5 BEST NEIGHBORHOODS To Live In El Nido Philippines 2024

best neighborhoods to live in El Nido Philippines

Best Neighborhoods and Areas to Live in El Nido Palawan Philippines Introduction

We will help guide you through the Best neighborhoods and places to live in El Nido Philippines!

We lived in El Nido Philippines and only spent $1,230 – $1,380 per month for the two of us while Living in El Nido, we also have articles that further cover how much we spent while living in El Nido as well as Manila, Siargao,Bohol, Coron, Boracay, and Davao City.

El Nido Palawan emerges as a tropical haven where bright blue waters meet lush landscapes. Beyond its tourist attractions, El Nido offers a vibrant tapestry of neighborhoods, each with its unique charm and appeal.

Whether you’re dreaming of a seaside retreat, a busy town center, or serene inland vistas, this guide will help you find the perfect neighborhoods in El Nido to call home.

Join us as we navigate the top areas that capture the essence of island living, offering residents and expats alike a blend of comfort, convenience, and stunning natural beauty.

Let’s get started!

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10 Top Reasons to Live in El Nido Philippines

Explore 10 reasons El Nido Philippines should be your next home away from home.

  1. Unparalleled Natural Beauty: El Nido boasts breathtaking landscapes, with limestone cliffs, pristine beaches, and crystal-clear waters that offer a daily dose of natural wonder.
  2. Island Living: Experience the serenity of island living, where the rhythm of life slows down and makes every day feel like a vacation.
  3. Diverse Expat Community: Join a vibrant community of expats from around the world, creating a rich cultural tapestry and fostering global connections right in the heart of paradise.
  4. Thriving Tourism Industry: With its popularity as a top tourist destination, El Nido offers ample opportunities for entrepreneurship, especially in hospitality, tourism-related services, and eco-tourism initiatives.
  5. Outdoor Adventure: From snorkeling and diving to island hopping and trekking, El Nido provides endless opportunities for outdoor lovers.
  6. Culinary Delights: Indulge in a diverse range of culinary experiences, from fresh seafood and local delicacies to international cuisines, all set against the backdrop of stunning ocean views.
  7. Sustainable Living: Embrace a lifestyle centered around sustainability and eco-consciousness, with a growing emphasis on environmental conservation and responsible tourism practices.
  8. Warm and Welcoming Locals: Experience the genuine hospitality of the Filipino people, known for their warmth, friendliness, and welcoming spirit, making you feel at home from day one.
  9. Cultural Richness: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of El Nido and its surrounding islands, with opportunities to learn about local traditions, festivals, and customs that have shaped the community.
  10. Peaceful Retreat: Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a more relaxed pace, where the sounds of waves and the gentle rustle of palm trees become the relaxing sounds of your everyday life.

Each of these reasons gives a unique aspect of what makes El Nido a truly special place to live, offering a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and quality of life that is hard to find elsewhere.

Cultural Considerations in El Nido Philippines

  • Respect for Local Customs: Familiarize yourself with local customs and traditions, such as greeting practices and social norms, to show respect and appreciation for the culture.
  • Conservative Attire: While El Nido is a tourist destination, it’s important to dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites or local communities, to follow cultural norms.
  • Language: Although English is widely spoken, learning basic Filipino phrases or greetings like β€œMabuhay” (Welcome) can enhance your cultural experience and interactions with locals.
  • Religious Observances: Be mindful of religious practices, especially during significant festivals or holidays, and participate respectfully when attending local celebrations or ceremonies.
  • Community Engagement: Engage with the local community in a respectful and considerate manner, seeking opportunities to learn about their traditions, livelihoods, and daily life.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Recognize the importance of environmental conservation in El Nido, participating in sustainable tourism practices and respecting protected areas to preserve the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the region.
  • Tipping Etiquette: While not mandatory, tipping is appreciated in El Nido, particularly for its amazing service. However, it’s essential to be mindful of local customs regarding gratuities and avoid overtipping.
  • Personal Interactions: Approach personal interactions with openness, curiosity, and respect, fostering genuine connections with locals and embracing the hospitality and warmth for which Filipinos are renowned.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Be aware of cultural sensitivities regarding topics such as politics, religion, and socio-economic issues, maintaining a respectful and informed approach in conversations and interactions.
  • Participation in Local Activities: Embrace opportunities to participate in local activities, such as traditional dances, culinary experiences, or community events, to immerse yourself in the cultural richness of El Nido and build connections with the community.
  • Environmental Awareness: Show respect for the environment by practicing responsible tourism, supporting eco-friendly initiatives, and minimizing your impact on the delicate ecosystems and communities of El Nido.

By keeping these cultural considerations in mind, you can enhance your experience in El Nido, create meaningful connections with locals, and have a deeper appreciation for the region’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

General Cost of Living in El Nido Philippines Breakdown

Cost of Living in El Nido Philippines Breakdown CategoryMonthly Cost in USDMonthly Cost in PHP
Housing in El Nido Philippines
Basic 1-bedroom apartment (city center)$300 – $500PHP 16,500 – PHP 27,500
2-bedroom apartment (city center)$500 – $800PHP 27,500 – PHP 44,000
3-bedroom apartment (city center)$800 – $1,200PHP 44,000 – PHP 66,000
3-4 bedroom villa (compound living)$1,200 – $2,000PHP 66,000 – PHP 110,000
(electricity, AC, water) for a family$50 – $100PHP 2,750 – PHP 5,500
Food in El Nido Philippines
Local and imported groceries for your family$200 – $400PHP 11,000 – PHP 22,000
Dining out 2-3 times a week$100 – $200PHP 5,500 – PHP 11,000
Cheap street food and fast food per meal$2 – $5PHP 110 – PHP 275
Transportation in El Nido Philippines
Tricycle per 5 km ride$1 – $2PHP 55 – PHP 110
Motorbike taxi (habal-habal)$0.90 – $2.70PHP 50 – PHP 150
Private Van ( full day)$35 – $70PHP 2,000 – PHP 4,000
Jeepney ride$0.50 – $1PHP 27.50 – PHP 55
Boat hire (small)$35 – $55PHP 2,000 – PHP 3,000
Boat hire (medium)$55 – $90PHP 3,000 – PHP 5,000
Island hopping tours (per person)$10 – $18PHP 600 – PHP 1,000
Bus$3.50 per personPHP 200
Car Rental ( per day)$55 – $110PHP 3,000 – PHP 6,000
Ferry boat ride$10 – $20PHP 550 – PHP 1,100
Plane (local) ticket$50 – $100PHP 2,750 – PHP 5,500
Total Monthly Cost of Living for Expats$714 – $2,115PHP 39,244 – PHP 116,275

Pros and Cons Of the Best Neighborhoods and Areas in El Nido Philippines

Best Neighborhoods/Areas in El Nido, PhilippinesProsCons
Corong-Corong– Picturesque sunset views
– Tranquil atmosphere
– Variety of accommodation options
– Slightly away from the main town center
– Limited dining options compared to the town center
El Nido Town Proper– Access to amenities and services
– Wide range of dining and entertainment options
– Proximity to tour operators
– Can be crowded and noisy
– Higher cost of living compared to the outskirts
Las Cabanas Beach– Beautiful beachfront setting
– Relaxed vibe
– Popular for sunset watching
– Limited accommodation options
– More secluded, fewer amenities
Marimegmeg Beach (also known as Maremegmeg)– Stunning beachfront
– Laid-back atmosphere
– Ideal for water sports
– Limited shopping and dining options
– Slightly remote location
Lio Beach– Sustainable development
– Luxury resorts and amenities
– Eco-friendly initiatives
– Higher cost of living
– Less local character and charm

Top Neighborhoods and Places to Live for Expats

Best Neighborhoods/Areas to Live in El Nido, PhilippinesDescriptionMonthly Rent Range (USD)Monthly Rent Range (PHP)
Corong-CorongNestled along a scenic coastline, Corong-Corong offers tranquil surroundings with breathtaking sunset views. It’s a popular choice for those seeking a serene residential setting close to nature.$300 – $700PHP 16,500 – PHP 38,500
El Nido Town ProperThe bustling heart of El Nido, Town Proper, offers convenient access to amenities, services, and entertainment options. It’s ideal for those who prefer a lively urban environment with easy access to tour operators and restaurants.$400 – $1,000PHP 22,000 – PHP 55,000
Las Cabanas BeachKnown for its stunning beachfront location, Las Cabanas Beach provides a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. It’s perfect for individuals or families looking for a peaceful residential area with picturesque views and water sports activities.$500 – $900PHP 27,500 – PHP 49,500
Marimegmeg Beach (Maremegmeg)Maremegmeg offers a secluded beachfront setting with a more remote and tranquil ambiance. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a quieter residential area away from the hustle and bustle of the town center.$400 – $800PHP 22,000 – PHP 44,000
Lio BeachLio Beach stands out for its sustainable development, eco-friendly initiatives, and luxury resort amenities. It’s ideal for those looking for a premium residential experience with modern conveniences and environmental consciousness.$800 – $1,500PHP 44,000 – PHP 82,500

Health Insurance While Living in El Nido Philippines

Having comprehensive travel insurance is highly recommended when visiting El Nido Philippines to protect against any unexpected incidents. SafetyWing is an excellent option tailored to global travelers and digital nomads.

Why Choose SafetyWing?

SafetyWing makes travel insurance easy and affordable at just $45 – $250/month. Here are some key reasons to consider it:

  • Global coverage including exotic destinations
  • Flexible policies fit nomadic lifestyles
  • Easy sign-up and claims from phone/computer
  • Covers medical, evacuations, disruptions, baggage, etc.
  • 24/7 customer support anywhere
  • Customizable coverage amounts and add-ons

Other Travel Insurance Options

While SafetyWing is a top choice, companies like WorldNomads, Cigna Global, and IMG also offer comprehensive travel insurance for El Nido Philippines. Typical policies range from $45 – $500 for 2 weeks to a month of coverage. Compare coverage and premium costs.

Some key considerations for finding a good insurance policy:

  • Emergency medical and evacuation
  • Trip cancellation/interruption
  • Lost/delayed baggage
  • Adventure sports coverage
  • Altitude sickness coverage
  • 24/7 emergency assistance

Philippines Insurance Cost Estimates

Insurance PlanTrip DurationEstimated Cost
SafetyWing1 month$45 – $250
WorldNomads2 weeks$100-$200
Cigna Global1 month$150-$300
IMG2 weeks$150-$250

Living in El Nido for Expats

Overview: Living in El Nido offers expats a blend of tropical beauty, cultural richness, and community spirit, with opportunities for adventure, sustainable living, and connecting with the warm-hearted local culture.

Cost of Living

Expats can expect a monthly budget between $700 – $2,100 USD (β‚±38,500 – β‚±115,500 PHP) depending on their lifestyle and preferences.

Basic utilities cost around $50 – $100 USD (β‚±2,750 – β‚±5,500 PHP) per month.

Groceries are around $200 – $400 USD (β‚±11,000 – β‚±22,000 PHP) for one or two people or β‚±8,500 – β‚±16,500 PHP.

Eating out costs $5 – $10 USD (β‚±275 – β‚±550 PHP) per meal at local restaurants or β‚±275 – β‚±550 PHP.


Rent for nice 1-2 bedroom apartments averages $300 – $700 USD (β‚±16,500 – β‚±38,500 PHP) per month.

Upscale 3-4 bedroom serviced apartments or houses cost $800 – $2,000 USD (β‚±44,000 – β‚±110,000 PHP) per month.

Short-term accommodations are $30 – $70 USD (β‚±1,650 – β‚±3,850 PHP) per night or β‚±1,650 – β‚±3,850 PHP.

Healthcare and Hospitals in El Nido

Private healthcare and insurance run $45 – $150 USD (β‚±2,475 – β‚±8,250 PHP) per month, depending on coverage and services.

Consider travel insurance like Safetywing or World Nomads with plans starting at just $45 USD (β‚±2,475 PHP) per month.

Lifestyle, Culture, and Recreation in El Nido

El Nido is renowned for its stunning beaches, lagoons, and island-hopping adventures.

Beach Activities: Snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and island-hopping tours to hidden lagoons and pristine beaches.

Nightlife: Enjoy laid-back beach bars, live music, and sunset cruises with picturesque views.

Local Culture: Embrace the warm hospitality of the Filipino people, explore local markets, and participate in traditional festivals and celebrations.

Recreational Activities: Experience hiking to breathtaking viewpoints, exploring waterfalls, and engaging in eco-friendly tours focused on marine conservation and sustainable tourism.

Groceries for Family of 4

Around $400 – $800 USD (β‚±22,000 – β‚±44,000 PHP) for basics plus some imported items.

Dining Out

The average meal cost is $5 – $15 USD (β‚±275 – β‚±825 PHP) per person or β‚±275 – β‚±825 PHP at inexpensive restaurants. Dining out can get expensive due to the influx of tourists.

Can dine out affordably 4-5 times per month.

Transportation in El Nido

Public Transit

  • Jeepney: Fare is around $0.15 – $0.18 USD (β‚±8 – β‚±10 PHP) per person.
  • Tricycle: Short trips around town typically cost $0.35 – $0.90 USD (β‚±20 – β‚±50 PHP) for 2-4 people.
  • Gas costs around $1.10 – $1.40 USD per liter or β‚±60 – β‚±77 PHP.

Owning a Vehicle

A basic small car can cost $8,000 – $15,000 USD (β‚±440,000 – β‚±825,000 PHP) depending on the make, model, and condition.

Pros and Cons of Living in El Nido


  • Breathtaking natural beauty with nice beaches and stunning landscapes.
  • Diverse expat community offering a blend of cultures and perspectives.
  • Opportunities for outdoor activities such as snorkeling, diving, hiking, and island hopping.
  • Warm and welcoming local community with rich cultural heritage and traditions.
  • Growing eco-tourism initiatives promoting sustainable living and environmental conservation.


  • Higher cost of living compared to other areas in the Philippines due to tourism.
  • Limited healthcare facilities and services, with more specialized care requiring travel to larger cities.
  • Seasonal influx of tourists leads to crowded beaches and higher prices for accommodations and dining.
  • Limited public transportation options, with most areas accessible by tricycle or private vehicle.
  • Challenges related to infrastructure development, waste management, and environmental sustainability amid increasing tourism.

Best neighborhoods to live in El Nido Palawan for Families, Singles, Retirees

Tailored recommendations for different lifestyles, catering to families, singles, and retirees.

Best neighborhoods to live in El Nido Palawan by GroupBest Places in El Nido Philippines
FamiliesCorong-Corong offers a peaceful environment with family-friendly accommodations, easy access to amenities, and a tranquil beachfront perfect for children.
SinglesEl Nido Town Proper is bustling with activity, offering a vibrant nightlife, diverse dining options, and opportunities to meet other expats and travelers.
RetireesMarimegmeg Beach (also known as Maremegmeg) provides a peaceful and laid-back atmosphere, ideal for retirees seeking relaxation, breathtaking sunsets, and a slower pace of life.

Additional Tips:

  • Singles: Engage in local events and social gatherings to meet like-minded individuals. Explore nearby islands and participate in group activities such as island hopping tours or water sports. Be mindful of cultural norms while enjoying the vibrant nightlife.
  • Retirees: Embrace the community spirit by joining local clubs or organizations. Take advantage of leisurely activities such as beach walks, sunset cruises, and exploring nature trails.
  • Consider enrolling in wellness programs or yoga classes offered by resorts to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Connect with other retirees and expats to share experiences and build friendships.
  • Families: Choose accommodations with family-friendly amenities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, and kid-friendly dining options. Explore nearby attractions suitable for all ages, such as nature reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, and cultural heritage sites.
  • Engage in outdoor activities together, such as snorkeling, kayaking, and beach picnics, to create lasting memories. Ensure safety measures are in place, especially when participating in water-related activities and monitor children closely at all times.

Tips on Moving Banking and Finding Housing in El Nido Philippines

Here is more information and tips on finding accommodations, navigating the housing market, and making the most of your budget.

Living in El Nido TipsTips for ExpatsResources
Finding HousingResearch various neighborhoods based on your preferences, budget, and proximity to amenities. Consider using reputable online platforms to find suitable accommodations.Lamudi El Nido Listings
Shipping BelongingsEnsure you understand customs regulations and import duties when shipping belongings. Choose reliable shipping companies with experience in international relocations and consider insurance options for valuable items.International Moving
Schumacher Cargo
Banking and Money TransfersOpen a local bank account for daily transactions and explore international money transfer services for convenience and cost-effectiveness. Utilize online platforms like Wise for transparent and low-cost transfers.Wise
VisasUnderstand visa requirements based on your nationality and intended length of stay. Consult with immigration authorities or seek guidance from reputable visa consultancy services to ensure compliance with local regulations.Philippine Immigration

Here is a list of local apartment rental websites, Government resources for Visas, Facebook Groups, Tourism Boards, and more to help you with your potential move here.

Expat Facebook Groups:

Philippines Tourism Board:

Philippines Data Sites:

Ministry of Culture and the Arts:

Embassy of Siargao Philippines:

Government of Philippines:

Philippines Local Rental Websites:

  • Lamudi El Nido Listings
  • Airbnb
  • Hostelworld
  • For exchanging money use Wise Which is the best option if you are a digital nomad and Expat. a cheaper option to send and receive money internationally rather than exchanging money through other platforms like Paypal, Payoneer costs a lot of money for exchange fees and rates
    • Booking Flights: To Find insane flight deals, search on Google Flights, and Skyscanner and choose the monthly option to find the best day to fly.

Conclusion on the Best Neighborhoods and Places to Live In El Nido Philippines

El Nido, with its breathtaking natural beauty and vibrant community, offers a diverse range of neighborhoods and areas to suit various preferences and lifestyles.

Whether you’re a family seeking peace in Corong-Corong, a single traveler looking to immerse yourself in the busy atmosphere of El Nido Town Proper, or a retiree longing for the quiet ambiance of Marimegmeg Beach, there’s something for everyone in this tropical paradise.

Embrace the adventure, discover your ideal neighborhood, and create lasting memories in El Nido, where paradise awaits at every turn.

Try networking with other expats and join Facebook Groups of Expats living in the Philippines and get advice from locals to find hidden gems or up-and-coming areas.

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