BEST DUBAI Packing List 2024 (What To Pack For Dubai UAE)

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From selecting the right attire to packing essential accessories, and insider tips on what not to pack, this guide will ensure you’re well-equipped for your Dubai adventure.

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What To Pack For Dubai Introduction

When preparing for your trip to Dubai, knowing what to pack is essential for a comfortable and hassle-free experience. In Dubai’s hot climate, lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton and linen are essential.

Pack items such as t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, skirts, dresses, pants, and swimwear.

  • Modesty is crucial in public places, remember to cover your shoulders and knees. Consider bringing cardigans, shawls, or scarves for added coverage.
  • For visits to mosques and religious sites, ensure you cover your arms and legs, and women should cover their hair too.
  • When it comes to footwear, sandals, flip-flops, and trainers are recommended, especially for desert activities. Pack a nicer pair of shoes if you plan on visiting upscale venues.
  • Remember to bring essentials like sunscreen, lip balm, and moisturizer to protect yourself from the sun. Additionally, consider packing Imodium, painkillers, and hydration salts for emergencies.

By the end of the article, you will learn all the essentials to pack but here are a few to start with, so by following these packing tips, you’ll be well-prepared for your trip to Dubai.

Table Of Contents

Clothing & Shoes Packing List Table

Lightweight teesSandalsSunscreen
Breathable shirtsTrainersModest scarf
Casual topsFlip flopsSunglasses
Beach cover-upsDress shoes/loafersHat

Pack these essentials to help stay cool and stylish during your Dubai adventures.

Tops For Dubai

Packing your tops for Dubai should prioritize lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen to suit the hot climate of the region.

When in Dubai, it’s important to pack tops that keep you cool while also respecting Dubai’s modesty standards.

  • Be sure to carry tops that cover your shoulders and aren’t too revealing, this goes for both ladies and men.
  • Sleeveless tops are generally acceptable, but carrying a shawl or cardigan to cover up in certain public places is wise.
  • It is acceptable in tourist areas, expat communities, and private venues such as hotels, resorts, and beach clubs but overall you should avoid overly revealing clothing in other areas, including sleeveless tops that expose a lot of skin.

Remember to pack tops that can be paired with shorts, skirts, or pants for versatility in your outfits.

Tank tops

Tank tops made of lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen can help you stay cool while exploring Dubai’s attractions. They can also be suitable for casual outings but remember to consider modesty when dressing for public places in Dubai.

Here are five items to enhance your packing list:

  • Breathable cotton tank tops
  • Linen blend sleeve tops for added comfort
  • Sleeveless stylish tops in neutral colors for versatility
  • Flowy tank tops for a stylish look
  • Moisture-wicking tank tops for outdoor activities

Pair these tank tops with sandals for a chic and practical ensemble perfect for the warm weather in Dubai.

Long-sleeve tops for religious sites

1-2 long-sleeve tops are a good choice to add to your packing list for visits to religious sites in Dubai, ensuring modesty and respect for cultural norms.

When exploring these sacred places, it’s best to cover your arms and legs.

This not only shows respect for the religious sites but also helps you blend in with the local customs.

Below is a table to help you organize your long sleeve tops selection for your trip:

Long Sleeve TopsDescriptionPurpose
Light cottonBreathable fabricModest clothing choice
Flowy blouseLoose and elegantCover arms stylishly
Linen shirtClassic and versatileCover arms comfortably
Silk tunicLuxurious feelElegant modesty
Oversized sweaterCozy and modestCover arms and stay warm

Bottoms For Dubai

When packing for Dubai, make sure to include a variety of bottoms suitable for the hot climate and cultural expectations. Dress in Dubai appropriately by wearing long pants or long skirts for cultural sites.

Men can wear jeans in Dubai, but it’s important to wear something comfortable and breathable.

Here is an overall list of essential bottoms to pack:

  • Lightweight trousers for cultural visits
  • Flowy maxi skirts for modesty
  • Breathable shorts (to the knees) for casual outings
  • Comfortable jeans for versatile styling
  • Linen pants for a mix of comfort and style
Bottoms For Dubai CategoryItems
Shorts– Knee-length or longer shorts for modesty and comfort
Skirts– Maxi skirts (lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen)
– Midi skirts (hit below the knee)
– A-line skirts (modest length with slight flare)
– Wrap skirts (elegant and versatile)
Pants & Jeans– Lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen
– Cover knees for modesty
– Suitable for various activities and settings
Leggings– Black ankle-length leggings
– Breathable moisture-wicking leggings
– High-waisted leggings
– Neutral-colored leggings
– Printed leggings
– Meet modesty requirements
– Lightweight and breathable materials

Alongside your shorts, don’t forget long pants, and swimwear too.

Best Dresses to Wear in Dubai

Type of DressDescription
Midi Dresses– Hit below the knee
– Offer modesty while being stylish
– Fabrics like cotton or chiffon
Long-sleeve Dresses– Lightweight, breathable fabrics
– Loose-fitting with modest necklines
– Cover up and protect from the sun
Wrap Dresses/Skirts– Elegant and versatile
– Neutral colors or understated prints
– Can be styled in different ways
Cotton Sundresses– Casual with modest necklines and lengths
– Perfect for daytime outings and sightseeing
– Pair with sandals for a relaxed look
Maxi Dresses– Cover shoulders and knees for modesty
– Breathable fabrics like cotton or linen
– Suitable for visiting mosques
– Solid colors or subtle prints
Jumpsuits– Lightweight and breathable fabrics
– Adhere to modesty guidelines
– Versatile for day-to-night activities
Dresses for Nights Out– Little black dress
– Maxi dress
– Sequined or embellished dress
– Wrap dress
– Bold colored dress

Swimwear for Dubai

Prepare your swimwear essentials for Dubai’s sunny weather by including versatile and modest options in your packing list.

With beautiful beaches in Dubai and a hot climate, you must pack good swimwear!

Choose lightweight and quick-drying pieces that provide coverage for modesty while enjoying the sun and sand.

Pack sandals or water shoes that are easy to slip on and off for beach outings.

Modest one-piece swimsuits or Conservative 2 piece

As you plan your packing list for Dubai, be sure to include modest one-piece swimsuits or conservative two-piece options that align with the region’s guidelines for swimwear.

Here are some items to consider packing:

  • Modest one-piece swimsuit
  • Conservative two-piece swimsuit with high-waisted bottoms
  • Lightweight cover-up for transitioning from the beach or pool
  • Wide-brimmed hat for sun protection
  • Comfortable sandals for walking around pool areas or beaches

Regardless of your swimwear choice make sure it is respectful of the local culture and climate while allowing you to enjoy the water activities Dubai has to offer.

Rashguard and swim trunks

When considering your clothing and shoe options for Dubai, remember to include a rashguard (men) and swim trunks for your water activities.

Rash guards (women) can be worn both in and out of the water and help protect you from irritants in the sea like salt water, jellyfish stings, sand, chafing, and even abrasions.

For footwear, sandals or flip-flops are ideal for the beach, while trainers are suitable for desert activities.

Ensure you pack toiletries like sunscreen, lip balm, and moisturizer all containing SPF.

Additionally, bring along electronics like a smartphone and camera.

Swimming Trunks for guys

Guys can wear swimming trunks and have the option to go shirtless in appropriate locations.

Make sure to pack the following essentials for your swimwear:

  • Swimwear: Bring comfortable swimming trunks for the beach or pool.
  • Sunscreen: Don’t forget to protect your skin with a high SPF sunscreen.
  • Modest clothing: Have a cover-up like a t-shirt or kimonos/sarong for when not swimming.
  • Shoes: Slip-on sandals or flip-flops are ideal for walking around pool areas.
  • Electronics: Keep your essentials like waterproof phone cases to capture moments by the water.

Ensure you have these items ready for a comfortable and enjoyable time by the water in Dubai.

Burkini or full coverage for Muslim Women

Wondering what essential items to pack for Muslim women seeking full coverage suitable for Dubai’s hot climate?

A burkini can be a great choice for swimming while ensuring you’re covered appropriately.

Sweaters & Jackets For Night time in Dubai

To prepare for cooler evenings in Dubai, ensure you pack these essentials, or just a few of them.

Sweaters & Jackets CategoryItems
Jackets– Denim jacket (versatile and stylish for layering)
– Windbreaker (ideal for blocking chilly winds)
– Fleece jacket (cozy option for extra warmth)
– Bomber jacket (trendy and lightweight choice)
Cardigans and Shawls– Light cardigans and shawls (for modest coverage and varying temperatures)
Sweaters– Light sweater (for cooler evenings)
– Cardigan (for layering in AC places)
– Pullover (for winter months)
– Hoodie (provides extra warmth)
– Cashmere blend sweater (luxury and warmth for AC)

Light jacket for December-February

The weather in Dubai during these months can be milder, with average temperatures ranging from 57°F (14°C) to 73°F (23°C).

Light JacketDescriptionOccasion
DenimCasual and stylishEvening outings
BomberTrendy and versatileDinners or events
LeatherChic and edgyNighttime activities
UtilityFunctional and cozyDesert excursions

These light jackets can be paired with your outfits to add a layer of warmth while exploring Dubai during the winter months.

Undergarments For Dubai

As you prepare your packing list for Dubai, ensure to include appropriate undergarments that are comfortable and suitable for the hot climate.

Here are five essential items to include in your undergarments selection:

  • Breathable cotton underwear
  • Lightweight camisoles or tank tops
  • Seamless bras for comfort
  • Moisture-wicking socks
  • Slip shorts to prevent chafing

Sleepwear For Dubai

Include lightweight and breathable sleepwear options in your Dubai packing list for comfort in the warm climate.

Here are some key items to pack:

  • Cotton pajama set
  • Loose-fitting nightgown
  • Lightweight shorts and a tank top
  • Breathable sleep shirt
  • Soft lounging robe

Light pajamas

Light PajamasDescriptionRecommended Fabric
Loose-fitting pantsComfortable for sleepingCotton
Capri-length bottomsModest and breathableLinen
Short-sleeve topAllows airflowBamboo
Lightweight robeExtra coverage when neededSilk
NightgownFeminine and breathableModal

Ensure your nightwear keeps you cool, comfy, and modest while you rest in Dubai.

Shoes For Dubai

Consider packing a variety of shoes suitable for different activities and venues in Dubai to ensure you’re prepared for any occasion.

Here are some essential items to include in your shoe selection:

FootwearKey Points
Versatile Sandals– Breathable and comfortable for hot climate
– Suitable for desert activities and public places
– Lightweight materials to keep cool
– Apply sunscreen on feet
Flip Flops– Easy to slip on/off for mosque visits
– Suitable for beach/poolside
– Keep feet cool in hot weather
– Comply with modest dress code
– Comfortable for long walks
Sneakers/Trainers– Comfortable for long walks and desert activities
– Provide foot support
– Functional and stylish options (e.g., Nike, Adidas)
Nice Shoes for Upscale Places– Classic leather loafers
– Elegant ballet flats
– Stylish block heels
– Chic ankle boots
– Sophisticated dress sandals
– Maintain modesty and cultural norms

Strappy sandals are a great choice for the warm weather, offering comfort, security, and style.

Accessories and Documentation For Dubai Packing List Table

When packing for Dubai, make sure you include jewelry and bags suitable for different occasions.

Consider evening jewelry and accessories for upscale venues, a crossbody or anti-theft bag for security, a beach bag for days by the water, and an evening clutch or purse for formal events.

Jewelry & Bags For Dubai

When packing for Dubai, here are some essential jewelry and bags to include:

  • Statement necklace: Adds a touch of glamour to your outfits.
  • Crossbody handbag: Practical and keeps your belongings secure while exploring.
  • Stackable bracelets: Versatile pieces to mix and match with different looks.
  • Chic clutch: Perfect for evenings out or upscale venues.
  • Sunglasses: Essential for both style and protection from the sun.

These items will complement your outfits and keep your belongings organized throughout your trip.

Evening jewelry and accessories

Go for elegant pieces that add a touch of sophistication without being too flashy.

Here is a table to guide you when selecting the perfect evening jewelry and accessories:

Type of AccessoryDescriptionStyling Tip
Statement EarringsSparkly and eye-catchingPair with an updo for a glamorous look
Delicate NecklaceSimple and elegantLayer with other necklaces for a trendy vibe
Chic ClutchSmall and stylishChoose a metallic hue for versatility

Consider carrying a small elegant evening clutch or purse in your Dubai packing list to add a touch of sophistication to your nighttime outfits.

Crossbody or anti-theft bag

For your Dubai packing list, a crossbody or anti-theft bag is a practical and secure accessory to consider bringing along for your travels. It allows you to keep your valuables close and safe while exploring the city.

Here are some items to consider packing in your crossbody or anti-theft bag:

  • Travel essentials: Passport, visa, travel insurance documentation
  • Modesty clothing: Scarf or shawl for covering up in public places
  • Toiletries: Sunscreen, lip balm, and anti-chafing cream
  • Electronics: Smartphone, camera, and travel adapter
  • Other essentials: Cash, credit cards, and booking confirmations
  • Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the bright sun while exploring Dubai.

Remember to avoid packing prohibited items like substances, pork products, and excessive alcohol to ensure a smooth travel experience.

Beach bag

When heading to the beach in Dubai, ensure your beach bag is packed with essential accessories and documentation.

Don’t forget to include your swimwear, sunscreen to protect against the strong sun, a towel for lounging, comfortable sandals for walking on the hot sand, and any other beach accessories you may need.

Water bottle: Stay hydrated throughout the day, especially in the desert heat.

It’s also a good idea to carry some cash, credit cards, and any necessary booking confirmations for beach activities or transit.

Nightlife Essentials

When preparing for the vibrant nightlife in Dubai, here are some essential items to consider packing:

  • Packing Cubes: Keep your evening wear organized and wrinkle-free.
  • Travel Adapter: Ensure your devices stay charged to capture memorable moments.
  • Travel Towel: Handy for freshening up or unexpected adventures.
  • Essential Items: Don’t forget your ID, credit cards, and some cash for a worry-free night out.
  • Nightlife in Dubai: Embrace the city’s glamorous atmosphere with a stylish clutch to complement your evening attire.

Hats & Scarves For Dubai

Pack lightweight hats and scarves to accessorize and protect yourself from the sun while exploring Dubai’s vibrant streets and attractions. In Dubai, modesty is key, especially when visiting mosques and public places. Scarves can be versatile, offering a stylish way to cover up when needed. Keep head coverings in your bag for mosque visits.

Sun hat

Make sure to include a lightweight sun hat in your Dubai packing list to stay protected from the intense sunshine while exploring.

When you pack for Dubai, consider these items:

  • Wide-brimmed sun hat to shield your face and neck from the sun.
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays.
  • Sunscreen with high SPF for skin protection.
  • A reusable water bottle to stay hydrated in the heat.
  • A compact umbrella for sudden rain showers and for extra shade.

Pashmina or scarf

Remember to include a versatile pashmina or scarf for added versatility in your outfits and cultural appropriateness.

When visiting mosques and religious sites, it’s important to cover your arms, legs, and for women, to cover their hair too.

These accessories not only add a stylish touch to your outfits but also serve a practical purpose in ensuring you’re appropriately dressed for various occasions in Dubai.

Sunglasses For Dubai

Consider bringing a stylish pair of sunglasses to complement your outfits and protect your eyes from the bright Dubai sun on your trip.

  • Polarized sunglasses to reduce glare and UV protection.
  • A durable sunglasses case to prevent damage.
  • Trendy oversized sunglasses for a chic look.
  • Sporty sunglasses for outdoor activities.
  • Classic aviators for a versatile style.

Additionally, sunglasses can aid in maintaining modesty by shielding your eyes from direct contact with others.

Hard sunglasses case

Make sure your sunglasses stay secure and scratch-free with a durable protective case to prevent damage during travel.

Here are some items to consider for your eyewear protection:

  • Microfiber cleaning cloth: Keep your sunglasses clean and smudge-free.
  • Floating strap: Ideal for water activities to ensure your sunglasses stay afloat.
  • Polarized sunglasses: Enhance your vision and reduce glare from the sun.
  • Adjustable eyewear retainer: Securely hold your sunglasses around your neck when not in use.
  • UV protection spray: Additional protection against harmful sun rays for your eyewear.

Documents & Electronics For Dubai

Remember to pack a travel adapter for Type G plugs and consider a voltage converter if your device operates on 120V.

Don’t forget your smartphone, camera, headphones, and a battery pack to capture memories and stay connected.

If you need access to blocked services, bring a VPN for secure browsing.

Make sure you have these important documents and essential gadgets to make the most of your trip to this vibrant city.

Documents & Electronics For Dubai CategoryItems
Travel Documents– Passport (valid for at least 6 months from entry date)
– Visa (check requirements)
– Travel insurance (unexpected emergencies)
Money– Cash (local currency for taxis, small purchases)
– Credit cards (inform bank, check foreign transaction fees)
Other Essentials– Driver’s license (if planning to drive)
– Booking confirmations
– Prescription medications
Electronics– Smartphone (communication, navigation, information)
– Camera (capture memories)
– Headphones (music, podcasts, in flight)
– Travel adapter (Type G outlets)
– Battery pack + portable chargers (useful for long outings or tours)

Power bank and travel adapters For Dubai

Power BankKeep your devices charged on the goStay connected
Travel AdaptersEnsure compatibility with Type G plugsElectronics usability
Voltage ConverterConvert voltage if neededDevice protection

Having a power bank ensures your devices stay powered up throughout the day, while travel adapters are vital for plugging into Dubai’s Type G outlets. Consider a voltage converter if your electronics require a different voltage input.

Toiletries Packing List

When packing your toiletries for Dubai, don’t forget your skincare and cosmetics essentials.

Remember to include sunscreen, moisturizers, minimal makeup, and travel-size perfume.

Also, remember to pack haircare items such as shampoo, conditioner, and styling products to keep your hair looking its best in the heat.

Ensuring you have these toiletries will help you stay fresh and prepared for your adventures in Dubai.

Toiletries CategoryItems
Skincare & Cosmetics– Sunscreen (high SPF)
– Lip balm
– Moisturizer
– Anti-chafing cream
– Makeup remover wipes
– Foundation/BB cream
– Mascara (waterproof)
– Blush/Bronzer
– Perfume
– Setting spray
Haircare– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Styling products
– Hair dryer (usually provided)
– Brush and comb
– Hair ties and bobby pins
– Hair spray
Medicines & Hygiene– Imodium
– Painkillers
– Hydration salts
– Approved prescription medications
– First aid kit with bandages
– Motion sickness tablets
– Personal care products

Packing List For Kids & Babies For Dubai

When packing for kids and babies in Dubai, remember essential items like a lightweight stroller, baby carrier, or sling for convenience while exploring.

Don’t forget snacks, baby food, and formula to keep them nourished and entertained.

Ensuring you have these items will help make your trip with little ones more comfortable and enjoyable.

Strollers & Carriers

Here are some items to consider for your trip:

  • Stroller: Lightweight and easy to fold for travel convenience.
  • Baby Carrier: Opt for a comfortable and ergonomic carrier for hands-free exploring.
  • Diaper Bag: Keep all baby essentials organized and easily accessible.
  • Sunshade: Attachable sunshade to protect your little one from Dubai’s strong sun.
  • Portable High Chair: Useful for dining out with your baby or toddler.

These items will make your family travel experience in Dubai much smoother and enjoyable.

Lightweight stroller

In the hot climate of Dubai, it’s essential to have a convenient way to transport your child while ensuring they stay cool and comfortable.

Consider these items when packing for kids for a trip to Dubai:

Travel EssentialsRecommendations
Lightweight StrollerEasy to maneuver in crowded areas and provides shade for your child.
Clothing for DubaiOpt for lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton for your child’s comfort in the heat. Remember to pack modest clothing for public places.
Modesty in Public PlacesCover shoulders and knees to respect local customs and traditions.
Baby Carriers– Ergonomic baby carrier
– Lightweight baby sling
– Adjustable straps
– Breathable fabric
– Secure buckles/rings
Feeding Essentials– Snacks (fruit pouches, cereal bars, crackers)
– Baby food jars/pouches
– Formula powder/liquid
– Snack cups/containers
– Feeding spoons/utensils
– Bibs
– Cups
Entertainment– Coloring books
– Small puzzles
– Stuffed animals
– Travel board games
– Action figures/dolls
Diapering– Diapers
– Wipes
– Rash cream
Clothing– Modest clothing
– Mosque-appropriate outfits (covering arms and legs)
– Desert activity clothes (hats, sunglasses)
Toiletries– Baby-friendly sunscreen
– Moisturizer
– Specific toiletries for your child

Rash cream is crucial to prevent and treat any skin irritations that may arise due to the heat and humidity. The hot weather in Dubai can sometimes lead to rashes, so having rash cream on hand is a must.

Luggage & Packing Aids For Dubai Packing List

When packing for Dubai, consider bringing a suitcase or backpack that suits your travel needs.

Use packing cubes to keep your belongings organized and easily accessible.

Suitcases & Backpacks

  • Rolling Suitcase: Ideal for smooth mobility in airports and hotels.
  • Backpack with Laptop Compartment: Great for carrying electronics securely.
  • Packing Cubes: Keep your modest clothing separate and organized.
  • Travel Toiletry Bag: Ensure easy access to your toiletries in hot weather.
  • Portable Luggage Scale: Prevent surprises at the airport with weight limits. I carry this with me as it is durable and however I pack my suitcase or bookbag I can always make sure it is within the weight limit!

Checked suitcase

Here’s a table to help you organize your checked suitcase efficiently:

ClothingLightweight fabrics, modest options
ShoesSandals, trainers, a nicer pair for upscale venues
ToiletriesSunscreen, moisturizer, cosmetics
ElectronicsTravel adapter, smartphone, camera

Having these items neatly packed in your checked suitcase will ensure you are well-prepared for your Dubai trip. Make sure to adhere to the packing guidelines and enjoy your travels hassle-free!

Carry-on backpack

Packing a carry-on backpack is essential to conveniently store your travel gear and personal items.

When preparing your carry-on backpack, consider including these items:

  • Lightweight clothing for hot weather
  • Electronics such as a smartphone and camera
  • Travel adapter for Type G plugs
  • Medications like painkillers and Imodium
  • Foldable day bag for outings

Having these items in your carry-on backpack will ensure that you have easy access to your essentials during your flight and throughout your time in Dubai.

Remember to pack lightweight to stay comfortable while exploring the city and to include any necessary electronics for communication and entertainment on the go.

Packing Cubes & Bags For Dubai

Utilizing packing cubes can help you separate your clothing, toiletries, and essentials neatly in your luggage. These cubes are especially handy for preventing wrinkles during your travels.

Additionally, using bags for your shoes, toiletries, and other items can make it easier to locate specific items when needed.

Packing light is key, so choose versatile clothing and pack only the essentials we covered to avoid overpacking.

Safety & Health For Dubai Packing List

When preparing for your Dubai trip, take a first aid kit with bandages, antiseptic, and approved medications.

Safety and Health CategoryItems
First Aid Kit– Imodium
– Painkillers
– Bandages/Band-aids
– Medical letters
Medications– Approved prescription medications
– Antiseptic creams/wipes
– Motion sickness pills
– Antidiarrheal medication (e.g., Imodium)
Sun & Insect Protection– Sunscreen (high SPF)
– Lip balm
Insect repellent
– Modest clothing (long sleeves)
Anti-chafing cream
Hydration– Hydration salts
– Reusable water bottle
– Water filter/purifier

Check out the table below for popular water purifier options:

Water Filter/PurifierTypeFeatures
LifeStrawStrawPortable, filters up to 1,000 liters
Sawyer MiniFilterLightweight, filters to 0.1 microns
Grayl UltralightPurifierFast, removes viruses, bacteria, protozoa

These tools can help you have access to clean drinking water wherever you go in Dubai, ensuring you stay healthy and hydrated throughout your trip.

VPN & Security

For enhanced security and privacy while traveling in Dubai, consider using a VPN to protect your data and ensure digital security in Dubai.

Here are some tips to enhance your online privacy in Dubai:

  • Choose a reputable VPN service provider to ensure reliability.
  • Familiarize yourself with VPN laws and regulations in the UAE.
  • Enable the VPN on all your devices before connecting to public Wi-Fi.
  • Use secure passwords and enable two-factor authentication for added security.
  • Avoid accessing sensitive information or conducting financial transactions on unsecured networks.

You can get it here Nord VPN:

VPN like Nord VPN or Express VPN

Consider VPN options like Nord VPN or Express VPN to ensure secure online connections during your travels. Dubai has restrictions on internet access, and using a VPN can help bypass these limitations, keeping your data safe. it is a must have we use this pretty much all day in every country lol.

Here is a comparison table between Nord VPN and Express VPN:

FeatureNord VPNExpress VPN
Servers5000+ servers in 60 countries3000+ servers in 94 countries
SpeedFast speeds for streaming and browsingKnown for high-speed connections
SecurityMilitary-grade encryption and strict no-logs policyTrustedServer technology and Network Lock feature
Simultaneous ConnectionsUp to 6 devicesUp to 5 devices
PriceAffordable pricing plans with a 30-day money-back guaranteeSlightly more expensive but offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

Photocopies of documents

Consider making photocopies of your important documents to ensure you’re prepared while packing for Dubai.

  • Passport: Keep a copy of the identification page in a separate place.
  • Visa: Have a photocopy of your visa to facilitate any verification.
  • Travel insurance documentation: Carry duplicates of your insurance details for emergencies.
  • Booking confirmations: Make copies of your reservations for easy reference.
  • Driver’s license: Keep a photocopy of your license handy if you plan on driving in Dubai.

RFID-blocking wallet

With the busy city’s many attractions and shopping opportunities, having an RFID-blocking wallet/blocking sleeve is a smart addition to protect your passports and credit cards when traveling.

RFID-blocking wallets prevent hackers from scanning and stealing your sensitive data, providing peace of mind during your trip.

What Not to Bring To Dubai UAE

When packing for Dubai, remember not to bring prohibited items like illegal substances, too much alcohol, Israeli products, or pork products.

It’s important to be aware of these restrictions to ensure a smooth entry and to avoid any issues during your stay in the UAE.

Prohibited & Restricted Items in Dubai

CategoryProhibited Items
Substances– Illegal substances of any kind
– Prescription medications without proper documentation
Alcohol– Exceeding the alcohol limits (4L spirits or 24 cans of beer)
Other Items– Israeli products (due to local regulations and sensitivities)

Failure to comply can result in legal consequences or issues during entry.

CategoryProhibited Items
Food Items– Pork products (bacon, ham, sausages, pepperoni, pork jerky) – Prohibited in Islam
– No Israeli Products
Medications– Prescription medications without proper doctor’s letter and documentation
Weapons– No Tasers or other weapons overall
– Knives or sharp objects
Gambling Equipment– Playing cards
– Dice
– Roulette wheels
– Other gambling paraphernalia

It’s essential to respect local laws and cultural sensitivities when visiting Dubai.

Don’t insult the Religion

Refrain from bringing any items that may insult the religion when traveling to Dubai, UAE.

Here are five items you should avoid bringing to Dubai to show respect for customs:

  • Revealing clothing that doesn’t cover shoulders and knees
  • Clothing with offensive language or symbols
  • Items with religious imagery that may be considered disrespectful
  • Pork products or any products made from pork
  • Any literature or materials that disrespect or insult the Islamic faith

What Not to Do in Dubai

Respect the local customs and laws by refraining from carrying or using prohibited items.

Additionally, it’s important to dress appropriately in Dubai.

Avoid wearing revealing outfits like bikinis in Dubai, especially in public areas.

Wear clothing that covers your shoulders and knees to show respect for the local traditions.

Be mindful of your actions and avoid behaviors that could be considered offensive or disrespectful.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure an enjoyable stay in Dubai while showing consideration for the local culture and customs.

Conclusion on Dubai Packing List!

With smart packing and a little preparation, you’ll be able to enjoy all that Dubai has to offer hassle-free.

As you prepare for your exciting adventure in Dubai, remember to embrace modesty while still incorporating your unique style.

Be sure to pack the right essentials for the desert climate, and prioritize your comfort and well-being by including sunscreen, hydration salts, and any necessary medications.

Remember to pack lightweight, breathable clothing, essential toiletries, and important documents.

At the same time, remain mindful of local regulations by avoiding prohibited items like pork products, weapons, and excessive alcohol.

By packing thoughtfully, you’ll be well-prepared to enjoy yourself in Dubai’s vibrant culture while staying cool, comfortable, and respectful throughout your journey.

Have comfort knowing that your perfectly curated packing list has you covered for every adventure that awaits.

Happy travels!

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