COST OF A Trip To Córdoba Argentina 2024 (Our Experience)

cost of a trip to Córdoba Argentina

Córdoba Argentina is a land of incredible beauty, and the Cost of a trip to Córdoba Argentina is also extremely affordable for travelers.

  • To give you context we personally spent $650 – $729 Per month while living in Córdoba Argentina and this covered all of our expenses amazing, right?
  • With its colonial architecture, lively culture, and access to the majestic Sierras de Córdoba mountains, Córdoba is an attractive destination for many travelers. This second-largest city in Argentina offers a vibrant mix of museums, markets, restaurants, and nightlife.
  • Córdoba is also surrounded by scenic landscapes like the rolling hills of the Pampas and little towns scattered around with Jesuit missions.
  • For those looking to explore Córdoba and experience its history, culture, cuisine, and natural beauty while sticking to a budget, a trip here can be done affordably.
  • This guide breaks down the expected costs for transportation, accommodation, food, and activities to help you plan and budget for a trip to Córdoba. Whether you are backpacking or planning a longer stay, you can uncover the charms of Córdoba without breaking the bank.

In this guide, we will dive deeper than anything else on the internet for this topic.

We will also provide useful videos and guides for everything you need for your trip here. we personally traveled full-time as Digital Nomads for the last 5+ years, so everything we know we will break everything down for you so that you can have the most amazing trip here and also save a lot of money in the process.

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Average Cost Of A Trip To Córdoba Argentina Breakdown:

When planning your trip to Córdoba Argentina, it’s essential to understand the potential costs involved.

Here’s a breakdown of the average costs for various aspects of your journey:


  • Roundtrip flights to Córdoba from major hubs in North America like Miami or New York typically start around $900 USD during the low season if booked a few months in advance.
  • Flying to Córdoba from European cities like Madrid or London generally starts at around $1,100 USD for roundtrip economy tickets. Being flexible with your travel dates and looking out for deals from major carriers can potentially help you find deals on airfare to Córdoba under $800 USD roundtrip.
  • Flying during the shoulder season between peak summertime and winter can also mean better rates on plane tickets.


  • Hostel dorm beds – $15 – $25 USD per night
  • Budget hotel rooms – $30 – $50 USD per night
  • Mid-range hotels – $50 – $80 USD per night
  • Luxury hotels/apartments – $120 + USD per night
  • Monthly Airbnb rentals – $300 – $800 USD

For budget-conscious travelers, we recommend staying in a hostel or if time permits, staying at an Airbnb monthly to get a great deal on long-term stay, and a place where you can read reviews and learn about other’s experiences while staying there.


  • Budget meals$8 – $15 USD per meal
  • Mid-range restaurants$15 – $25 USD per meal
  • Upscale dining$30 + USD per meal
  • Groceries from markets$200 – $400 USD per month

When it comes to food, as always, we recommend eating locally which also allows you to support the local economy. You will get a taste of authentic Argentine cuisine and save money at the same time, avoid touristy restaurants, although you may crave a burger go for a delicious empanada instead!


  • Public buses/trains – $0.50 – $3 USD per ride
  • Taxis for short trips – $5 – $15 USD
  • Taxis for long trips – $15 – $30 USD
  • Rental cars – $30 – $60 USD per day, $250 – $500 per month

For transportation, we recommend taking the efficient public transport system if you are trying to live like a local, explore the city affordably, and enjoy your experience while being here. Public transport here is very cheap while private transportation will cost you a lot more!


  • Córdoba offers endless options for free and paid entertainment. Public plazas, festivals, and museums often have no cost while guided tours of the city or surrounding natural areas range from $15 to $100+ USD.

Average Total Cost Of a Trip to Córdoba Argentina Cost:

  • For a one-week trip, budget travelers can plan on spending around $500 to $800 USD total, mid-range travelers $1,000 to $1,700 USD, and luxury travelers $2,200+. Over two weeks, these totals would double. For longer monthly stays, costs can range from $800 to $1,500 USD per month under a budget when renting an apartment, buying groceries, and using public transportation.
  • This allows you to experience life as a local. On a daily basis in Córdoba, budget travelers can get by on around $25 to $40 USD per day, mid-range travelers $50 to $80 USD, and luxury travelers $150+. With proper planning, Córdoba offers an affordable Argentine escape!

Factors Influencing Trip Costs:

When budgeting for your Córdoba Argentina adventure, consider these factors that can impact your overall costs:

  • Visit during the shoulder seasons of spring (September-November) or fall (March-May) to avoid peak summer crowds and prices.
  • Spend time exploring Córdoba city where costs are lower rather than expensive Patagonia.
  • Stay in affordable hostels, Airbnb, or budget hotels instead of luxury accommodations.
  • Use public transportation like buses and trains to get around.
  • Take free walking tours and enjoy free festivals, parks, and museums.
  • Opt for local markets and budget-friendly restaurants.
  • Cook meals at home using groceries from markets.
  • Book a longer stay to negotiate better deals on rentals.
  • Travel with a partner or group to split costs.
  • Consider independent travel instead of expensive guided tours.
  • Balance time in cities with cheaper rural areas.
  • Limit extravagant purchases and focus spending on experiences.
  • Lastly, travel with a mindset of value over luxury!

Now let’s take a deeper dive into each cost that you will encounter while traveling in Córdoba Argentina.

Transportation Costs in Córdoba Argentina During your Trip

Trip cost of transport in Cordoba Argentina
Best transportation options in Córdoba ArgentinaDescriptionDaily Ticket/Per Trip Cost (USD)Daily Ticket/Per Trip Cost (ARS)Monthly Cost (USD)Monthly Cost (ARS)Additional Information
Public BusExtensive bus network covering the city$0.35 – $0.7070 – 140 ARS$18 – $363,600 – 7,200 ARSUses magnetic transit cards or cash payment. Many routes, frequent service.
Metro/TramLimited metro and tram services$0.50 – $0.70100 – 140 ARS$15 – $223,000 – 4,400 ARSOnly a few metro and tram lines, services limited areas. Uses transit cards.
TaxisConvenient and readily available$1.50 – $3.00 per km300 – 600 ARS per km$15 – $353,000 – 7,000 ARSCan hail on the street or book by phone/app. Cash or credit cards are accepted.
ScootersElectric scooters for short trips$0.20 – $0.30 per minute40 – 60 ARS per minute$10 – $202000 – 4000 ARSCan hail on street or book by phone/app. Cash or credit cards are accepted.
BicyclesBike-sharing programs for eco-friendly commuting$0.30 – $0.50 per hour60 – 100 ARS per hour$8 – $151,600 – 3,000 ARSVarious bike rental shops and stations. Use apps or kiosks.
Rental CarsFreedom to explore at your own pace$25 – $45 per day5,000 – 9,000 ARS per day$400 – $70080,000 – 140,000 ARSReserve in advance. Driver’s license required. Flexible way to explore the outskirts.

Efficient transportation is essential for exploring Córdoba Argentina’s vast landscapes and vibrant neighborhoods. Whether you’re on a budget, seeking mid-range options, or indulging in luxury travel, understanding the city’s transportation costs is vital to planning your trip.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of transportation options and associated expenses across different travel styles.

Flights to Córdoba Argentina:

When flying to Córdoba Argentina, consider these aspects:

  • Average Prices from Major Cities: prices from Western Europe and North America average $1,000 – $2,000 roundtrip but finding great deals and good planning skills can sometimes bring costs closer to $800 roundtrip if you’re lucky.
  • Tips for Finding Cheap Flights: Be flexible with your travel dates, use flight search engines to compare fares, sign up for fare alerts, and check for deals.

Sample roundtrip flight costs to Córdoba, Argentina from some major cities:

  • New York City: $900 – $1,400 USD
  • Miami: $800 – $1,300 USD
  • Los Angeles: $1,200 – $1,800 USD
  • Toronto: $950 – $1,550 USD
  • London: $1,100 – $1,850 USD
  • Madrid: $1,000 – $1,600 USD
  • Paris: $1,150 – $1,950 USD
  • Berlin: $1,250 – $2,000 USD
  • Dubai: $1,500 – $2,500 USD

Flights tend to be the cheapest if you are connecting through regional hubs like Santiago, Chile, or São Paulo, Brazil. Booking in advance, traveling in shoulder seasons, and being flexible with dates can help you find the lowest fares.

Getting Around Córdoba Argentina:

Different Transportation Options:

  • Local buses within the city – $0.50-$1 USD per ride
  • Intercity buses between cities – $5-$20 USD per ticket
  • Trains for long-distance trips – $1-$5 USD per journey
  • Taxis for short trips – $5-$10 USD per ride
  • Rideshares like Uber – $5-$15 USD per trip
  • Bike rentals – $10-$20 USD per day
  • Car rentals – $30-$60 USD per day, $300-$500 per month
  • Domestic flights – $50-$150 USD each way

Domestic Flights and Buses:

For longer journeys between cities in Córdoba, domestic flights and overnight buses are efficient options. Flights cost $50 – $150 one-way depending on the route. Overnight sleeper buses run $20 – $50 for budget services and up to $100+ for first-class buses between major cities like Córdoba and Buenos Aires.

Budget Transportation in Córdoba:

For travelers on a tight budget, local buses, trains, and taxis offer affordable transportation within Córdoba.

Buses cost $0.30 – $0.60 per ride and monthly passes are $20 – $40. The limited train system costs $0.50 – $0.70 per trip. Taxis run $1.50 – $3 per km.

Mid-Range Transportation in Córdoba:

For moderate costs, rental cars or private transfers add flexibility and comfort. Rental cars average $25 – $45 per day or $400 – $700 per month. Private transfers are around $100 per day.

Luxury Transportation in Córdoba:

Luxury travelers can opt for private drivers starting at $100 per day or helicopter transfers from $500. These provide personalized, premium experiences getting around Córdoba.

Overall, budget travelers should make use of the public transport options Córdoba has to offer including buses, trains, and bicycles.

Cost of Travel Medical Insurance in Córdoba Argentina

Having comprehensive travel insurance is highly recommended when visiting Córdoba Argentina to protect against any unexpected incidents. SafetyWing is an excellent option tailored to global travelers and digital nomads.

Why Choose SafetyWing?

SafetyWing makes travel insurance easy and affordable at just $45-250/month. Here are some key reasons to consider it:

  • Global coverage including exotic destinations
  • Flexible policies fit nomadic lifestyles
  • Easy sign-up and claims from phone/computer
  • Covers medical, evacuations, disruptions, baggage, etc.
  • 24/7 customer support anywhere
  • Customizable coverage amounts and add-ons

Other Córdoba Argentina Travel Insurance Options

While SafetyWing is a top choice, companies like WorldNomads, Cigna Global, and IMG also offer comprehensive travel insurance for Córdoba Argentina. Typical policies range from $45 – $500 for 2 weeks to a month of coverage. Compare coverage and premium costs.

Some key considerations for finding a good insurance policy:

  • Emergency medical and evacuation
  • Trip cancellation/interruption
  • Lost/delayed baggage
  • Adventure sports coverage
  • Altitude sickness coverage
  • 24/7 emergency assistance

Córdoba Argentina Insurance Cost Estimates

Insurance PlanTrip DurationEstimated Cost
SafetyWing1 month$45 – $250
WorldNomads2 weeks$100-$200
Cigna Global1 month$150-$300
IMG2 weeks$150-$250

Cost Of Housing and Accommodation in Córdoba Argentina For Your Trip

Trip cost of housing and lodging in Cordoba Argentina

Here is a comprehensive table summarizing the cost of housing and accommodation options in Córdoba Argentina:

Cost Of Housing and Accommodation in Córdoba ArgentinaAverage Cost Per Night (USD)Average Cost Per Night (ARS)Average Monthly Cost (USD)Average Monthly Cost (ARS)
Hostel – 6 Bed Dorm$10 – $152,000 – 3,000 ARS$375 – $45075,000 – 90,000 ARS
Hostel – 4 Bed Dorm$12 – $182,400 – 3,600 ARS$450 – $54090,000 – 108,000 ARS
Hostel – Private Room$15 – $253,000 – 5,000 ARS$600 – $750120,000 – 150,000 ARS
Budget Hotel$20 – $404,000 – 8,000 ARS$900 – $1,200180,000 – 240,000 ARS
Mid-Range Hotel$50 – $10010,000 – 20,000 ARS$2,250 – $3,000450,000 – 600,000 ARS
Luxury Hotel$150 – $30030,000 – 60,000 ARS$6,750 – $9,0001,350,000 – 1,800,000 ARS
Budget Apartment$25 – $305,000 – 6,000 ARS$825 – $1,035$825 – $1,035
Mid-Range Apartment$40 – $808,000 – 16,000 ARS$1,800 – $2,400360,000 – 480,000 ARS
Luxury Apartment$100 – $16020,000 – 32,000 ARS$3,900 – $5,200780,000 – 1,040,000 ARS
Cost of Different Accommodation Types in Córdoba, ArgentinaAverage Monthly Cost (USD)Average Monthly Cost (ARS)
Studio (city)$130 – $24026,000 – 48,000 ARS
Studio (suburbs)$100 – $20020,000 – 40,000 ARS
1 bedroom (city)$340 – $44068,000 – 88,000 ARS
1 bedroom (suburbs)$220 – $32044,000 – 64,000 ARS
2 bedroom (city)$370 – $50074,000 – 100,000 ARS
2 bedroom (suburbs)$270 – $35054,000 – 70,000 ARS
3 bedroom (city)$450 – $65090,000 – 130,000 ARS
3 bedroom (suburbs)$400 – $57080,000 – 114,000 ARS

Córdoba Argentina Hostels

Córdoba Argentina offers a range of hostels catering to various budgets. For solo travelers, backpacker hostels are a popular and affordable option. They provide a social atmosphere and opportunities to meet fellow travelers.

Table of Hostel Prices:

Accommodation TypeAverage Cost Per Night (USD)Average Cost Per Night (ARS)
6-8 Bed Dorm$8.36 – $12.541,672 – 2,508 ARS
4 Bed Dorm$8.36 – $193,135 ARS
Private Room$9.69 – $29.261,938 – 5,852 ARS

Hotels in Córdoba Argentina

For those seeking more comfort, Córdoba Argentina offers a diverse range of hotels.

Hotel Tiers and Prices:

  • Budget Hotel: $11 – $40 per night (2248 – 7957 ARS)
  • Mid-Range Hotel: $45 – $79 per night (8995 – 15746 ARS)
  • Luxury Hotel: $90 – $225+ per night (17994 – 20964+ ARS)

Table of Sample Hotel Prices:

Hotel TypeAverage Cost Per Night (USD)Average Cost Per Night (ARS)
Budget Hotel$11 – $402248 – 7957 ARS
Mid-Range Hotel$45 – $798995 – 15746 ARS
Luxury Hotel$90 – $225+17994 – 20964+ ARS

Popular Local Rental Sites

Table of Monthly Rental Prices:

Apartment TypeAverage Monthly Cost (USD)Average Monthly Cost (ARS)
Budget Apartment$326 – $65465280 – 130680 ARS
Mid-Range Apartment$653 – $1307130680 – 261360 ARS
Luxury Apartment$1307 – $2614+261360 – 522720+ ARS

Tips for saving on Córdoba Argentina Lodging and accommodation:

  • Book directly with the accommodation in advance.
  • Explore Airbnb/Vrbo for deals on homes, apartments, and rooms.
  • Consider monthly rentals and talk to locals about apartment options.
  • Look for places with free airport/bus station pickup.
  • Explore neighborhoods just outside the historic center for savings.
  • Travel during the low season (June to August) for better rates.

Table of Cost of Housing and Rent In Córdoba Argentina during your trip:

Cost of Housing and Rent In Córdoba Argentina during your tripAverage Monthly Rent Cost (USD)Average Monthly Rent Cost (ARS)
Studio Apartment inside the city center$287 – $45957,607 – 92,330 ARS
Studio apartment outside the city$172 – $28934,430 – 57,607
Shared room in the city center$114 – $22922,829 – 45,688
A shared room outside the city$80 – $17215,990 – 34,430
Hotel room (3-star)$40 – $70 (per night)8,099 – 14,000 (per night)
Hotel room (5-star)$82 – $204 (per night)16,366 – 40,917 (per night)
1 bedroom apartment in the city center$343 – $58668,764 – 117,493
1 bedroom apartment outside the city$230 – $40046,153 – 80,315
2-bedroom apartment inside the city$459 – $86192,025 – 137,034
2-bedroom apartment outside the city$286 – $57857,372 – 116,451
3-bedroom apartment inside the city$576 – $927115,305 – 186,246
3-bedroom apartment outside the city$399 – $81580,062 – 137,031
Luxury Apartment$858+172,012+

Tips for Finding Affordable Accommodation in Córdoba Argentina

  • Explore local real estate websites like MercadoLibre and Zonaprop
  • Consider suburbs or neighborhoods outside city centers for affordability.
  • Take advantage of off-peak seasons for better rental deals.
  • Use the local language for better negotiation and access to local listings.
  • Consider shared housing to reduce costs.
  • Visit local real estate agencies and negotiate rents.
  • Be cautious of scams and verify property existence before making payments.
  • Check local classifieds and budget wisely.
  • Connect with local communities through Facebook groups.
  • Explore affordable alternatives like hostels, Airbnb, and short-term rentals.

Remember, accommodation costs can vary, so plan according to your budget and preferences. Have a fantastic trip to Córdoba Argentina! 🌎✈️

Cost of food in Córdoba Argentina During Your Trip

Explore Córdoba Argentina’s diverse culinary landscape with our comprehensive food guide, covering everything from local markets to luxurious dining experiences.

Cost of Food in Córdoba Argentina during your Trip Quick SummaryHighlights
Supermarkets and MarketsDiscover fresh and affordable ingredients at Mercado Norte, Paseo de las Artes, Patio Olmos. Major chains: Carrefour, Walmart, La Anónima.
Average Costs of Common Grocery ItemsBread: $0.50 – $1, Eggs: $1 – $2, Chicken (lb): $2 – $3, Rice (lb): $0.75 – $1Cheese (lb): $2 – $3, Fruits (lb): $0.50- $ 1, Vegetables (lb): $0.50 – $1
Local Restaurants and CafesExperience the cuisine with empanadas, milanesas, asado, locro, tamales. Must-try: Empanadas, asado, locro, tamales, medialunas, Malbec wine.
Fine DiningHigh-end restaurants for tasting menus and fine Argentine cuisine in Córdoba city. Extensive wine lists.
Daily Food CostsBreakfast – Cafe: $2-$5,Lunch – Menu of the day: $3-$8,Dinner – Local restaurant: $5-$15, Groceries/day: $3-$10.
Weekly and Monthly Food BudgetBudget: $30 – $60 per week, $120 – $240 per month.Mid-range: $60 – $120 per week, $240 – $480 per month.Luxury: $120 – $240 per week, $480 – $960 per month.

Supermarkets and Markets in Córdoba Argentina

Córdoba Argentina has many excellent supermarkets and markets to shop for fresh, affordable ingredients. Recommended options include:

  • Disco:
    • Disco is a well-known supermarket chain in Argentina, including Córdoba. It offers a wide range of quality groceries, fresh produce, household items, and more.
  • Carrefour:
    • Carrefour is a global supermarket chain present in Córdoba. It provides a diverse selection of products, including groceries, electronics, clothing, and household goods.
  • Mercado Norte:
    • Mercado Norte is a traditional market in Córdoba, offering a variety of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and local products. A great place to experience the local culture and flavors.
  • Walmart Córdoba:
    • Walmart is a large multinational retail corporation with a presence in Córdoba. It offers a broad range of groceries, household items, electronics, and more. Walmart is known for its extensive selection and value-oriented pricing.
  • Día:
    • Día is a supermarket chain known for its focus on affordability. It provides a range of everyday products, groceries, and fresh items, catering to budget-conscious shoppers.
  • Paseo del Buen Pastor Artisan Market:
    • Located in the Paseo del Buen Pastor cultural complex, this market features local artisans and their handmade crafts. Visitors can find unique gifts, souvenirs, and a taste of Córdoba’s artistic community.
  • Atomo Despensa de Barrio:
    • A neighborhood convenience store in Córdoba. It offers essential grocery items, snacks, and beverages, providing a convenient shopping option for residents.

Here are the average costs of common grocery items at local markets:

Cost of Different Food Items at the Grocery StoreAvg Cost (USD)
Food ItemAvg Cost (USD)
Bread (loaf)$0.50 – $1
Eggs (dozen)$1 – $3
Chicken (lb)$2 – $3
Rice (lb)$1 – $2
Cheese (lb)$2 – $3
Fruits (lb)$0.50 – $1
Vegetables (lb)$0.50 – $1

Local Restaurants and Cafes in Córdoba Argentina

Córdoba Argentina has a vibrant cafe culture and delicious budget-friendly restaurants.

Recommended options include:

  • Empanada stands – $1 – $3 per empanada
  • Tamalerias – $1 – $2 per tamale
  • Asado restaurants – $5 – $10 for lunch menu
  • Milanesa restaurants – $4 – $8 per breaded cutlet
  • Locro eateries – $3 – $6 per bowl
  • Sandwich shops – $2 – $5 per sandwich
  • Bakeries and cafes – $1 – $3 for pastries and coffee
  • Ice cream shops – $1 – $3 per scoop or serving
  • Wine bars – $3 – $7 per glass of local Malbec
  • Craft beer pubs – $2 – $5 per pint

Must-try local specialties: Córdoba offers excellent value for authentic local cuisines like empanadas, tamales, asado, milanesas, Malbec wine, and more.

Sit-down restaurants have filling multi-course lunch specials from $5 – $10. Grab-and-go shops offer quick bites for just a few dollars. Savor the flavors of Córdoba without breaking the budget.

Fine Dining in Córdoba Argentina

Córdoba Argentina is renowned for its exceptional steaks and wine.

  • Multi-course tasting menus – regional specialties like empanadas, tamales, and milanesas – $30 – $50 per person.
  • A la carte entrees – $15 – $30+ per main dish highlighting local asado, grilled meats, and fresh produce.
  • Córdoba is known for its Malbec wines. Extensive local and national wine lists, plus upscale pairings $5 – $15 per glass.

Here is more info you should know when it comes to fine dining in Córdoba:

  • High-end restaurants here focus on elevated versions of traditional cuisine and incorporate local ingredients like olives, peppers, and cheeses into modern dishes.
  • Fine dining is centered around using Argentine staples like asado and empanadas using upscale cooking techniques.
  • The upscale food scene in Córdoba provides a gourmet take on the region’s rustic dishes and local flavors.
  • Though expensive, these restaurants offer a special chance to experience Córdoba’s cuisine and Malbec wines at their finest.

Daily Food Costs in Córdoba Argentina

Food Costs Per MealAvg Cost (USD)
Breakfast – Cafe$2 – $7
Lunch – Menu of the day$3 – $8
Dinner – Local restaurant$5 – $15
Groceries/day$3 – $10

Weekly and Monthly Food Budget

Weekly And Monthly Food BudgetBudgetMid-RangeLuxury
Weekly Food Cost$43 – $85$89 – $178$268 – $446
Monthly Food Cost$170 – $510$357 – $714$1071 – $1785

Things to Do and Tours in Córdoba Argentina For Trips

Trip cost of things to do and tours in Cordoba Argentina

There is so much to do in Argentina, it is a massive country with endless things to do and that includes Córdoba Argentina.

Major Attractions and Sites

Must-See Attractions:

  • Historic Center: Wander the picturesque streets and squares of Córdoba’s preserved colonial center. Admire the Córdoba Cathedral, Cabildo, and historic university buildings.
  • Jesuit Block: This UNESCO site contains preserved Jesuit buildings from the 17th-18th century, like the Manzana Jesuítica and Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús.
  • Paseo de las Artes: Stroll this open-air museum lined with sculptures and art displays. Stop in the artisanal fairs and cultural centers.
  • Estancias: Day trips to traditional cattle ranches showcase gaucho culture, grazing lands, and heritage buildings outside the city.
  • Sierras de Córdoba: Hike or mountain bike through the scenic mountain landscapes just outside town. Visit hippie markets in small villages.
  • Wine Tastings: Sample Malbecs and other varietals at wineries based in the countryside outside Córdoba city.
  • Nightlife: From tango shows to trendy bars, experience Córdoba’s vibrant nightlife and cultural scene.

Córdoba’s historic and natural attractions offer the perfect mix of urban and outdoor experiences to enjoy.

Entry Fees Table:

Best Attractions to Visit in CórdobaEntry Fee (USD)Entry Fee (ARS)
Historic CenterFreeFree
Jesuit Block$3 – $5$600 – $1,000
Paseo de las ArtesFreeFree
Estancias$10 – $30$2,000 – $6,000
Sierras de CórdobaFree – $5Free – $1,000
Wine Tastings$5 – $15$1,000 – $3,000
Nightlife$5 – $20$1,000 – $4,000

Museums in Córdoba Argentina

Explore Cultural Treasures: Córdoba Argentina’s museums offer a journey through art, history, and culture.

Here are the top 5 best museums you should visit in Córdoba:

  • Museo Superior de Bellas Artes Evita
  • Museo Histórico Nacional
  • Museo de la Industria
  • Museo Iberoamericano de Artesanías
  • Museo de Antropología
Best Museums to Visit in CórdobaEntry Fee (USD)Entry Fee (ARS)
Museo Superior de Bellas Artes Evita$1 – $3$200 – $600
Museo Histórico Nacional$1 – $3$200 – $600
Museo de la Industria$1 – $2$200 – $400
Museo Iberoamericano de Artesanías$1 – $2$200 – $400
Museo de Antropología$1 – $3$200 – $600

Day Trips from Key Cities

Embark on Captivating Day Journeys: Discover the enchanting surroundings of Córdoba Argentina with these must-do day trips:

Day Trips from Córdoba:

  • Sierras de Córdoba – Hike and visit mountain towns like La Cumbrecita
  • Jesuit Missions – See preserved mission churches in Alta Gracia, Jesus Maria, etc.
  • Estancias – Tour traditional cattle ranches outside the city
  • Wine Tastings – Visit wineries in the countryside
  • Salinas Grandes – See the salt flats and landscapes
  • Villa General Belgrano – Quaint mountain village with German heritage

Estimated Costs:

Best Day Trips in Córdoba ArgentinaAvg. Cost (USD)
Sierras de Córdoba$20
Jesuit Missions$30
Wine Tastings$40
Salinas Grandes$60
Villa General Belgrano$25

Adventure Activities in Córdoba:

  • Hiking and rock climbing in the Sierras
  • River rafting and kayaking on local rivers
  • Mountain biking the scenic roads and trails
  • Paragliding off the mountains
  • Horseback riding at ranches
  • Off-roading ATV tours

Average Prices:

Best Adventure Activities in CórdobaAvg. Price (USD)
Full Day Hike$50
Rafting Trip$70
Bike Rental$20
1 Hour Horseback Ride$30
2 Hour ATV Tour$50

Guided Tours in Córdoba:

  • City walking tours
  • Customized cycling tours
  • Food and wine-tasting tours
  • Multi-day trekking tours
  • Cultural Tours to indigenous communities
  • Student/backpacker budget tours

Sample Tour Prices:

Sample Tour PricesAvg. Price (USD)
Half-Day City Tour$25
Full Day Bike Tour$85
Wine Tour with Tastings$45
3 Day Trekking Tour$500
Indigenous Community Visit$65
Budget Student Tour$45/day

Córdoba offers scenic nature, rich history, and culture to discover on day trips, outdoor adventures, and guided tours fitting any interest and budget. Safe travels! 🌍✈️

Nightlife Costs in Córdoba Argentina

Córdoba has a lively nightlife scene centered around Nueva Córdoba and Güemes neighborhoods. The city is known for its bars and pubs, serving local craft beers and wines.

Other popular nightlife options include tango shows, live music venues, comedy clubs, and theater performances.

Here are the typical costs for nightlife in Córdoba, Argentina:

  • Bars – No cover, beers $2-4, cocktails $4-6
  • Lounges – Cover $2-5, cocktails $5-10
  • Nightclubs – Cover $5-10, beers $3-5, cocktails $6-12
  • Live Music Venues – Cover $3-7, drinks $3-6
  • Tango Show – Show $5-15, dinner & drinks extra $20-40
  • Theater Performances – Tickets $5-20

To experience Córdoba’s nightlife, budget $30-60 per person which includes cover charges, a few drinks, and maybe a show. For a splurge night out, expect to spend $60-100 per person at upscale clubs and shows. Enjoying the nightlife is an integral part of experiencing local culture.

VenueCover ChargeDrink Prices
Local Bar$0$2 – $4 USD (400 – 800 ARS)
Lounge/Pub$2 – $5 USD  (400 – 1,000 ARS)$5 – $10 USD (1,000 – 2,000 ARS)
Mainstream Club$5 – $10 USD (1,000 – 2,000 ARS)$3 – $6 USD  (600-1,200 ARS)
Tango Show$5 – $15 USD  (1,000-3,000 ARS)$20 – $40 USD  (4,000 – 8,000 ARS

Some popular nightlife venues and areas include:

  • La Cañada (Trendy bar district)
  • Plaza España (Bars and pubs around the picturesque plaza)
  • Nueva Córdoba (Neighborhood with clubs and live music venues)
  • Cañada de Gomez (Bohemian cafe and lounge scene)
  • Paseo de las Artes (Bars and clubs in the redeveloped zone)
  • Cervecería y Maltería (Popular craft beer pub)
  • La Doce (Tango music and dance shows)
  • La Vieja Usina (Live jazz and blues venue)

Córdoba’s nightlife is concentrated in the downtown and Nueva Córdoba areas. The scene revolves around casual bars, laidback pubs, eclectic music venues, and tango shows.

For a fun night out in Córdoba, budget $20 – $40 USD per person to cover entrance fees and drinks.

Enjoy the lively mix of nightlife options!

Shopping in Córdoba Argentina

Córdoba Argentina offers diverse shopping opportunities, from traditional handicrafts and antiques to modern fashion and boutiques. Explore these top recommended shopping areas and grocery chains for the ultimate retail experience:

Must-Visit Shopping Areas and Markets

  • Paseo de las Artes – Artisan goods and crafts from local artists
  • Patio Olmos – Upscale shopping mall with major international brands
  • Nueva Córdoba – Trendy boutiques and independent shops
  • Plaza España – Shops surrounding picturesque plaza in the city center
  • Mercado Norte – Historic indoor market with produce, cafes, crafts

Top Grocery Chains:

  • Carrefour – Major supermarket with a diverse product range
  • Walmart – Large supermarket known for low prices
  • La Anónima – Popular local chain with quality meats and produce
  • Vea – Supermarket chain with imported goods and baked items
  • Dia% – Discount supermarket with competitive pricing
Best Market/StoresLocationSpecialtiesHours
Paseo de las ArtesCity CenterLocal artisan goodsDaily 10 am – 9 pm
Patio OlmosNueva CórdobaHigh-end international brandsDaily 10 am – 10 pm
Nueva CórdobaDowntownBoutiques, trendy shopsVaries
Plaza EspañaCity CenterShops around plazaVaries
Mercado NorteCity CenterProduce, crafts, cafesMon – Sat 7 am – 1 pm
CarrefourVariousDiverse grocery rangeDaily 9 am – 10 pm
WalmartVariousLow pricesDaily 9 am – 10 pm
La AnónimaVariousQuality meats, produceDaily 9 am – 9 pm
VeaVariousImported goods, bakeryDaily 9 am – 9 pm
Dia%VariousDiscount pricesDaily 9 am – 9 pm

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Budgets for Different Travel Styles in Córdoba Argentina

Backpacker Budget

  • Daily Budget
  • Accommodation: Hostel dorm ($15-20 USD / $3,000-4,000 ARS)
  • Food: Markets, food stands ($5-10 USD / $1,000-2,000 ARS)
  • Transportation: Bus ($1-2 USD / $200-400 ARS)
  • Activities: Free walking tours ($0 USD / $0 ARS)
  • Total: $25-35 USD / $5,000-7,000 ARS

Weekly Budget

  • Accommodation: Hostel dorm ($100-150 USD / $20,000-30,000 ARS)
  • Food: Groceries, cheap eats ($50-75 USD / $10,000-15,000 ARS)
  • Transportation: Buses ($10-15 USD / $2,000-3,000 ARS)
  • Activities: Free sights ($5-10 USD / $1,000-2,000 ARS)
  • Total: $175-250 USD / $35,000-50,000 ARS

Monthly Budget

  • Accommodation: Hostel ($350-500 USD / $70,000-100,000 ARS)
  • Food: Groceries, markets ($120-180 USD / $24,000-36,000 ARS)
  • Transportation: Buses ($20-30 USD / $4,000-6,000 ARS)
  • Activities: Free attractions ($10-20 USD / $2,000-4,000 ARS)
  • Total: $550-750 USD / $110,000-150,000 ARS

Mid-Range Budget

Daily Budget

  • Accommodation: Budget hotel ($40-60 USD / $8,000-12,000 ARS)
  • Food: Local restaurants ($15-25 USD / $3,000-5,000 ARS)
  • Transportation: Taxi, train ($5-10 USD / $1,000-2,000 ARS)
  • Activities: Museums, tours ($10-20 USD / $2,000-4,000 ARS)
  • Total: $80-120 USD / $16,000-24,000 ARS

Weekly Budget

  • Accommodation: Hotel ($250-400 USD / $50,000-80,000 ARS)
  • Food: Restaurants ($100-150 USD / $20,000-30,000 ARS)
  • Transportation: Rental car, train ($50-100 USD / $10,000-20,000 ARS)
  • Activities: Guided tours ($50-100 USD / $10,000-20,000 ARS)
  • Total: $500-750 USD / $100,000-150,000 ARS

Monthly Budget

  • Accommodation: Apartment ($700-1,200 USD / $140,000-240,000 ARS)
  • Food: Dining out, groceries ($250-400 USD / $50,000-80,000 ARS)
  • Transportation: Rental car, Uber ($100-200 USD / $20,000-40,000 ARS)
  • Activities: Tours, events ($150-250 USD / $30,000-50,000 ARS)
  • Total: $1,300-2,000 USD / $260,000-400,000 ARS

Luxury Budget

Daily Budget

  • Accommodation: 4-5 star hotel ($300-500 USD / $60,000-100,000 ARS)
  • Food: Fine dining ($150-250+ USD / $30,000-50,000+ ARS)
  • Transportation: Private car ($100-150 USD / $20,000-30,000 ARS)
  • Activities: Exclusive tours ($150-250 USD / $30,000-50,000 ARS)
  • Total: $750+ USD / $150,000+ ARS

Weekly Budget

  • Accommodation: 4-5 star hotel ($2,000-3,500 USD / $400,000-700,000 ARS)
  • Food: Upscale restaurants ($500-1,000 USD / $100,000-200,000 ARS)
  • Transportation: Private car ($500-750 USD / $100,000-150,000 ARS)
  • Activities: VIP Tours ($500-1,000 USD / $100,000-200,000 ARS)
  • Total: $4,000+ USD / $800,000+ ARS

Monthly Budget

  • Accommodation: Luxury apartment ($4,000-8,000 USD / $800,000-1,600,000 ARS)
  • Food: Fine dining, delivery ($2,000-4,000 USD / $400,000-800,000 ARS)
  • Transportation: Private driver ($1,500-3,000 USD / $300,000-600,000 ARS)
  • Activities: Exclusive experiences ($2,000-4,000 USD / $400,000-800,000 ARS)
  • Total: $10,000+ USD / $2,000,000+ ARS

Cost of Communication and International Sim Card Data Plans in Córdoba Argentina

The main providers in Córdoba are Movistar, Claro, and Personal. They offer prepaid SIM cards with unlimited data plans:

  • Movistar Unlimited – $800 ARS ($8 USD) for 7 days
  • Claro Unlimited – $900 ARS ($9 USD) for 7 days
  • Personal Unlimited – $1,200 ARS ($12 USD) for 7 days

SIM cards can be purchased at kiosks and stores in Córdoba by showing your passport. Top up for additional 7-day periods as needed.

Using an international eSIM like Airalo is also an option. Airalo offers flexible plans starting at $7 for 1GB of data in Argentina. More data can be added as needed.

Tips to save data when traveling:

  • Connect to free WiFi networks when available
  • Download offline maps and translation apps
  • Limit streaming high bandwidth video/music
  • Disable auto-updates and background refreshing
  • Use messaging apps like WhatsApp to communicate

Using an International eSIM

Popular eSIM providers like Airalo and Holafly offer affordable data plans in Argentina:

  • Airalo eSIM – $7 for 1GB data, $49 for 5GB
  • HolaFly ESIM

Benefits of using an eSIM include:

  • No need to get a local SIM card
  • Flexible plans, change data amounts as needed
  • Unlimited data available with top-up
  • Stay connected right upon arrival

With an eSIM like Airalo or HolaFly, you can access mobile data immediately without swapping SIMs. These providers offer easy signup directly from your phone and instant activation.

For longer trips, Unlimited eSIM plans are convenient:

  • Airalo Unlimited – $49 for 30 days
  • HolaFly

Using an international eSIM enables unlimited data on the go while traveling in Córdoba. With plans starting around $7, you can affordably stay connected.

Best Times to Visit Córdoba Argentina During Your Trip

Córdoba Argentina unfolds its beauty across four distinct seasons, each offering a unique tapestry of experiences. Whether you’re drawn to the warmth of summer, the vibrant hues of fall, the winter wonderlands, or the blossoming landscapes of spring, Córdoba Argentina has a season to captivate every traveler.

Seasonal Differences in Córdoba Argentina

Summer (December-February)

Pros: Warm, sunny weather perfect for exploring the city and surrounding sierras. Vibrant festivals and nightlife.

Cons: Peak tourist crowds and prices.

Fall (March-May)

Pros: Pleasant temperatures, fewer tourists, hotel rates 30-50% lower than peak months.

Cons: Increased rainfall, especially in March.

Winter (June-August)

Pros: No crowds at attractions. Lowest hotel rates and airfares.

Cons: Cold temperatures, rain, and occasional snow. Reduced opening hours at some sites.

Spring (September-November)

Pros: Mild, comfortable weather ideal for outdoor activities. Blooming jacaranda trees.

Cons: Increased rain in November.

Best Times By Activity:

  • Hiking & Biking: October-April (mild temps, no snow)
  • Festivals & Events: January-March (peak festival season)
  • Budget Travel: May-September (lower prices, fewer tourists)
  • Skiing Nearby: June-September (snow season)
  • Wildlife Spotting: September-November (bird migration)

We recommend fall or spring to experience Córdoba and the Sierras at their best, without the intense crowds and heat of the high season.

Pros and Cons by Season

Summer (Dec-Feb)Warm weather, sunny days, vibrant festivals & nightlifePeak crowds, high prices, hot temps
Fall (Mar-May)Mild temps, fewer tourists, lower hotel ratesCold, rain/snow, reduced sight hours
Winter (Jun-Aug)No crowds, lowest prices, ideal for nearby skiingNo crowds, the lowest prices, ideal for nearby skiing
Spring (Sep-Nov)Pleasant weather, blooming jacarandas, bird migrationMore rain in November, and whale watching ends in early Nov

Plan your Argentine adventure wisely, aligning your interests with the best season for a truly immersive and unforgettable experience. 🌎✨

Best Areas, Neighborhoods, and Nearby cities to visit In Córdoba Argentina

Córdoba, Argentina is filled with breathtaking landscapes and cultural richness, inviting explorers to discover its lively neighborhoods and the nearby cities that add to its beauty.

Must-See Neighborhoods in Córdoba:

  • Nueva Córdoba – Trendy shops and dining, vibrant nightlife
  • Güemes – Bohemian and artsy scene, antique shops
  • Alta Córdoba – Markets, authentic restaurants, mountain views
  • Centro – Historic heart of the city, Córdoba Cathedral

Each neighborhood provides a unique glimpse into Córdoba’s culture, history, cuisine, and natural beauty. Exploring these vibrant areas offers an insider’s perspective.

Top Day Trips from Córdoba:

DestinationHighlightsTravel Time
Sierras de CórdobaHiking, mountain villages, scenic vistas1-2 hours
Jesuit Missions CircuitHistoric Jesuit ruins like Alta Gracia1-2 hours
Salinas GrandesSpectacular salt flats, lunar landscapes3 hours
Villa General BelgranoTraditional German-style village1 hour
EstanciasTour working cattle ranches1-2 hours
Mina ClaveroHot springs, river landscapes3 hours
La CumbrecitaCharming mountain town2 hours

Nearby Cities Worth Exploring

Here are some neighboring cities worth visiting from Córdoba, Argentina:

  • Villa General Belgrano
  • Traditional German-influenced mountain village
  • Oktoberfest celebrations, craft breweries
  • La Cumbrecita
  • A charming mountain town in the Sierras
  • Hiking, swimming in the river, relaxing pace
  • Alta Gracia
  • Historic town with well-preserved Jesuit architecture
  • Estancia museum, craft fair, parade
  • Jesús María
  • Jesuit Estancia Museum and route
  • Picturesque colonial architecture
  • Local artisan goods shopping

The countryside surrounding Córdoba offers scenic natural beauty and glimpses into Argentina’s history and culture. By visiting these charming towns you will have a look into traditional life.

Table of the Best Areas, Cities, and Neighborhoods to Live in Córdoba Argentina

Best Areas/Neighborhoods to Visit in Córdoba ArgentinaDescriptionAvg Monthly Rent (USD)Avg Monthly Rent (ARS)Additional Insights
Nueva CórdobaTrendy, vibrant area near city center$800 – $1,200160,000 – 240,000 ARSWalkable, close to nightlife and shops
GüemesBohemian vibe, art galleries, cafes$700 – $1,000140,000 – 200,000 ARSArtsy, good rental options
Cerro de las RosasUpscale, green neighborhood$1,000 – $1,500200,000 – 300,000 ARSSafe, next to mountains
Alta CórdobaMarkets, patios, local culture$600 – $800120,000 – 160,000 ARSAuthentic neighborhood, affordable
CentroHistoric city center$900 – $1,300180,000 – 260,000 ARSNear key sights, can be noisy

Nueva Córdoba, Güemes, and Alta Córdoba offer great neighborhood vibes with lower prices. Upscale Cerro de las Rosas and central Centro cost more.

Useful Resources For Planning Your Budget in Córdoba Argentina

Expat Facebook group:

Argentina Tourism Board:

Argentina Data:

Ministry of Culture:

Embassy of Argentina:

Government of Argentina:

Argentina Local Rental Websites:

  • Zonaprop
  • MercadoLibre Inmuebles
  • Check out these websites to explore rental listings and properties in Argentina.
  • For exchanging money use Wise Which is the best option if you are a digital nomad and Expat. a cheaper option to send and receive money internationally rather than exchanging money through other platforms like Paypal, Payoneer costs a lot of money for exchange fees and rates
    • Booking Flights: To Find insane flight deals, search on Google Flights, Skyscanner and choose the monthly option to find the best day to fly on.

Conclusion on Trip Costs in Córdoba Argentina

In summary, preparing for a journey to Córdoba, Argentina, requires careful budgeting for various aspects such as lodging, meals, transportation, and activities. With strategic planning and the insights provided, Córdoba presents itself as a destination that can be enjoyed within a wide range of budgets.

Key Córdoba Argentina Costs

Planning your trip to Córdoba Argentina involves considering various costs.

Here are the typical costs to expect when planning a trip to Córdoba, Argentina:

Flights: Roundtrip flights from North America/Europe range from $900 – $1,500 USD. Flying during shoulder season can yield better fares.


  • Hostels – $15-$25 USD per night
  • Budget hotels – $40-$60 USD per night
  • Mid-range hotels – $100-$150 USD per night
  • Luxury hotels/apartments – $200+ USD per night
  • Monthly rentals – $300-$900 USD


  • Budget meals – $5-$10 USD per meal
  • Mid-range restaurants – $15-$25 USD per meal
  • Upscale dining – $30+ USD per meal
  • Groceries – $200-$400 USD per month


  • Public bus – $0.5-$1 USD per ride
  • Taxis – $5-$15 USD per ride
  • Rental cars – $30-$60 USD per day, $250-$500 per month


  • Free attractions like parks, walking tours
  • Paid tours and activities – $15-$100 USD

Total Trip Costs:

  • 1 week: Budget ($500-$800 USD), Mid-Range ($1,200-$2,000 USD), Luxury ($3,000+ USD)
  • 2 weeks: Double the 1-week costs
  • Monthly: $800-$1,200 USD

Daily Costs:

  • Budget: $25-$40 USD
  • Mid-range: $50-$80 USD
  • Luxury: $150+ USD

30 Final Tips for Saving Money in Córdoba Argentina

Here are 30 tips for saving money when visiting Córdoba, Argentina:

  • Book flights and hotels well in advance to get the best rates.
  • Eat at local markets, cafes, and budget-friendly restaurants.
  • Use public transportation like buses and trains to get around.
  • Join free walking tours and free events to experience local culture.
  • Travel during the low season between December and April when prices are lower.
  • Purchase a local SIM card for affordable phone and data usage.
  • Stay in hostels or get monthly Airbnb rentals for cheaper accommodation.
  • Pack light to avoid excess baggage fees when flying.
  • Shop at local markets and cook meals yourself when possible.
  • Learn basic Spanish phrases to better navigate and communicate.
  • Use public bikes, scooters, and collectivo taxis for cheap transportation.
  • Take overnight buses or red-eye flights to save on a night’s accommodation.
  • Stay in authentic neighborhoods away from touristy areas for better value.
  • Negotiate prices at markets and when booking private tours or transfers.
  • Drink inexpensive but tasty local wines, beers, and spirits.
  • Attend free cultural events, festivals, and public performances.
  • Get tourist passes or multi-entry tickets for site entry discounts.
  • Travel with a partner or small group to split costs.
  • Avoid excessive ATM and credit card fees by being strategic.
  • Spend during Argentina’s tax-free shopping week for deals.
  • Consider Couchsurfing or hospitality exchange for free accommodation.
  • Research off-season travel deals and shoulder season airfare sales.
  • Splurge selectively on nicer hotels using discounts and rewards points.
  • Take walking tours and self-guided excursions instead of expensive tours.
  • Head to happy hours for discounted drinks and appetizers.
  • Use public park spaces, benches, and free wifi when available (use a VPN!).
  • Opt for street food, counter service, and no-frills dining options.
  • Stay in dorm rooms at hostels for cheaper social lodging.
  • Book activities, tours, and tickets online in advance for lower prices.
  • Rent apartments directly from residents instead of through platforms.

Thanks so much for reading we hope this helps you with your trip to Córdoba Argentina!

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