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MONTHLY COST Of Living In Maldives 2024 (Budget Guide)


Cost of living in maldives

Did you know that Living in Maldives affordably is Absolutely possible? The Cost Of Living In Maldives makes it possible to Live For Around $1700 to $4100 per month, depending on your budget. This article explains how we and others did it and how you can too! 

We’ll outline all the important details about living in the Maldives – from the cost of living in the Maldives to tips on traveling and leisure. We’ll also provide a monthly cost of living table, so you can know how much money you’ll need to save and make each month to live comfortably in the Maldives.

  • Maldives is genuinely a Magical Paradise Tropical Country off the Southwest coast of the Indian continent that is 2 times cheaper than living in New York City. As we will explain, yes, you don’t have to spend the $10,000 per week as you see on social media, which is the wrong way to do it!
  •  The Maldives has incredible weather, world-class beaches and nature, world-class scenery, infinite adventures to go on, and an incredibly warm Maldivian culture if you live in the local islands rather than the resort islands.
  •  The Maldives consists of about 1,200 islands, and 200 islands are inhabited and grouped in atolls.
  •  Maldives is also one of the most unique countries in the world, with a beauty that’s only found uniquely in Maldives and nowhere else on the planet!
  •   The affordable cost of living In Maldives, With a monthly income of less than $2000 is possible to live well, and sometimes even as low as $1700 per month if you are on an extreme budget, which we will discuss later in this article. The monthly rent, food budget, housing expenses, and transportation options in Maldives are determined by your budget and spending habits, depending on how much you spend.
  •    Everything is covered here, from rent to food to transportation in the Maldives. This guide provides valuable tips on how to live cheaply in the Maldives. So whether you’re planning a short stay of a few months or staying long-term, You have come to the right place!
  •   The Maldives is a popular destination and attracts visitors from all over the globe because of its diverse nature and culture, world-class beaches, and incredible adventures throughout the Maldivian atolls.
  •   We’ll also discuss living expenses in the Maldives, food prices, and more. So whether you’re looking to rent or buy a property in the Maldives, we will cover everything you need.
  •  The average monthly cost of living in the Maldives is $1000 For the Local Natives. Expats and Digital Nomads will spend more to keep up with their living standards.
  •  Additionally, the islands are well-equipped with all the necessary utilities and conveniences.
  •  The Islands have great local food that you should try, try to eat at the local markets and supermarkets you will save a lot of money doing this.

This article will help you understand how much money you’ll need to live comfortably and inexpensively by providing an in-depth overview of the Cost Of Living In Maldives. Additionally, we’ll emphasize and explain some of the advantages of living in the Maldives and help you decide if it’s right for you!

We’ve been digital nomads for almost 4.5 years and have been traveling the globe since then, so we’ll share our experiences with you! Ready to begin your dream destination in the Maldives? Let’s do it!

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Cost Of Living In Maldives Summary Cost Of Rent, Groceries, Transportation, Healthcare: $1700 – $4100 Per Month

Cost of living in Maldives

The cost of living in Maldives, ranges from $1700 to $4100 per month. The cost of living in Maldives is 50% lower than in New York City, United States. With a family of four estimated monthly costs of $3,900, depending on your spending habits, it could be more or less than what is listed here.

You can reduce your monthly budget significantly with effort and solid budget planning.

Living in the Maldives is extremely affordable, and the good news is that there are a lot of affordable accommodations and food and transport options to be found anywhere in the country.

  • The range of costs is from $1700 to $4100 per month, depending on your budget and your spending.
  •   A budget food and grocery plan will cost you around $300 to $1000 per month on average, although this figure will vary depending on your location and budget.
  •   Overall, a monthly budget of $1700 to $3000 is a realistic estimate for the cost of living in Maldives.

The average cost of living in Maldives will be around $2,000 a month. This includes food, housing, transportation, and a few other miscellaneous expenses. Make sure to budget for your monthly budget needs, and you’ll be good to go!

Cost of Living in Maldives Per Month Table of expenses 2024

The Cost of living table below An intensive poll of Digital Nomads, Expats, travelers, and Numbeo users that lived in the Maldives was used to put this together. We also go extremely deeper below this table of expenses!

$1 USD equals 15.41 Maldivian Rufiyaa MVR USD/MVR as of the posting of this article. This estimate is based on a Strict Budget Vs. A luxury Budget in the Maldives per month! The Cost Of Living Per Month In Maldives is $1700 to $4100, depending on your spending habits! Here is a table of expenses for a couple living in Maldives per month:

Average Monthly Expenses In MaldivesUSD $Maldivian Rufiyaa MVR USD/MVR
Rent (Homestay, Guesthouse, studio vs Full Private Villa) In Maldives$700 – $3000MVR 10,787 – MVR 46,230
Electricity (Including water) In Maldives$30 – $100MVR 462 – MVR 1,541
Mobile Phone (including data) In Maldives$20 – $50MVR 308 – MVR 770
Internet (WiFi) in Maldives$20 – $50MVR 308 – MVR 770
Food (groceries, dining out, partying, nightlife) in Maldives$360 – $1000MVR 5,547 – MVR 15,410
Transportation (motorbike, fuel, renting, Taxi) In Maldives$100 – $300MVR 1,541 – MVR 4,623
Healthy Activities (Gym, MMA, Yoga, Massages, etc) In Maldives$30 – $200MVR 462 – MVR 3,082
Health Insurance (SafetyWing, World Nomads) In Maldives$40 – $150MVR 616 – MVR 2,311
Cost of Living In Maldives Per Month Total Expenses$1300 – $4850MVR 20,033 – MVR 74,738

Cost Of Rent In Maldives In Depth

Cost Of Rent in maldives
As you Can See, the rent in Maldives is under $1500 A month!

Renting a property in the Maldives can be affordable if you stick to a budget. Renting an apartment in Maldives will cost $700 for a simple apartment to $3000 or more for a luxury apartment, but it’s important to do your research beforehand. Various rentals are available, we recommend renting on Airbnb, so it’s important to find the perfect one for your needs. When budgeting, factoring in utilities, food, monthly rent, and other expenses can add up quickly.

  • Renting an apartment monthly from Airbnb will be the best option if you want to live in Maldives. On average, apartments in Maldives cost $700 to $300 per month on Airbnb.
  • Renting a home with two or more rooms will cost you around $2000 or more per month

Your Biggest expense is Rent in Maldives. Unless you have a Crazy spending habit, A modest studio apartment estimated monthly cost $700 to $3000 per month, whereas a huge 2+ bedroom apartment costs $2,500+ per month or more in Maldives.

  • You’ll have to choose between renting a flat, studio, 2+ bedroom apartment, sharing the rent, hostels, and guesthouses.
  • To save money on food in Maldives and eat the local food places in Maldives, shop at the local supermarkets, and look for an apartment in Maldives in the surrounding areas close to local markets, local food stalls, and supermarkets. This is a fantastic tip.
  • Digital Nomads in Maldives, and Expats in Maldives are just a few of the Facebook groups available. For you, Facebook groups are a fantastic resource! It is an excellent place to start. 
  • There are lodges, Homestays, Airbnb, Guesthouses, Studios, hostels, Couchsurfing, Bed, and breakfasts In Maldives for affordable monthly rates.

Cost Of Rent in Maldives: Monthly Table of Expenses in 2024

Here is a table of expenses for the Cost of Rent and Accommodation in Maldives per month:

Average Monthly Rent and Accommodation In Maldives USD $Maldivian Rufiyaa MVR USD/MVR
Studio Apartment in Maldives$700 – $1400MVR 10,787 – MVR 21,574
2 Bedroom Apartment in Maldives$1400 – $2,300MVR 21,574 – MVR 35,443
3+ Bedroom Apartment in Maldives$2,500 – $5000+MVR 38,525 – 70,050

Best Cost of Flights To Maldives Tips

Cost Of Flights to Maldives from New York

Did you know you can fly one way to Maldives affordably?

  1. If you Fly to Maldives One-Way From New York City, the cost is $492 to $600 per person. Incredibly cheap Airfare!
  2.  If you Fly to Male, Maldives, and Gan Maldives from Europe and Asia, the costs will be from $100 to $300 per person.
Cost Of Flights to Maldives From Bangkok

You Can Check On Google Flights here!

Also, if you Have Travel Credit Card Miles and frequent Flyer miles, you can fly to Maldives For almost free!

Try searching for low-cost airlines or fly during off-peak times. If you’re determined to visit the Maldives, book your flight as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment and high costs later on!

Cost Of Transportation In Maldives

Cost Of Transportation In Maldives

I suggest renting a scooter or Bicycle Boat monthly to explore the Maldives to their fullest potential. 

Budget around $100 to $300 per month in transportation and exploring Maldives.

The public transportation system in Maldives consists of taxis, Maldivian ‘Dhoni’, Speedboat, Kayak, Bicycles, buses, scooters, and boats.

  • In Maldives, public transportation mainly consists of  Boats, Maldivian ‘Dhoni’, scooters, and Bicycle. 

Monthly Cost Of Transportation in Maldives: Table of Expenses in 2024

Here is a table of expenses for the Cost of Public Transportation in Maldives per month:

Average Monthly Transportation Expenses in MaldivesUSD $Maldivian Rufiyaa MVR USD/MVR
Monthly Transportation Costs in Maldives$100 – $300MVR 1,541 – MVR 4,623

Cost Of Food In Maldives Explained: Table of Expenses

Cost of Food In Maldives

The Most popular Maldivian dishes consist of a plate of rice, Fish, and Curry. They have rice with every meal.

Monthly Food Costs in Maldives cost $300 to $500 per month if you eat at the local food places, local markets, supermarkets, and street food, depending on your spending habits.

Here is a table of expenses for the Cost of Food in Maldives per month:

Average Monthly Food Costs in MaldivesUSD $Maldivian Rufiyaa MVR USD/MVR
Local Food Markets, Street food and Local Supermarkets Per month (Budget Food Costs) in Maldives$300 – $500MVR 4,623 – MVR 7,705
Eating out at Mid range restaurants and expensive restaurants per month (No Budget) In Maldives$800 – $1000MVR 12,328 – MVR 15,410

Cost of Healthcare in Maldives

Safety Wing Health Insurance

Ultimately the Healthcare in Maldives is mainly in Male. You may need to fly to India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand for immediate health issues. Still, healthcare in male should be good enough for medium Health Issues or try the best privately owned Hospital most commonly used by expats.

We recommend The best travel health Insurance available by SafetyWing We always have travel insurance monthly for international trips and living abroad.

We STRONGLY suggest that you also have it, especially if you live in Maldives, and we always use SafetyWing for international travel insurance and medical concerns. They start at $42 a month! It’s incredible and always reliable!

Cost of Taxes in Maldives by Percentage

Here is in-depth information for the cost of Taxes in Maldives for each type of Tax and make sure to contact a local Maldives Tax Professional for more Information:

Individual Income Tax in Maldives

  • Tax Type: Individual Income Tax
  • Tax Rate: 0%
  • Important Information:
    • Maldives has no personal income tax. All individual income is tax-free.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Maldives

  • Tax Type: Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Tax Rate: 6%
  • Important Information:
    • GST of 6% introduced in 2011 on sales of goods/services.
    • Does not apply to staple food items and healthcare.
    • Collected and remitted by businesses.

Corporate Tax in Maldives

  • Tax Type: Corporate Tax
  • Tax Rate: 15%
  • Important Information:
    • Flat 15% corporate tax rate on business profits.
    • Special 25% rate for banks and insurance companies.
    • Exemptions in free trade zones.

Green Tax in Maldives

  • Tax Type: Green Tax
  • Tax Rate: $6 per day
  • Important Information:
    • $6 per day tax on tourists at resorts.
    • Collected from resorts to fund protection of environment.
    • Also called “bed tax”.

Import Duty in Maldives

  • Tax Type: Import Duty
  • Tax Rate: 5% – 100%
  • Important Information:
    • Duty levied on goods imported into Maldives.
    • Rates from 5% to 100% depending on the product.
    • Provides revenue given lack of income tax.

Table of Tax Rates in Maldives

Tax Type in MaldivesTax Rate in Maldives
Individual Income Tax0%
Goods and Services Tax (GST)6%
Corporate Tax15%
Green Tax$6 per day
Import Duty5% – 100%

Main FAQS Section About Maldives:

Cost Of Accommodation in Maldives?

The Cost Of Accommodation Per Month in the Maldives costs $700 to $3000 on Airbnb.

How much does rent cost in Maldives?

The Rent In The Maldives Costs $700 to $3000 per month on Airbnb.

What is the currency of Maldives?

$1 USD equals 15.41 Maldivian Rufiyaa MVR USD/MVR

How to Live in Maldives Monthly?

Living in the Maldives can be a cost-effective option for those looking for a luxurious beachside lifestyle without breaking the bank.

To live comfortably on a monthly budget, be flexible with your expenses and prioritize the basics – food, housing, and transportation. Be aware of special deals and discounts available for tourists, and use online tools like Monthly Airbnb or VRBO to slash your costs even more.

Regarding food, stick to affordable local eateries rather than restaurants in resorts. And last but not least, ensure you’re taking advantage of the many unique Maldives islands that offer plenty of leisure activities and attractions to keep you busy all year round!

What are the monthly costs of living in Maldives?

The Average Monthly Costs of Living In The Maldives is from $1700 to $4100 per month. Maldives is a paradise for budget-conscious travelers. The cost of living in Maldives includes rent, food, drinks, and transportation.

How much should I budget each month to live in the Maldives?

You Should Budget $2100 to $3050 per month to live in The Maldives on a Solid Budget.

How much should I expect to spend each month in the Maldives?

You Should Expect to spend $2000 to $3000 per month in the Maldives.

What is the average cost of living in Maldives in 2024?

The average cost of living in Maldives in 2024 is estimated to be around USD $1,700 per month to $3000 per month.

How can I save money on groceries when living in Maldives?

Living in the Maldives can be tricky trying to save money on groceries. However, you can follow a few easy tips to help out.
1. Make a list of the groceries you often buy and stick to it. This way, you won’t be as tempted to buy unnecessary items that you’ll end up wasting money on in the long run.
2. Shop at local markets where prices are usually lower than in supermarkets. In addition, many local markets sell produce and meat in bulk, making it cheaper than buying items from supermarkets.
3. Compare prices online before going to the store, and bring your printouts with you for reference. By doing this, you can avoid spending too much money on unnecessary items.
4. Buying in bulk is also an option – purchasing fruits, vegetables, meat, etc., in large quantities can save you money in the long run.

How much does a month cost in the Maldives?

The average cost of living in the Maldives is around USD 2,000 per month.

What Is the Best time to Visit the Maldives?

best time to visit the Maldives is between October through April, outside of the monsoon season.

What is the Worst time to visit the Maldives?

The Worst time to visit the Maldives is from May through September during the Monsoon season.

Maldives: Average Salary, Minimum Wage & Mortgages

The average Maldivian citizen’s average salary is only about $500 to $1000 per month.

How much does it cost to live in Maldives?

The Estimated monthly costs for the cost of living in the Maldives is $1700 to $4100 Per month.

What Is The Rent In Maldives Per Month?

The Estimated Monthly Costs for rent in the Maldives are $700 to $3000 per month on Airbnb.

What is the Monthly Utilities In The Maldives?

Prices for basic goods and services, such as bills and utilities, are relatively low. The cost is roughly $100 – 250$ a month, based on the size of one apartment for 2 people.

Is it expensive to live in the Maldives?

The average household cost for a Family of four estimated monthly costs is $4000 (61,640 MVR). One person estimated monthly costs at $1700 US dollars (26,197 MVR). Maldives has a 50% lower cost of living compared to the U.S. 

How much salary is enough in Maldives?

The Salary Needed for living in the Maldives is $2000 to $3000 per month.

Conclusion On the Cost of living in The Maldives

We’ve summarized the cost of living in Maldives and provided a table of expenses. Additionally, we’ve included a guide on renting Airbnb’s in Maldives and tips on saving money We hope you find this blog helpful and that you make a move to Maldives in the near future for a few months! We will continually be updating this article. Also, below there are a lot of great travel resources for you for your journey to Maldives. Check it out and follow us on Social media For More!

Travel Resources and Reliable Sources For Maldives

  • Travel Insurance: We always have travel insurance monthly for international trips and living abroad. We STRONGLY suggest that you also have it, just in case other digital nomads live abroad, and we always use SafetyWing for international travel insurance and medical concerns. SafetyWing is one of the few policies covering Covid-19, and they start at $42 a month! It’s incredible and always reliable! SafetyWing is perfect for Digital Nomads and long-term travelers!
  • Heath and Safety: We use the travel guides on the CDC website to research recommended precautions.
  • Maldives Tourism Board Government Site
  • Official Maldives Tourism Board Tourist Friendly Site

If you want to keep up with our travels, go ahead and follow us on our travel page on Instagram @onelifepassportComment below what else you would like to know/see about our experiences traveling the world! Also, check out our YouTube Channel!

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