Use booking sites to compare prices. Sites like, Hostelworld, and let you easily compare accommodation options and prices across different providers. Sort by price to find the cheapest rooms.
  3. Consider couchsurfing or homestays. Sites like Couchsurfing connect travelers with locals offering free accommodation. Homestays are also an affordable way to stay with a local family and experience Swedish culture.
  4. Travel slightly outside the city center. Accommodation prices tend to be lower in areas just outside central Gothenburg, such as Mölndal, Partille or Kungsbacka. You can easily reach the city center within 30 minutes by public transportation.
  5. Look for budget hotels or apartments. Some affordable hotel chains in Gothenburg include Comfort Hotel, Ibis Budget, and Scandic No.53. Furnished apartments on sites like Airbnb can also offer good value for money, especially if you’re traveling with a group.
  6. Visit during shoulder or low season. Prices for accommodation are often lower from November to March, excluding holidays. The summer months of June through August are peak season and pricier.

Emergency Phone Numbers in Gothenburg Sweden:

In case of emergencies, it’s essential to know the local emergency numbers:

  • The emergency number in Gothenburg Sweden is 112.
  • This number can be dialed for emergencies, including medical emergencies, accidents, and other urgent situations that require immediate attention.
  1. Government of Sweden Official Website: Visit Government of Sweden
  2. Travel Information for Gothenburg Sweden: Visit Travel Information for Gothenburg Sweden
  3. Travel Advisories for Sweden – United States Government: For up-to-date travel information and advisories issued by the United States Government for traveling to Sweden, you can check the official website of the U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs: Visit U.S. Travel Advisories for Sweden
  4. Travel Information for Sweden – United Kingdom Government: For travel advice and information issued by the United Kingdom Government for traveling to Sweden, you can refer to the official website of the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office: UK Travel Advice for Sweden

Accommodation and Local Rental Websites in Gothenburg Sweden:

To find affordable accommodation options in Gothenburg Sweden, you can explore the following local rental websites:

  1. – Sweden’s largest classifieds site for rentals.
  2. STF Hostels – Website for Swedish Tourist Association hostels.

These websites should provide a good starting point for your rental search in Gothenburg Sweden.

Additional resources:

  1. – Find homestays and rooms in local homes.
  2. – Hostel search and price sorting.
  1. Facebook Groups: There are various Facebook groups dedicated to housing and rentals in Gothenburg. Search for groups like “Apartments for Rent in Gothenburg” or “Housing in Gothenburg” and join them to access the latest listings and connect with landlords or other renters.
  2. Svenska Dagbladet: This is a Swedish newspaper that also has a classified section with rental listings. It’s worth checking their website or the print version for available apartments.
  3. Student Housing: If you’re a student, universities often have resources for finding student accommodation. Check with your university’s housing office or student union for assistance.
  4. Word of Mouth: Networking can be valuable in Gothenburg’s competitive housing market. Let friends, colleagues, and acquaintances know that you’re looking for an apartment, as they may have leads or recommendations.
  5. Real Estate Agencies: Some real estate agencies in Gothenburg handle rental properties. While they may charge a fee, they can provide professional assistance in finding suitable apartments.
  6. Rental Apps: You can also use mobile apps like Airbnb, HousingAnywhere, or Rentola to search for rental listings in Gothenburg.
  7. Be Patient and Persistent: Finding affordable apartments in Gothenburg can take time, so be patient and keep checking the resources regularly. Consider expanding your search to neighboring areas if your budget allows for it.
    • Remember that competition for affordable apartments in Gothenburg is high, so it’s essential to act quickly when you find a suitable listing. Be prepared with all necessary documents, such as proof of income and references, to increase your chances of securing a rental.

Thank you for choosing our guide as your resource for ensuring you have a smooth transition when moving to Gothenburg Sweden, and we wish you all the best during your travels to this amazing destination!

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