COST Of Living In TRONDHEIM Norway 2024 (Budget Guide)

Cost of Living in Trondheim Norway

What is the Cost of Living in Trondheim Norway Introduction

Hey Friends! The Cost Of Living In Trondheim Norway makes it possible to Live For $1,837 – $4,395 (15,612 NOK – 37,320 NOK) Per Month for a STRICT budget vs a LUXURY budget.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the cost of living in Trondheim Norway!

Imagine a place where old stories meet new adventures, where ancient streets wind through breathtaking landscapes. That’s Trondheim, a special city in Norway that’s full of history, beauty, and exciting experiences.

Get ready to walk its cobblestone paths, enjoy viewing its stunning fjords, and dive into its cool culture. Let’s take a journey into the heart of Trondheim, discovering its cost of living and some of the reasons why it captivates so many travelers.

In this blog post, we’ll break down crucial aspects of the cost of living, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your exciting new chapter.

  1. Finding the Perfect Nest: From charming studios to spacious homes, get the knowledge on rental costs across Trondheim. Explore how different neighborhoods affect prices and find the ideal spot that suits your preferences.
  2. Everyday Wallet Insights: Get a clear view of your monthly expenses, from homemade meals to dining out. We’ll break down utility and transportation costs, even diving into the specifics like electricity, water, internet, and mobile services.
  3. Prioritizing Health and Well-being: Navigating healthcare is vital. We’ll uncover Trondheim’s medical costs and explore expat health insurance options including SafetyWing which we personally use as well as , World Nomads and Cigna Global insurance.
  4. Unveiling Cultural Treasures on a Budget: Embrace Trondheim’s culture without worries. Discover the costs of leisure activities citywide, along with budget-friendly events that let you experience the city’s charm.
  5. The Art of Financial Balance: Top-notch budgeting advice awaits. Through research, data, and those who have lived here, we have tips to optimize expenses, letting you enjoy Trondheim to the fullest while staying financially savvy.
  6. Leisure Unleashed: Trondheim’s vibrant scene is yours to explore. We’ll detail the costs of popular activities across neighborhoods and highlight free events for budget-conscious adventurers.
  7. Budgeting Wisdom: In our final segment, we provide actionable budgeting strategies. Discover how to stretch your krone while enjoying all that Norway offers.

With a monthly budget of $2,500, Trondheim’s charm can be yours without compromise. Whether you seek luxury living or affordability, or both, Trondheim, Norway, is a top-tier choice.

Our mission is simple: Empower you with insider knowledge and tips for a fulfilling Norwegian lifestyle without financial fret. From apartment hunting to digital nomad tips, we’ve got your back.

Get ready for a journey that’s as rewarding for your wallet as it is for your soul.

In the next few articles, we will take a deeper dive into the cost of living in specific cities in Norway like Oslo, Bergen, and Svalbard.

Healthcare in Norway is renowned for its high-quality and accessible services. The city boasts a well-developed healthcare system that provides comprehensive medical care and is supported by advanced facilities and skilled professionals.

But as a traveler, we prefer coverage worldwide which is why we can always rely on SafetyWing because it is a reliable insurance that meets all of our healthcare needs while living abroad. Later on in the post, we will take a deeper dive into the different aspects of healthcare in Trondheim Norway.

Here are some of the things we will cover in this blog post:

  • Housing expenses in Trondheim Norway
  • Healthcare Expenses in Trondheim Norway
  • Food prices in Trondheim Norway
  • Recommended food and activities in Trondheim Norway
  • Transportation costs in Trondheim Norway
  • The general cost of living in Trondheim Norway
  • Money-saving tips for living in Trondheim Norway

Here is what you will learn in this guide:

  • A comprehensive breakdown of expenses and an in-depth analysis of the cost of living in Trondheim Norway, covering housing, transportation, utilities, gym memberships, food, entertainment, and health insurance.
  • Detailed tables, tips, and videos to show you how to live in Trondheim Norway on a budget ranging from $1,837 – $4,395 (15,612 NOK – 37,320 NOK) Per Month depending on your lifestyle and spending habits.
  • Highlights of the amazing outdoor and nature activities available in Trondheim Norway, make it an ideal choice for anyone seeking adventure, culture, and a relaxed pace of life.
  • A comprehensive list of unique local rental websites and Facebook groups will assist you in finding affordable accommodations in Trondheim Norway.
  • Reliable and up-to-date sources of information for living in Trondheim Norway, including data on the country, tourism boards, and more.
  • Budget tips and recommendations to help you make a smooth and comfortable transition to life in Trondheim Norway, including essential information about healthcare and other practical matters.
  • Thriving ex-pat and digital nomad communities.

How this guide will help you:

  • Uncover wallet-friendly options and seamlessly adapt to the vibrant life in Trondheim Norway.
  • Embark on a journey of exploration, immersing yourself in captivating activities and savoring delectable culinary delights.
  • Get reliable and up-to-date information about living in Trondheim Norway.
  • Master the art of saving by optimizing expenses on crucial aspects such as housing, transportation, nourishment, healthcare, and beyond.
  • Seize the opportunity to lead a fulfilling and financially secure existence in this enchanting nation.

With a range of expenses estimated Cost Of Living in Trondheim Norway is between $1,837 – $4,395 (15,612 NOK – 37,320 NOK) Per Month.

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I hope these reasons persuade you to move to Trondheim Norway!

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Cost Of Living in Trondheim Norway Quick Facts, Key Takeaways, Statistics, Data

Cost of Living in Trondheim Norway Quick Facts

A breakdown of some key expenses: Total Monthly Cost of living in Trondheim Norway ranges from $1,837 – $4,395 (15,612 NOK – 37,320 NOK) Per Month.

Here are some quick facts about the cost of living in Trondheim Norway:

  • For all expenses, and if you budget correctly, you can expect to spend $2,100 – $3,400 per month for all expenses.
  • Living well in Trondheim Norway is possible with a monthly income of around $2,900.
  • The minimum wage is around $2,400 per month but varies depending on the industry, occupation, and location.
  • The average salary in Trondheim Norway is around $50,832 (543,547 NOK) per year.
  • The monthly rent, food budget, housing expenses, and transportation options in Trondheim Norway can all be determined based on your budget.
  • To maintain the same standard of life with $9,400 in New York City, an estimated $5,845 (62,787 NOK) is needed in Trondheim Norway.
  • On average, the cost of living in Trondheim Norway is 30.5% cheaper than in New York City, United States.
  • On average, rent in Trondheim Norway is 70.2% lower than in New York City, New York, USA.
  • The cost of rent in Trondheim Norway ranges from $900 – $3,900 Per month.
  • Restaurant prices are estimated to be 7% lower than prices in New York
  • Grocery prices are estimated to be 23.9% lower than in New York City.
  • The Cost of Accommodation in Trondheim Norway costs around $900 – $3,500 Per month from a simple studio to a Luxury 3+ bedroom apartment.
  • A budget food and grocery plan in Trondheim Norway will cost around $390 – $680 per month, depending on location and budget.
  • An estimated monthly cost for a couple living in Trondheim Norway is $2,651 – $6,452.
  • An estimated monthly cost for a family of four in Trondheim Norway is $5,091 – $9,696.
  • An estimated monthly cost for a single person in Trondheim Norway is $1,837 – $4,395 (15,612 NOK – 37,320 NOK) Per Month.
  • Transportation costs in Trondheim Norway are estimated to be $75 – $885 per month (it is higher if you own or rent a car.)
  • Expats and digital nomads may spend around $3,700 – $4,100 per month, to maintain their living standards in Trondheim Norway.
  • We spent around $2,042 – $2,376 (21,782 NOK – 25,461 NOK) per month but you can definitely bootstrap it and live for less.

Our Personal Costs of Living in Trondheim Norway: Table of Expenses Breakdown 2024

Let’s start by sharing our own expenses in Trondheim. Discover how we managed our monthly costs while enjoying the city’s beauty. In Trondheim, it’s not just about exploring—but about finding that sweet spot where enjoying the city meets smart financial choices.

When considering a move to Trondheim, it’s crucial to understand the financial aspects of daily life. Here’s a detailed breakdown of estimated monthly expenses to help you plan your budget accordingly:

Our Monthly Cost of Rent and Accommodation

In Trondheim, you can expect to pay around $1,005 – $1,113 (approximately 10,439 NOK – 11,544 NOK) for a studio apartment big enough for two people. Prices can vary based on factors like location, apartment size, and amenities. To find a suitable place within your budget, explore different neighborhoods and consider shared accommodations for potential savings.

Our Monthly Cost of Utilities

Utilities, including electricity, water, and internet, are essential for daily living. Plan to spend around $302 – $448 (3,139 NOK – 4,722 NOK) per month on these services. Keep in mind that energy-efficient habits can help you keep these costs in check. Consider using energy-saving appliances and being mindful of your usage to save both money and resources.

Our Gym Cost per Month in Trondheim

Trondheim offers gym options for fitness enthusiasts. The cost for a gym membership for us including Austin’s MMA training typically ranges from $168 – $224 (1,740 NOK – 2,320 NOK) per month. You can also explore outdoor activities like jogging in the city’s beautiful surroundings or utilizing public parks for exercise.

Our Monthly Cost of Food and Groceries

On average, we budgeted about $336 – $413 (3,477 NOK – 4,274 NOK) monthly for groceries and sometimes eating local street food. Shopping at local markets for fresh produce and cooking meals at home can help you save money as it did for us.

Our Monthly Cost of Transportation

Getting around Trondheim is easy with its efficient public transportation system. We budgeted approximately $89 – $113 (924 NOK – 1,173 NOK) per month for transportation which included using public transportation. You can also consider using a bicycle, which is not only environmentally friendly but also an affordable way to explore the city.

Our Monthly Cost of Activities, Leisure, Entertainment

Trondheim offers a range of leisure activities to enrich your experience. Allocate about $56 – $90 (581 NOK – 926 NOK) for entertainment each month. This covers activities like cultural events, movies, and outings with friends. Research free or low-cost local events to strike a balance between enjoyment and budget consciousness.

Our Monthly Cost of Health Insurance

Your health is a priority, and health insurance is essential for peace of mind. Expect to pay around $45 (477 NOK) per month for Safetywing health insurance or more if you choose a local insurance company.

Our Monthly Cost of Living in Trondheim Norway Total Expenses

Our total cost of living in Trondheim, Norway ranged from $2,042 – $2,376. Converted to Norwegian krone (NOK), this came out to an estimated 21,782 NOK – 25,461 NOK per month in total living expenses.

Remember to explore local resources, discounts, and opportunities to make the most of your time in this captivating Norwegian city.

Here is a table of Expenses for Our Cost of living in Trondheim Norway:

Our Cost of Living in Trondheim Norway:Estimated Cost in USDEstimated Cost in NOK
Our Monthly Cost of Rent and Accommodation$1,005 – $1,11310,439 NOK – 11,544 NOK
Our Monthly Cost of Utilities$302 – $4483,139 NOK – 4,722 NOK
Our Gym Cost per month in Trondheim Norway$168 – $2241,740 NOK – 2,320 NOK
Our Monthly Cost of Food and Groceries$336 – $4133,477 NOK – 4,274 NOK
Our Monthly Cost of Transportation$89 – $113924 NOK – 1,173 NOK
Our Monthly Cost of Activities, Leisure, Entertainment$56 – $90581 NOK – 926 NOK
Our Monthly Cost of Health Insurance$45 – $300477 NOK – 3,200
Our Monthly Cost of Living in Trondheim Norway Total Expenses$2,042 – $2,37621,782 NOK – 25,461 NOK

Monthly Cost of Living in Trondheim Norway Summary Cost Of Rent, Groceries, Transportation, Healthcare: $1,837 – $4,395 (15,612 NOK – 37,320 NOK) Per Month

Monthly Cost of Living in Trondheim Norway

You can live in Trondheim Norway, for around $1,837 a month for all expenses on a tight budget or $4,395 a month if you want to live much more luxuriously. The Cost of living in Trondheim Norway is from $1,837 – $4,395 (15,612 NOK – 37,320 NOK) Per Month.

Planning to relocate? Understanding the cost of living is vital for your financial preparation.

Below, we provide a comprehensive breakdown of the average cost of living in Trondheim Norway in order to have a comfortable and even luxury life:

Cost of Rent in Trondheim Norway

  • Studio Apartment: If you’re considering a cozy studio, the cost of rent might range from $895 to $1,717 (around 7,592 NOK – 14,566 NOK). Size, location, amenities, and even time of year may influence the price as well.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment: For a bit more space, anticipate spending $1,118 to $2,013 (about 9,504 NOK – 17,121 NOK). Your choice of location and apartment features will impact the cost.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment: Looking for a larger dwelling? Budget approximately $1,566 to $2,769 (approximately 13,276 NOK – 23,520 NOK). Consider shared expenses with roommates to make it more affordable.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment: Families can expect to pay around $2,228 to $3,914 (around 18,924 NOK – 33,346 NOK) for a larger accommodation like this.

Cost of Utilities in Trondheim Norway

  • Electricity and Water: Set aside $167 to $278 (1,417 NOK – 2,355 NOK) to cover electricity and water bills. Implementing energy-saving practices can help control costs.

Cost of Mobile Phone and Internet in Trondheim Norway

  • Mobile Phone: Stay connected with a mobile plan, costing approximately $22 to $56 (around 186 NOK – 470 NOK). Consider plans that suit your usage patterns.
  • Internet: Ensuring a reliable internet connection is important. Budget around $34 to $67 (about 289 NOK – 572 NOK) for wifi services.

Cost of Food in Trondheim Norway

  • Groceries and Dining Out: A balanced food budget is essential. Allocate $334 to $668 (2,835 NOK – 5,670 NOK) per month for groceries and dining out. Exploring local markets and cooking at home can keep costs manageable.

Cost of Transportation in Trondheim Norway

  • Public Transport and More: Getting around Trondheim is very affordable. Plan to put aside $78 to $167 (662 NOK – 1,417 NOK) per month to cover public transport, occasional taxi rides, or even scooter rentals.

Cost of Healthy Activities in Trondheim Norway

  • Staying Active: Prioritize your well-being with activities like gym sessions or yoga. Budget around $44 to $111 (374 NOK – 945 NOK) for these pursuits.

Cost of Health Insurance in Trondheim Norway

  • Health Protection: Ensure your well-being with insurance coverage. Plan to $45 using Safetywing or up to $224 (499 NOK – 1,898 NOK) to secure reliable health insurance.

Total Monthly Cost of Living in Trondheim Norway

Summing up these expenses, The total monthly cost of living in Trondheim Norway ranges from $1,837 to $4,395 (around 15,612 NOK – 37,320 NOK).

Here is a table of expenses for the cost of living in Trondheim Norway per month:

This table of expenses will help you plan your budget wisely while in Trondheim Norway:

Cost of living in Trondheim Norway per monthCost Range in USD ($)Cost Range in NOK (kr)
Cost of Rent (Studio apartment) in Trondheim Norway$895 – $1,7177,592 NOK – 14,566 NOK
Cost of Rent (1 bedroom apartment) in Trondheim Norway$1,118 – $2,0139,504 NOK – 17,121 NOK
Cost of Rent (2 bedroom apartment) in Trondheim Norway$1,566 – $2,76913,276 NOK – 23,520 NOK
Cost of Rent (3 bedroom apartment) in Trondheim Norway$2,228 – $3,91418,924 NOK – 33,346 NOK
Cost of Utilities (electricity, water) in Trondheim Norway$167 – $2781,417 NOK – 2,355 NOK
Cost of Mobile phone (unlimited data plan, Sim Card) in Trondheim Norway$22 – $56186 NOK – 470 NOK
Cost of Internet (wifi) in Trondheim Norway$34 – $67289 NOK – 572 NOK
Cost of Food (groceries, dining out, Local Norwegian Food) in Trondheim Norway$334 – $6682,835 NOK – 5,670 NOK
Cost of Transportation (Public transport, Taxi, Scooter, car) in Trondheim Norway$78 – $167662 NOK – 1,417 NOK
Cost of Healthy activities (gym, martial arts, yoga, massages) in Trondheim Norway$44 – $111374 NOK – 945 NOK
Cost of Health insurance (SafetyWing, World Nomads, or Cigna Global)$45 – $224477 NOK – 1,898 NOK
Total Monthly Cost Of Living In Trondheim Norway$1,837 – $4,39515,612 NOK – 37,320 NOK)

Here are some tips for reducing your cost of living in Trondheim Norway:

  • Housing:
    • Consider shared housing or roommates to split rent and utilities costs.
    • Look for apartments in suburbs or less expensive neighborhoods.
    • Explore student housing options if you are a student.
  • Transportation:
    • Use public transportation like buses, trams, and trains, which are more cost-effective than owning a car.
    • Consider walking or cycling for short distances and cheaper options.
    • Look into monthly transportation passes for better deals.
  • Food and Dining:
    • Cook at home more often to save on eating out expenses.
    • Buy groceries from farmer’s markets and budget-friendly stores to take advantage of sales and discounts without sacrificing quality.
    • Limit dining out to special occasions and opt for local and street food options instead.
  • Utilities:
    • Be mindful of electricity and water usage to reduce utility bills.
    • Unplug devices when not in use and switch to energy-efficient lighting.
  • Communication:
    • Choose a budget-friendly mobile plan that suits your usage.
    • Use messaging apps or internet calling to save on international communication costs.
  • Entertainment and Activities:
    • Look for free or low-cost entertainment options such as public parks, cultural events, and community activities.
    • Take advantage of student discounts on museums, theaters, and other attractions.
  • Health and Fitness:
    • Consider outdoor activities and exercise routines that don’t require a gym membership.
    • Explore public facilities for fitness classes and sports.
  • Insurance and Healthcare:
    • Research and compare health insurance plans to find the most cost-effective option.
    • Utilize public healthcare services when applicable and consider using Safetywing Insurance. for affordable but great healthcare.
  • Shopping and Shopping Habits:
    • Buy second-hand or thrifted items for clothing and household goods.
    • Take advantage of seasonal sales and discounts.
  • Language and Integration:
    • Learn the local language to improve your job opportunities and avoid language-related barriers.
    • Engage with local communities and make friends who can share cost-saving tips and insights.
  • Travel:
    • Plan travel in advance to take advantage of lower airfare and accommodation rates.
    • Consider using budget airlines and staying in hostels or guesthouses.
  • Financial Management:
    • Create a budget and track your expenses to identify areas where you can cut costs.
    • Save money by using banking apps to help manage your finances.

A great monthly budget for a single person living in Trondheim Norway is around $1,900 to $2,650 monthly.

Others spend $3,900 or more each month for an extravagant, next-level lifestyle or even $1,560 on the strictest budget staying in hostels, couchsurfing, and smaller studio apartments, ensuring they make it work no matter what!

  • Expect to spend for a single person or a family living in Trondheim Norway.
  • $3,500 per Month is sufficient to live on.
    • The markets, food trucks, local food shops, and supermarkets are the most cost-effective and knowledgeable ways to shop and eat in Trondheim Norway!

The Cost of living table below is an extensive poll of Digital Nomads, Expats, travelers, our personal experience living here, Locals, and Numbeo users who were used to put this table together.

The Exchange Rate is $1 USD is currently equal to 10 NOK (NOK) This estimate is based on a Strict Budget Vs. A luxury Budget in Trondheim Norway per Month! The Cost Of Living In Trondheim Norway makes it possible to Live For $1,837 – $4,395 (15,612 NOK – 37,320 NOK) Per Month or more, depending on your spending habits! Check out the Currency Converter.

Here is the Table of the monthly Cost Of Living per person in Trondheim Norway:

Cost of Living Per Person in Trondheim Norway:

Cost of Living Per Person in Trondheim NorwayCost of Living (Monthly) in USD ($)Cost of Living (Monthly) in NOK
Cost of Living for a Single Person in Trondheim Norway$1,783 – $4,349NOK 15,177 – NOK 36,869
Cost of Living as a Couple in Trondheim Norway$2,651 – $6,452NOK 22,521 – NOK 54,541
Cost of Living for a Family of Four in Trondheim Norway$5,091 – $9,696NOK 43,161 – NOK 82,380

Average Cost of Living in Trondheim Norway: Table of Expenses in 2024

Average Cost of Living in Trondheim NorwayEstimated Cost in USDEstimated Cost in NOK
Average monthly rent for a studio$1,092 – $2,730NOK 9,294 – NOK 23,233
The average monthly cost for food and groceries$328 – $659NOK 2,792 – NOK 5,611
The average monthly cost for dining out$493 – $992NOK 9,309 – NOK 18,649
The average monthly cost for miscellaneous items$55 – $164NOK 465 – NOK 1,411
The average monthly cost of utilities$110 – $275NOK 934 – NOK 2,341
The average monthly cost of transportation$77 – $165NOK 655 – NOK 1,401
The total average monthly cost of living in Trondheim Norway$2,952 – $6,12325,440 NOK – 52,343 NOK

Please note that these are estimated average monthly costs and may vary depending on individual preferences and lifestyle choices.

Cost of Living Expenses in Trondheim Norway

Cost of Living Expenses in Trondheim NorwayAverage Monthly Cost (USD)Average Monthly Cost (NOK)
Rent and Accommodation$1,092 – $2,730NOK 9,294 – NOK 23,233
Food and Groceries$328 – $659NOK 2,792 – NOK 5,611
Utilities$110 – $275NOK 934 – NOK 2,341
Public Transportation$77 – $165NOK 655 – NOK 1,401
Private Transportation$219 – $438NOK 1,872 – NOK 3,748
Healthcare$49 – $329NOK 506 – NOK 2,790
Entertainment$110 – $329NOK 934 – NOK 2,790
Clothing and Personal Items$55 – $164NOK 465 – NOK 1,411
Activities and Excursions$55 – $219NOK 465 – NOK 1,872

Cost of Housing and Rent In Trondheim Norway In-Depth Summary And Table of Expenses

Cost of rent and housing in Trondheim Norway

Renting an apartment in Trondheim can range quite a bit in price depending on the size, location, and amenities. Here is a breakdown of average monthly rents in Trondheim in USD and NOK:

Average Rent for Studio in Trondheim City Center

The average monthly rent for a furnished studio apartment in the city center of Trondheim ranges from $948 – $1133 per month, which is about 10,058 – 12,040 NOK. Studios in the city center tend to be on the smaller side, usually around 20-30 sqm, but offer convenience to downtown and proximity to public transportation options.

Average Rent for Studio Outside Trondheim City Center

Studios outside of the main city center of Trondheim tend to be a bit more affordable, averaging $757 – $927 per month or 8,056 – 9,849 NOK. Although studios outside the city center may require commuting, they offer more space usually around 35-45 sqm. Many outer neighborhoods of Trondheim like Tiller, Heimdal, and Lade also have good local amenities.

Average Rent for 1 Bedroom in Trondheim City Center

A one bedroom apartment in central Trondheim averages between $1,030 – $1,588 per month, or 10,947 – 16,864 NOK. One bedroom units in the city center are in the 40-60 sqm range usually with a separate living area and bedroom. Being downtown offers walkability, nightlife access, and public transportation.

Average Rent for 1 Bedroom Outside Trondheim City Center

One bedroom apartments outside the city center of Trondheim tend to rent for $865 – $1,236 on average per month, which equals 9,256 – 13,158 NOK. Although located farther from downtown, one bedroom units outside the city center tend to be larger in the 50-70 sqm range and some may include features like a balcony or terrace.

Average Rent for 2 Bedroom in Trondheim City Center

For a two bedroom apartment in central Trondheim, expect average monthly rents between $1,545 – $2,169, or 16,390 – 22,994 NOK. Two bedrooms in the city center provide space at around 60-90 sqm, but proximity to downtown amenities comes with a price premium.

Average Rent for 2 Bedroom Outside Trondheim City Center

The average monthly cost for a two bedroom apartment outside Trondheim’s downtown is $1,424 – $1,854, which equals 15,197 – 19,921 NOK. Two bedrooms outside the city center range from 70-100 sqm generally, and may offer features like parking or a yard not found downtown.

Average Rent for 3 Bedroom in Trondheim City Center

Three bedroom apartments for rent in central Trondheim come with an average monthly price tag of $1,751 – $2,359 or 18,577 – 25,168 NOK. Larger 3 bedroom units downtown can span 80-110 sqm, providing space for roommates or a family.

Average Rent for 3 Bedroom Outside Trondheim City Center

For more space and affordability, 3 bedroom apartments outside Trondheim’s downtown rent for an average of $1,572 – $2,281 per month, which is 16,757 – 24,063 NOK. Outer neighborhoods provide access to 3 bedrooms between 90-120 sqm, sometimes with extras like a garage.

Average Rent for Luxury Apartment in Trondheim City Center

Luxury apartments for rent in downtown Trondheim command top dollar, averaging between $2,884 – $3,631 per month or 30,310 – 38,136 NOK. Central luxury rentals feature high-end finishes, amenities like gyms or pools, and excellent city center locations.

Average Rent for Luxury Apartment Outside Trondheim City Center

Even outside the city center, luxury apartments in Trondheim still rent for a premium price of about $2,369 – $3,235 on average each month, or 25,194 – 34,401 NOK. Luxury units outside downtown include upgraded fixtures, appliances, and amenities in spaces around 100 sqm.

Monthly Cost Of Rent and Housing in Trondheim Norway: Table of Expenses in 2024:

Monthly Cost Of Rent and Housing in Trondheim NorwayAverage Monthly Rent Cost (USD)Average Monthly Rent Cost (NOK)
Cost Of Studio Apartment in the City in Trondheim Norway$948 – $1,13310,058 – 12,040 NOK
Cost Of Studio Apartment outside the City in Trondheim Norway$757 – $9278,056 – 9,849 NOK
Cost Of 1 Bedroom Apartment in the City in Trondheim Norway$1,030 – $1,58810,947 – 16,864 NOK
Cost Of 1 Bedroom Apartment outside the City in Trondheim Norway$865 – $1,2369,256 – 13,158 NOK
Cost Of 2 Bedroom Apartment in the City in Trondheim Norway$1,545 – $2,16916,390 – 22,994 NOK
Cost Of 2 Bedroom Apartment outside the City in Trondheim Norway$1,424 – $1,85415,197 – 19,921 NOK
Cost Of 3 Bedroom Apartment in the City in Trondheim Norway$1,751 – $2,35918,577 – 25,168 NOK
Cost Of 3 Bedroom Apartment outside the City in Trondheim Norway$1,572 – $2,28116,757 – 24,063 NOK
Cost Of Luxury Apartment in the City in Trondheim Norway$2,884 – $3,63130,310 – 38,136 NOK
Cost Of Luxury Apartment outside the City in Trondheim Norway$2,369 – $3,23525,194 – 34,401 NOK

Please note that the rent costs are estimated ranges and can vary depending on the specific location, and property type.

Here is a table of expenses for the Cost of rent and Accommodation in Trondheim Norway per month:

Cost of Rent and Accommodation in Trondheim Norway Average Monthly Rent Cost (USD)Average Monthly Rent Cost (NOK)
Studio Apartment inside the city center$900 – $1,500NOK 9,157 – NOK 15,286
Studio apartment outside the city$847 – $1,198NOK 8,649 – NOK 12,196
Shared room in the city center$700 – $1,000NOK 7,138 – NOK 10,248
A shared room outside the city$503 – $800NOK 4,180 – NOK 6,656
Hotel room (3-star)$100 – $202NOK 808 – NOK 1,695
Hotel room (5-star)$300 – $500NOK 2,508 – NOK 4,218
1 bedroom apartment in the city center$1,100 – $1,500NOK 11,247 – NOK 15,286
1 bedroom apartment outside the city$900 – $1,198NOK 9,157 – NOK 12,196
2-bedroom apartment inside the city$2,500 – $3,040NOK 26,695 – NOK 32,489
2-bedroom apartment outside the city$1,799 – $2,266NOK 19,181 – NOK 24,126
3-bedroom apartment inside the city$1,899 – $2,678NOK 20,259 – NOK 28,615
3-bedroom apartment outside the city$1,400 – $2,305NOK 14,271 – NOK 23,397
Luxury Apartment/Villa$3,003 and aboveNOK 30,616 and above

Please note that these are approximate ranges and the actual rental costs may vary based on location, current market conditions, and other factors

Tips for finding affordable accommodation in Trondheim Norway:

  1. Start Early: Begin your search well in advance to have a wider range of options and better chances of finding affordable places.
  2. Explore Online Listings: Utilize online platforms like, Airbnb, and to browse a variety of rental options, including apartments, rooms, and hostels.
  3. Consider Suburbs: Look beyond the city center for more affordable options. Suburbs often offer lower rental costs while still providing convenient access to amenities and transportation.
  4. Shared Accommodations: Consider shared apartments or rooms, which can significantly reduce costs. Websites like and Facebook groups for housing in Trondheim can be helpful for finding roommates.
  5. Student Housing: If you’re a student, explore student housing options provided by educational institutions. They often offer reasonable rates for students.
  6. Local Newspapers and Notice Boards: Check local newspapers, community notice boards, and university bulletin boards for rental listings that might not be available online.
  7. Long-Term Stays: Many landlords offer discounts for longer rental agreements, so consider committing to a longer period if possible.
  8. Negotiate Rent: Don’t hesitate to negotiate the rent with landlords, especially if you’re planning a longer stay. They might be open to adjusting the price.
  9. Check for Inclusions: Some accommodations include utilities or internet in the rent. Factor in these inclusions when comparing costs.
  10. Off-Peak Seasons: Consider moving during off-peak seasons when demand might be lower, potentially leading to reduced rental prices.
  11. Networking: Engage with local communities, both online and offline. Local Facebook groups, forums, and expat communities can provide valuable insights and leads.
  12. Attend Housing Fairs: Trondheim occasionally hosts housing fairs where you can explore various options and interact with landlords directly.
  • You can also join Facebook groups such as “Digital Nomads in Trondheim Norway”, “Expats in Trondheim Norway” and Trondheim Norway rental groups on Facebook to connect with others and potentially find affordable rental options.
  • Alternatively, consider staying at a Hostel, Airbnb, hotel monthly, homestay, guesthouse, or bed and breakfast in Trondheim Norway for more affordable rates rather than a costly hotel or tourist location you can also ask around with locals and find a cheaper apartment that isn’t listed on websites.

Here are the sources for local rental websites in Trondheim Norway:

  1. – A popular online marketplace for various services in Norway, including rental listings.
  2. – Specifically focused on housing and rental listings, especially catering to students and young professionals.
  3. Boligtorget Trondheim – Offers rental listings in Trondheim and surrounding areas.
  4. Eiendomsmegler 1 – A real estate agency with rental listings and property services.
  5. Trondheim Student Housing Foundation (SiT) – Provides housing options specifically tailored to students in Trondheim.
  6. Samfundet Housing – Offers housing services for students associated with Samfundet, a student society in Trondheim.
  7. Trondheim Municipality Housing – The official website of Trondheim Municipality might have housing and accommodation information.

When exploring these websites, you’ll have access to a wide selection of rental properties, helping you find the ideal living space in Trondheim Norway.

Where to Stay in Trondheim Norway: Best Areas and Neighborhoods In Trondheim Norway

With so many options, discovering the perfect place to call home in Trondheim Norway is a journey as each neighborhood offers its own distinct blend of culture and natural beauty.

Here are some of the best areas, cities, and neighborhoods to live in in Trondheim Norway:

Table of Neighborhoods and Best Areas To Live in Trondheim Norway:

Best Neighborhood/
Areas To Live in Trondheim Norway
DescriptionEstimated Monthly Rent Range (USD)Estimated Monthly Rent Range (NOK)Additional Info
Trondheim City CenterThe heart of Trondheim with historic charm, cultural attractions, and convenient access to amenities.$1,000 – $2,500NOK 8,515 – NOK 21,290Central location with higher demand.
MoholtA student-friendly area near NTNU with affordable housing options and a youthful atmosphere.$700 – $1,400NOK 5,950 – NOK 11,920Close to the university campus.
LerkendalHome to Lerkendal Stadium and St. Olav’s Hospital, offering a mix of residential and amenities.$900 – $1,800NOK 7,653 – NOK 15,305Good healthcare facilities and sports events.
RosenborgA quiet and green neighborhood with parks, shops, and easy access to public transport.$800 – $1,600NOK 6,812 – NOK 13,625Family-friendly environment.
SolsidenTrendy waterfront area with restaurants, cafes, and a lively atmosphere.$1,200 – $2,400NOK 10,218 – NOK 20,435Popular for dining and nightlife.
ByåsenSuburban area with scenic views, outdoor activities, and a relaxed lifestyle.$1,000 – $2,000NOK 8,515 – NOK 17,030Ideal for nature enthusiasts.

Living in Trondheim Norway Credible Reliable Sources With Tourism, Data, Government

Here is a list of local apartment rental websites, Government resources for Visas, Facebook Groups, Tourism Boards, and more to help you with your potential move here!

Local Websites to help with your apartment search:

  1. – is one of the most popular online marketplaces in Norway, offering a wide range of rental listings, including apartments, houses, and rooms in Trondheim. You can filter your search based on location, size, and other preferences.
  2. – specializes in listings for student housing and apartments in Trondheim. It’s a go-to platform for students and young professionals looking for affordable housing options.
  3. Utleiemegleren – Utleiemegleren is a property management company that offers rental listings in various Norwegian cities, including Trondheim. Their website provides a user-friendly search experience with detailed property information.
  4. – offers a range of rental listings, including apartments, houses, and rooms. You can search for properties in Trondheim based on your preferences and budget.

Additional resources for finding accommodation:

  • Airbnb: While Airbnb is often associated with short-term vacation rentals, some hosts offer longer-term stays at discounted rates. This can be a viable option for finding temporary or furnished apartments in Trondheim Norway.
  • While known primarily for hotels, also offers a selection of vacation rentals, apartments, and guesthouses in Trondheim Norway.
  • Hostelworld: If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, Hostelworld is a popular platform for booking hostels and budget accommodations in Trondheim Norway.
  • Expedia: Expedia is a comprehensive travel booking website that includes a variety of accommodation options, including hotels, apartments, and vacation rentals.
  • VRBO: VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) is a platform that specializes in offering vacation rentals and holiday homes, which can be an affordable option for longer stays.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Many landlords and property owners list their apartments for rent on Facebook Marketplace. You can search for rental listings in specific cities and regions, as well as filter by price and other criteria.
  • International Housing Platforms: Websites like Nestpick and HousingAnywhere offer international housing listings, including apartments in Trondheim Norway. These platforms can be particularly useful for expatriates and students. Websites: Nestpick | HousingAnywhere
  • provides classified ads for expats living in various countries, including Trondheim Norway. You can find listings for apartments, houses, and shared accommodations.
  • Flatshare Websites: Platforms like will allow you to search for shared accommodations or roommates in Trondheim Norway, which can help reduce housing costs.
  • Similar to, also provides a selection of vacation rentals and apartments in addition to hotel accommodations.
  • Please note that while these websites offer various affordable accommodation options, it’s essential to do your research and read reviews to ensure the legitimacy and quality of the listings.
  • Facebook Groups and Marketplace: Utilize local Facebook groups and the Marketplace feature to find sublets, shared accommodations, or rooms for rent. This can be a more direct and potentially budget-friendly option.
  • Norwegian Facebook Groups:
  • Trondheim Norway Tourism Site:
  • Trondheim Norway Data:
  • Trondheim Norway Embassy:
  • Government of Trondheim Norway:
    • Government of Trondheim Norway: For information and assistance regarding government services in Trondheim Norway, you can visit the official website of the Norwegian government: Trondheim Norway Government
  • For exchanging money use Wise Which is the Best Option if you are a digital nomad and Expat. a cheaper solution to send, spend and receive money internationally rather than exchanging money through other platforms like Paypal, Payoneer cost a lot of money for exchange fees and rates
  • Booking Flights: To Find insane flight deals, search on Google Flights, Skyscanner and choose the monthly option to find the best day to fly on.

Remember to contact landlords for more information, and consider visiting the properties in person if possible before making a decision.

Cost Of Transportation In Trondheim Norway Summary and Table of Expenses

The cost of Transportation in Trondheim Norway can cost around $75 – $885 per month as you can get around well on a scooter or taking the public bus but keep in mind that expenses will increase if you decide to rent or own a car.

Public Transit (Bus/Tram)

Trondheim boasts an efficient public transit system which includes buses and trams. This mode of transportation offers convenient access to various neighborhoods within the city. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, using public transit is an excellent way to navigate through the city.

  • Estimated Cost: $60 – $90 per month
  • Estimated Cost (NOK): NOK 507 – NOK 760
  • Additional Information: Monthly passes are available for regular commuters, making it a cost-effective option for frequent travelers.


Embrace Trondheim’s bike-friendly environment by opting for cycling as your mode of transportation. With dedicated bike lanes and paths, cycling offers both a healthy and scenic way to explore the city. Whether it’s a leisurely ride or a daily commute, bicycles are a popular choice among residents.

  • Estimated Cost: ($9 – $19) per day or ($5 – $9) per hour
  • Estimated Cost (NOK): NOK 100 – NOK 200 per day or NOK 50 – NOK 100 per hour
  • Additional Information:
  • Basic City Bike: A basic city bike suitable for short rides can cost around 2,000 NOK to 5,000 NOK ($187 – $468).
  • Hybrid Bike: Offers a mix of road and off-road capabilities that may range from 3,000 NOK to 7,000 NOK.
  • Mountain Bike: If you’re looking for a mountain bike for off-road trails, prices can start from 5,000 NOK and go up to 15,000 NOK or more.
  • Road Bike: Road bikes designed for speed and longer distances can range from 6,000 NOK to 20,000 NOK or higher.
  • Electric Bike (E-bike): Electric bikes tend to be more expensive. Prices can start from 15,000 NOK and go well over 30,000 NOK.

Electric Scooter

For short trips around the city, electric scooters provide a fun and convenient option. You can easily locate and rent these scooters with mobile apps on your phone making them perfect for quick trips and sightseeing.

  • Estimated Cost: $1 – $2 per ride
  • Estimated Cost (NOK): NOK 9 – NOK 17 per ride
  • Additional Information: Various scooter providers offer these services, so keep an eye out for availability and details on the respective apps.

Car Sharing

Car-sharing services provide access to cars for shorter periods, making them ideal for events outside the city or when public transit isn’t the most suitable option. If you need a vehicle for a limited time, this service might be just what you’re looking for.

  • Estimated Cost: $10 – $15 per hour
  • Estimated Cost (NOK): NOK 85 – NOK 127 per hour
  • Additional Information: These services often require membership fees and hourly rates, so be sure to check their terms before use.


Taxis and ride-sharing services are readily available for on-demand transportation, allowing you to get to specific destinations that may not be covered by public transit. Whether you hail a taxi or book a ride through an app, these options provide convenience and efficiency.

  • Estimated Cost: $20 – $40 per ride
  • Estimated Cost (NOK): NOK 169 – NOK 338 per ride
  • Additional Information: Taxis and ride-sharing services can be hailed on the street or requested via dedicated apps.


Trondheim’s compact size makes it a highly walkable city. Many attractions, shops, and restaurants are within easy walking distance of each other, making walking an enjoyable and eco-friendly way to explore the city.

  • Estimated Cost: $0
  • Additional Information: Walking is most suitable for short distances and allows you to savor the city’s atmosphere at your own pace.

Navigating Trondheim is quite easy with these diverse transportation options, with each catering to different needs and preferences.

Here is a table of all costs of the transportation options in Trondheim Norway:

BEST Transportation Methods in Trondheim NorwayDescriptionEstimated Cost (USD)Estimated Cost (NOK)Additional Information
Public Transit (Bus/Tram)Trondheim has an efficient public transit system consisting of buses and trams. It’s a convenient way to travel around the city and explore various neighborhoods.$60 – $90NOK 507 – NOK 760Monthly passes are available.
BicycleTrondheim is a bike-friendly city with dedicated bike lanes and paths. Cycling is a popular and eco-friendly way to get around, offering a healthy and scenic mode of transportation.($9 – $19) per day or ($5 – $9) Per HourNOK 100 – NOK 200 NOK 50 – NOK 100Trondheim has various types of bikes: Basic City Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, and Electric Bikes (E-bikes). Prices range from 2,000 NOK for a basic city bike and up to 30,000 NOK for electric bikes.
Electric ScooterElectric scooters are a fun and convenient option for short trips within the city. They’re easily accessible and can be rented using mobile apps.$1 – $2 per rideNOK 9 – NOK 17 per rideCheck for available scooter providers.
Car SharingCar-sharing services provide access to cars for shorter periods. It’s useful for occasional trips outside the city or when public transit isn’t suitable.$10 – $15 per hourNOK 85 – NOK 127 per hourMembership fees and hourly rates apply.
Taxi/UberTaxis and ride-sharing services are available for on-demand transportation. They’re convenient for reaching destinations not covered by public transit.$20 – $40 per rideNOK 169 – NOK 338 per rideTaxis can be hailed or booked via apps.
WalkingTrondheim’s compact size makes it a walkable city. Many attractions, shops, and restaurants are within walking distance, making it an enjoyable way to explore.$0NOK 0Suitable for short distances.

These estimated costs are approximate and can vary depending on factors like location, duration, and provider.

Additionally, here are some other related expenses:

  • Gasoline (1 gallon): around $8 per gallon
Monthly Cost Of Gas and Petrol For Scooters & Cars in Trondheim NorwayEstimated Cost in USDEstimated Cost in NOK
The Average Monthly Cost of Gasoline, Petrol for Scooters & Cars$95 – $1501017 – 1500 NOK

Please note that the actual cost may vary depending on factors such as fuel prices, the type of vehicle, and individual driving habits.

For more information check out the Government Of transportation in Trondheim Norway.

Here are some reliable sources for information on transportation in Trondheim Norway:

  1. AtB (Trondheim’s Public Transport Authority): AtB provides comprehensive information about buses, trams, and other public transportation options in Trondheim.
  2. Trondheim Bysykkel (City Bike Service): This service offers information on Trondheim’s bike-sharing program, including bike stations and rental details.
  3. Voi Scooters: Voi offers electric scooter rentals with information on locations, costs, and how to use the service.
  4. Taxi and Ride-Sharing Services: Uber and local taxi companies offer convenient rides for getting around the city.
  5. Trondheim Central Station: The central train station’s website provides schedules, routes, and information about regional and national train travel.
  6. Norwegian State Railways (NSB): NSB (now Vy) operates train services with information on routes, timetables, and ticketing.
  7. Trondheim Vaernes Airport: For flight information, services, and transportation options to and from the airport.
  8. Visit Trondheim: The official tourism site offers insights into transportation options and city exploration.

These sources can help you navigate Trondheim’s transportation options effectively and plan your journeys with ease.

Cost of Food and Markets In Trondheim Norway Explained: Table Of Expenses 2024

If you’re curious about the cost of food in Trondheim, Norway, you’ll find a range of options to suit different budgets.

Here’s a breakdown of estimated monthly costs for various food-related expenses:

Local Food

Estimated Monthly Cost: $324 – $541 (NOK 3307 – NOK 5520)

When opting for local food, you can expect to spend around $324 to $541 per month, which is around NOK 3307 to NOK 5520. Local cuisine often includes traditional dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. This choice can be budget-friendly and offers an authentic taste of the region.

Mid-range Restaurants

Estimated Monthly Cost: $541 – $865 (NOK 5519 – NOK 8810)

For those who enjoy dining out at mid-range restaurants, the estimated monthly cost ranges from $541 to $865, which is around NOK 5519 to NOK 8810. Dining at mid range restaurants will allow you to balance both quality and affordability.

Fine Dining Restaurants

Estimated Monthly Cost: $972 – $1622 (NOK 9968 – NOK 16601)

If you’re looking for a more upscale dining experience, fine dining restaurants in Trondheim offer exquisite culinary delights. The estimated monthly cost for fine dining ranges from $972 to $1622, or approximately NOK 9968 to NOK 16601. This option is ideal for special occasions as dining at fancy restarants can get quite expensive!


Estimated Monthly Cost: $379 – $865 (NOK 3873 – NOK 8810)

Buying groceries and cooking at home can be a cost-effective option. The estimated monthly grocery cost is around $379 to $865, which is approximately NOK 3873 to NOK 8810. Shopping for ingredients and preparing your own meals at home gives you control over your expenses as well as dietary preferences.

Supermarkets (Imported Goods) per Item

Estimated Cost: $5.41 – $21.63 (NOK 55 – NOK 221) per item

If you’re looking for imported goods or specialty items, supermarkets offer a range of options. The cost per item varies from $5.41 to $21.63, approximately NOK 55 to NOK 221. These items can add unique flavors and variety to your meals.

Street Food

Estimated Cost: $5 – $16 (NOK 55 – NOK 166)

Trondheim’s street food scene is a delightful way to sample local flavors on the go. Street food come at an estimated cost of $5 to $16 per meal, or around NOK 55 to NOK 166. This option is perfect for trying quick bites and experiencing a taste of the city’s culinary diversity.

Specialty Food Stores

Estimated Cost: $11 – $55 (NOK 112 – NOK 559)

Specialty food stores provide a selection of unique and gourmet products. The estimated cost ranges from $11 to $55, equivalent to around NOK 112 to NOK 559. These stores offer a range of premium options to enhance your culinary creations.

Overall Monthly Cost of Food and Groceries in Trondheim Norway

Estimated Cost: $389 – $1,083 (NOK 3978 – NOK 11058)

Taking into account a combination of local food, dining out, groceries, and specialty items, the overall monthly cost of food and groceries in Trondheim can range from $389 to $1,083, approximately NOK 3978 to NOK 11058. How often you decide to cook at home or dine out will shape your monthly food expenses.

Here is A Table of Expenses For the Cost of Food In Trondheim Norway Per Month:

Cost of Food In Trondheim Norway Per MonthEstimated Monthly Cost in USDEstimated Monthly Cost in NOK
Local food$324 – $541NOK 3307 – NOK 5520
Mid-range restaurants$541 – $865NOK 5519 – NOK 8810
Fine dining restaurants$972 – $1622NOK 9968 – NOK 16601
Groceries$379 – $865NOK 3873 – NOK 8810
Supermarkets (imported goods) per item$5.41 – $21.63NOK 55 – NOK 221
Street food$5 – $16NOK 55 – NOK 166
Specialty food stores$11 – $55NOK 112 – NOK 559
Overall Monthly Cost of Food and Groceries in Trondheim Norway$389 – $1,083NOK 3978 – NOK 11058

Please keep in mind that these are rough estimates and actual expenses can vary based on individual preferences, location, and lifestyle choices.

Overall Monthly Cost of Food in Trondheim Norway

  • The monthly cost of food in Trondheim Norway for 1 or 2 people can range from $389 – $1,083 NOK 3978 – NOK 11058 Per Month depending on if you eat local food, dine at restaurants, or prefer to shop for your groceries and cook at home.
  • The average cost of food per month for a family of four is $1,200 to $2,400(NOK 12,250 to NOK 24,500).
  • This estimate includes expenses for groceries, local food, and occasional dining out.
  • But a family of four can expect to spend around $840 – $1,080 (8,942 – 11,497 NOK) per month on a stricter budget for groceries at local food stores or supermarkets and occasional dining expenses.
    • Actual costs can vary depending on eating habits, location, and food choices.
  • Families dining at mid-range or fancy restaurants will spend more compared to those who choose to eat local Norwegian dishes or cook at home.

Here are some tips for reducing the cost of food in Trondheim Norway:

  1. Plan Your Meals: Plan your meals for the week and create a shopping list based on the ingredients you need. This can help you avoid unnecessary purchases and reduce food waste.
  2. Buy in Bulk: Consider buying non-perishable items in bulk, as this can often be more cost-effective in the long run.
  3. Shop at Local Markets: Visit local farmers’ markets or food markets where you can find fresh produce and other items at lower prices compared to supermarkets.
  4. Cook at Home: Prepare meals at home as much as possible. Cooking your own meals is not only more affordable but also allows you to have better control over ingredients and portion sizes.
  5. Opt for Seasonal Produce: Choose fruits and vegetables that are in season. They tend to be cheaper and fresher than out-of-season produce.
  6. Limit Eating Out: While dining out is enjoyable, it can add up quickly. Save eating out for special occasions and focus on home-cooked meals.
  7. Use Loyalty Programs: Take advantage of loyalty programs offered by supermarkets or stores. These programs may provide discounts, special offers, or cashback on your purchases.
  8. Compare Prices: Compare prices of similar items across different stores to find the best deals. Online price comparison tools can be helpful.

Implementing these tips in your daily life can help to save money while also enjoying amazing food in Trondheim.

Table of Expenses For the Cost of Food In Trondheim Norway Per Month:

Cost of Food In Trondheim Norway Per MonthEstimated Monthly Cost in USDEstimated Monthly Cost in NOK
Local food$333 – $558NOK 3408 – NOK 5703
Mid-range restaurants$558 – $890NOK 5708 – NOK 9083
Fine dining restaurants$1,002 – $1,670NOK 10256 – NOK 17166
Groceries$391 – $890NOK 3999 – NOK 9083
Supermarkets (imported goods) per item$5.58 – $22.29NOK 57 – NOK 228
Street food$5 – $16NOK 52 – NOK 165
Specialty food stores$12- $57NOK 116 – NOK 576
Overall Monthly Cost of Food and Groceries$400 – $1,116NOK 4089 – NOK 11387

This range is approximate and may vary based on lifestyle choices and eating habits.

Cost of food in Supermarkets in Trondheim Norway:

Cost of food in Supermarkets in Trondheim NorwayEstimated Monthly Cost in USDEstimated Monthly Cost in NOK
Milk (1 liter)$1.00 – $2.02NOK 8.00 – NOK 16.18
Bread (500g loaf)$2.02 – $4.06NOK 16.18 – NOK 32.62
Rice (1kg)$2.02 – $5.00NOK 16.18 – NOK 39.84
Chicken (1kg)$8.06 – $12.00NOK 64.61 – NOK 96.48
Apples (1kg)$2.02 – $5.00NOK 16.18 – NOK 39.84
Oranges (1kg)$2.02 – $4.06NOK 16.18 – NOK 32.62
Eggs (1 dozen)$2.02 – $4.06NOK 16.18 – NOK 32.62
Cheese (1kg)$8.06 – $15.00NOK 64.61 – NOK 120.15
Beef (1kg)$10.14 – $20.16NOK 81.26 – NOK 161.28
Potatoes (1kg)$1.00 – $3.00NOK 8.00 – NOK 24.26
Tomatoes (1kg)$2.02 – $4.06NOK 16.18 – NOK 32.62
Onion (1kg)$1.00 – $3.00NOK 8.00 – NOK 24.26
Soft drink (1.5-liter bottle)$1.00 – $2.02NOK 8.00 – NOK 16.18
Beer (330ml bottle)$2.02 – $4.06NOK 16.18 – NOK 32.62
Wine (mid-range bottle)$10.14 – $20.16NOK 81.26 – NOK 161.28
Fast food meal$5.99 – $9.98NOK 47.92 – NOK 79.84
Restaurant meal (mid-range)$20.16 – $40.32NOK 161.28 – NOK 322.56

Please note that the estimated costs are approximate and may vary depending on the location and specific vendor.

Here is a table of estimated costs for Food and Groceries in supermarkets in Trondheim Norway:

Food and Groceries in Supermarkets in Trondheim NorwayEstimated Cost Range (USD)Estimated Monthly Cost Range in NOK
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant$10.10 – $20.40NOK 80.85 – NOK 163.20
Meal for 2, Mid-range Restaurant$30.30 – $61.00NOK 242.40 – NOK 488.40
Combo Meal at McDonald’s$6.05 – $8.05NOK 48.40 – NOK 64.40
Coke/Pepsi (0.33-liter bottle)$1.01 – $2.02NOK 8.08 – NOK 16.16
Domestic Beer (0.5-liter draught)$4.04 – $7.07NOK 32.32 – NOK 56.56
Cappuccino (regular)$3.06 – $5.10NOK 24.48 – NOK 40.80
Bottled Water (0.33-liter bottle)$1.01 – $2.02NOK 8.08 – NOK 16.16
Milk (regular), (1 liter)$1.01 – $2.02NOK 8.08 – NOK 16.16
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g)$2.02 – $4.04NOK 16.16 – NOK 32.32
Rice (white), (1kg)$2.02 – $5.05NOK 16.16 – NOK 40.40
Eggs (regular) (12)$2.02 – $4.04NOK 16.16 – NOK 32.32
Local Cheese (1kg)$8.16 – $15.23NOK 65.28 – NOK 121.84
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless)$8.16 – $12.29NOK 65.28 – NOK 98.32
Beef Round (1kg)$10.14 – $20.33NOK 81.12 – NOK 162.64
Apples (1kg)$2.02 – $5.05NOK 16.16 – NOK 40.40
Banana (1kg)$1.01 – $3.05NOK 8.08 – NOK 24.40
Oranges (1kg)$2.02 – $4.04NOK 16.16 – NOK 32.32
Tomato (1kg)$2.02 – $4.04NOK 16.16 – NOK 32.32

Please note that the estimated costs are approximate and may vary depending on the location and specific vendor.

Here is a Table of the Best Local and Traditional Street Food in Trondheim Norway:

These traditional street foods offer a delicious glimpse into Norwegian cuisine and are enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

Best Local and Traditional Street Food in Trondheim NorwayDescriptionEstimated Cost (USD)Estimated Cost (NOK)
Pølse i LompePølse i lompe, also known as a Norwegian hot dog, is a sausage wrapped in a soft potato flatbread, typically topped with condiments.$4 – $6NOK 32 – NOK 48
RaspeballerRaspeballer, also called klubb or komle, are potato dumplings served with a variety of toppings, often enjoyed during winter.$5 – $7NOK 40 – NOK 56
Fiskekaker med LøkFiskekaker med løk are fish cakes made from minced fish and onions, often served with bread or potatoes and a creamy sauce.$6 – $8NOK 48 – NOK 64
KanelbollerKanelboller are sweet cinnamon rolls that are popular as a snack or dessert, offering a delightful taste of Norwegian baking.$2 – $4NOK 16 – NOK 32
Lefse med Smør og SukkerLefse is a soft flatbread made from potatoes, often enjoyed with butter and sugar, offering a simple and comforting treat.$3 – $5NOK 24 – NOK 40
KrumkakeKrumkake is a delicate, crispy wafer-like cookie, often rolled into a cone shape and filled with whipped cream or jam.$2 – $4NOK 16 – NOK 32

Please note that the estimated costs provided are approximate and can vary based on the location, vendor, and current exchange rates.

Here is a list of some major supermarket chains in Trondheim Norway:

  1. Coop Prix
  2. Rema 1000
  3. Bunnpris
  4. Kiwi
  5. Meny
  6. Spar
  7. Joker
  8. Mega

These supermarket chains offer a wide range of groceries and household products, making them great choices for locals and visitors alike.

Cost of Utilities in Trondheim Norway Summary and Table of Expenses 2024

Here is an estimated monthly cost breakdown of utilities in Trondheim Norway, including electricity, gas, water, internet, and mobile phone services.

Total Cost of Utilities in Trondheim Norway

  • Total Range of Expenses: $309 – $546 (2679 – 4736 NOK)
  • These expenses include electricity, water, waste management, and phone services. Your actual costs may vary based on usage patterns, service providers, and individual preferences.

Table of expenses for the Average Monthly Utilities in Trondheim Norway:

Average Monthly Cost of Utilities in Trondheim NorwayRange of Expenses (USD)Range of Expenses (NOK)
Basic electricity/gas$61.74 – $102.90514.50 – 823.20 NOK
Water$20.58 – $40.74154.84 – 360.64 NOK
Garbage and Recycling$10.78 – $20.5883.30 – 154.84 NOK
Internet (ADSL, Wifi)$41.16 – $72.52360.64 – 618.74 NOK
Internet (Fiber Optic, Wifi)$61.74 – $102.90514.50 – 823.20 NOK
Mobile Phone Sim Card (Prepaid)$20.58 – $40.74154.84 – 360.64 NOK
Mobile Phone Plan (Postpaid)$31.36 – $61.74257.74 – 514.50 NOK
Mobile Phone Plan (Unlimited Data)$61.74 – $102.90514.50 – 823.20 NOK
Total Cost of Utilities in Trondheim Norway$309 – $5462679 – 4736 NOK

Here are some reliable sources for utilities in Trondheim Norway, including electricity, water, mobile phone plans, and internet WiFi:

Electricity Providers:

  • Trondheim Energi: Trondheim Energi is a local energy company that provides electricity and energy solutions to residents and businesses in Trondheim. They offer sustainable and renewable energy options, and their services include both electricity supply and energy efficiency solutions.
  • Hafslund Strøm: Hafslund Strøm is an established electricity provider that offers a range of electricity plans and solutions. They focus on customer-centric services and competitive pricing, making them a popular choice for electricity supply in Trondheim.
  • Fjordkraft: Fjordkraft is a leading energy company in Norway, offering electricity and other energy-related services. With a focus on digital solutions and customer convenience, they provide various electricity plans tailored to different needs.
  • Fortum: Fortum is an international energy company that operates in Trondheim. They offer electricity supply and solutions with an emphasis on sustainability and renewable energy sources, aligning with Norway’s commitment to clean energy.

Gas Providers:

  1. Gasnor: Specializes in providing liquefied natural gas (LNG) for various purposes, including industrial, marine, and automotive applications.
  2. Equinor: While not specific to Trondheim, Equinor is a prominent Norwegian energy company that might offer gas services in the region.

Water and Sanitation Services:

  1. Trondheim Kommune: Trondheim Kommune, or Trondheim Municipality, is responsible for water supply and management in the city. They ensure safe and reliable drinking water for residents, manage wastewater treatment, and promote water conservation.
  2. TrønderEnergi: TrønderEnergi is an energy and water company that operates in the Trøndelag region, including Trondheim. They play a role in water supply and management, contributing to the region’s sustainable water use and environmental practices.

Mobile Phone Plan Providers:

  1. Telenor: Telenor is one of the largest and most well-known mobile network operators in Norway. They offer a range of mobile phone plans with various data and call options to suit different needs. Telenor provides extensive coverage and reliable service.
  2. Telia: Telia is another major mobile network operator in Norway. They provide competitive mobile phone plans with features like unlimited data, international calling, and family plans. Telia focuses on delivering a strong network connection.
  3. Ice: Ice is known for offering affordable mobile phone plans with data-heavy options. They utilize 4G and 5G networks to provide high-speed internet on the go. Ice is particularly popular among data-hungry users.
  4. MyCall: MyCall specializes in offering flexible and cost-effective mobile phone plans with different packages for calls, texts, and data. They cater to both local and international communication needs.

Internet and WiFi Providers:

For internet and WiFi services, many providers offer various packages, including broadband and fiber-optic options. Here are some of the prominent internet providers in Trondheim Norway:

  1. Altibox: Offers high-speed fiber-optic internet services known for their reliability and fast connections.
  2. Telenor: One of Norway’s largest telecommunications companies, Telenor provides internet services with a range of packages.
  3. Get: Provides broadband and digital TV services, focusing on high-quality connections and entertainment options.
  4. Telia: Telia also offers home broadband solutions in addition to mobile services. They provide high-speed internet with a focus on stable connections and coverage.

Here are some tips for reducing your utility expenses in Trondheim Norway:

  1. Unplug Devices: Unplug electronic devices and chargers when not in use to prevent “phantom” energy consumption. Even when turned off, many devices still draw power.
  2. LED Lighting: Replace traditional incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs. LEDs use less electricity and last longer, reducing both energy consumption and replacement costs.
  3. Programmable Thermostat: Install a programmable thermostat to control heating and cooling based on your schedule. Lowering the temperature at night or when you’re away can lead to significant savings.
  4. Water-Saving Fixtures: Install water-saving faucets, showerheads, and toilets to reduce water consumption. Fix any leaks promptly to avoid wasting water.
  5. Use Cold Water: Wash your clothes with cold water whenever possible. Heating water for laundry contributes to a significant portion of energy consumption.
  6. Air-Dry Clothes: Air-dry your clothes instead of using a dryer. Not only does this save energy, but it also helps extend the lifespan of your clothing.
  7. Seal and Ventilate: Keep doors and windows closed during colder months to retain heat. Proper ventilation in the warmer months helps regulate indoor temperatures without overusing heating or cooling systems.
  8. Community Resources: Take advantage of community programs that offer energy-saving advice, such as workshops on efficient heating or home insulation.
  9. Utility Plans: Explore different utility plans offered by providers that promote energy conservation. Some plans offer lower rates during off-peak hours.
  10. Monitor Usage: Use energy monitoring tools to track your energy consumption. This can help you identify patterns and make informed decisions on reducing usage.
  11. Renewable Energy Options: Investigate options for using renewable energy sources, such as installing solar panels or participating in community solar initiatives.

Pros and Cons of Living in Trondheim Norway: Is it the Right Choice for You?

Pros and Cons of Living in Trondheim Norway Table Comparison:

Pros of Living in Trondheim NorwayCons of Living in Trondheim Norway
High Quality of Life: Trondheim offers a high standard of living with excellent healthcare, education, and public services.Cost of Living: The cost of living in Trondheim can be relatively high, particularly for housing and day-to-day expenses.
Natural Beauty: Surrounded by stunning fjords, forests, and mountains, Trondheim boasts breathtaking scenery and outdoor recreational opportunities.Weather: The city experiences a relatively cold and wet climate, with long winters and short summers.
Education: Trondheim is home to reputable universities and research institutions, making it an ideal destination for students and academics.Limited Nightlife: While there are entertainment options, the city’s nightlife may not be as vibrant as larger cities.
Safety: Norway, including Trondheim, is known for its low crime rates, creating a safe environment for residents and visitors.Language Barrier: While many Norwegians speak English, the Norwegian language can still be a barrier for newcomers.
Public Transportation: Trondheim offers efficient and reliable public transportation, making it easy to get around the city without a car.Cultural Differences: Adapting to the local culture and customs can be a challenge for expatriates.
Work-Life Balance: Norway values work-life balance, providing ample time for leisure and family activities.Limited Diversity: Trondheim may lack the cultural diversity found in larger international cities.
Outdoor Activities: From skiing to hiking, Trondheim provides a range of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts.Limited Shopping Hours: Stores often have limited operating hours, especially on weekends.
Clean Environment: The city places a strong emphasis on sustainability and cleanliness.Job Market Competition: While job opportunities are available, competition can be intense, especially for non-Norwegian speakers.

Cost of Healthcare in Trondheim Norway

Here are some key aspects of Trondheim Norway’s public healthcare system:

Healthcare in Trondheim Norway is a high-quality, tax-funded system with universal coverage, offering accessible and comprehensive medical services to all residents.

Key features of Trondheim Norway’s healthcare system:

  1. Universal Healthcare: Norway has a well-established universal healthcare system, which means that all residents have access to necessary medical care and treatments.
  2. Publicly Funded: Healthcare services in Trondheim are publicly funded through taxation. This ensures that essential medical services are accessible to all residents, regardless of their financial situation.
  3. High-Quality Care: Trondheim’s healthcare system is known for its high quality of care, advanced medical facilities, and skilled healthcare professionals.
  4. Primary Care: Primary healthcare services, such as general practitioners (GPs) and clinics, serve as the first point of contact for non-emergency medical needs. Patients can visit GPs for consultations, check-ups, and referrals to specialists if needed.
  5. Specialized Care: Trondheim has modern hospitals and medical centers that provide specialized care in various fields, including surgery, cardiology, orthopedics, and more.
  6. Emergency Care: Emergency medical services are readily available through hospitals and designated emergency units. The healthcare system is equipped to handle urgent medical situations.
  7. Patient Choice: Patients often have the choice to select their preferred GP and specialist, fostering a patient-centered approach to healthcare.
  8. Short Wait Times: While wait times may vary, Trondheim generally boasts relatively short wait times for medical consultations and treatments, thanks to the efficient healthcare system.
  9. E-Health Services: The city’s healthcare system has embraced technology, offering e-health services such as online appointment booking and access to medical records.
  10. Medications and Prescriptions: Prescription medications are often covered partially or fully under Norway’s healthcare system. Pharmacies (apotek) are widely available in Trondheim to dispense medications.
  11. Maternity and Childcare: Trondheim’s healthcare system includes support for maternity care, prenatal classes, and well-child check-ups. Maternity hospitals and neonatal care are also provided.
  12. Health Promotion: Trondheim emphasizes preventive healthcare and health promotion, offering resources and programs for healthy living and disease prevention.
  13. Health Insurance for International Students: International students studying in Trondheim are often required to have health insurance coverage. Norway offers a National Health Insurance scheme for international students.
  14. Language Skills: Healthcare professionals in Trondheim often have strong English language skills, making it easier for international residents and visitors to communicate their healthcare needs.
  15. Research and Innovation: Trondheim is home to renowned medical research institutions and universities, contributing to advancements in healthcare practices and treatments.

These aspects collectively contribute to Trondheim’s efficient and comprehensive healthcare system, ensuring residents and visitors receive the medical care they need.

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We suggest you also have it, especially if you live as an expat and digital nomad in Trondheim Norway.

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Here is a table of Healthcare costs in Trondheim Norway:

Healthcare Costs in Trondheim NorwayCost Range in USD ($)Cost Range in NOK
Doctor’s Visit (GP)$42 – $84368 NOK – 733 NOK
Specialist Visit$73 – $156633 NOK – 1370 NOK
Prescription (Generic)$10 – $3195 NOK – 284 NOK
Prescription (Brand Name)$32 – $105282 NOK – 938 NOK
Dental Cleaning$63 – $126521 NOK – 1043 NOK
Dental Filling$84 – $156738 NOK – 1370 NOK
Eye Exam$51 – $104474 NOK – 960 NOK
Glasses (Basic)$104 – $259943 NOK – 2356 NOK
Glasses (Designer)$209 – $6281892 NOK – 5684 NOK
Emergency Room Visit$209 – $6281892 NOK – 5684 NOK
Hospital Stay (Per Day)$839 – $15917519 NOK – 14278 NOK
Health Insurance (Individual)$46 – $316492 NOK – 3384 NOK

Main FAQS Section About Trondheim Norway:

What is the monthly cost of living in Trondheim Norway?

The cost of living in Trondheim Norway on average, is around $1,837 – $4,395 (15,612 NOK – 37,320 NOK) Per Month.

What is the Cost Of Living in Trondheim Norway vs. the USA?

The Cost Of Living in Trondheim Norway is around 30.5% cheaper than living in New York City, USA, and the average monthly Cost of living in Trondheim Norway is $1,837 – $4,395 (15,612 NOK – 37,320 NOK) Per Month in Trondheim Norway vs $5,500 to $10,398 per month living in New York City, United States.

What is the Cost of Accommodation in Trondheim Norway?

The Cost of Accommodation in Trondheim Norway costs around $900 – $3,900 Per month from a simple studio to a Luxury 3+ bedroom apartment.

When is the best time of year to visit Trondheim Norway?

It really comes down to your preferences but from June to August (summer), you can expect it to be peak tourist season but it is a great time for outdoor activities as temperatures are warmer, days are longer and many cultural festivals take place.
If you enjoy colder temperatures, consider visiting during fall or winter where you can enjoy the city’s picturesque autumnal charm. It’s also a good time to explore museums and indoor attractions. Although it is very cold in the winter, you can enjoy Trondheim’s winter wonderland. Enjoy outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. The city is beautifully lit up for Christmas, creating a festive atmosphere.

What is the Cost of Utilities in Trondheim Norway?

The Cost of Utilities in Trondheim Norway cost around $167 – $350 per month, depending on your energy consumption!

What is the Cost of Food in Trondheim Norway vs. the USA?

Restaurant prices are estimated to be 7% lower than in New York City.
Grocery prices are estimated to be 23.9% lower than prices in New York.
Food in Bergen Norway can cost you around $389 if you eat a lot of street food and local food and up to $1,083 if you dine out frequently.

What is the Cost Of Rent in Trondheim Norway vs. the USA?

Rent prices are 70.2% lower in Bergen Norway than in New York City.
The monthly rent for a studio in Bergen Norway ranges from $900 – $1,300.
1 bedroom in Bergen Norway ranges from $1,100 – $1,700 depending if the apartment is inside or outside of the city center, while a 1 bedroom apartment in NYC is around $3,700.
2-bedroom apartments in Bergen Norway range from$1,800 – $3,100.
3-bedroom apartments in Bergen Norway range from $1,500 – $2,700 per month.

What are the Food Expenses In Trondheim Norway?

The Food expenses in Trondheim Norway range from $400 per month (if you can stay under a budget, cook at home and eat out occasionally or $1,100 if you dine out often. Make sure to eat the local food, and cook at home to save money.

What is The Average cost of rent in Trondheim Norway?

The Average cost of rent in Bergen Norway is around $870 to $3,900 Per Month in Bergen Norway.

What is the Cost of Mobile Phone SIM and Internet Data In Trondheim Norway?

The Cost of Phone Data and internet from Trondheim Norway is around $21 to $103 per month.

What is the Average Cost of Food in Trondheim Norway?

The average Cost of Food in Trondheim Norway costs around $330 – $670 per month for one person or a couple if you cook at home and eat local food with the exception of dining out a few times a month.

Is Trondheim Norway a good place to live?

Trondheim, Norway, offers a high standard of living with a strong economy driven by the oil and gas industry, a well-developed welfare system, and a focus on work-life balance. The city is known for its excellent healthcare, education, and social services, along with a clean environment, abundant green spaces, and a commitment to sustainability. With reputable universities and research institutions, Trondheim appeals to students allowing it to have a diverse intellectual community. Cultural events, historical sites, and modern architecture create a rich cultural scene and recreational opportunities. Norway’s dedication to inclusivity and equality creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Is Trondheim Norway a safe place to live?

Norway is known as one of the safest places in the world with very low crime rates and violent crime as well as property crimes are fairly low. Efficient public services, friendly locals, and a safe environment contribute to the city’s overall appeal for both residents and visitors.

What are the Expenses for a Single Person in Trondheim Norway?

The expenses for a Single Person in Trondheim Norway are from $1,837 – $4,395 (15,612 NOK – 37,320 NOK) Per Month for all expenses.

What is the average salary in Trondheim Norway?

The average salary in Trondheim Norway is around $50,832 (543,547 NOK)per year.

Is it expensive to live in Trondheim Norway?

It is definitely a bit more expensive than the previous cities we talked about in Norway but you will experience a high quality of living.
The cost of living in Trondheim Norway is about 30.5% lower than in New York City and 36.8% lower than in London.

What is a good salary to live in Trondheim Norway?

A great Salary to live in Trondheim Norway is around $2,900 to $3,500 per month. This will cover all expenses and leave you with money you can spend on leisure activities.

How Much does it cost to live in Trondheim Norway?

On average, living in Trondheim Norway costs around $1,837 – $4,395 (15,612 NOK – 37,320 NOK) Per Month.

Cost Of Living in Trondheim Norway and Budget Tips Conclusion

We want to give you a big virtual high-five for diving deep into our in-depth manual on the cost of life in Trondheim, Norway. We’re hoping that this guide has answered all your questions about experiencing Trondheim living on a budget.

Incorporating this advice from this guide along with the bonus tips below, you’ll be a master of making smart money moves and indulging in Trondheim-based luxury living like a boss. Cheers to that! 🥂

Additional Budget Tips That You May Find Helpful

  • Stay in a hostel or Airbnb instead of a hotel. Hostels and Airbnb are often much cheaper than hotels, and they’re a great way to meet other travelers.
  • Buy a local SIM card for your phone. This will save you money on international calls and data.

Additional Tips on How to Find Affordable Accommodations in Trondheim Norway:

  1. Start Early: Begin your search well in advance to have more time to explore options and secure a good deal.
  2. Online Platforms: Utilize websites like,, and Airbnb (apartments) to browse through various rental listings.
  3. Student-Specific Resources: If you’re a student, check out for accommodations tailored to students and young professionals.
  4. Local Facebook Groups: Look for Trondheim-based Facebook groups dedicated to housing or rentals. These groups often have postings from landlords or fellow tenants.
  5. Set Alerts: Use filters and set alerts on housing websites to receive notifications for new listings that match your criteria.
  6. Consider Sharing: Shared accommodations or roommates can help lower costs. Look for roommate listings or shared apartments.
  7. Flexible Location: Be open to different neighborhoods in Trondheim to increase your chances of finding affordable options.
  8. Negotiate Rent: Don’t hesitate to negotiate the rent, especially if you find a place you really like.
  9. Local Connections: Network with locals or ex-pats who might have leads or suggestions for affordable housing.
  10. Visit in Person: If possible, visit Trondheim in person to view potential rentals and get a better feel for the area.
  11. Consider Public Transportation: Areas slightly outside the city center might offer more affordable options and still have good public transportation links.
  12. Check Inclusions: Consider what utilities and amenities are included in the rent to accurately compare costs.
  13. Avoid Peak Seasons: If your move-in date is flexible, consider avoiding peak rental seasons when prices may be higher.
  14. Be Prepared: Have your documentation, references, and deposit ready to secure a place quickly when you find a suitable option.

Emergency Phone Numbers in Trondheim Norway:

In case of emergencies, it’s essential to know the local emergency numbers:

  • If you require immediate medical assistance, such as an ambulance in case of accidents, serious injuries, or sudden illnesses, you should call 113.
  • When facing a medical emergency, it is crucial to call 113 for the fastest response from medical professionals. For other emergencies, such as police or fire incidents, dial 112.
  1. Government of Norway: For information and assistance regarding government services in Trondheim Norway, you can visit the official website of the Norwegian government: Norway Government
  2. Travel Information for Trondheim Norway – United States Government: For up-to-date travel information and advisories issued by the United States Government for traveling to Trondheim Norway, you can check the official website of the U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs: U.S. Travel Advice for Norway
  3. Travel Information for Trondheim Norway – United Kingdom Government: For travel advice and information issued by the United Kingdom Government for traveling to Trondheim Norway, you can refer to the official website of the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office: UK Travel Advice for Norway

Accommodation and Local Rental Websites in Trondheim Norway:

To find affordable accommodation options in Trondheim Norway, you can explore the following local rental websites:

  1. This is a popular online marketplace in Norway, and it includes a section for real estate rentals. You can find a variety of listings for apartments, houses, and rooms available for rent in Trondheim.
  2. Hybel is a website specifically tailored to students and young professionals looking for rooms, apartments, and shared accommodations in Norway.
  3. Airbnb: Airbnb offers a range of accommodation options, including private rooms, entire apartments, and houses. This platform can be a good option to find short-term rentals and unique stays.
  4. Boligportal is another online platform where you can search for rental properties in Trondheim. It provides various search filters to help you find the right accommodation.
  5. This website focuses on rental listings and provides options for apartments and houses available for rent in different areas of Trondheim.
  6. NAV: The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration: If you are a registered job seeker in Norway, you can access NAV’s housing services, which may include information on affordable rentals.

These websites include apartments, houses, and shared spaces.

Additional resources:

  1. Explore local housing networks: Many cities have dedicated Facebook groups or online communities where people post about available rooms or apartments for rent. Join these groups and actively engage with the community to increase your chances of finding affordable accommodation through local connections
  2. Attend housing events and fairs: Some cities organize housing events or fairs where landlords and property managers showcase available rentals. Attend these events to meet landlords in person, inquire about vacancies, and potentially secure a more affordable deal.
    • Remember, the rental market in Trondheim Norway can be competitive, so be prepared to act quickly when you find a suitable option. Additionally, always review rental contracts carefully, and understand your rights as a tenant.

Thank you for choosing our guide as your resource for ensuring you have a smooth transition when moving to Trondheim Norway, and we wish you all the best during your travels to this amazing destination!

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