COST Of A Trip To Jeddah Saudi Arabia 2024 (Our Experience)

Cost of a Trip to Jeddah Saudi Arabia

The cost of a trip to Jeddah Saudi Arabia can definitely be affordable with the right budgeting processes and Visiting the historic port city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia can seem daunting when thinking about costs.

However, with some insider tips and budget preparation, you can have an affordable trip to this incredible coastal destination that we personally Love Living in.

To give you context on costs, we spent approximately $1,540 – $1,890 per month while living in Jeddah. By opting for furnished apartments in local neighborhoods instead of hotels, shopping for groceries and eating delicious local Middle Eastern cuisine, using public transportation and occasionally renting motorbikes, we kept our expenses reasonable.

Jeddah offers historic mosques, museums, souks, and Corniche promenades to explore. The welcoming locals happily guide visitors around their beloved Balad (old city). Research accommodations in residential districts to experience authentic Saudi culture.

Learn key Arabic phrases and prepare your tastebuds for flavorful dishes like mandi, saleeg, and kunafa. Use affordable ridesharing services, rent a motorbike per month and public buses/metro to get around.

With some planning around costs and logistics, Jeddah can be an accessible destination even on a moderate budget. This guide provides in depth tips and videos to make your visit easy and enjoyable you will not find anything like this guide on the internet we promise you that!

Here is our guide we did for the cost of living in Jeddah Saudi Arabia for more information after you finish this guide.

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Average Cost of a Trip to Jeddah Saudi Arabia Breakdown:

Flights: Roundtrip flights from major hubs now range $823.20-$1,763.50 (SAR 3,087 – SAR 6,594). Opting for shoulder season travel can offer savings.


  • Hostels ($17.85-$58.80/night)
  • Budget hotels ($35.70-$117.60/night)
  • Mid-range hotels ($94.50-$294)
  • Luxury hotels ($294+/night)
  • Apartments from $630 – $2,100 per month (SAR 2,362.50 – SAR 7,875)


  • Dining at local restaurants and local street markets ($6.30-$17.85 per meal)
  • Mid-range eateries ($17.85-$35.70 per meal)
  • Upscale dining ($35.70+ per meal)
  • Groceries are around $352.80/month (SAR 1,323/month)


  • Public transit ($0.588-$2.352 per ride)
  • Taxis ($6.30-$23.10 short trip)
  • Rental cars ($29.40-$117.60/day)
  • Transport costs from $105 – $735 per month (SAR 393.75 – SAR 2,768.75)


  • Major attractions ($6.30-$35.70 entry)
  • Organized tours ($58.80-$588/day)
  • Adventures ($35.70-$176.40+)

Daily Cost of a trip to Jeddah Saudi Arabia:

  • Budget ($58.80-$117.60/day) (SAR 220.50 – SAR 441/day)
  • Mid-Range ($117.60-$235.20/day) (SAR 441 – SAR 882/day)
  • Luxury ($235.20+/day) (SAR 882+/day)

Weekly Cost of a trip to Jeddah Saudi Arabia:

  • Budget ($411.60-$823.20/week) (SAR 1,540.50 – SAR 3,087/week)
  • Mid-Range ($823.20-$1,646.40/week) (SAR 3,087 – SAR 6,594/week)
  • Luxury ($1,646.40+/week) (SAR 6,594+/week)

Monthly Cost of a trip to Jeddah Saudi Arabia:

  • Budget ($1,293.60-$1,763.50) (SAR 4,855 – SAR 6,594)
  • Mid-Range ($2,352-$3,528) (SAR 8,820 – SAR 13,230)
  • Luxury ($3,528+) (SAR 13,230+)

And If you are interested in amazing tours in Jeddah Saudi Arabia you can check them out here on Get Your Guide:

Table of Factors Influencing Trip Costs to Jeddah:

Factors influencing the cost of a trip to JeddahDescriptionImpact on Cost
SeasonPeak season is October to April with pleasant weather but higher demand. Off-season May-September brings discounts but very hot weather. Prices are 20-30% lower in the off-season across flights, hotels, and tours.Off-peak season offers 20-30% lower prices for flights, hotels, and tours.
Trip LengthLonger stays in Jeddah spread out costs like flights, rental cars, and repeat expenses. Monthly costs are 50-60% cheaper than weekly costs.Longer stays lead to cost spreading, making monthly costs 50-60% cheaper compared to weekly costs.
DestinationsJeddah city is more expensive than smaller surrounding towns and rural areas. The cost of living in smaller towns can be 50%+ cheaper.Smaller towns and rural areas offer a cost of living 50%+ cheaper than Jeddah city.
AccommodationHostels, basic apartments and budget hotels in Jeddah can be 60%+ cheaper than 5-star hotels. Choosing budget options cuts costs in half or more.Opting for budget accommodations like hostel, basic apartments and budget hotels can cut costs by 60%+.
TransportationTaking trains, buses, and shared taxis can save 50-75% over flying or luxury transportation in and around Jeddah.Opting for trains, buses, renting a motorbike and shared taxis can save 50-75% over flying or luxury transportation.
ActivitiesOutdoor adventures, exclusive tours, and high-end entertainment in Jeddah cost more than basic cultural sights, parks, and free events. Prioritizing free attractions over expensive tours/events can cut activity costs in half.Prioritizing free attractions over expensive tours and events can reduce activity costs by 50%.
Spending HabitsLuxury preferences will increase costs substantially compared to budget-conscious decisions.Opting for budget-conscious decisions over luxury preferences can substantially reduce overall costs.

Transportation options and Costs in Jeddah Saudi Arabia during your trip

trip Cost of a Transport to Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Here is the overview of the Transportation options and costs in Jeddah Saudi Arabia during your trip:

Transportation Options and Costs During Your Trip to JeddahCost in USDCost in SAR
Flights to JeddahFrom US East Coast (Roundtrip): $840-$1,260SAR 3,150-4,725
From Europe (Roundtrip): $630-$1,050SAR 2,362.50-3,937.50
City BusesPer ride: $1.07-$2.14SAR 4.00-8.00
Intercity BusesPer trip: $10.71-$32.14SAR 40.12-120.56
Jeddah MetroPer ride: $1.07-$3.21SAR 4.00-12.00
Local TaxisPer short trip: $5.36-$10.71SAR 20.06-40.12
Uber/CareemPer trip: $2.14-$10.71SAR 8.00-40.12
Monthly Transport BudgetPublic transport, scooter rental, car rental: $74.67-$1,120SAR 280.00-4,200.00
Compact Car RentalPer day: $26.78-$42.85SAR 100.31-160.31
SUV RentalPer day: $48.29-$74.67SAR 181.12-280.00
Monthly Car Rental$535.50-$1,606.50SAR 2,006.25-6,018.75
Domestic FlightsEach way, Riyadh, Medina, etc: $105-$157.50SAR 393.75-590.62

Reliable Sources for transport:

Travel Insurance Costs in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Having comprehensive travel insurance is highly recommended when visiting Jeddah Saudi Arabia to protect against any unexpected incidents. SafetyWing is an excellent option tailored to global travelers and digital nomads.

Why Choose SafetyWing?

SafetyWing makes travel insurance easy and affordable at just $45-250/month. Here are some key reasons to consider it:

  • Global coverage including exotic destinations
  • Flexible policies fit nomadic lifestyles
  • Easy sign-up and claims from phone/computer
  • Covers medical, evacuations, disruptions, baggage, etc.
  • 24/7 customer support anywhere
  • Customizable coverage amounts and add-ons

Other Travel Insurance Options

While SafetyWing is a top choice, companies like WorldNomads, Cigna Global, and IMG also offer comprehensive travel insurance for Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Typical policies range from $45-500 for 2 weeks to a month of coverage. Compare coverage and premium costs.

Some key considerations for a policy:

  • Emergency medical and evacuation
  • Trip cancellation/interruption
  • Lost/delayed baggage
  • Adventure sports coverage
  • Altitude sickness coverage
  • 24/7 emergency assistance

Travel Medical Insurance Table for Jeddah

Insurance Plan for your tripTrip DurationEstimated Cost
SafetyWing1 month$45 – $250
WorldNomads2 weeks$100-$200
Cigna Global1 month$150-$300
IMG2 weeks$150-$250

Trip Cost Of Housing and Lodging in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Trip Cost Of Housing in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Now lets talk about the housing costs you will face while on a trip to Jeddah for daily, weekly and monthly costs:

Overview of Daily Lodging Costs in Jeddah:

Accommodation Type for your Jeddah TripAverage Cost Per Night (USD)Average Cost Per Night (SAR)
Hostel – Shared Room$16.50 – $33SAR 62 – SAR 124
Budget Hotel$55 – $110SAR 207 – SAR 414
Mid-Range Hotel$88 – $220SAR 331 – SAR 827
Luxury Hotel$220 – $551SAR 826 – SAR 2,067
Furnished Apartment$66 – $165SAR 248 – SAR 620

Factors Impacting Accommodation Costs for Trips:

  1. Location: Prices vary between Jeddah city and outer regions
  2. Room Type: Choices include dorms, private rooms, entire rentals
  3. Amenities: From budget basics to luxury offerings
  4. Seasons: Increased demand and prices during peak times
  5. Booking Window: Last-minute bookings typically cost more

Weekly/Monthly Housing Costs in Jeddah During Your Trip:

Weekly/Monthly Housing Costs in Jeddah for tripsAverage Weekly (USD)Average Weekly (SAR)Average Monthly (USD)Average Monthly (SAR)
Hostel Shared Room$116 – $231SAR 436 – SAR 867$495 – $993SAR 1,857 – SAR 3,726
Budget Hotel/Apartment$385 – $770SAR 1,447 – SAR 2,893$770 – $2,205SAR 2,893 – SAR 8,279
Mid-Range Hotel/Apartment$617 – $1,543SAR 2,315 – SAR 5,788$882 – $3,307SAR 3,307 – SAR 12,411
Luxury Hotel$1,540 – $3,850SAR 5,788 – SAR 14,469$5,500 – $16,538SAR 20,625 – SAR 62,063
Furnished Apartment$463 – $1,157SAR 1,736 – SAR 4,340$663 – $4,961SAR 2,486 – SAR 18,604

Tips for Affordable Accommodation for Trips:

  1. Book early for better rates
  2. Stay outside major cities
  3. Check Airbnb/Vrbo and local rental websites for deals
  4. book a apartment for atleast a month to save money
  5. Opt for budget hotels
  6. Visit off-peak seasons
  7. Join expat Facebook groups
  8. Consider hostels
  9. Negotiate discounts for longer stays

Popular Local Rental Sites

local rental websites in Jeddah Saudi Arabia for renting a month or longer:

  1. Bayut
  2. Dubizzle
  3. PropertyFinder Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Trip Food Costs in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Experiencing Jeddah’s diverse culinary traditions is an integral part of visiting Saudi Arabia. From street food to high-end restaurants, this guide provides food cost insights to plan your gastronomic adventures.

Average Daily Food Costs in Jeddah:

The average daily food budget is approximately $5.50 to $11 USD per day or $275 to $825 USD per month in Jeddah. Opting for affordable local food stalls and local groceries from supermarkets can reduce costs.

Monthly Food Budgets in Jeddah:

Local Cuisine

  • Avg Monthly Cost: $55 – $165 USD (SAR 220 – 660)
  • Dishes like mandi, sayadieh, saleeg

Mid-Range Dining

  • Avg Monthly Cost: $110 – $330 USD (SAR 440 – 1,320)
  • Casual spots for mixed grills, seafood


  • Avg Monthly Cost: $220 – $550 USD (SAR 880 – 2,200)
  • Shopping at supermarkets and souks


  • Avg Monthly Cost: $165 – $330 USD (SAR 660 – 1,320)
  • Major chains like Panda and Carrefour

Street Food

  • Avg Monthly Cost: $5.50 – $16.50 USD (SAR 22 – 66)
  • Snacks like shawarma, sambosa

Overall Monthly Trip Cost of food in Jeddah

  • Total Range: $330 – $1,320 USD (SAR 1,320 – 5,280)

Supermarket Costs in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Food Items for your tripEstimated Cost (USD)Estimated Cost (SAR)
Milk (1 liter)$2 – $4SAR 8 – 16
Bread (500g)$1 – $3SAR 4 – 12
Rice (1kg)$4 – $6SAR 16 – 24
Chicken (1kg)$7 – $12SAR 28 – 48
Fruit (1kg)$2 – $4SAR 8 – 16
Vegetables (1kg)$1 – $2SAR 4 – 8
Water (1.5 liter)$0.5 – $1SAR 2 – 4
Soft Drink (1.5 liter)$2 – $3SAR 8 – 12
Beer (330ml)$2 – $3SAR 8 – 12
Wine (bottle)$20 – $30SAR 80 – 120
Fast Food Meal$5 – $10SAR 20 – 40
Mid-Range Restaurant Meal$20 – $30SAR 80 – 120

Cost of Local Food in Jeddah to Eat During Your Trip:

Local Food in JeddahEstimated Cost (USD)Estimated Cost (SAR)
Mandi$5.50 – $16.50SAR 22.00 – 66.00
Sayadieh$5.50 – $16.50SAR 22.00 – 66.00
Saleeg$5.50 – $16.50SAR 22.00 – 66.00
Shawarma$5.50 – $11.00SAR 22.00 – 44.00
Stuffed Lamb$22.00 – $33.00SAR 88.00 – 132.00

Things to Do and Tours in Jeddah Saudi Arabia During Your Trip

trip cost of Tours in Jeddah Saudi Arabia During Your Trip

Here is a detailed table of top attractions, sites, and activities in Jeddah with typical pricing in USD and Saudi Riyal (SAR):

Attraction/Activities in Jeddah for your TripTypeCost (USD)Cost (SAR)
Al Balad Historic DistrictHistoric SiteFreeFree
Al Rahmah MosqueMosqueFreeFree
King Fahd’s FountainLandmarkFreeFree
Jeddah Waterfront/CornicheWaterfrontFreeFree
Floating MosqueMosque$5SAR 20
Jeddah Museum of History and EthnographyMuseum$8SAR 30
Guided Walking Tour of Al BaladGuided Tour$53+ per personSAR 200+ per person
Snorkeling Day Trip to Red Sea ReefDay Trip Tour$158+ per personSAR 600+ per person
Three-Day Cultural TourMulti-Day Tour$525+ per personSAR 2,000+ per person

Top Sites and Attractions in Jeddah:

  • Al Balad Historic District
  • Corniche Waterfront Promenade
  • King Fahd’s Fountain
  • Al Rahmah Mosque
  • Floating Mosque
  • Jeddah Museum of History and Ethnography

Museums and Galleries

Top museums include:

  • Jeddah Museum of History and Ethnography
  • Entry fees around $8 USD per person

Outdoor Activities

  • Strolling the lively Corniche waterfront
  • Snorkeling and diving trips to Red Sea reefs
  • Desert safari camping experiences

Cultural Sites

  • Exploring the historic merchants’ houses in Al Balad old city
  • Visiting traditional souqs (markets)

Guided Tours

  • Half-day walking tours – from $53 per person
  • Day trips to reefs or desert – from $158 per person
  • Multi-day cultural tours – $525+ per person

And here is 100s of amazing tours to do in Jeddah Saudi Arabia on Get Your Guide:

Shopping in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Jeddah offers abundant shopping opportunities from ancient souqs to modern mega-malls.

Shopping CategoryTop LocationsKey Features
SouqsAl-Alawi Souq, Bab Makkah Textile SouqSilver jewelry, embroidered fabrics, spices, prayer mats, traditional wares
MallsRed Sea Mall, Mall of Arabia, Salaam MallInternational/luxury fashion and accessory brands
SupermarketsAbdullah Al-Othaim, Panda, Tamimi, CarrefourGrocery staples, fresh produce, household goods
Food GiftsLezzet Alshark, Al Salam SweetsDates, baklava, Turkish delight, chocolate
Shopping AreasPopular BuysAverage Price Range
SouqsJewelry, fabrics, rugs, spices$5-$110 per item
MallsClothing, shoes, bags, electronics$10-$330 per item
SupermarketsFood, toiletries, home supplies$3-$22 per item
Sweets ShopsBaklava, nut/date boxes$17-$56 per box


Historic markets like Al-Alawi and textile souqs sell unique wares like handcrafted silver jewelry, embroidered fabrics, prayer mats, incense, spices and more.


Sleek, airconditioned malls offer everything from global luxury brands to electronics, entertainment and dining. Top options include Red Sea Mall, Mall of Arabia and Salaam Mall.


Major chains like Abdullah Al-Othaim, Panda, Tamimi and Carrefour are conveniently located across Jeddah for grocery and household needs.

Edible Souvenirs

Shops like Lezzet Alshark and Al Salam Sweets offer traditional sweets like baklava, Turkish delight, dates and artisanal chocolates.

Budgets By Travel Style In Jeddah Saudi Arabia For Your Trip

Planning a trip to Jeddah Saudi Arabia requires structured budgeting. With careful planning, Jeddah can be enjoyed on different budgets.

Cost of a Trip to Jeddah BudgetTravel DurationAccommodationFoodTransportActivitiesTotal Cost
Backpacker/BudgetDaily$16.50-33 USD (61.87-123.75 SAR)$11-$22 USD (41.34-82.69 SAR)$2.20-$5.50 USD (8.26-20.66 SAR)$0-$5.50 USD (0-20.66 SAR)$33-$72 USD (123.91-269.38 SAR)
Backpacker/BudgetWeekly$110-$220 USD (413.13-826.25 SAR)$83-$165 USD (310.58-620.15 SAR)$11-$28 USD (41.34-104.95 SAR)$11-$33 USD (41.34-123.75 SAR)$231-$475 USD (865.55-1781.06 SAR)
Backpacker/BudgetMonthly$441-$882 USD (1654.06-3306.25 SAR)$276-$551 USD (1034.59-2066.19 SAR)$22-$88 USD (82.69-330 SAR)$33-$110 USD (123.75-413.13 SAR)$1,267-$1,874 USD (4751.62-7026.88 SAR)
Mid-RangeDaily$66-$199 USD (247.56-746.19 SAR)$28-$110 USD (103.21-413.13 SAR)$17-$66 USD (61.87-247.56 SAR)$11-$66 USD (41.34-247.56 SAR)$138-$386 USD (517.06-1446.19 SAR)
Mid-RangeWeekly$441-$1,323 USD (1654.06-4961.56 SAR)$165-$413 USD (620.16-1549.69 SAR)$110-$331 USD (413.13-1241.56 SAR)$83-$248 USD (310.58-930.94 SAR)$937-$2,646 USD (3513.44-9922.50 SAR)
Mid-RangeMonthly$882-$2,646 USD (3308.13-9922.50 SAR)$662-$1,323 USD (2483.13-4961.56 SAR)$221-$441 USD (826.56-1654.06 SAR)$276-$826 USD (1034.59-3097.50 SAR)$1,654-$5,513 USD (6203.59-20668.75 SAR)
LuxuryWeekly$3,859-$11,576 USD (14,470-43,422 SAR)$1,654-$3,308 USD (6208-12,406 SAR)$1,103-$3,308 USD (4,142-12,406 SAR)$1,654+ USD (6208+ SAR)$7,718+ USD (28,942+ SAR)
LuxuryMonthly$2,205-$23,153 USD (8,275-86,840 SAR)$4,410-$9,371 USD (16,560-35,144 SAR)$3,308-$6,615 USD (12,406-24,813 SAR)$5,513+ USD (20,668+ 

Cost of Communication and International Sim Card Data Plans in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Staying connected is key for any Jeddah Saudi Arabia trip. Fortunately, mobile data is very affordable. Here are the main options for travelers:

Local Saudi SIM Cards

Leading providers include STC, Mobily and Zain. A prepaid SIM card starts around 20 SAR ($5 USD).

Monthly Plans

Postpaid monthly packages with calling, texts and ample data range from 75-375 SAR ($20-100 USD). Major plans include:

  • STC Infinite Premium: 300 SAR ($80 USD)
  • Mobily Extra Unlimited: 270 SAR ($70 USD)

Unlimited Data

Dedicated unlimited data SIM cards average 190-375 SAR ($50-100 USD) monthly from top providers.

Getting a Local SIM

Bring your passport to provider stores and kiosks for necessary verification. Top up/renew monthly.

International eSIM

Providers like Airalo and Holafly offer prepaid global eSIMs with Jeddah Saudi Arabian data packages. These allow you to access data immediately without swapping SIMS.

Monthly eSIM Plans

  • Airalo eSIM Unlimited Jeddah Saudi Arabia: $49 USD
  • Holafly Jeddah Saudi Arabia Unlimited: $59 USD

Tips for Saving on Cell Usage

  • Use free public WiFi when available
  • Download maps/transit apps in advance
  • Limit streaming bandwidth-heavy video
  • Disable background app refresh/downloads
  • Consider local SIM card over pricy global roaming

Best Times To Visit Jeddah Saudi Arabia During Your Trip

Jeddah’s coastal location offers memorable adventures year-round. However, as an experienced regional travel expert, I highly recommend particular months for ideal weather, fewer crowds, and budget-friendly pricing.

Jeddah’s Coastal Desert Climate

Situated on the Red Sea coast, Jeddah has an extreme desert climate with hot humid summers and more moderate winters. The sea breezes provide some relief from the heat. Here’s an overview:

Summer (June to August)

Temperatures exceed 40°C (104°F) with intense humidity. Strict heat precautions are essential. Start outdoor activities at sunrise, take frequent shade/hydration breaks. Many sites offer limited hours or closures during peak afternoon hours in the summertime.

Autumn (September to November)

Pleasantly cooler temperatures under 35°C (95°F) from September to November make for comfortable outdoor sightseeing and enjoying sea breezes. Late September through early November is ideal.

Avoiding High Season Crowds

Visiting during non-peak Saudi domestic tourism seasons means fewer crowds:

  • Avoid Eid holidays/Hajj months with extreme overcrowding and soaring costs
  • Avoid school holidays when attractions get busier

Best Times for Visiting Jeddah

  • Best: March to May (before peak heat) and September to early November – pleasant weather, fewer Saudi visitors, trips at lower prices.
  • Good: Year-round is fine outside of crowded Saudi domestic tourism peaks.

Table Summary of The Best Times To Visit Jeddah During Your Trip

SeasonWeather ConditionsRecommendations
Summer (June-August)Exceedingly hot (40°C+/104°F+); humidity intenseMinimize visits; strictly follow heat safety protocols
Autumn (September-November)Comfortably cooler (under 35°C/95°F), pleasantIdeal for outdoor sights; late September to early November optimal
Winter (December-February)Milder around 25°C/77°F; can be quite cool at nightConsider traveling to warmer areas; peak domestic tourism during holidays
Spring (March-May)Moderate temperatures; occasional sandstorms/rain in MarchEnjoy pleasant weather; best times are March to early May

Top Cities, Areas and Nearby Destinations to visit in Jeddah Saudi Arabia during your trip

Jeddah: Jeddah dazzles as the Red Sea gateway to Makkah with historic charm and modern vibrancy:

  • Top Attractions:
    • Al Balad Historic District – Explore old city souqs and architecture
    • Floating Mosque – Unique mosque appears to float on the sea
    • Corniche Waterfront – Stroll the lively 30km seaside promenade

Yanbu: Just north up the Red Sea coast, Yanbu woos with natural beauty:

  • Key Sites:
    • Yanbu Beach Park – Palms and activities by the beachside
    • Al-Shafa Mountains – Hike the stunning mountain landscapes
    • Yanbu Souq – Shop the colorful market near the shore

Al Khobar: East near the Persian Gulf, Al Khobar mixes cosmopolitan culture and attractions like:

  • Top Sites:
    • Half Moon Beach – Relax on the crescent-shaped shores
    • Al Khobar Corniche – Wander the vibrant waterfront promenade
    • Scitech Discovery Center – Interactive science exhibits

Taif: In the cooler mountain highlands to the southeast, top Taif sites feature:

  • Key Attractions:
    • Shubra Palace – Tour the historic summer retreat of Saudi royalty
    • Al Rudaf Park – Ride horses, camels and more through scenic trails
    • Souq Okaz Recreation – Experience traditional Saudi souq culture

Nearby Destinations Worth Visiting from Jeddah

Perfect for day trips or brief overnights, top nearby trips:

  • Yanbu Beach Park – Red Sea recreation
  • Fakieh Aquarium – Jeddah’s most popular family attraction
  • Edge of the World – Trek out to the breathtaking mountain precipice
  • Farasan Islands – Pristine beaches and marine life

Table Summary of Top Nearby Destinations from Jeddah

DestinationDescriptionKey Attractions
YanbuCoastal city north along Red SeaBeaches, mountains, Yanbu Souq
Al KhobarCosmopolitan Gulf city to the eastScitech Center, Corniche, Half Moon Beach
TaifMountain escape southeast of JeddahNature sites, traditional markets, history
Farasan IslandsIdyllic island archipelagoTurquoise waters, coral reefs, sea turtles

Expert Tips for Memorable Jeddah Journeys

  • Blend historic and natural attractions
  • Plan proper heat/weather precautions
  • Immerse locally – cuisine, culture, extended stays
  • Take advantage of day trips from Jeddah
  • Indulge in diverse culinary flavors
  • Stay for a month or more to fully immerse yourself in the culture and save money.

Useful Resources For Planning Your Budget in Jeddah Saudi Arabia for your trip

Here is a list of local apartment rental websites, Government resources for Visas, Facebook Groups, Tourism Boards, and more to help you with your potential move here

This is a list of great resources for more information for your trip to Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arabia Expat Facebook Groups:

Saudi Arabia Tourism:

Saudi Arabia Data:

Saudi Arabia Embassy:

Riyadh Saudi Arabia Local Websites:

For exchanging money use Wise Which is the Best Option if you are a digital nomad and Expat. a cheaper solution to send, spend and receive money internationally rather than exchanging money through other platforms like Paypal, Payoneer cost a lot of money for exchange fees and rates

  • Booking Flights: To Find insane flight deals, search on Google Flights, Skyscanner and choose the monthly option to find the best day to fly on.

Conclusion On The Cost Of a Trip To Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Planning a journey across Jeddah requires smart budgeting and preparation to ensure a great experience. Utilize this comprehensive cost breakdown as an expert guide to budget your trip effectively.

Total Average Trip Costs for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:

  • Flights:
    • Roundtrip airfare now ranges from $823.20-$1,763.50 when flying during off-peak seasons.
  • Accommodations:
    • Hostels: $17.64-$58.80 per night
    • Budget hotels: $58.80-$117.60 per night
    • Mid-range hotels: $98.88-$247.68 per night
    • Luxury hotels: $247.68-$617.60+ per night
    • Budget apartments per month: $705.60 – $2,352
  • Food:
    • Local markets/street food: $5.88-$17.64 per meal
    • Casual restaurants: $17.64-$35.28 per meal
    • Gourmet restaurants: $35.28+ per meal
    • Monthly groceries: $294-$588
  • Transportation:
    • Public transit: $0.588-$5.88 per trip
    • Taxis: $5.88-$23.52 for a short trip
    • Rental car: $35.28-$117.60 daily
  • Activities:
    • Most sites offer entry from $0 to $35.28.
    • Organized tours range from $58.80 for half-day trips up to $588+ for exclusive multi-day luxury packages.

Total Jeddah Trip Duration Cost Estimates:

  • 1 week budget trip: $940.80-$2,118.40
  • 1 week mid-range trip: $1,764-$4,116
  • 1 week luxury trip: $4,116+
  • 1 month budget trip: $1,293.60-$2,940
  • 1 month mid-range trip: $1,764-$5,880
  • 1 month luxury trip: $5,880+

30 Final Tips for Saving Money in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

  1. Local Accommodations for Monthly Rentals:
    • Consider renting apartments directly, budget hotels, or using Airbnb for monthly stays to save on accommodation costs in Jeddah.
  2. Early Booking:
    • Secure cost-effective deals by booking accommodations, flights, and activities well in advance for your trip to Jeddah.
  3. Public Transportation:
    • Utilize affordable public transportation options like buses and trains to get around Jeddah, saving money on daily commutes.
  4. Walk or Bike:
    • Opt for walking or biking instead of taxis for short-distance travel within the city in Jeddah, promoting both savings and health.
  5. Local Markets:
    • Shop for essentials at local markets and economical grocery stores in Jeddah to save on food expenses.
  6. Home Cooking:
    • Prepare meals at home or consider self-catering options in Jeddah to cut down on restaurant bills and enjoy local flavors.
  7. Shared Accommodations:
    • Save on lodging in Jeddah by staying in hostels or shared accommodations, fostering a social and budget-friendly environment.
  8. Free Activities:
    • Explore free attractions, parks, and museums in Jeddah to enjoy without spending money on entrance fees.
  9. Travel Cards:
    • Use local travel cards or passes for public transit in Jeddah to benefit from discounted rates on transportation.
  10. Off-Season Travel:
    • Plan your visit to Jeddah during the off-season to take advantage of lower prices and fewer crowds.
  11. Local Transportation Alternatives:
    • Look for shared rides or local transportation options in Jeddah for discounted fares compared to traditional taxis.
  12. Rideshare Services:
    • Utilize rideshare services like Uber or local equivalents in Jeddah for affordable and convenient transportation.
  13. Free Events:
    • Participate in free activities and events in Jeddah, such as language exchanges, to meet locals and save on entertainment costs.
  14. Set-Menu Options:
    • Opt for set-menu restaurants or daily specials in Jeddah for budget-friendly dining experiences without compromising on flavor.
  15. Local Markets for Goods:
    • Shop at local flea markets in Jeddah for affordable art, crafts, and souvenirs, supporting local businesses.
  16. Overnight Buses:
    • Save on accommodation costs in Jeddah by taking overnight buses for long-distance travel between cities.
  17. Picnic Lunches:
    • Buy food from grocery stores in Jeddah and enjoy picnic lunches instead of dining out at expensive restaurants.
  18. Street Food:
    • Explore local street food options in Jeddah for inexpensive and tasty meals, including traditional Saudi snacks.
  19. Minimal Luggage:
    • Travel light with just a carry-on in Jeddah to avoid extra luggage fees and make your journey more convenient.
  20. Couchsurfing:
    • Consider using hospitality exchange networks or Couchsurfing in Jeddah to stay with locals for free, enhancing your cultural experience.
  21. Currency Exchange:
    • Avoid exchanging money at the airport in Jeddah; seek better rates at local banks or exchange offices.
  22. Transit Cards:
    • Purchase multi-use transit cards in Jeddah for discounts on public transportation, making your daily commute more affordable.
  23. Shared Apartments:
    • Rent apartments and share with roommates in Jeddah for more affordable accommodations, especially for an extended stay.
  24. Budget-Friendly Activities:
    • Focus on free or low-cost activities in Jeddah and avoid luxury experiences to stick to your budget.
  25. Bike and Scooter Rentals:
    • Use local bike and scooter rental apps in Jeddah for a cost-effective way to explore the city, combining convenience with savings.
  26. Local Classes:
    • Take local classes in Jeddah, such as traditional dance lessons, for an authentic and affordable experience.
  27. Local SIM Card:
    • Get a local SIM card and data plan in Jeddah for inexpensive communication services during your stay.
  28. Free Admission Days:
    • Visit museums and attractions in Jeddah on designated free admission days to enjoy cultural experiences without spending money.
  29. Negotiate Prices:
    • Practice negotiating prices with street vendors and taxi drivers in Jeddah to get the best deals and maximize your savings.
  30. Reusable Items:
    • Travel with reusable items, like water bottles, in Jeddah to cut down on unnecessary expenses and contribute to sustainability.

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