5 BEST NEIGHBORHOODS To Live In Mar Del Plata Argentina 2024

Best Neighborhoods To Live In Mar Del Plata Argentina Introduction

best neighborhoods to live in Mar del Plata Argentina

Welcome Friends To Mar Del Plata! We will Guide You Through the Best neighborhoods to live in Mar Del Plata Argentina and also explain how we lived here for $950 – $1200 per month and how you can do it to!

Mar Del Plata Nestled on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Mar del Plata is a vibrant seaside city in Argentina that offers a high quality of life, beautiful beaches, and plenty of culture and entertainment.

As the second largest city in the Buenos Aires province, Mar del Plata provides big city amenities with a more relaxed pace of life away from the busy streets of the capital.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure, delicious cuisine, or old world charm, Mar del Plata has something for everyone considering a move to this coastal paradise.

So now let’s uncover the best areas to call home in Mar del Plata Argentina!

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10 Top Reasons to Live in Mar del Plata Argentina

  1. Miles of stunning beaches – Mar del Plata is home to dozens of beautiful beaches where you can swim, surf, or just relax and take in the views.
  2. Abundant outdoor activities – Hiking, fishing, and kayaking are all activities you can do just outside the city.
  3. Vibrant culture and nightlife – There are theaters, museums, restaurants, bars, and clubs throughout Mar del Plata. The nightlife here is simply the best.
  4. Historic architecture – The city features stunning belle Γ©poque style buildings that make you feel like you’re stepping back in time.
  5. Lower cost of living – The cost of living in Mar del Plata is generally lower than in other major cities in Argentina. Your money goes further here.
  6. Four distinct seasons – Mar del Plata enjoys all four seasons, with warm summers and mild winters. The weather here is great year-round.
  7. Excellent healthcare – There are quality hospitals and healthcare facilities that are better than those in Buenos Aires.
  8. Abundant shopping options – Mar del Plata has various markets, boutiques, and malls where you can find anything you need.
  9. Strong English-speaking community – As a popular tourist destination, English is commonly spoken which makes getting settled easier.
  10. Lively arts and culture – There is a thriving arts scene. Don’t forget to attend concerts, shows, galleries, and festivals throughout the year.

With its coastal charm, high quality of life, and abundance of culture and recreation, Mar del Plata is an excellent choice if you’re looking to move to Argentina.

Cultural Considerations in Mar del Plata Argentina

  • Strong Italian influence – Mar del Plata has a large population of Italian descent, so Italian culture and cuisine are widespread. Knowing some Italian phrases can help you connect with locals.
  • Soccer is king – Argentinians love soccer and Mar del Plata has a popular local team, Aldosivi. Attending matches is a fun cultural experience.
  • Night owls – Dining out and nightlife don’t ramp up until later in the evening, often 9 or 10 pm. Adjusting sleep schedules can take time.
  • Greetings matter – Cheek kissing and handshakes are common when meeting locals for the first time. Using proper greetings shows respect.
  • Relaxed pace – Mar del Plata has a laidback vibe so things move at a slower pace compared to big cities, remember to be patient!
  • Mate tea – Sharing mate (a popular caffeinated tea) is a cherished social tradition. Learn mate etiquette if you’re invited to join in.
  • Siestas – Many businesses and shops close at midday when locals practice the siesta tradition of resting. Plan schedules accordingly.
  • Bargaining – Bargaining or negotiating prices is common at markets and small shops. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.
  • Cash-based – Like in many other countries, food stalls that sell street food as well as businesses only accept cash payments so remember to keep small bills on hand.
  • High European influence – Europeans comprise a large number of tourists. Locals are very accommodating to European languages and customs.

Observing local customs shows respect and helps build connections.

General Cost of Living in Mar del Plata Argentina Breakdown:

General Cost of Living in Mar del Plata Argentina Breakdown by Cost TypeMonthly Cost in USDMonthly Cost in ARS
Housing in Mar del Plata Argentina
Basic 1-bedroom apartment (city center)$300 – $500180,000 – 300,000 ARS
2-bedroom apartment (city center)$400 – $800240,000 – 480,000 ARS
3-bedroom apartment (city center)$600 – $1,200360,000 – 720,000 ARS
3-4 bedroom villa (compound living)$1,000 – $2,000600,000 – 1,200,000 ARS
Utilities (electricity, AC, water) for a family$100 – $30060,000 – 180,000 ARS
Food in Mar del Plata Argentina
Local and imported groceries for the family$300 – $600180,000 – 360,000 ARS
Dining out 2-3 times a week$80 – $15048,000 – 90,000 ARS
Cheap street food and fast food per meal$2 – $51,200 – 3,000 ARS
Transportation in Mar del Plata Argentina
Public bus$10 – $306,000 – 18,000 ARS
Trains$20 – $5012,000 – 30,000 ARS
Taxi$30 – $10018,000 – 60,000 ARS
Rideshare (Uber, Cabify)$20 – $6012,000 – 36,000 ARS
Rental Car$300 – $500180,000 – 300,000 ARS
Total Monthly Cost of Living in Mar del Plata Argentina$900 – $3,500540,000 – 2,100,000 ARS

Additional info:

Transport Costs per TripTicket Cost in USDTicket Cost in ARS

Bus fare (one-way)
$0.50 – $1300 – 600 ARS
Taxi starting fare$1 – $3600 – 1,800 ARS
Taxi per km$0.50 – $1300 – 600 ARS
Used car purchase$5,000 – $15,0003,000,000 – 9,000,000 ARS

Here is the article from our personal Cost of living in Mar Del Plata Argentina

Pros and Cons Of the Neighborhoods and Places in Mar del Plata Argentina

Best Neighborhoods in Mar del PlataProsCons
Punta Mogotes– Close to beaches and outdoor activities
– Newer buildings and amenities
– Trendy shops, restaurants and cafes
– More expensive
– Farther from downtown
Centro– Very walkable
– Close to cultural attractions
– Historic architecture and charm
– Older buildings
– More crowded
– Street noise
La Perla– Quieter residential area
– Lower cost of living
– Good mix of locals and expats
– Farther from beaches
– Fewer amenities and nightlife
Los Troncos– Close to beaches
– Newer high-rise condos
– Great views of ocean
– High cost of living
– Less cultural sites nearby
La Loma– Charming bohemian vibe
– Cute cafes and shops
– Close to several beaches
– Older infrastructure
– Not as safe at night
– Limited parking

Top Neighborhoods and Places to Live in Mar Del Plata for Expats

Best Neighborhood for Expats in Mar del PlataDescriptionEst. Monthly Rent (USD)Est. Monthly Rent (ARS)
CentroHistoric downtown center with lots of amenities and walkability. Older buildings with character.$500 – $800300,000 – 480,000
Punta MogotesTrendy beachfront area with upscale cafes and shops. Newer high-rise buildings.$800 – $1,500480,000 – 900,000
La PerlaResidential area farther from beaches but with a mix of locals and expats. More affordable.$300 – $600180,000 – 360,000
Los TroncosBeachfront high-rises with ocean views. Luxury condos with high rents.$1,000 – $2,000600,000 – 1,200,000
La LomaBohemian neighborhood near beaches with cute boutiques and cafes. Older infrastructure.$400 – $800240,000 – 480,000

Health Insurance While Living in Mar del Plata Argentina

Having comprehensive travel insurance is highly recommended when visiting Argentina to protect against any unexpected incidents. SafetyWing is an excellent option tailored to global travelers and digital nomads.

Why Choose SafetyWing?

SafetyWing makes travel insurance easy and affordable at just $45 – $250/month. Here are some key reasons to consider it:

  • Global coverage including exotic destinations
  • Flexible policies fit nomadic lifestyles
  • Easy sign-up and claims from phone/computer
  • Covers medical, evacuations, disruptions, baggage, etc.
  • 24/7 customer support anywhere
  • Customizable coverage amounts and add-ons

Other Travel Insurance Options

While SafetyWing is a top choice, companies like WorldNomads, Cigna Global, and IMG also offer comprehensive travel insurance for Mar del Plata Argentina. Typical policies range from $45 – $500 for 2 weeks to a month of coverage. Compare coverage and premium costs.

Some key considerations for finding a good insurance policy:

  • Emergency medical and evacuation
  • Trip cancellation/interruption
  • Lost/delayed baggage
  • Adventure sports coverage
  • Altitude sickness coverage
  • 24/7 emergency assistance

Mar del Plata Argentina Insurance Cost Estimates

Insurance PlanTrip DurationEstimated Cost
SafetyWing1 month$45 – $250
WorldNomads2 weeks$100-$200
Cigna Global1 month$150-$300
IMG2 weeks$150-$250

Living in Mar del Plata for Expats

Cost of Living in Mar del Plata:

With its coastal charm and lower costs compared to Buenos Aires, expats can enjoy a high quality beach lifestyle in Mar del Plata.

Expats can expect a monthly budget between $1,000 – $2,000 per month or 600,000 – 1,200,000 ARS per month.

Basic utilities cost around $100 – $300 per month or 60,000 – 180,000 ARS per month.

Groceries are around $300 – $600 per month for one or two people or 180,000 – 360,000 ARS.

Eating out costs approximately $5 – $15 per meal at local restaurants or 3,000 – 9,000 ARS.


Rent for nice 1-2 bedroom apartments averages $400 – $800 per month or 240,000 – 480,000 ARS.

Upscale 3-4 bedroom serviced apartments or houses cost around $1,000 – $2,000 per month or 600,000 – 1,200,000 ARS.

Short-term accommodations are available starting at $25 – $50 per night or 15,000 – 30,000 ARS.

Lifestyle, Culture, and Recreation:

Best Activities:

  • Beachgoing and watersports like surfing, swimming, kayaking
  • Hiking and biking in nearby nature reserves
  • Attending cultural events like concerts, theater, and galleries.
  • Day trips to nearby towns and wineries

Nightlife: Bars, clubs, live music venues

Local Culture: Outdoor cafes, sports fans, art scene

Recreational Activities: Beaches, hiking, biking, water sports, golf, tennis

Food in Mar del Plata:

Groceries for Family of 4: Around $400 – $800 per month or 240,000 – 480,000 ARS for basics plus some imported items.

Dining Out: The average meal cost is $5 – $15 per person or 3,000 – 9,000 ARS. Can dine out 2-4 times per month affordably.

Pros and Cons of Living in Mar del Plata:

Pros: Beach lifestyle, lower cost of living, vibrant culture and arts scene, proximity to nature.

Cons: Far from capital, less international offerings, limited healthcare facilities, seasonal tourism.

Best neighborhoods to Live in Mar Del Plata For Families, Singles, Retirees

Best neighborhoods to Live in Mar Del Plata By GroupBest Places in Mar del Plata, Argentina
FamiliesPunta Mogotes, La Perla
– Newer apartments and amenities
– Near beaches, outdoor activities
– Near beaches, outdoor activities
– More residential, mix of locals and expats
– Affordable, safer areas
RetireesCentro, Los Troncos
– Walkable with amenities nearby
– Cultural attractions and healthcare facilities
– Beachfront high-rises, great views
– Upscale complexes with services
SinglesCentro, La Loma
– Trendy cafes, nightlife
– Historic buildings with character
– Artsy vibe with cafes and shops
– Close to beaches for outdoor fun

Tips on Moving Banking and Finding Housing in Mar del Plata Argentina

Living in Mar Del Plata TipsTips for ExpatsResources
Finding HousingLook in Centro, Punta Mogotes for furnished rentals. Negotiate prices, pay deposits in cash.Airbnb, ZonaProp, Hostelworld
Shipping BelongingsUse door-to-port shipping. Expect delays in customs.SDC International, iContainers
Banking and Money TransfersOpen a USD account to avoid exchange fees.Wise
VisasMany countries get 90-day tourist visa on arrival.Argentina Visa Information, VisaGuide.World

Here is a list of local apartment rental websites, Government resources for Visas, Facebook Groups, Tourism Boards, and more to help you with your potential move here.

Expat Facebook Groups:

Argentina Tourism Board:

Argentina Data Sites:

Ministry of Culture and the Arts:

Embassy of Argentina:

Government of Argentina:

Argentina Local Rental Websites:

  • Airbnb
  • ZonaProp
  • Hostelworld
  • For exchanging money use Wise Which is the best option if you are a digital nomad and Expat. a cheaper option to send and receive money internationally rather than exchanging money through other platforms like Paypal, Payoneer costs a lot of money for exchange fees and rates
    • Booking Flights: To Find insane flight deals, search on Google Flights, and Skyscanner and choose the monthly option to find the best day to fly.

Conclusion on the Best Neighborhoods To Live In Mar Del Plata Argentina

Mar del Plata offers many different neighborhoods that caters to different lifestyles. For families wanting to be close to the beach and experience a vibrant community vibe, Punta Mogotes and La Perla stand out with the availability of amenities and residential appeal.

Retirees might find Centro and Los Troncos appealing due to its cultural richness, and scenic views. Meanwhile, singles looking for a blend of trendy cafes, nightlife, and historic charm would gravitate towards Centro and La Loma.

Ultimately, the best neighborhood choice depends on individual preferences, whether it’s beachfront living, cultural immersion, or bustling city life.

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