COST Of A Trip To Buenos Aires Argentina 2024 (Our Experience)

Cost of a Trip to Buenos Aires Argentina

Buenos Aires, the Incredible capital of Argentina, The cost of a trip to Buenos Aires Argentina is extremely affordable for Foreigners.

To give you context We Personally only spent $750 – $1,000 Per month while living in Buenos Aires Argentina and this covered all of our expenses amazing right?

As the country’s largest city, Buenos Aires offers endless things to see and do. When planning a trip here, it’s important to understand the costs so you can effectively budget! so lets dive straight into it!

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Average Cost of a Trip to Buenos Aires Argentina Breakdown:

When planning your trip to Buenos Aires Argentina, it’s essential to understand the potential costs involved. Here’s a breakdown of the average costs for various aspects of your journey:

  • Flights: Roundtrip flights to Buenos Aires from North America or Europe typically range from $900 to $1,650 USD, depending on your departure location and timing. Flying during the shoulder season can yield cheaper airfare.
  • Accommodation: Budget hostel dorm beds or basic hotels in Buenos Aires average about $10-60 USD per night. Mid-range hotels with more amenities run $90-170 USD per night. Luxury hotels can cost over $220+ USD per night. Opting for a short-term rental on Airbnb for a month costs around $300-1,700 USD.
  • Food: Dining out at restaurants and cafes in Buenos Aires costs around $20-35 USD per day on a budget, $45-70 USD mid-range, and $80+ USD for higher-end dining. Self-catering by shopping at markets can reduce food costs to $170-340 USD per month.
  • Transportation: Public transportation like the subway, trains, and buses are very affordable, costing just a few dollars per ride. Taxis for short trips average $6-25 USD. Renting a car costs around $45-115 USD per day or $340-920 USD per month.
  • Activities: Free parks, walking tours, and cultural events are abundant in Buenos Aires. Organized tours range from $15-350+ USD depending on length and inclusions. Museums, shows, and other paid attractions are $5-40 USD per person.
  • Monthly Cost: For long-term stays, expect to spend around $750-2,300 USD per month as a budget traveler in Buenos Aires or $1,200-3,500 USD per month for mid-range comfort. This covers accommodation, food, transportation, and entertainment.
  • Average Total Trip Cost: 
    • For a one-week trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, budget travelers can anticipate expenses ranging from $385 to $770 USD, mid-range travelers should budget between $1,155 and $1,925 USD, and luxury travelers can expect costs starting from $2,695 USD. These estimates have been adjusted to account for a 10% increase in prices. For a two-week stay, simply double these amounts.
    • If you’re considering a monthly Trip in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the expected cost is approximately $660 – $2,200 per month. This budget is designed to cover all living expenses, including renting an apartment on a monthly basis, purchasing groceries weekly from the local supermarket, utilizing public transport, and renting a scooter for personal transportation.
    • On a daily basis, budget travelers can comfortably manage with around $33 to $55 USD, mid-range travelers should plan for approximately $38 to $64 USD, while luxury travelers should budget $110 USD or more per day.

For more information specific to the cost of living for living in Buenos Aires for longer. You can checkout the guide we did for the cost of living in Buenos Aires base on our personal experience.

The cost of a trip largely depends on factors like travel style, activities, sights, transport and length of stay. By choosing more budget accommodation, traveling outside peak seasons, using public transport, and limiting expensive tours/dining, costs can be reduced.

In this guide we will dive deeper than anything on the internet on this topic. We will also provide useful videos and guides for everything you need for your trip here.

We personally travel full time as Digital Nomads for the last 7 years, so everything we know we will break it down for you so that you can have the most amazing trip here and also save a lot of money in the process.

Factors Influencing Trip Costs:

When budgeting for your Buenos Aires Argentina adventure, consider these factors that can impact your overall costs:

  • When planning your adventure in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it’s essential to consider various factors that can impact your overall trip costs. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you budget wisely and make the most of your experience:
  • Season:
    • Peak Season (December-February): Expect higher costs due to increased demand. Consider traveling during the shoulder or low season for more budget-friendly options.
  • Region:
    • Regional Variances: Explore diverse regions like Patagonia, the Pampas, Northwest, or Mendoza. Note that certain areas, such as Patagonia, might be pricier. Spending more time in affordable regions can positively affect your budget.
  • Accommodations:
    • Budget-Friendly Options: Choose hostels or budget hotels for significant savings on accommodation. Alternatively, luxury hotels and resorts contribute to higher overall costs.
  • Transportation:
    • Economical Choices: Opt for public transportation to cut down on expenses. Rental cars, taxis, and guided tours can increase your overall budget.
  • Activities:
    • Cost-Effective Choices: Prioritize free or low-cost activities to save money. Balancing these with occasional luxurious experiences can create a well-rounded itinerary without breaking the bank.
  • Itinerary Length:
    • Extended Stays: Longer trips provide more opportunities to find deals on accommodations, food, and transport. Consider an extended stay to maximize savings.
  • Trip Type:
    • Group Travel: Sharing costs with a group or partner can make your trip more economical. Solo travel may be pricier. Compare costs between independent travel and guided tours to find the best fit for your budget.
  • Destinations:
    • Urban vs. Rural: Spending time in larger cities like Buenos Aires may incur higher costs compared to rural areas. Plan your itinerary accordingly to balance your budget.
  • Spending Habits:
    • Frugality vs. Luxury: Being mindful of non-essential expenses allows for more budget flexibility. If you have luxury preferences, be prepared for increased costs. Consider a balanced approach to ensure a memorable yet cost-effective journey.

Now lets go Deeper into all of the Costs that you will face while traveling around Buenos Aires Argentina.

Transportation Costs in Buenos Aires Argentina During your Trip

transport to Buenos Aires Argentina during your trip
Transportation Type for your tripDaily Cost (USD)Monthly Cost (USD)Daily Cost (ARS)Monthly Cost (ARS)
Local Buses$0.40 – $0.60$15 – $2580 – 1203,000 – 5,000
Buses (Colectivos)$0.40 – $0.60$15 – $2580 – 1203,000 – 5,000
Trains (Trenes)$0.50 – $1.00$25 – $50100 – 2005,000 – 10,000
Taxis$2 – $5$20 – $100400 – 1,0004,000 – 20,000
Ride-Sharing (e.g., Uber)$2 – $25$30 – $150400 – 5,0006,000 – 30,000
Cycling$0.50 – $1.50$5 – $20100 – 3001,000 – 4,000
Car Rentals$25 – $150 (daily)$200 – $800 (daily)5,000 – 30,00040,000 – 160,000
Scooters and Motorbikes$15 – $35 (per day)$80 – $200 (per ride)4,000 – 7,00016,000 – 40,000
Subway (Subte)$0.50 – $0.75$20 – $3010 – 151,000 – 1,500
Domestic Flights$27.50 – $115.501,375 – 5,775
Mototaxis$1.10 (per ride)55
Inter-City Buses$3.85 – $19.25192.50 – 962.50
Private Transfers$19.25 – $77962.50 – 3,850
Private Drivers$50 (and above)2,500 (and above)
Domestic Business Class Flights$150 (and above)7,500 (and above)
Helicopter Transfers$150 (and above)7,500 (and above)

Getting around Buenos Aires offers convenient and affordable options like the subway, buses, trains, taxis, and rideshares. Understanding the expenses for different modes of transport helps when budgeting your trip. This guide outlines transportation costs in Buenos Aires.

Public Transportation in Buenos Aires

  • Subte (Subway): Fares range from $0.50 – $0.75 USD (25-38 ARS) per ride. Monthly passes cost around $20 – $30 USD (1,000-1,500 ARS).
  • Buses: Bus fares start at $0.40 – $0.60 USD (20-30 ARS) per ride. Monthly passes are approximately $15 – $25 USD (750-1,250 ARS).
  • Trains: Trips on commuter trains begin at $0.50 – $1 USD (25-50 ARS). Expect monthly passes to run $25 – $50 USD (1,250-2,500 ARS).
  • Ecobici Bikes: Bike rental pricing is $0.50 – $1.50 USD (25-75 ARS) per 30-45 minutes. No monthly plans are available.

Public transportation offers an affordable way to explore Buenos Aires. Passes provide savings for frequent use.

Taxis and Rideshares

  • Taxis: Metered taxi rides start at around $2 – $5 USD (100-250 ARS). With moderate use, budget $20 – $100 USD (1,000-5,000 ARS) per month.
  • Uber/Rideshares: Fares begin at $2 – $25 USD (100-1,250 ARS) per trip in Buenos Aires. Estimate $30 – $150 USD (1,500-7,500 ARS) monthly for regular rideshare use.

Taxis and rideshares provide convenience for shorter trips where needed. Agree on fares before entering unofficial taxis.

Long Distance Transportation

  • Domestic Flights: Average one-way fares are $28 – $116 USD (1,400-5,800 ARS) between major cities.
  • Buses: Trips between cities by bus range from $1 – $20 USD (50-1,000 ARS) each way. First-class buses cost more.
  • Trains: Long distance trains connect cities at fares of $1 – $2 USD (50-100 ARS) per one-way trip in second class.

For travel between cities, compare flight and bus fares to find the best value.

Car Rentals and Tours

  • Car Rental: Average daily rental rates are $25 – $150 USD (1,250-7,500 ARS), depending on vehicle size. Monthly rentals range from $200 – $800 USD (10,000-40,000 ARS).
  • Private Transfers: One-way transfers by private car start around $20 – $80 USD (1,000-4,000 ARS).
  • Group Tours: Multi-day guided tours generally range from $100 – $200 USD (5,000-10,000 ARS) per person.

Renting a car or booking tours provides flexibility to visit multiple destinations.

Budget Saving Tips

  • Purchase multi-day transit passes
  • Walk or cycle for shorter trips
  • Use buses for long distances instead of flights
  • Share rides, taxis, and tours with others
  • Book transportation in advance when possible

Comparing all options can help you find the best way to get around Buenos Aires on a budget.

Cost of Travel Medical Insurance in Buenos Aires Argentina

Having comprehensive travel insurance is highly recommended when visiting Buenos Aires Argentina to protect against any unexpected incidents. SafetyWing is an excellent option tailored to global travelers and digital nomads.

Why Choose SafetyWing?

SafetyWing makes travel insurance easy and affordable at just $45-250/month. Here are some key reasons to consider it:

  • Global coverage including exotic destinations
  • Flexible policies fit nomadic lifestyles
  • Easy sign-up and claims from phone/computer
  • Covers medical, evacuations, disruptions, baggage, etc.
  • 24/7 customer support anywhere
  • Customizable coverage amounts and add-ons

Other Buenos Aires Argentina Travel Insurance Options

While SafetyWing is a top choice, companies like WorldNomads, Cigna Global, and IMG also offer comprehensive travel insurance for Buenos Aires Argentina. Typical policies range from $45-500 for 2 weeks to a month of coverage. Compare coverage and premium costs.

Some key considerations for a Buenos Aires Argentina policy:

  • Emergency medical and evacuation
  • Trip cancellation/interruption
  • Lost/delayed baggage
  • Adventure sports coverage
  • Altitude sickness coverage
  • 24/7 emergency assistance

Buenos Aires Argentina Insurance Cost Estimates

Insurance PlanTrip DurationEstimated Cost
SafetyWing1 month$45 – $250
WorldNomads2 weeks$100-$200
Cigna Global1 month$150-$300
IMG2 weeks$150-$250

Cost Of Housing and Accommodation in Buenos Aires Argentina For Your Trip

Cost Of Housing and Accommodation in Buenos Aires Argentina

Here is a comprehensive table summarizing the cost of housing and accommodation options in Buenos Aires Argentina:

Accommodation Type in Buenos aires for your tripAverage Cost Per Night (USD)Average Cost Per Night (ARS)Average Monthly Cost (USD)Average Monthly Cost (ARS)
Hostel – 6 Bed Dorm$9.24 – $13.861848 – 2772 ARS
Hostel – 4 Bed Dorm$9.24 – $21315 ARS
Hostel – Private Room$10.71 – $32.342142 – 6472 ARS
Budget Hotel$12.71 – $45.042541 – 9009 ARS
Mid-Range Hotel$50.82 – $88.9410145 – 17787 ARS
Luxury Hotel$101.64 – $254.10+20358 – 50820+ ARS
Budget Apartment$381.15 – $762.3076276 – 152448 ARS
Mid-Range Apartment$762.30 – $1518.60152448 – 304896 ARS
Luxury Apartment$1518.60 – $3054.20+304896 – 609792+ ARS
Studio (City)$387.34 – $619.7177926 – 124740 ARS
Studio (Suburbs)$233.05 – $387.3446611 – 77926 ARS
1 Bedroom (City)$464.21 – $777.4292822 – 155976 ARS
1 Bedroom (Suburbs)$309.86 – $540.5461845 – 108050 ARS
2 Bedroom (City)$619.71 – $1161.93123740 – 184136 ARS
2 Bedroom (Suburbs)$387.34 – $777.4277311 – 155976 ARS
3 Bedroom (City)$777.42 – $1236.77155976 – 251364 ARS
3 Bedroom (Suburbs)$540.54 – $1161.93107940 – 184136 ARS
Luxury Apartment$1161.93+232270+ ARS

Finding the right place to stay is an important part of planning any trip to Buenos Aires. The city offers a wide range of accommodation options to fit different budgets and styles. Here is a breakdown of lodging costs for different types of travelers:


Hostels provide a budget-friendly option for solo travelers or groups. Typical nightly rates are:

  • 6-8 bed dorm room: $9 – $14 USD (450 – 700 ARS)
  • 4 bed dorm room: $9 – $20 USD (450 – 1000 ARS)
  • Private room: $10 – $31 USD (500 – 1550 ARS)

Hostels offer a social vibe and affordable accommodation.


Hotels range from basic to luxurious in Buenos Aires:

  • Budget hotel: $12 – $43 USD (600 – 2150 ARS) per night
  • Mid-range hotel: $48 – $85 USD (2400 – 4250 ARS) per night
  • Luxury hotel: $97 – $242+ USD (4850 – 12,100+ ARS) per night

Location and amenities impact hotel pricing.

Short Term Rentals

Furnished apartments on sites like Airbnb cost:

  • Budget apartment: $38 – $76 USD (1900 – 3800 ARS) per night
  • Mid-range apartment: $76 – $152 USD (3800 – 7600 ARS) per night
  • Luxury apartment: $152 – $305+ USD (7600 – 15,250+ ARS) per night

Great for longer stays with full kitchens.

Long Term Rentals

Renting a furnished apartment monthly averages:

  • Studio: $387 – $620 USD (19,350 – 31,000 ARS)
  • 1 bedroom: $464 – $777 USD (23,200 – 38,850 ARS)
  • 2 bedroom: $620 – $1,162 USD (31,000 – 58,100 ARS)
  • 3 bedroom: $777 – $1,237 USD (38,850 – 61,850 ARS)

Cheaper on the outskirts than downtown.

Popular Local Rental Sites

  1. Airbnb
  2. Vrbo
  4. ZonaProp
  5. Properati
  6. ArgenProp
  7. MercadoLibre Inmuebles
  8. Encuentra24

Tips for Finding Affordable Accommodation in Buenos Aires Argentina

  1. Use local rental sites like Zonaprop, Properati, and MercadoLibre to find listings not on major travel sites. Compare prices across multiple platforms.
  2. Consider staying just outside the city center in neighborhoods like San Telmo, Almagro or Caballito for lower rental rates. Public transportation makes commuting easy.
  3. Travel during the off-peak season between May and August to take advantage of lower seasonal rental prices when demand is lower.
  4. Check Facebook groups like “Expats in Buenos Aires” and “Buenos Aires Digital Nomads” to connect with locals and find affordable rental leads.
  5. Consider a shared room or apartment to significantly reduce your rental costs. Hostels and Airbnbs offer dorms and shared units.
  6. Negotiate discounts directly with landlords, especially if you are staying long-term. Many will lower prices for extended stays.
  7. Verify rental listings in person and be cautious of scams asking for deposits before seeing a unit. Deal only with reputable agencies.
  8. Search local classifieds sites like Encuentra24 for rental deals not advertised elsewhere.
  9. Budget wisely and understand total costs like utilities and fees which may not be included. Ask for clarity.
  10. Explore short-term rentals, hostels, and guesthouses for more budget flexibility compared to traditional leases.
  11. Learn basic Spanish phrases so you can better negotiate with local landlords who may not speak English.

Cost of food in Buenos Aires Argentina During Your Trip

Experiencing the vibrant food culture is a highlight of any trip to Buenos Aires. From world-class steakhouses to local markets, you’ll find quality ingredients and dining options to suit every budget. Here is an overview of food costs to help plan your culinary adventures:

Table of Cost of Food in Buenos Aires, Argentina during your trip

Cost of Food in Buenos Aires, Argentina during your tripAvg. Cost (USD)Avg. Cost (ARS)
Bread (loaf)$1 – $3200 – 600 ARS
Eggs (dozen)$2 – $4400 – 800 ARS
Chicken (lb)$2 – $4400 – 800 ARS
Rice (lb)$1 – $2200 – 400 ARS
Cheese (lb)$3 – $5600 – 1000 ARS
Fruit (lb)$1 – $3200 – 600 ARS
Vegetables (lb)$1 – $3200 – 600 ARS
Empanada$3 – $5600 – 1000 ARS
Milanesa$5 – $101000 – 2000 ARS
Sandwich$3 – $8600 – 1600 ARS
Cafe (coffee + pastry)$2 – $5400 – 1000 ARS
Fine Dining Meal$25+ per person5000+ ARS
Tasting Menu$50+ per person10000+ ARS
Wine Pairing$50+ per person10000+ ARS
Breakfast$3 – $8600 – 1600 ARS
Lunch$4 – $12800 – 2400 ARS
Dinner$8 – $201600 – 4000 ARS
Groceries (daily)$5 – $151000 – 3000 ARS
Weekly Food BudgetBudget $50 – $10010000 – 20000 ARS
Mid-range $105 – $21021000 – 42000 ARS
Luxury $315 – $52563000 – 105000 ARS
Monthly Food BudgetBudget $200 – $60040000 – 120000 ARS
Mid-range $420 – $84084000 – 168000 ARS
Luxury $1,260 – $2,100252000 – 420000 ARS

Supermarkets and Markets

Stock up on groceries at these bustling markets and supermarket chains:

  • La Salada Market: Fruits, vegetables, meat, spices, clothing, etc.
  • Mercado Central: Seafood, beef, produce, cheese and more.
  • Coto, Jumbo, Carrefour: Major supermarket chains.

Average Grocery Item Costs:

  • Bread loaf: $1 – $3 USD
  • Eggs dozen: $2 – $4 USD
  • Chicken lb: $2 – $4 USD
  • Rice lb: $1 – $2 USD
  • Cheese lb: $3 – $5 USD
  • Fruit lb: $1 – $3 USD
  • Vegetable lb: $1 – $3 USD

Local Restaurants and Cafes

  • Empanadas: $3 – $5 each
  • Milanesa shops: $5 – $10 per breaded cutlet
  • Sandwich shops: $3 – $8 each
  • Cafes: $2 – $5 for coffee and pastries

Must-try: Empanadas, asado, milanesas, Malbec wine.

Fine Dining

Pamper your palate at Buenos Aires’ world-class steakhouses and restaurants. Expect to pay:

  • Tasting menu: $50+ per person
  • A la carte entrée: $25+
  • Wine pairings and fine wines: $50+

Average Daily Food Costs

  • Breakfast: $3 – $8
  • Lunch: $4 – $12
  • Dinner: $8 – $20
  • Groceries: $5 – $15

Weekly and Monthly Food Budgets


  • Budget: $50 – $100
  • Mid-range: $105 – $210
  • Luxury: $315 – $525


  • Budget: $200 – $600
  • Mid-range: $420 – $840
  • Luxury: $1,260 – $2,100

Things to Do and Tours in Buenos Aires Argentina For Trips

Things to Do and Tours in Buenos Aires Argentina For Trips

Here’s a summary table of the key experiences, attractions, and tours for a trip to Buenos Aires:

CategoryActivity/AttractionDescriptionCost Range (USD)
Major Attractions and SitesIguazú Falls (Day Trip)Witness awe-inspiring waterfalls on the Argentina-Brazil border.
Plaza de MayoExplore historic plaza central to Argentina’s political history.
La Boca NeighborhoodRoam colorful streets and catch tango performances in this iconic area.
Teatro ColónTour the ornate opera house, famous for its acoustics.
MALBA MuseumExperience modern Latin American art exhibits. (Entry: $6-12 USD)$6-12 USD
Recoleta CemeteryStroll through historic tombs and mausoleums.
Tigre Delta (Day Trip)Enjoy a scenic boat trip through the Tigre Delta.$50-100 USD
Museums and GalleriesMALBA MuseumDive into modern Latin American art. (Entry: $6-12 USD)$6-12 USD
National Museum of Fine ArtsExplore international arts collections. (Free entry)Free
Museum of Latin American ArtDiscover 20th-century Latin American artists. (Entry: $5-10 USD)$5-10 USD
Day TripsTigre DeltaBoat excursions through scenic waterways. (Cost: $50-100 USD)$50-100 USD
Gaucho RanchExperience the gaucho lifestyle. (Cost: $90-150 USD)$90-150 USD
San Antonio de ArecoHistoric town with artisan shops. (Cost: $70-120 USD)$70-120 USD
Outdoor ActivitiesTango LessonsImmerse yourself in Argentina’s dance. (Cost: $15-40 USD)$15-40 USD
BikingRent a bike and explore parks. (Cost: $15-25 USD for a 4-hour rental)$15-25 USD
PoloWatch a fast-paced match. (Cost: $15-40 USD per match)$15-40 USD
ParaglidingEnjoy views paragliding over the city. (Cost: $100-150 USD)$100-150 USD
Guided ToursBuenos Aires Walking ToursExplore the city’s history, politics, and culture. (Cost: $30-50 USD per person)$30-50 USD
Steak and Wine TourIndulge in steakhouses and Malbec tastings. (Cost: $75-120 USD per person)$75-120 USD
Private TransfersConvenient rides from the airport or for day trips. (Cost: $100-150 USD per transfer)$100-150 USD

As the captivating capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires beckons with a myriad of attractions and activities. Whether you’re a history buff, art enthusiast, adventure seeker, or simply a lover of vibrant cultures, Buenos Aires has something special for you. Here’s a curated list of top-notch experiences to make the most of your Buenos Aires trip:

Major Attractions and Sites

  1. Iguazú Falls (Day Trip):
    • Witness the breathtaking natural wonder of massive waterfalls on the Argentina-Brazil border.
  2. Plaza de Mayo:
    • Immerse yourself in the history of Argentina at this iconic plaza surrounded by impressive architecture central to the nation’s political narrative.
  3. La Boca Neighborhood:
    • Wander through the colorful streets and experience lively tango performances in this iconic area.
  4. Teatro Colón:
    • Take a guided tour of this ornate, world-class opera house, renowned for its incredible acoustics.
  5. MALBA Museum:
    • Explore cutting-edge modern and contemporary Latin American art exhibits at this popular museum.
  6. Recoleta Cemetery:
    • Stroll through the labyrinth of elaborate tombs and mausoleums housing the remains of historic figures.
  7. Tigre Delta (Day Trip):
    • Escape the city with a scenic boat trip through the rivers and islands of the peaceful Tigre Delta.

Museums and Galleries

  1. MALBA Museum:
    • Dive into modern Latin American art at this acclaimed museum. (Entry: $6-12 USD)
  2. National Museum of Fine Arts:
    • Explore an extensive international arts collection from prominent Argentine collections. (Free entry)
  3. Museum of Latin American Art:
    • Discover the works of renowned 20th-century Latin American artists like Diego Rivera. (Entry: $5-10 USD)

Day Trips

  1. Tigre Delta:
    • Experience boat excursions through scenic waterways and islands. (Cost: $50-100 USD)
  2. Gaucho Ranch:
    • Immerse yourself in the gaucho lifestyle with horseback riding, folk music, and an asado barbecue. (Cost: $90-150 USD)
  3. San Antonio de Areco:
    • Visit this historic town with artisan shops, gaucho shows, and silversmithing. (Cost: $70-120 USD)

Outdoor Activities

  1. Tango Lessons:
    • Immerse yourself in Argentina’s sultry national dance with group or private tango classes. (Cost: $15-40 USD)
  2. Biking:
    • Rent a bike and explore Buenos Aires’ parks and winding coastal paths. (Cost: $15-25 USD for a 4-hour rental)
  3. Polo:
    • Watch a fast-paced match featuring skilled horseback riders. (Cost: $15-40 USD per match)
  4. Paragliding:
    • Enjoy breathtaking views while paragliding over the city. (Cost: $100-150 USD)

Guided Tours

  1. Buenos Aires Walking Tours:
    • Delve into the city’s history, politics, culture, and architecture with expert-led tours. (Cost: $30-50 USD per person)
  2. Steak and Wine Tour:
    • Indulge in top steakhouses and Malbec tastings with a knowledgeable guide. (Cost: $75-120 USD per person)
  3. Private Transfers:
    • Enjoy convenient rides directly from the airport to your hotel or for day trips with a private driver. (Cost: $100-150 USD per transfer)

Nightlife Costs in Buenos Aires Argentina

Experiencing the lively nightlife scene is a must when visiting Buenos Aires. From local bars to upscale clubs, here is an overview of typical nightlife costs:


Traditional neighborhood bars charge a small cover fee of $1-3 USD (100-300 ARS) and drinks cost around $1.50-$3.50 each. These low-key spots offer cheap beers and a relaxed, local vibe.

Trendier lounge bars and pubs have cover charges of $3-7 USD (300-700 ARS). Cocktails at these spots run $4-8 USD (400-800 ARS) each. The atmosphere is more upscale.


Mainstream nightclubs are the peak of Buenos Aires’ nightlife scene with pulsing dance floors and DJs. Cover charges range from $3-10 USD (300-1,000 ARS) per club. Inside, cocktails and drinks cost between $3-6 USD (300-600 ARS) each.

Tango Shows

Taking in a passionate tango show is a quintessential Buenos Aires nightlife experience. Shows cost $2.50-$6.50 USD (250-650 ARS) per person, not including drinks. Plan on spending $10-30 USD (1,000-3,000 ARS) for the full show experience.

Peak Nights

Nightlife peaks Thursday through Saturday. Many locals don’t head out until midnight or later. Weeknights tend to be slower-paced.

Per Person Costs

For a full night out in Buenos Aires with a show, club, drinks and transportation, budget approximately $20-60 USD per person. Traveling midweek and pre-gaming before hitting the clubs can reduce costs. Enjoy Buenos Aires’ electric nightlife on a budget!

Shopping in Buenos Aires Argentina

Shopping is a favorite pastime in Buenos Aires, with unique markets, boutiques, and malls to discover. Here are the highlights for finding perfect souvenirs, fashion, arts, crafts and bargains:

Top Shopping Areas and Markets

  • San Telmo Market: This historic market is best on Sundays when vendors sell antiques, handicrafts, and souvenirs.
  • Calle Florida: Iconic pedestrian street lined with shops, malls, and the Galerias Pacifico mall.
  • Palermo Soho/Palermo Hollywood: Trendy boutiques for clothing, housewares, accessories and more in these upscale areas.
  • Plaza Serrano: Outdoor crafts market in Palermo operating on weekends. Great for handmade jewelry, clothing, and knick-knacks.
  • Plaza Francia: Recoleta green space surrounded by shops selling high-quality local crafts, art, and artisan goods.

Department Stores

  • Alto Palermo: Upscale mall with major international and local brands.
  • Galerías Pacífico: Historic city-center shopping gallery housing designer boutiques, food court, and cultural center.
  • Paseo Alcorta: Mall in Palermo featuring designer shops, movie theaters, restaurants, and entertainment.

Bargain Shopping

  • Once: Microcentro district known for inexpensive clothing, accessories, and electronics.
  • Calle Avellaneda: Street in Amba Cuá neighborhood with factory outlet stores for discounted fashions.
  • San Telmo Market: Find deals on antiques, collectibles and souvenirs at this sprawling Sunday street market.

Top Grocery Store Chains

Here is a table of popular supermarket and market chains for shopping in Buenos Aires:

CarrefourMajor French supermarket chain with locations across Buenos Aires. Wide range of grocery items.
CotoLeading Argentine supermarket with a focus on fresh produce, meat, and competitive pricing.
JumboLarge supermarket chain known for discounted prices and bulk shopping options.
DiscoSupermarket with a reputation for excellent meat, baked goods, and imported speciality items.
WalmartAmerican chain offering one-stop shopping with an extensive product selection.
DiaDiscount grocery store with smaller spaces but affordable prices.
ChangomasWarehouse supermarket with discounted prices when buying in bulk.
VeaArgentine supermarket chain with a large selection of grocery products.
Casa ChinaMarket specializing in Chinese products and imported Asian goods.
Mercado de San TelmoHistoric fresh market with produce, meat, spices, and cafes.
Feria de MataderosOutdoor market celebrating gaucho traditions with handmade crafts, antiques, and regional goods.
Feria Plaza FranciaUpscale weekend crafts market in Recoleta, focused on artwork, jewelry, and artisan creations.
Feria Plaza SerranoOutdoor handicrafts market in Palermo, operating Saturdays and Sundays.

This covers the major supermarket players plus notable markets worth checking out in Buenos Aires for grocery shopping and finding unique locally-made items.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Budgets for Different Travel Styles in Buenos Aires Argentina

Backpacker Budget Daily:

  • Accommodation: Hostel dorm ($8.50-15.30 USD / 340-510 ARS)
  • Food: Street food, markets ($12.75-17 USD / 510-680 ARS)
  • Transportation: Public bus ($1.70-4.25 USD / 68-170 ARS)
  • Activities: Free walking tours, parks ($0-4.25 USD / 0-170 ARS)
  • Total: $25.50-34 USD / 1020-1360 ARS


  • Accommodation: Hostel dorm ($59.50-85 USD / 2380-3400 ARS)
  • Food: Groceries, cheap eats ($85-127.50 USD / 3400-5100 ARS)
  • Transportation: Buses, metro ($8.50-12.75 USD / 340-510 ARS)
  • Activities: Free/cheap sights ($8.50-17 USD / 340-680 ARS)
  • Total: $170-255 USD / 6800-10,200 ARS


  • Accommodation: Hostel, Hotel, Apartment ($255-340 USD / 10,200-13,600 ARS)
  • Food: Groceries, markets ($127.50-212.50 USD / 5100-8500 ARS)
  • Transportation: Public transit ($17-34 USD / 680-1360 ARS)
  • Activities: Free/cheap sights ($25.50-42.50 USD / 1020-1700 ARS)
  • Total: $425-637.50 USD / 17,000-25,500 ARS

Mid-Range Budget Daily:

  • Accommodation: Budget hotel ($42.50-68 USD / 1700-2720 ARS)
  • Food: Local restaurants ($17-34 USD / 680-1360 ARS)
  • Transportation: Taxis, trains ($8.50-17 USD / 340-680 ARS)
  • Activities: Entry fees, tours ($12.75-25.50 USD / 510-1020 ARS)
  • Total: $85-127.50 USD / 3400-5100 ARS


  • Accommodation: Hotel ($297.50-425 USD / 11,900-17,000 ARS)
  • Food: Restaurants ($127.50-170 USD / 5100-6800 ARS)
  • Transportation: Car rentals, trains ($85-127.50 USD / 3400-5100 ARS)
  • Activities: Guided tours, events ($85-127.50 USD / 3400-5100 ARS)
  • Total: $595-850 USD / 23,800-34,000 ARS


  • Accommodation: Apartment ($425-850 USD / 17,000-34,000 ARS)
  • Food: Dining, groceries ($255-425 USD / 10,200-17,000 ARS)
  • Transportation: Car rentals, trains ($127.50-255 USD / 5100-10,200 ARS)
  • Activities: Entry fees, tours ($170-340 USD / 6800-13,600 ARS)
  • Total: $977.50-1,637.50 USD / 39,100-65,500 ARS

Luxury Budget Daily:

  • Accommodation: 4/5-star hotel ($170-340+ USD / 6800-13,600+ ARS)
  • Food: Upscale restaurants ($68-127.50+ USD / 2720-5100+ ARS)
  • Transportation: Private transfers, taxis ($42.50-85 USD / 1700-3400 ARS)
  • Activities: Exclusive tours, events ($85-170+ USD / 3400-6800+ ARS)
  • Total: $340+ USD / 13,600+ ARS


  • Accommodation: 4/5-star hotel ($1190-2380+ USD / 47,600-95,200+ ARS)
  • Food: Fine dining ($340-680 USD / 13,600-27,200 ARS)
  • Transportation: Private transfers ($170-425 USD / 6800-17,000 ARS)
  • Activities: VIP tours, events ($425-850+ USD / 17,000-34,000+ ARS)
  • Total: $2,125+ USD / 85,000+ ARS


  • Accommodation: Luxury rentals ($1700-4250+ USD / 68,000-170,000+ ARS)
  • Food: Restaurants, delivery ($1020-2125+ USD / 40,800-85,000+ ARS)
  • Transportation: Private driver, transfers ($680-1700+ USD / 27,200-68,000+ ARS)
  • Activities: Exclusive experiences ($850-2550+ USD / 34,000-102,000+ ARS)
  • Total: $4,250+ USD / 170,000+ ARS

Cost of Communication and International Sim Card Data Plans in Buenos Aires Argentina

The main mobile providers in Buenos Aires Argentina are Claro, Movistar, and Personal. These providers offer prepaid SIM cards with unlimited data plans that can be purchased at kiosks and stores across Buenos Aires Argentina.

Some options for unlimited data SIM cards:

  • Claro Buenos Aires Argentina Unlimited – 1900 ARS ($19 USD) per month
  • Movistar Buenos Aires Argentina Unlimited – 1600 ARS ($16 USD) per month
  • Personal Buenos Aires Argentina Unlimited – 2400 ARS ($24 USD) per month

To get a SIM card, you’ll need to show your passport at time of purchase. SIM cards can be topped up monthly for unlimited data.

Using an International eSIM

Providers like Airalo and HolaFly offer global eSIM plans with unlimited data options:

  • Airalo eSIM Unlimited starting at $49 for unlimited data we usually use Airalo
  • Holafly Unlimited

With an eSIM, you can access unlimited data immediately without swapping physical SIM cards. These provide flexible connectivity while traveling.

Tips for Saving on Cell Usage

  • Connect to free WiFi when available
  • Download maps/apps before arrival
  • Limit streaming high-bandwidth videos and music
  • Turn off background app refresh and automatic downloads
  • get Airalo or use the local Mobile pre plans

Using a local SIM card or eSIM plan allows you to stay connected with unlimited data affordably in Buenos Aires Argentina. With unlimited SIM cards from $16 USD per month, you can easily use your smartphone during your travels.

Best Times to Visit Buenos Aires Argentina During Your Trip

Buenos Aires has mild weather year-round but its high and low seasons are determined by a mix of climate, crowds, and events.


  • Summer (Dec-Feb) – Hot and humid. Highs of 86°F (30°C). Peak of rainy season.
  • Fall (Mar-May) – Mild and pleasant. Highs of 72-79°F (22-26°C). Less rain.
  • Winter (Jun-Aug) – Cool and crisp. Highs of 59-66°F (15-19°C). Light rain.
  • Spring (Sep-Nov) – Warm and sunny. Highs of 72-86°F (22-30°C). Low rainfall.

Crowds and Costs

  • High Season – Mid-December to February. Peak tourism during summer break. Higher accommodation costs.
  • Shoulder Season – March to May, September to mid-December. Mild weather and fewer crowds. Lower hotel rates.
  • Low Season – June to August. Minimal crowds but some venues closed. Best hotel/flight deals.

Key Events and Festivals

  • March-April – Fall Cultural Festival, Tango BA Festival
  • May – Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival
  • June-August – Winter Tango Festival, Buenos Aires Tango Festival
  • September-November – Spring Cultural Festival, ArteBA Contemporary Art Fair

Best Times for Activities

  • Tango Shows & Festivals: August & September
  • Outdoor Concerts & Events: December to March
  • Whale Watching: June to November (peak Aug-Oct)
  • Skiing Nearby: June to September
  • Art & Cultural Festivals: March-May & September-November

Summary Table Of The Best Time To Visit Buenos Aires

Here is a summary table for the best times to visit Buenos Aires, Argentina:

SeasonMonthsWeatherCrowds/CostsKey EventsBest For
SummerDecember – FebruaryHot, humid, rainyHigh season crowds, peak costsOutdoor concerts, eventsTango festivals, outdoor activities
FallMarch – MayMild, pleasantShoulder season, lower costsCultural festivalsMild weather, fewer crowds
WinterJune – AugustCool, crisp, light rainLow season, minimal crowds, best dealsTango festivalsSkiing, tango shows
SpringSeptember – NovemberWarm, sunnyShoulder seasonArt fairs and festivalsWhale watching, cultural events

Best Areas, Neighborhoods and Nearby cities to visit In Buenos Aires Argentina

As the vibrant capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires offers endless neighborhoods to explore along with nearby escapes. Here are the highlights:

Must-See Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires

  • La Boca – This colorful area is known for Caminito Street, tango culture, and the Boca Juniors stadium.
  • San Telmo – Historic neighborhood with cobblestone streets, antique shops, and a Sunday market on Plaza Dorrego.
  • Palermo – Trendy area with top restaurants, bars, shops and parks like the Bosques de Palermo.
  • Recoleta – Upscale area home to the famous Recoleta Cemetery and excellent museums like the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.
  • Puerto Madero – Buenos Aires’ newest barrio featuring upscale high-rises, restaurants, and scenic waterfront views.

Top Day Trips from Buenos Aires

  • Tigre – Escaping to this scenic delta town for boat rides is a classic day trip.
  • San Antonio de Areco – Historic town with artisan workshops, gaucho shows and estancia experiences.
  • Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay – Hop a quick ferry to explore this charming colonial river town.
  • Punta del Este, Uruguay – Hit the beaches and high-end nightlife of this coastal resort area.

Nearby Cities Worth Visiting

  • Mendoza – Argentina’s wine capital, set against the Andes Mountains.
  • Córdoba – Second largest city rich in colonial history and Argentine culture.
  • Rosario – Lively port city along the Paraná River.
  • Mar del Plata – Top beach town on Argentina’s Atlantic coast.
  • Salta – Charming city surrounded by stunning landscapes like the multicolored mountains of Quebrada de las Conchas.

Best Areas to Stay during your trip to Buenos Aires

Centrally located neighborhoods like Recoleta, Palermo, and San Telmo provide easy access to top sites. Search Buenos Aires’ various barrios to find the vibe that suits your style and budget.

NeighborhoodDescriptionAverage Monthly Rent (USD)
RecoletaUpscale area with luxury hotels, shops, restaurants, and close to top attractions.$600 – $1,125
PalermoTrendy atmosphere with boutique hotels, bars, parks, and a vibrant nightlife scene.$450 – $900
San TelmoHistoric neighborhood with cobblestone streets and boutique inns with Old World charm.$375 – $750
Puerto MaderoModern waterfront district with upscale high-rise hotels and scenic views.$750 – $1,500+
RetiroNext to leafy Parque Retiro, central location near top sites like Teatro Colón.$525 – $900
BelgranoResidential area with mid-range hotel options, parks, and a local vibe.$300 – $600

Useful Resources For Planning Your Budget in Buenos Aires Argentina

Expat Facebook group:

Argentina Tourism Board:

Argentina Data:

Ministry of Culture:

Embassy of Argentina:

Government of Argentina:

Argentina Local Rental Websites:

  • Zonaprop
  • MercadoLibre Inmuebles
  • Check out these websites to explore rental listings and properties in Argentina.
  • For exchanging money use Wise Which is the best option if you are a digital nomad and Expat. a cheaper option to send and receive money internationally rather than exchanging money through other platforms like Paypal, Payoneer costs a lot of money for exchange fees and rates
    • Booking Flights: To Find insane flight deals, search on Google Flights, Skyscanner and choose the monthly option to find the best day to fly on.

Conclusion on Trip Costs in Buenos Aires Argentina

In conclusion Planning a trip to Buenos Aires Argentina involves budgeting for expenses like accommodations, food, transportation, and activities. With some Expert planning and the resources we gave you, Buenos Aires Argentina can be explored on almost any budget.

Final Key Costs of a trip to Buenos Aires

When budgeting for a trip to Buenos Aires, consider these average costs:

  • Flights: Roundtrip flights from North America or Europe range from $800 – $1,715, flying during shoulder season can be cheaper.
  • Accommodations: Hostels ($11-66/night), budget hotels ($13-47/night), mid-range hotels ($99-187/night), luxury hotels ($242+/night).
  • Food: Dining out ($22-39/day budget, $49-77/day mid-range, $88+/day luxury). Groceries ($170-340/month).
  • Transportation: Public transit (few $/ride), taxis ($7-28/short trip), rental car ($49-127/day or $374-1,012/month).
  • Activities: Free parks and walking tours. Paid activities $17-385+.
  • Average Total Cost of a trip to Buenos Aires:
    • 1 week trip: Budget ($424-847), Mid-range ($1,271-2,117), Luxury ($2,965+)
    • 2 week trip: Double the above
    • Monthly: $726 – $2,420
    • Daily Costs: Budget ($36-61), Mid-range ($42-70), Luxury ($121+)

Tips for Saving

  • Fly during shoulder season
  • Use public transit
  • Stay in budget accommodation
  • Eat local food, street food and cook
  • Negotiate lower rental rates
  • Take free walking tours
  • Enjoy free museums and parks

31 Final Tips for Saving Money in Buenos Aires Argentina

Here are 31 tips for saving money when traveling to Buenos Aires:

  1. Direct Apartment Rentals: Interact with locals and secure cost-effective accommodations by renting apartments directly from residents.
  2. Book accommodations, flights, and activities well in advance to get the best deals.
  3. Opt for public transportation like the subway, trains, and buses which are very affordable.
  4. Walk or bike around the city whenever possible instead of taking taxis.
  5. Shop at local markets and budget-friendly grocery stores for food.
  6. Cook meals at home rather than eating out for every meal.
  7. Stay in hostels or get shared accommodations to save on lodging.
  8. Take free walking tours and visit the many parks and free museums.
  9. Get a SUBE travel card to get discounted rates on all public transit.
  10. Travel during the off-season between May and September when prices are lower.
  11. Purchase unofficial taxi rides from locals called “remis” for discounted fares.
  12. Use rideshare services like Uber which are very inexpensive.
  13. Join free activities like language exchanges to meet locals and practice Spanish.
  14. Eat at set-menu restaurants and cafe specials for affordably priced meals.
  15. Shop at flea markets like San Telmo Market for art, antiques, crafts, etc.
  16. Take overnight buses for long distance travel to save on a night’s accommodation.
  17. Buy food and drinks at grocery stores and prepare picnic lunches.
  18. Opt for street food like empanadas which are cheap, delicious options.
  19. Travel with just a carry-on to avoid extra luggage fees.
  20. Join Couchsurfing and hospitality exchange networks to stay with locals for free.
  21. Avoid converting cash at the airport which typically has high fees and poor rates.
  22. Purchase multi-use transit cards instead of single tickets to get bulk discounts.
  23. Rent an apartment and share with roommates for cheaper accommodations.
  24. Avoid luxury experiences and stick to free/low-cost activities instead.
  25. Use public bikes and scooters through apps like EcoBici to get around.
  26. Take classes like tango lessons from local instructors for an authentic experience.
  27. Get a local SIM card and data plan which are very inexpensive.
  28. Visit museums and attractions on free days when available.
  29. Negotiate prices with street vendors and taxi drivers whenever possible.
  30. Travel with a reusable water bottle and fill it up instead of buying bottled water.
  31. Research whether you qualify for any discounts on attractions with a student or youth ID.

Thanks so much for reading we hope this helps you with your trip to Buenos Aires Argentina!

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