COST Of A Trip To Madinah Saudi Arabia 2024 (Our Experience)

Cost of a Trip to Madinah Saudi Arabia

The cost of a trip to Madinah Saudi Arabia can be expensive when Visiting the holy city of Madinah in Saudi Arabia can seem daunting with worries about costs. However, with some insider tips and budget preparation, you can have an affordable trip.

To give you Context we personally only spent $1,470 – $1,800 for a month while Living near Madinah Saudi Arabia that is crazy right?

By renting a furnished apartment in a local neighborhood instead of a hotel for a month, shopping for groceries and eating local cuisine, getting around town mainly by public transport and renting a motorbike, helped us keep expenses low.

Madinah has a wealth of historic mosques and sites to visit on a budget. The locals are very welcoming and helpful to guide you around the city. Research accommodation in residential areas to enjoy an authentic Saudi experience.

Learn some basic Arabic phrases and get ready to try delicious Middle Eastern food. Use ride shares and affordable public transport options.

With some planning, Madinah can be surprisingly easy to enjoy even with a lower travel budget. However if you use the tips we provide in this guide and watch the helpful videos along each section you will learn everything you need to know before you visit Madinah Saudi Arabia.

Here is our guide we did for the cost of living in Madinah Saudi Arabia for more information after you finish this guide.

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Average Cost of a Trip to Madinah Saudi Arabia Breakdown:

  • Flights: Roundtrip flights from major hubs range $784-$1,680 (SAR 2,940 – SAR 6,280). Opting for shoulder season travel can offer savings.
  • Accommodation: Hostels ($17-56/night), budget hotels ($34-112/night), mid-range hotels ($90-280), luxury hotels ($280+/night). Apartments from $600 – $2,000 per month (SAR 2,250 – SAR 7,500)
  • Food: Dining at local restaurants and local street markets ($6-17 per meal), mid-range eateries ($17-34 per meal), upscale dining ($34+ per meal). Groceries are around $336/month (SAR 1,260/month).
  • Transport: Public transit ($0.56-2.24 per ride), taxis ($6-22 short trip), rental cars ($28-112/day). Transport costs from $100 – $700 per month (SAR 375 – SAR 2,625)
  • Activities: Major attractions ($6-34 entry), organized tours ($56-560/day), adventures ($34-168+).
  • Daily Costs:
    • Budget ($56-112/day) (SAR 210 – SAR 420/day)
    • Mid-Range ($112-224/day) (SAR 420 – SAR 840/day)
    • Luxury ($224+/day) (SAR 840+/day)
  • Weekly Costs: Budget ($392-784/week) (SAR 1,470 – SAR 2,940/week) Mid-Range ($784-1,568/week) (SAR 2,940 – SAR 5,880/week) Luxury ($1,568+/week) (SAR 5,880+/week)
  • Monthly Costs: Budget ($1,232-1,680) (SAR 4,620 – SAR 6,300) Mid-Range ($2,240-3,360) (SAR 8,400 – SAR 12,600) Luxury ($3,360+) (SAR 12,600+)

And If you are interested in amazing tours in Madinah Saudi Arabia you can check them out here on Get Your Guide:

Table of Factors Influencing Trip Costs to Madinah:

Factors influencing the cost of a trip to MadinahDescriptionImpact on Cost
SeasonPeak season is October to April with pleasant weather but higher demand. Off-season May-September brings discounts but very hot weather.Prices are 20-30% lower in the off-season across flights, hotels, and tours.
Trip LengthLonger stays in Madinah spread out costs like flights, rental cars, and repeat expenses.Monthly costs are 50-60% cheaper than weekly costs.
DestinationsMadinah city is more expensive than smaller surrounding towns and rural areas.The cost of living in smaller towns can be 50%+ cheaper.
AccommodationHostel apartments and budget hotels in Madinah can be 60%+ cheaper than 5-star hotels.Choosing budget options cuts costs in half or more.
TransportationTaking trains, buses and shared taxis can save 50-75% over flying or luxury transportation in and around Madinah.Solo travel can be 20%+ pricier than group trips.
ActivitiesOutdoor adventures, exclusive tours, and high-end entertainment in Madinah cost more than basic cultural sights, parks, and free events.Prioritizing free attractions over expensive tours/events can cut activity costs in half.
Spending HabitsLuxury preferences will increase costs substantially compared to budget conscious decisions.Luxury preferences will increase costs substantially compared to budget conscious decisions.

Transportation options and Costs in Madinah Saudi Arabia during your trip

Transportation options and Costs in Madinah Saudi Arabia during your trip

Here is the overview of the Transportation options and costs in Madinah Saudi Arabia during your trip:

Transport Options in Madinah For Your TripDetailsCost in USDCost in SAR
Flights to MadinahFrom US East Coast (Roundtrip)$800-$1,200SAR 3,000-4,500
Flights to MadinahFrom Europe (Roundtrip)$600-$1,000SAR 2,250-3,750
City BusesPer ride$1.02-2.04SAR 3.82-7.65
Intercity BusesPer trip$10.20-30.60SAR 38.25-114.75
Madinah MetroPer ride$1.02-3.06SAR 3.82-11.47
Local TaxisPer short trip$5.10-10.20SAR 19.12-38.25
Uber/CareemPer trip$2.04-10.20SAR 7.65-38.25
Monthly Transport BudgetPublic transport, scooter rental, car rental$71.40-$1,071SAR 267.75-4,016.75
Compact Car RentalPer day$25.50-40.80SAR 95.62-153.00
SUV RentalPer day$45.90-71.40SAR 172.12-267.75
Monthly Car Rental$510-1,530SAR 1,912.50-5,737.50
Domestic FlightsJeddah to Madinah (Each way)$100-150SAR 375-562.50

Reliable Sources for transport:

Travel Insurance Costs in Madinah Saudi Arabia

Having comprehensive travel insurance is highly recommended when visiting Madinah Saudi Arabia to protect against any unexpected incidents. SafetyWing is an excellent option tailored to global travelers and digital nomads.

Why Choose SafetyWing?

SafetyWing makes travel insurance easy and affordable at just $45-250/month. Here are some key reasons to consider it:

  • Global coverage including exotic destinations
  • Flexible policies fit nomadic lifestyles
  • Easy sign-up and claims from phone/computer
  • Covers medical, evacuations, disruptions, baggage, etc.
  • 24/7 customer support anywhere
  • Customizable coverage amounts and add-ons

Other Travel Insurance Options

While SafetyWing is a top choice, companies like WorldNomads, Cigna Global, and IMG also offer comprehensive travel insurance for Madinah Saudi Arabia. Typical policies range from $45-500 for 2 weeks to a month of coverage. Compare coverage and premium costs.

Some key considerations for a policy:

  • Emergency medical and evacuation
  • Trip cancellation/interruption
  • Lost/delayed baggage
  • Adventure sports coverage
  • Altitude sickness coverage
  • 24/7 emergency assistance

Travel Medical Insurance Table for Madinah

Insurance Plan for your tripTrip DurationEstimated Cost
SafetyWing1 month$45 – $250
WorldNomads2 weeks$100-$200
Cigna Global1 month$150-$300
IMG2 weeks$150-$250

Trip Cost Of Housing and Lodging in Madinah Saudi Arabia

Trip Cost Of Housing and Lodging in Madinah Saudi Arabia

Now lets talk about the housing costs you will face while on a trip to Madinah for daily, weekly and monthly costs:

Overview of Daily Accommodation trip Costs in Madinah:

Accommodation Type for your tripAverage Cost Per Night (USD)Average Cost Per Night (SAR)
Hostel – Shared Room$15.75 – $31.50SAR 59.12 – SAR 118.12
Budget Hotel$52.50 – $105SAR 197.50 – SAR 394.00
Mid-Range Hotel$84 – $210SAR 315.00 – SAR 788.75
Luxury Hotel$210 – $525SAR 787.50 – SAR 1,968.75
Furnished Apartment$63 – $157.50SAR 236.25 – SAR 590.60

Factors Impacting Accommodation Costs:

  1. Location: Prices vary between Madinah city and outer regions
  2. Room Type: Choices include dorms, private rooms, entire rentals
  3. Amenities: From budget basics to luxury offerings
  4. Seasons: Increased demand and prices during peak times
  5. Booking Window: Last-minute bookings typically cost more

Weekly and Monthly trip Costs for accommodation in Madinah:

Weekly and Monthly Trip Costs for Housing in MadinahAverage Weekly (USD)Average Weekly (SAR)Average Monthly (USD)Average Monthly (SAR)
Hostel Shared Room$110.25 – $220.50SAR 413.95 – SAR 827.90$472.50 – $945SAR 1,771.90 – SAR 3,543.75
Budget Hotel/Apartment$367.50 – $735SAR 1,378.15 – SAR 2,756.25$735 – $2,100SAR 2,756.25 – SAR 7,875.00
Mid-Range Hotel/Apartment$588 – $1,470SAR 2,205.00 – SAR 5,512.50$840 – $3,150SAR 3,150.00 – SAR 11,812.50
Luxury Hotel$1,470 – $3,675SAR 5,512.50 – SAR 13,781.25$5,250 – $15,750SAR 19,687.50 – SAR 59,062.50
Furnished Apartment$441 – $1,102.50SAR 1,653.75 – SAR 4,134.40$630 – $4,725SAR 2,362.50 – SAR 17,718.75

Tips for Affordable Accommodation for Trips:

  1. Book early for better rates
  2. Stay outside major cities
  3. Check Airbnb/Vrbo for deals
  4. Opt for budget hotels
  5. Visit off-peak seasons
  6. Join expat Facebook groups
  7. Consider hostels
  8. Negotiate discounts for longer stays

Popular Local Rental Sites

local rental websites in Riyadh Madinah Saudi Arabia for renting a month or longer:

  1. Bayut
  2. Dubizzle
  3. PropertyFinder Madinah Saudi Arabia

Trip Food Costs in Madinah Saudi Arabia

Experiencing the rich and diverse culinary traditions of Madinah Saudi Arabia is an integral part of any visit to the country. From street food to high-end restaurants, this guide provides insights into food costs to help plan your Madinah Saudi Arabian gastronomic adventures.

Average Daily Food Costs in Madinah:

The average daily food budget is approximately $5.25 to $10.50 USD per day or $254 to $856 USD per month in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Opting for affordable local food stalls and markets can reduce costs.

Monthly Food Budgets in Madinah for Your Trip:

Local Food

  • Average Monthly Cost: $52.50 – $157.50 USD (SAR 210 – 630)
  • Dishes like kabsa, mandi, harees

Mid-Range Restaurants

  • Average Monthly Cost: $105 – $315 USD (SAR 420 – 1,260)
  • Casual dining like shawarma, mixed grills


  • Average Monthly Cost: $210 – $525 USD (SAR 840 – 2,100)
  • Shopping at supermarkets and local markets

Local Supermarkets

  • Average Monthly Cost: $157.50 – $315 USD (SAR 630 – 1,260)
  • Major chains like Panda, Tamimi Markets

Street Food

  • Average Monthly Cost: $5.25 – $15.75 USD (SAR 21 – 63)
  • Snacks like shawarma, sambosa, karak chai

Overall Monthly Food Costs

  • Total Range: $315 – $1,260 USD (SAR 1,260 – 5,040)

Supermarket Costs in Madinah Saudi Arabia

Food Items for your tripEstimated Cost (USD)Estimated Cost (SAR)
Milk (1 liter)$2 – $4SAR 8 – 16
Bread (500g)$1 – $3SAR 4 – 12
Rice (1kg)$4 – $6SAR 16 – 24
Chicken (1kg)$7 – $12SAR 28 – 48
Fruit (1kg)$2 – $4SAR 8 – 16
Vegetables (1kg)$1 – $2SAR 4 – 8
Water (1.5 liter)$0.5 – $1SAR 2 – 4
Soft Drink (1.5 liter)$2 – $3SAR 8 – 12
Beer (330ml)$2 – $3SAR 8 – 12
Wine (bottle)$20 – $30SAR 80 – 120
Fast Food Meal$5 – $10SAR 20 – 40
Mid-Range Restaurant Meal$20 – $30SAR 80 – 120

Cost of Local Food in Madinah to Eat During Your Trip:

Local Food in MadinahEstimated Cost (USD)Estimated Cost (SAR)
Kabsa$5.25 – $15.75SAR 21.00 – 63.00
Mandi$5.25 – $15.75SAR 21.00 – 63.00
Harees$5.25 – $15.75SAR 21.00 – 63.00
Shawarma$5.25 – $10.50SAR 21.00 – 42.00
Stuffed Lamb$21.00 – $31.50SAR 84.00 – 126.00

Things to Do and Tours in Madinah Saudi Arabia During Your Trip

Things to Do and Tours in Madinah Saudi Arabia During Your Trip

Here is a more detailed table of top attractions, sites, and activities in Madinah Saudi Arabia with typical pricing in both USD and Saudi Riyal (SAR):

Attraction/Activities To See in MadinahTypeCost (USD)Cost (SAR)
Prophet’s MosqueMosque/LandmarkFreeFree
Quba MosqueMosqueFreeFree
Mount UhudNature/Hiking$10+ per daySAR 37.5+ per day
Madinah MuseumMuseum$7.50SAR 28.10
Madinah Archaeology MuseumMuseum$7.50SAR 28.10
Abyar Ali Souk MarketMarketFreeFree
Wildlife Reserve VisitOutdoor Activity$15-20SAR 56-75
Guided City TourGuided Tour$50+ per personSAR 187.50+ per person
Day Trip from MadinahGuided Tour$150+ per personSAR 562.50+ per person
Multi-Day Cultural TourGuided Tour$500+ per personSAR 1,875+ per person

Top Sites and Attractions in Madinah:

  • Prophet’s Mosque
  • Quba Mosque
  • Qiblatain Mosque
  • Mount Uhud
  • Historic Sites of First Battle of Uhud
  • Masjid al-Qiblatain
  • Nuba Gate
  • Abyar Ali Souk Market
  • Madinah Museum
  • Madinah Regional Museum of Archaeology

Museums and Galleries

Top museums include:

  • Madinah Museum
  • Madinah Regional Museum of Archaeology
  • Entry fees range from $3.15 to $10.50 USD per person

Outdoor Activities and Attractions

  • Seeing wildlife reserves and conservation centers
  • Trekking trips to Mount Uhud
  • Madinah National Park
  • Palm tree oases on outskirts of city

Cultural Sites

  • Historic sites related to early Muslim community
  • Markets (souqs) for shopping traditional goods
  • Customs Museum in Madinah

Guided Tours

Various guided tour options:

  • Half-day city tours – from $52.50 per person
  • Full-day trips to nearby sites – from $157.50 per person
  • Multi-day cultural tours – $525+ per person

And here is 100s of amazing tours to do in Madinah Saudi Arabia on Get Your Guide:

Shopping in Madinah Saudi Arabia

Madinah offers abundant shopping opportunities from vibrant old souqs to modern air-conditioned malls.

Shopping CategoryLocationsKey Features
SouqsAl Madinah Central Souq, textile souqsSilver jewelry, prayer mats, incense, spices, traditional textiles, regional delicacies
MallsCity Center Salam Mall, Al Khaleeji MallInternational and luxury brands for clothing, accessories, electronics
SupermarketsTamimi, Danube, Abdullah Al-Othaim, Carrefour, PandaGrocery staples, produce, household goods
Food GiftsAl Salam Sweets, Al BaikBaklava, Turkish delight, sugared almonds, dessert boxes
Shopping AreasTop PurchasesAverage Costs
SouqsJewelry, textiles, spices, herbs$5-$100+
MallsClothing, shoes, accessories$10-$300 per item
SupermarketsGroceries, toiletries$3-$20 per item
Sweets ShopsBoxes of desserts, nuts, dates$15-$50 per box


For authentic local shopping, explore Al Madinah Central Souq near the Prophet’s Mosque carrying unique wares for centuries like handcrafted silver jewelry, embroidered textiles, incense, and regional delicacies.


Sleek, modern malls like City Center Salam Mall and Al Khaleeji Mall offer international chains alongside luxury boutiques for the latest global fashion and accessories.


Stock up on supplies at leading chains like Tamimi Markets, Carrefour, Danube, Abdullah Al-Othaim Markets, and Panda Hypermarkets conveniently located across the city.

Edible Souvenirs

Load up on traditional sweets like baklava, sugared almonds, and Turkish delight at shops like Al Salam Sweets or pick up artful dessert gift boxes from famous local chain Al Baik.

Budgets By Travel Style In Madinah Saudi Arabia For Your Trip

Planning a trip to Madinah Saudi Arabia requires thoughtful budgeting. With careful planning, Madinah Saudi Arabia can be enjoyed on different budgets.

Trip to Madinah BudgetTravel DurationAccommodationFoodTransportActivitiesTotal Cost
Backpacker/BudgetDaily$15.75-31.50 USD (59.12-118.12 SAR)$10.50-21 USD (39.37-78.75 SAR)$2.10-5.25 USD (7.87-19.68 SAR)$0-5.25 USD (0-19.68 SAR)$31.50-68.25 USD (117.99-255.54 SAR)
Backpacker/BudgetWeekly$105-210 USD (393.75-787.50 SAR)$78.75-157.50 USD (295.31-590.62 SAR)$10.50-26.25 USD (39.37-98.43 SAR)$10.50-31.50 USD (39.37-118.12 SAR)$220.50-452.50 USD (826.24-1696.25 SAR)
Backpacker/BudgetMonthly$420-840 USD (1575-3150 SAR)$262.50-525 USD (984.37-1968.75 SAR)$21-84 USD (78.75-315 SAR)$31.50-105 USD (118.12-393.75 SAR)$1207.50-1785 USD (4522.49-6697.50 SAR)
Mid-RangeDaily$63-189 USD (236.25-708.75 SAR)$26.25-105 USD )98.43-393.75 SAR)$15.75-63 USD (59.06-236.25 SAR)$10.50-63 USD (39.37-236.25 SAR)$131.25-367.50 USD (492.58-1378.28 SAR)
Mid-RangeWeekly$420-1260 USD (1575-4725 SAR)$157.50-393.75 USD (590.62-1478.06 SAR)$105-315 USD (393.75-1181.25 SAR)$78.75-236.25 USD (295.31-885.93 SAR)$892.50-2520 USD (3347.93-9450 SAR)
Mid-RangeMonthly$840-2520 USD (2940-9450 SAR)$630-1260 USD (2362.50-4725 SAR)$210-420 USD (787.50-1575 SAR)$262.50-787.50 USD (984.37-2952.50 SAR)$1575-5250 USD (5906.25-19690 SAR)
LuxuryWeekly$3675-11025 USD (13781-41345 SAR)$1575-3150 USD (5912-11830 SAR)$1050-3150 USD (3945-11830 SAR)$1575+ USD (5912+ SAR)$7350+ USD (27560+ SAR)
LuxuryMonthly$2100-22050 USD (7890-82705 SAR)$4200-8925 USD (15771-33495 SAR)$3150-6300 USD (11832-23642 SAR)$5250+ USD (19688+ SAR)

Cost of Communication and International Sim Card Data Plans in Madinah Saudi Arabia

Staying connected is key for any Madinah Saudi Arabia trip. Fortunately, mobile data is very affordable. Here are the main options for travelers:

Local Saudi SIM Cards

Leading providers include STC, Mobily and Zain. A prepaid SIM card starts around 20 SAR ($5 USD).

Monthly Plans

Postpaid monthly packages with calling, texts and ample data range from 75-375 SAR ($20-100 USD). Major plans include:

  • STC Infinite Premium: 300 SAR ($80 USD)
  • Mobily Extra Unlimited: 270 SAR ($70 USD)

Unlimited Data

Dedicated unlimited data SIM cards average 190-375 SAR ($50-100 USD) monthly from top providers.

Getting a Local SIM

Bring your passport to provider stores and kiosks for necessary verification. Top up/renew monthly.

International eSIM

Providers like Airalo and Holafly offer prepaid global eSIMs with Madinah Saudi Arabian data packages. These allow you to access data immediately without swapping SIMS.

Monthly eSIM Plans

  • Airalo eSIM Unlimited Madinah Saudi Arabia: $49 USD
  • Holafly Madinah Saudi Arabia Unlimited: $59 USD

Tips for Saving on Cell Usage

  • Use free public WiFi when available
  • Download maps/transit apps in advance
  • Limit streaming bandwidth-heavy video
  • Disable background app refresh/downloads
  • Consider local SIM card over pricy global roaming

Best Times To Visit Madinah Saudi Arabia During Your Trip

With intricate preparation, Madinah Saudi Arabia offers memorable adventures all year round. However, as a seasoned travel expert in the region, I highly recommend particular months for ideal weather, fewer crowds at top sites, and more budget-friendly pricing across the board.

Weather in Madinah by Season

Madinah embodies an extreme desert climate cycling between hot summers and cooler pleasant winters. Here’s an overview:

Summer (June to August)

Temperatures exceed 40°C (104°F) necessitating strict heat safety precautions. Outdoor activities should start at sunrise along with frequent shade and hydration breaks. Many sites offer limited hours or closures in peak afternoon hours during summer.

Autumn (September to November)

Pleasantly cooler weather under 35°C (95°F) from September through November makes for ideal comfortable outdoor sightseeing across various historical and natural attractions near Madinah. I highly recommend late September through early November for optimal trips.

Crowd Avoidance for Madinah Travel

Visiting during non-peak domestic tourism seasons ensures fewer crowds at top sites:

  • Avoid Eid Holidays and Hajj Months with extreme overcrowding and soaring costs
  • Avoid School Holidays when attractions get busier

Guideline for Best Times for Madinah Travel

  • Best Times: March to May (before extreme heat) and September to early November align with pleasant weather and fewer Saudi visitors enabling prime Madinah trips at lower prices.
  • Good Times: Madinah can be enjoyed year-round outside peak Saudi domestic tourism seasons.

Table Summary of The Best Times To Visit Madinah During Your Trip

SeasonWeather ConditionsRecommendations
SummerExceedingly hot (40°C/104°F+), strict heat precautionsMinimize visits, start outdoor activities at sunrise, frequent shade breaks, and stay well-hydrated.
AutumnCooler (under 35°C/95°F), pleasant weatherIdeal for outdoor exploration, comfortable sightseeing. Late September to early November is optimal.
WinterCool (25°C/77°F), colder nightsConsider warmer areas in winter, peak domestic tourism during Christmas and New Year’s.
SpringTemperate, occasional sand storms, showers in MarchEnjoy temperate weather, occasional storms, superb sightseeing. Best times are March to early May.

Top Cities, Areas and Nearby Destinations to visit in Madinah Saudi Arabia during your trip

Madinah: Madinah, the spiritual heart, offers a unique blend of history and tranquility:

  • Key Sites:
    • Prophet’s Mosque
    • Quba Mosque
    • Qiblatain Mosque

Yanbu: Just a drive away, Yanbu enchants with its coastal charm:

  • Top Attractions:
    • Yanbu Corniche
    • Historic Yanbu Market
    • Floating Mosque

Badr: Known for the Battle of Badr, this city showcases its historical significance:

  • Landmarks:
    • Badr Historical Mosque
    • Badr Museum
    • Uhud Mountain

Khaybar: Immerse yourself in history in the oasis city of Khaybar:

  • Historical Sites:
    • Khaybar Fort
    • Oasis of Khaybar
    • Ancient Jewish Cemetery

Nearby Destinations Worth Visiting:

Perfect for day trips or brief overnights, explore these recommended nearby destinations:

  • Uhud Mountain:
    • Hike the sacred mountain and explore its historical sites.
  • Quba:
    • Visit the serene Quba Mosque and experience its spiritual significance.
  • Badr Battlefield:
    • Delve into the history of the Battle of Badr at the Badr Historical Mosque.
  • Yanbu Corniche:
    • Relax by the seaside and enjoy the picturesque Yanbu Corniche.

Expert Tips for a Memorable Journey:

  • Blend Historical and Spiritual Exploration:
    • Combine visits to the historic sites in Madinah with spiritual experiences at the mosques.
  • Weather Considerations:
    • Plan your visits, considering the weather for a comfortable exploration.
  • Local Immersion:
    • Immerse yourself in Madinah’s local culture, savoring traditional cuisine, exploring nearby cities, and living in Madinah for an extended period for a more profound experience.
  • Day Trip Planning:
    • Plan day trips to nearby cities like Yanbu, Badr, and Khaybar for a diverse adventure.
  • Culinary Exploration:
    • Indulge in Madinah’s local flavors by trying traditional dishes in each city you visit.
  • Stay for a month or more to fully immerse yourself in the culture and save money.

Useful Resources For Planning Your Budget in Madinah Saudi Arabia for your trip

Here is a list of local apartment rental websites, Government resources for Visas, Facebook Groups, Tourism Boards, and more to help you with your potential move here

This is a list of great resources for more information for your trip to Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arabia Expat Facebook Groups:

Saudi Arabia Tourism:

Saudi Arabia Data:

Saudi Arabia Embassy:

Riyadh Saudi Arabia Local Websites:

For exchanging money use Wise Which is the Best Option if you are a digital nomad and Expat. a cheaper solution to send, spend and receive money internationally rather than exchanging money through other platforms like Paypal, Payoneer cost a lot of money for exchange fees and rates

  • Booking Flights: To Find insane flight deals, search on Google Flights, Skyscanner and choose the monthly option to find the best day to fly on.

Conclusion On The Cost Of a Trip To Madinah Saudi Arabia

Planning a journey across Madinah Saudi Arabia requires smart budgeting and preparation to have a great experience. By leveraging this comprehensive cost breakdown as an expert guide, budget your trip to Madinah.

Total Average Trip Costs for Madinah Saudi Arabia

  • Flights – Roundtrip airfare ranges from $784-$1,680 flying during off-peak seasons
  • Accommodations – Hostels ($16.80-56 per night), budget hotels ($56-112 per night), mid-range hotels ($89.60-224 per night), luxury hotels ($224-560+ per night) and budget apartments per month for $672 – $2,240.
  • Food – Local markets/street food ($5.60-16.80 per meal), casual restaurants ($16.80-33.60 per meal), gourmet restaurants ($33.60+ per meal), monthly groceries ($280-560)
  • Transportation – Public transit ($0.56-5.60 per trip), taxis ($5.60-22.40 short trip), rental car ($33.60-112 daily)
  • Activities – Most sites offer entry from $0 to $33.60. Organized tours range from $56 for half-day trips up to $560+ for exclusive multi-day luxury packages.

Total Madinah Trip Duration Cost Estimates

  • 1 week budget trip: $896-$2,016
  • 1 week mid-range trip: $1,680-$3,920
  • 1 week luxury trip: $3,920+
  • 1 month budget trip: $1,232-$2,800
  • 1 month mid-range trip: $1,680-$5,600
  • 1 month luxury trip: $5,600+

30 Final Tips for Saving Money in Madinah Saudi Arabia

  1. Local Accommodations for Monthly Rentals: Consider renting apartments directly, budget hotels, or using Airbnb for monthly stays to save on accommodation costs.
  2. Early Booking: Secure cost-effective deals by booking accommodations, flights, and activities well in advance.
  3. Public Transportation: Utilize affordable public transportation options like buses and trains to get around Madinah.
  4. Walk or Bike: Opt for walking or biking instead of taxis for short-distance travel within the city.
  5. Local Markets: Shop for essentials at local markets and economical grocery stores to save on food expenses.
  6. Home Cooking: Prepare meals at home or consider self-catering options to cut down on restaurant bills.
  7. Shared Accommodations: Save on lodging by staying in hostels or shared accommodations.
  8. Free Activities: Explore free attractions, parks, and museums to enjoy without spending money.
  9. Travel Cards: Use local travel cards or passes for public transit to benefit from discounted rates.
  10. Off-Season Travel: Plan your visit during the off-season to take advantage of lower prices and fewer crowds.
  11. Local Transportation Alternatives: Look for shared rides or local transportation options for discounted fares.
  12. Rideshare Services: Utilize rideshare services like Uber or local equivalents for affordable transportation.
  13. Free Events: Participate in free activities and events, such as language exchanges, to meet locals.
  14. Set-Menu Options: Opt for set-menu restaurants or daily specials for budget-friendly dining experiences.
  15. Local Markets for Goods: Shop at local flea markets for affordable art, crafts, and souvenirs.
  16. Overnight Buses: Save on accommodation costs by taking overnight buses for long-distance travel.
  17. Picnic Lunches: Buy food from grocery stores and enjoy picnic lunches instead of dining out.
  18. Street Food: Explore local street food options for inexpensive and tasty meals, such as traditional Saudi snacks.
  19. Minimal Luggage: Travel light with just a carry-on to avoid extra luggage fees.
  20. Couchsurfing: Consider using hospitality exchange networks or Couchsurfing to stay with locals for free.
  21. Currency Exchange: Avoid exchanging money at the airport; seek better rates at local banks or exchange offices.
  22. Transit Cards: Purchase multi-use transit cards for discounts on public transportation.
  23. Shared Apartments: Rent apartments and share with roommates for more affordable accommodations.
  24. Budget-Friendly Activities: Focus on free or low-cost activities and avoid luxury experiences.
  25. Bike and Scooter Rentals: Use local bike and scooter rental apps for a cost-effective way to explore the city.
  26. Local Classes: Take local classes, such as traditional dance lessons, for an authentic and affordable experience.
  27. Local SIM Card: Get a local SIM card and data plan for inexpensive communication services.
  28. Free Admission Days: Visit museums and attractions on designated free admission days.
  29. Negotiate Prices: Practice negotiating prices with street vendors and taxi drivers to get the best deals.
  30. Reusable Items: Travel with reusable items, like water bottles, to cut down on unnecessary expenses.

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