TRAVEL Adapters For Saudi Arabia 2024 (Adapter Guide)

Travel Adapters and Power Grids in Saudi Arabia Introduction

Travel Adapters For Saudi Arabia

Welcome Friends! To the ultimate guide on the Travel Adapters for Saudi Arabia!

When traveling to Saudi Arabia, familiarize yourself with the diverse power sockets and voltages used in the country. Understanding the common plug types like A, B, C, and G will help you select the right adapters for your devices. and we will provide videos for each section to help you Understand what you need!

Ensuring you have proper adapters is essential for keeping your electronics powered up and safe during your trip.

Traveling internationally often means dealing with different electrical outlets, voltages, and plug types that may not work with your electronic devices. This comprehensive guide provides travelers with everything they need to know about using power adapters and voltage converters for their electronics in Saudi Arabia.

To determine which power adapters are needed, travelers should understand the key characteristics of Saudi Arabia’s power grid:

  • Standard Voltage: Saudi Arabia operates on 220-240 volts with a frequency of 60 Hz.
  • Dual Voltage: The country has a dual voltage system of 110 volts in some residential areas and 220 volts in most commercial establishments and hotels.
  • Plug Types: The plug types used are Type A, B, C, and G. Type G plugs with three rectangular prongs are the most common.
  • Transformers: Small dual voltage electronics like phones and laptops will only require a plug adapter. Larger appliances like hair dryers will need a voltage converter transformer to function properly.
Standard VoltageFrequencyPlug Types
220-240V60 HzType A, B, C, G

Having this background will help you determine if your electronics are compatible or will require adapters/converters.

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Adapters Needed for Type A & B Plugs For United States and Canada for Saudi Arabia

Travelers from the United States and Canada will be bringing devices with Type A and B plugs which have two flat parallel blades and sometimes a round grounding pin.

Type A plugs have two flat parallel pins while Type B includes an additional round grounding pin. These plugs will not fit directly into Saudi Arabia’s Type C, D, or G outlets so adapter plugs are required.

U.S. and Canada Plug TypeSaudi Socket TypeAdapter Needed
Type AType A, B, C, GType A adapter
Type BType A, B, C, GGrounded Type B adapter

Type A Socket Adapters

Type A sockets with two flat parallel pins are less commonly found in Saudi Arabia than the Type B, C, and G outlets. Adapters are needed to accommodate standard US Type A plugs.

Travelers should purchase Type A socket adapters or universal adapters that are compatible with Type A configurations. This will allow American devices to plug into the Type A outlets available in some areas.

Type B Socket Grounding Functionality

Type B Saudi sockets provide a grounding pin in addition to the two flat prongs. Grounding is essential for certain appliances and electronics that require a safe path for excess current to be discharged into the ground.

When using Type A to Type B socket adapters, it is crucial to ensure they properly support grounding to guarantee safe functioning of electronics. Adapters without grounding may pose risks of electric shocks or damage to devices.

Safety certified, high quality adapters must be purchased when converting Type A plugs to grounded Type B Saudi outlets. Using cheap, non-grounded adapters can be hazardous.

Voltage Converters for Type A & B Devices

The voltage difference is another factor to consider for US and Canadian travelers. Since Saudi Arabia operates on 220-240V and North America is 120V, voltage converters may be required for certain electronics.

Dual voltage electronics can adapt to 110V-240V so only an adapter is needed. However, some appliances are single voltage like hair dryers, straighteners, electric razors. These will require a step-up voltage converter to safely transform 120V to 240V.

Voltage converters with Type A and B plugs should be purchased to use 100-127V electronics in Saudi Arabia’s 220-240V sockets. Converters add bulk but prevent damage to appliances.

Recommended Type A & B Adapters and Converters

To recap, the recommended adapter solutions for North American travelers include:

  • Universal 2 or 3 point adapters for Type A and B sockets
  • Grounded adapters for converting to Type B Saudi sockets
  • Step-up voltage converters for devices that only operate at 120V

This equipment will enable full functionality of US and Canadian electronics needing different voltages, grounding, and plug shapes.

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Adapters Needed for UK Type G Plugs

Travelers from the United Kingdom will be bringing electronics and appliances fitted with Type G plugs. These have three large rectangular blades in a triangular shape.

The good news is Type G plugs are compatible with Saudi Arabia’s similarly shaped Type G sockets. However, there are still some considerations.

UK Plug TypeSaudi Socket TypeItems Needed
Type GType GPlug adapter if needed
Type GType A, B, CUniversal adapter

Prevalent Type G Sockets

Since Type G is the most widely used plug type in Saudi Arabia, UK travelers can relax knowing their devices will likely slot right in without issues.

However, it is still wise to pack a spare Type G adapter in case you encounter a different socket in some areas. Adapters let you plug UK electronics into Saudi’s Type A, B, or C outlets too.

Voltage Converters for 230-240V Devices

While the Type G plugs match Saudi outlets, UK devices are designed for 230-240 volts. So electronics like hair dryers and straighteners with specific voltage requirements may need step-down voltage converters.

Converters transform the 220-240V in Saudi Arabia down to the 230V that certain UK electronics need to operate safely. This prevents potential damage from excessive voltage.

Recommendations for UK Travelers

To summarize, UK travelers should bring:

  • Type G plug adapter in case required
  • Step-down voltage converter for electronics that need 230-240V
  • Universal adapter for flexibility if Type A, B or C sockets are encountered

With these devices, UK travelers can use their electronics worry-free around Saudi Arabia.

Adapters for European Type C Plugs

Many countries in Europe primarily use Type C plugs which have two round pins and are ungrounded. Examples are Italy, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

These Type C European plugs will generally fit directly into Saudi Arabia’s widespread Type C sockets without issues. However, there are still some considerations for Europeans.

EU Plug TypeSaudi Socket TypeCompatibility Notes
Type CType CDirectly compatible
Type CType A, B, GAdapter required

Widespread Compatibility

Type C is one of the main plugs used in Saudi outlets, so Europeans have an advantage. But it’s still smart to pack adapters to convert European plugs to Saudi’s Type A, B or G sockets in case those are encountered.

Adapters allow broader compatibility for European electronics throughout Saudi Arabia.

Voltage Differences

While the plug shape may match, Europeans should check if their device is rated for Saudi Arabia’s 220-240 volt electricity. Some EU electronics are designed for the 230V standard.

A step-down voltage converter would be required for using 220V appliances to prevent issues. But most modern gadgets like laptop chargers are dual voltage anyway.

Recommendations for Europeans

To summarize, European travelers should:

  • Verify device voltage compatibility
  • Bring plug adapters for alternate socket types
  • Pack step-down voltage converters if needed

This will maximize electrical compatibility around Saudi Arabia.

Choosing the Right Power Adapter

With so many travel adapter options on the market, choosing the right one can be confusing. Here are some tips for selecting suitable Saudi power adapters:

Universal designCompatible with many plug types
Safety certificationPrevent malfunctions and fire risks
Sufficient watt ratingAllow high watt devices to be used
Grounding supportEnsure safe functioning for grounded electronics
Explicit country compatibilityGuaranteed to work in Saudi outlets

Look for Universal Designs

Opt for adapters with universal compatibility for multiple countries. Saudi universal adapters should support Types A, B, C, D, G, and M to maximize their usefulness.

Check Safety Certifications

Buy adapters from reputable brands that are safety tested and certified. Avoid cheap knock-offs with no Grounding or surge protection.

Verify Electrical Ratings

Ensure the adapter has sufficient amps/watts to support your high watt devices like hairdryers.

Confirm Grounding Compatibility

If your electronics require grounding, make sure the adapter supports grounding.

Double Check Country Compatibility

Read reviews and product details carefully to confirm Saudi compatibility.

Consider Built-In USB Ports

Look for adapters with dual USB charging ports for convenient device charging.

Recommended Saudi Adapters and Converters

To make shopping easier, here are some recommended adapters and voltage converters for Saudi travel:

Universal Travel Adapter Kits

All-in-one universal travel adapter kits like those from Pac2Go and Ceptics have interchangeable plugs for worldwide use. They include Saudi compatible Type A, B, C, D, G and M plugs with dual USB charging.

International Power Strips

Surge protecting power strips from Belkin, Philips and Tripp Lite have universal outlets, allowing devices from all over the world to plug in. Great for charging multiple gadgets.

Voltage Converters

Quality voltage converters from Ceptics and Cuisinart step 120V up to 220-240V or 230V down to 220V for device compatibility.

Plug Adapter/Converter Combos

2-in-1 plug adapter+voltage converters from Epicka allow direct plug-in to Saudi sockets while transforming voltages.

Where To Buy Saudi Travel Adapters

Travel adapters and voltage converters for Saudi Arabia can be purchased from:


Duty free shops at major international airports frequently sell adapters, but selections are limited. Prices may also be inflated.


Mid-range and top hotels often provide loaner adapters at the front desk or sell adapters. However, don’t rely solely on hotels having suitable converters.

Electronics Stores

Stores like Best Buy often sell international adapters and converters in their travel sections both in-store and online. Selections vary by location.


Some large pharmacies and drugstores have a travel accessories section that includes international power adapters. But call ahead to check availability.

Specialty Travel Stores

Stores like Magellan’s or TravelSmith carry a wide range of travel adapters and converters options suitable for Saudi Arabia.

Online Retailers

Websites like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes sell many Saudi-compatible power products. Order online and get adapters delivered to your door.

Local Malls/Markets

Check department stores or electronics/gadget markets in your area for last minute adapters before departure.

Wherever you buy, compare prices and features. Stick with reputable, safety certified brands for device protection.

Budgeting for Saudi Power Adapters

Here are some tips for budgeting when buying power adapters for your Saudi Arabia trip:

  • Basic plug adapters start around $5-10 USD while all-in-one universal adapter kits cost $15-30 USD.
  • Voltage converters start around $20 USD for low wattage units but high capacity converters run $50-100+ USD.
  • Research whether you can get by with just an adapter vs paying extra for a heavy converter.
  • Order online for cheaper prices than airport shops. But don’t sacrifice safety.
  • Look for adapter/converter bundles that offer discounts compared to individual units.
  • Consider sharing larger converters between travel companions rather than each person buying one.

Allow about $30-60 USD total per person for suitable Saudi power adapters and converters. Price will vary based on your device needs.

Using Electronics Safely in Saudi Arabia

To avoid electrical mishaps when using your electronics internationally, follow these safety tips:

  • Always check device voltage and wattage compatibility for the country.
  • Only use reputable, compatible adapters and converters for your electronics.
  • Never overfill converters or powerstrips beyond their rated capacity.
  • Regularly inspect adapters and cords for damage before use. Replace if needed.
  • Unplug devices when not in use to avoid overheating converters and minimize fire risks.
  • Take care to not overload outlets with too many devices.
  • Never leave converters plugged in unattended. Store safely when not in use.
  • Keep converters and adapters protected from moisture when not using them.

Following basic electrical safety goes a long way towards preventing fires, malfunctions, and electrocution risks when traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions on bringing voltage converters/transformers to Saudi Arabia for personal use?

There are no specific restrictions on bringing personal-use voltage converters and transformers to Saudi Arabia for powering your own electronic devices. However, always check latest customs regulations.

Do Saudi hotels provide adapters for guests?

Many hotels in big cities provide universal power adapters for foreign guests upon request. However, it’s not guaranteed so bringing your own adapters is recommended. Converters may not be available.

What safety precautions should be taken when using adapters in Saudi outlets?

Use only reputable, compatible adapters. Avoid cheap knockoffs. Ensure proper grounding when required. Confirm your device’s voltage/wattage rating matches the adapter’s output. Unplug adapters when not in use.

Can replacement adapters be found if original ones are lost/damaged in Saudi Arabia?

Replacement adapters can be found in electronic shops, malls, and some supermarkets in bigger Saudi cities. Bringing spares is wise just in case.

Are there etiquette rules for using devices/adapters in public places in Saudi?

Be considerate of noise from devices in public areas. Also be careful not to block foot traffic with converter cords.

Conclusion on travel Adapters For Saudi Arabia

In summary, Saudia Arabia uses Type G plugs and 220-240 volt electricity. Travelers should carry universal adapters and voltage converters where required for their particular devices. Buying quality, compatible adapters from reputable brands prevents device issues. Do your homework before the trip for a stress-free electronics experience.

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