COST OF LIVING In BALI Indonesia 2024 (Bali Budget Guide)

Curious about the Cost Of Living in Bali Indonesia? The Cost of Living in Bali per month is around $615 – $3405 (IDR 9,689,325 – IDR 54,363,725). We lived in Bali Indonesia 🇮🇩 for 1 year as Digital Nomads in Bali! We will tell you from experience. In this article, we’ll go deep with all the tables of expenses, videos, and more of what you’ll need to consider before moving to Bali!

We made a video on this as well to help you all even more!

Why Should You Move To Bali?

Cost of Living in Bali

I am sure you have read articles and watched videos on YouTube about the Natural beauty, friendly locals, vast, beautiful landscapes, Lush Green Jungles with the monkeys flying through the trees, beautiful beaches, and Digital nomads who work online on every corner at the coffee shops and co-working spaces, moving to the island is a dream, and the cost of living in Bali makes it possible. Bali is truly a life-changing experience. It has positively changed our lives. Whatever you want to experience in Bali, it is there for you here is why you should move to Bali Indonesia!.

  • The cost of living is affordable. Housing, food, and transportation costs are significantly lower in Bali compared to other major cities. This means you can live comfortably on a monthly budget of  $615 – $3405 (IDR 9,689,325 – IDR 54,363,725).
  •   The affordable cost of living In Bali, With a monthly income from $1000 to $2200, it is possible to live for even as low as $615, which we will discuss later in this article. Still, we don’t recommend that because it is stressful. The monthly food budget, housing expenses, and transportation options in India are determined by your budget and spending habits, depending on how much you spend.
  • Bali is truly a tropical paradise with Western flavor thrown in everywhere – at a quarter of the price back home. Southeast Asia is the digital nomad hotspot for working while traveling and enjoying every second. Bali is the center of it all.
  • Living in Bali guarantees amazing weather, magnificent views everywhere, and friendly Balinese culture and digital nomads that will welcome you with open arms. Balinese Hindus are very open and happy to show you around their culture and the beautiful island they are accepting. They are incredibly proud of their culture.
  • The people moving to Bali mostly work online. The low cost of living makes it easy to live well on a basic income of under $1000 a month and sometimes even as low as $530 a month, which we will get into further into this article. The monthly Food costs, accommodation prices, and transport options are all dependent on your budget and spending habits.
  • Bali is definitely for you if you are looking for a beautiful place, a well-connected community, relaxed, spiritual, and highly affordable.
  • Bali is an incredibly popular backpacking and Digital Nomad destination. Every type of traveler travels to Bali all year long – lavish spenders, vacationers, exploring families, backpackers, digital nomads and yoga enthusiasts, MMA and jiu-jitsu enthusiasts all come to experience and live in Bali.
  • The experience of jumping from just visiting Bali to set up a long term home-base is pretty easy. You’ll meet many digital nomads expats who only wanted to stay for a couple of months and have stayed for 4+ years.
  • Moving to Bali is a lot of traveler’s travel dreams. The island of Bali has a positive reputation for its gorgeous surroundings, fantastic food, and fascinating Hindu culture. But there’s a lot more to Bali than just an island paradise.
  • While many digital nomads and expats have chosen Bali as their long term base to live— this is primarily because of the low cost of living in Bali and the amazing quality of life it has to offer—others visit just for a short vacation because it’s sunny, hot, and remarkable, but not a good lifestyle fit or maybe they have 2 weeks of vacation. Whatever you want to do in Bali is up to you.
  • There is a wide range of lifestyles for digital nomads and expats in Bali. The costs of living in different island areas play a massive role in why digital nomads and expats move to a specific city. There are touristy areas that are completely overrun with a partying backpacker, vacationer vibe. Also, there are other areas where expats can live in the middle of a rice field, in the middle of the jungle, or on the beach, within a short distance of the center of town.
  • The lifestyles vary drastically. As of early 2023, it’s an extremely fast-growing area for digital nomads and expats looking for an excellent quality of life for an extremely low cost of living but allows you to maximize your life in every way, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Expats and digital nomads all mention that Bali is a beautiful place to live, with a fantastic cost of living and high quality of life in every way!

Table of Contents

Our Personal Costs of Living in Bali: Table of expenses Breakdown

This Is a table of expenses of what we personally spent in Bali to give you an idea of what your costs will potentially be before we dive deeper into the article. Sometimes we spent less depending on the month sometimes more.

Our Monthly Cost of living in Bali went as follows:

  • Rent and accommodation in Bali, Indonesia $150 a month for a studio apartment with a pool near everything we needed.
  • Utililities In Bali were around $50 a month for electricity, water, wifi and phone data from Telkomsel and put together.
  • Gym: Weightlifting gym was $20 a month and MMA and Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu gym at Bali MMA for $150 a month, so if you didn’t train MMA and jiujitsu then you wouldn’t spend that $150 but if you just went to the gym you would go to a local gym just spend $20 a month.
  • Food and Groceries cost in Bali we spent around $300 to $400 a month.
  • Transportation we rented a scooter, used a Grab taxi, and Gojek; our Transportation expenses were around $60 to $120 per month.
  • Activities and Things to do in Bali was around $40 to $80 per month.

Here is a table of Expenses for what we personally spent in Bali, Indonesia:

Our Personal Average Monthly Expenses In Bali, IndonesiaUSD $Indonesian Rupiah IDR USD/IDR
Our Rent and Accommodation in Bali, Indonesia, Per Month$150IDR 2,358,750
Our monthly Utilities in Bali, Indonesia, such as water, electricity, Wifi, Mobile Phone Data From Telkomsel$50 – $60IDR 786,250 – IDR 943,500
Our Monthly Weightlifting Gym and MMA, Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai at Bali MMA expenses$170IDR 2,673,250
Our Monthly Cost of Food and Groceries expenses In Bali, Indonesia$300 – $400IDR 4,717,500 – IDR 6,290,000
Our Monthly Transportation Costs in Bali, Indonesia$60 – $100IDR 943500 – IDR 1,572,500
Our Monthly Activities and Things to do in Bali, Indonesia expenses$40 – $80IDR 629,000 – IDR 1,258,000
Monthly Health Insurance (SafetyWing, World Nomads) In Bali, Indonesia$40 – $150IDR 629,000 – IDR 2,358,750
Our personal Cost of Living In Bali, Indonesia Per Month Total Expenses$810 – $1,110IDR 12,737,250 – IDR 17,454,750

Cost Of Living In Bali Quick Facts:

Here are some quick facts about the cost of living in Bali:

  • Total Monthly Living Costs in Bali Indonesia: $615 – $3405 (IDR 9,689,325 – IDR 54,363,725)
  • Bali is 7 times cheaper than New York City, United States
  • With a monthly income of less than $1700, it is possible to live well in Bali
  • On a tight budget, it is possible to live on as little as $800 per month in Bali
  • Rent, food, housing, and transportation costs in Bali depend on your budget
  • You would need around 2,000$ (31,155,400 IDR) in Bali to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 10,000$ in New York City, NY
  • On average, the cost of living in Bali is 76% lower than in New York City, United States
  • On average, rent in Bali is 81% less than in New York City, New York, USA
  • A budget food and grocery plan in Bali will cost around $220 to $600 per month
  • A family of four estimated monthly costs in Bali is $2200
  • A single person estimated monthly costs in Bali are $700 to $1800
  • Transportation costs in Bali expect to spend an estimated $70 to $200 monthly
  • The average monthly cost of living in Bali for local natives is $300
  • Expats and Digital Nomads can expect to spend around $1200 to $2000 per month to maintain their living standards in Bali.

 These questions can help you to answer how much money you need monthly because it depends on many things!

  • Do you like to party often and drink alcohol every day or week?
  • How will you get around? By walking, scooter, Gojek, or use Grab?
  • Will you cook, eat local food, or want to dine out at restaurants often?

Cost Of Living In Bali Summary: $615 to $2720

Cost Of Living In Bali Indonesia
Cost Of Living In Bali

Before we dive straight into the main part of moving to Bali, we must understand and look at the costs of living in Bali. First, you need to work out if you can afford it before you start planning your move here.

The costs of living in Bali can vary depending on many variables. I know some people who live here for $500 per month, all expenses which are bootstrapping and making sure they make it work no matter what, whereas others spend $2500 on an insanely next-level lifestyle! Exchange rates can be very unpredictable. I recommend setting aside specific dates where you set a budget to pay your rent and get out money for food. I always got my money out of the BNI Bank ATMs. They were always reliable and respectable banks, and I never had an issue because they always gave reasonable exchange rates.

  • Expect to spend $615 to $2,720 per month for a single person or a family living in Bali. It’s possible to live for $500 a month, but that is not a good idea.—families, couples, or friends sharing rental and food costs will save an insane amount of money. It’s possible to spend significantly more on a higher-end lifestyle than I mentioned. The higher end of the range is based on how it would be for a single person to rent a 4+ bedroom villa with a pool ($1,200 or more). Without this crazy expense, spending above $2,000 on a moderately to higher-end spending budget as a single person living in Bali would be hard. I lived in Bali for around $1000 a month, all expenses. Even with my girlfriend with me for some months, I would spend $1200 if I wanted to spend as much as I could, but it’s tough to spend above that if you know what you are doing. In Bali, a family could live like a royal family in most areas for $2,000 or more a month.
  • Eating the local food, which I think is the best food if you know where to go, will cost you just a few dollars for a massive meal you will save money and get a better meal than going to a touristy food place, especially if you eat at the local warungs or local restaurants. However, if you want tourist food and prefer international food, it gets a lot more expensive, although still way cheaper than the prices back home. The most cost-efficient and intelligent way to shop is to go to the local markets, local warungs, and local supermarkets. You’ll find them everywhere, and the food and produce usually come from local farms and villages, so you’re getting the best food available and contributing to supporting the local community.
  • There are also grocery stores catered toward foreigners in Bali Naturally, imported goods are way more expensive, but many people are happy to buy products they will miss back home You’ll find all the meat, eggs, fish, fruit and vegetables at the local markets.
  • Buying or renting a car can be extremely expensive and a huge risk in Bali; you are more than likely to get in a small accident or scrape the car unless your a local who knows how to drive in the area because the traffic is insane and its suitable mostly for motorbikes, so most people use a taxi or scooters to get around. The benefit of having a scooter is that you can pass all the cars when the traffic is bad and difficult to navigate. If you are planning to move to Bali, it would be a better deal, and the cheapest way to buy a scooter would cost you about $300 used, or about $900 if it’s new.
  • Until you find the scooter you want to buy, you can rent a scooter daily for about $5 to $12, depending on where you live. Fuel for scooters is found at your local corner shop or Toko, sold in huge old water bottles or massive vodka bottles. You can pull up to the shop, ask for 1 or 2 bottles which cost ($1), and they’ll fill up your tank for you.

Bali has many options to suit all budgets when choosing a place to live. Canggu, Seminyak, and Ubud are the most popular tourist towns. They have the most amenities and best accommodations, and they are very close to the best hospitals on the island, Siloam and BIMC. Because of this, renting a villa in Canggu, Seminyak, or Ubud will cost a lot more than in places like Sanur, Uluwatu, and Amed.

A two-bedroom, two-bathroom pool villa in Ubud will cost about $400 – $680, but the same monthly rental in Lovina will cost about $300. A lot depends on your location and how close you are to the heart of a city or a beach. No matter where you decide to live, negotiate your rent. The longer the rental, the lower the rate will be; but as with anything in Bali, drive a hard bargain and reap the rewards.

Cost of Living in Bali Per Month: Table of Expenses in 2024

Below is the data that has been compiled from my experience and by a massive survey of Digital Nomads, Expats, travelers and From a Respected site named Numbeo. $1 USD equals 15,755.05 Indonesian Rupiah IDR as of the posting of this article. This estimate is based on a Strict Budget Vs. A luxury Budget in Bali per month! The Cost Of Living Per Month In Bali is $615 – $3405, depending on your spending habits! Here is the Breakdown table of a monthly budget for two people living comfortably in Bali, Indonesia:

Average Monthly Expenses In Bali, IndonesiaUSD $Indonesian Rupiah IDR
Rent (Homestay, Guesthouse, studio vs Full Private Villa) In Bali, Indonesia$100 – $2000IDR 1,575,500 – IDR 31,510,000
Electricity (Including water) In Bali Indonesia$20 – $30IDR 315,100 – IDR 472,650
Mobile Phone (including data) In Bali indonesia$15 – $25IDR 236,325 – IDR 393,875
Internet (WiFi) in Bali, Indonesia$10 – $50IDR 157,550 – IDR 787,750
Food (groceries, dining out, partying, nightlife) in Bali, Indonesia$300 – $750IDR 4,726,500 – IDR 11,816,250
Transportation (motorbike, fuel, renting, Taxi) In Bali, Indonesia$100 – $200IDR 1,575,500 – IDR 3,510,000
Healthy Activities (Gym, MMA, Yoga, Massages, etc) In Bali, Indonesia$30 – $200IDR 472,650- IDR 3,510,000
Health Insurance (SafetyWing, World Nomads) In Bali, Indonesia$40 – $150IDR 630,200 – IDR 2,363,250
Cost of Living In Bali Per Month Total Expenses$615 – $3405IDR 9,689,325 – IDR 54,363,725

Cost of Rent In Bali In Depth

Rent in Bali, Villas in Bali
Beautiful Bali Villa

Your primary expense in Bali will be housing costs unless you develop a crazy spending habit. Your rental costs will be dependent upon the property type you choose, whether it’s a simple studio room homestay around $150 to $250 a month or a massive private Luxury villa and the location want to stay in Bali.

Areas like Ubud, Seminyak, and Canggu are very popular with the Digital Nomad Lifestyle, which means the prices in these areas are higher and have more amenities and raise the Bali cost of living.

  • First, you need to figure out if you want to live on a property with someone or live alone. If you are staying with your family or a partner, you would like a private place to stay, a place of your own; solo travelers may enjoy staying in a hostel or a private studio room in a homestay for $150 a month to save a lot of money.
  • An excellent savings tip is to look in the surrounding areas. Many popular areas around Canggu Bali have suburbs or villages that are cheaper and can be reached by a 5-minute bike ride.
  • Most Bali property rental websites focus on very short-term holiday stays and are extremely expensive and overpriced. This is the trap most vacationers, or backpackers fall into never do this. These rentals are not the best place to look for a monthly rental. The best way to stay in an Airbnb for 3 days, look and ask around and look at monthly apartments on Airbnb or ask other digital nomads and expats to find a long term monthly stay is to get on the ground and ask around – everyone knows someone with a place to stay. It’s very common to have a monthly rental rather than a yearly rental.
  • There are Facebook groups like Ubud rental or Canggu Housing Community, Digital Nomads in Bali, and Bali Digital Nomads. These are all groups on Facebook that will be of massive help to you! and can be a helpful starting place. In many, these groups are used by Westerners who effectively rent properties. You often get a better deal if you go straight to the source or rent off Airbnb.

Monthly Rent in Bali: Table of Expenses in 2024

Monthly Rent In Bali ExpensesUSD $Indonesian Rupiah IDR
Studio Room in a Bali Homestay in Canngu$150 – $250 Rp 2,178,765 – Rp 3,631,275
Private Room in a Shared Villa In Canngu$350 – $520Rp 5,083,785 – Rp 7,553,052
Standard Villa in Canngu$460 – $800Rp 6,681,546 – Rp 11,620,080
Luxury Villa In Canngu$620 – $1200Rp 9,005,562 – Rp 17,430,120.00

Cost of Transportation In Bali

Gojek and Grab transportation in bali
Gojek And Grab Drivers in Bali

You’ll need a scooter to get around – public transport in Bali almost doesn’t exist, and there are smaller buses around. There are plenty of scooter and bike taxis, which you can find on the street or with apps such as GoJek or Grab if you aren’t keen on driving in Bali yourself.

Most Bali expats choose to rent a bike as it’s the most convenient and cost-effective way to get around the island. scooter rental costs are dependent upon what model you want to rent or buy, and for how long you want it, and how hard you negotiate for the bike.
You need to add in in petrol which is relatively cheap and available on many streets.

Oh, and understand that you will have to pay for the damages if you damage the bike. It pays off to be careful. An excellent savings tip is to look in the surrounding areas. Many popular areas around Canggu Bali have suburbs or villages that are cheaper and can be reached by a 5-minute bike ride. How will you get around? By walking, scooter, Gojek, or use Grab?

Until you find the scooter you want to buy, you can rent a scooter daily for about $5 to $12, depending on where you live. Fuel for scooters is found at your local corner shop or Toko, and it is sold in huge old water bottles or massive vodka bottles. You can just pull up to the shop, ask for 1 or 2 bottles which cost ($1), and they’ll fill up your tank for you.

Cost of Transportation by Scooter 720,000 IDR – Rp 2,881,060($50 – $200)

95% of people in Bali drive scooters. It is the most efficient way to get around on the island. Scooter rental prices are cheap on the island. Depending on the bike’s size, the scooter rental will cost 720,000 IDR- 2,881,060 IDR ($50 – $200) per month. The price could also increase during high seasons naturally. After having spent a reasonable amount of time in Bali, you will find someone who knows someone who has a good scooter hook-up, which will help you find the best deal and save money.

Monthly Cost of Transportation in Bali: Table of Expenses in 2024

Transportation in Bali ExpensesUSD $Indonesian Rupiah IDR
Renting a Scooter in Bali$50 – $200Rp 720,265 – Rp 2,881,060
Buying a Scooter In Bali$300 – $900Rp 4,321,140 – Rp 12,963,420
Grab Scooter Taxi Ride Based On Distance$1 – $20Rp 14,403.80 – Rp 288,076
Grab Car Taxi Ride Based On Distance$3 – $20Rp 43,211.40 – Rp 288,076
Airport Taxi (Try not to take these)$20 – $35Rp 288,076 – Rp 504,133
Scooter Taxi Ride (Canngu To Ubud)$10 – $13Rp 144,013 – Rp 187,216.90

Cost Of Food In Bali Explained

Food In Bali at Echo Beach Club With A View!
Food In Bali at Echo Beach Club With A View!

The food in Bali is incredible. Walking down the street and going to the local Warungs, you will find the best food in Bali.

Your monthly expenses will decide whether you choose to eat out or cook your meals.

Depending on what food you are craving. You can find cheap local Warungs, which I recommend eating every day that give massive platefuls of local food for a few dollars, and you can find expensive Western-style food that charges $10 for a simple plate of food, and everything in between. If you’re on a tight budget, eat at the Local Warungs.

Grocery and supermarket prices are based on your location, and staying in areas with a lot of foreigners costs more, so get on your scooter and seek out the cheapest supermarket or nearest local Pasar. Local produce and local supermarkets with local fruit and meat are more affordable, but imported goods (Foreign Chips, Foreign goods, pasta, cheese) can be more expensive than the US. When it comes to groceries, you can spend whatever your budget allows, or you can get food delivery from grab or Gojek.

Food is so special, and it expresses so much about different cultures, and in Bali, this is true. Every time you eat at the Local Warungs, it’s as fantastic as the island’s beautiful landscapes and cultural customs. I don’t like cooking, that’s why I eat out mainly at the local restaurants. Because Bali is mainly of the Hindu faith, you’ll have trouble finding beef on the menu.

However, you will find Muslims who cook Beef Rendang, and this is what I recommend. If I wanted to eat beef, I would look for a Muslim Local Warung to eat most of the time. There are fantastic dishes consisting of meat, fish, pork, chicken, and the freshest vegetables and tropical fruits to eat from.

We also made a full article on the Food in Bali Click Here!

What Kind of Food is Served in Bali?

Balinese food has been influenced by Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese, and indigenous recipes for thousands of years.

How Much is a Meal in Bali?

Eating local food in Bali is very cheap. Always choose a Local warung, a local restaurant serving traditional foods and sometimes basic western meals. If you go to one of the many local food markets, your food will cost very little. The main meal will cost $2 to $6. Local beer will cost about $2.50, or a water bottle for $.70. Of course, if you go to a tourist area, the costs will increase.

6 Balinese Traditional Dishes You Must Try:

6 Balinese traditional dishes you must try!
Amazing Balinese traditional Foods you must try!

Unique Traditional Balinese food you must Try!

  • Nasi Goreng: Nasi Goreng, translated from Indonesian into Fried Rice, is probably the most well-known dish in Indonesia. It is genuinely absolutely delicious. You will find this in every restaurant. The noodle version of this meal is Mie Goreng.
  • Mie Goreng: The Noodle Version of Nasi goreng.
  • Satay: This Meal is Sold everywhere. it is grilled meat served as a skewer.
  • Babi Guling: One of the most known dishes in Bali, In a restaurant or warung, it comes with rice, stewed vegetables, and crispy skin.
  • Nasi Campur: Nasi Campur translates into a mix of food with rice. Locals love this dish. Includes either grilled chicken, beef rendang, grilled tofu, or vegetable dishes with yellow or white rice.
  • Beef Rendang: This is one of my Favorites. I Love to Eat At the local Warungs. I ate this every day. It is originally from West Sumatran. The slow-cooked beef, my favorite of all, mixed in with other dishes, can be very spicy depending on the area. You must try this if you visit Bali!

Popular Gyms In Bali And Healthy Activities Cost

Bali MMA gym
Me Training Jiu-Jitsu At Bali MMA Definitely Recommend this gym!

There are so many Gyms and Healthy activities in all corners of the island. Popular activities in Bali include MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, Crossfit, Yoga, surfing, yoga, hiking, and Spas everywhere on the island.

There are many professional MMA fighters and Surfers coming to the island. There are also endless yoga retreats in Bali and amazing hikes to do all over the island. I know all of these activities make it hard to get a good idea, but here are a budget and table examples of what your gym and Healthy activities budget should be:

Monthly Gym and Healthy Activities BudgetUSD $Indonesian Rupiah IDR
Weight Gym Monthly (Bullgym, local Weight Gym, Crossfit Wanderlust, Body Factory$30 – $200Rp 433,762.50 – Rp 2,891,750
MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Gym (Bali MMA, Others)$115 – $250Rp 1,662,756.25 – Rp 3,614,687.50
Surf Lesson 1 hour $6 – $20Rp 86,752.50 – Rp 289,175.00
Surfboard Rental (1 day)$6 – $10Rp 86,752.50 – Rp 144,587.50
Balinese Massage$8 – $30Rp 115,670 – Rp 433,762.50
Yoga In Bali$80 – $100Rp 1,156,700 – Rp 1,445,875
Mt Batur Guided Hike (depends on package)$11 – $28Rp 159,046.25 – Rp 404,845

Cost of Phone Data Plan In Bali – Rp 217,876 – Rp 290,502 IDR ($15 – $20)

It’s crucial to have good data and a plan Although wifi is readily available in any restaurant/café you are in, you cannot replace good data in any place. fortunately Indonesian data is cheap. you should get a pre paid SIM card from Telkomsel which is Indonesia’s fastest and most reliable phone data service available it costs around Best Phone Data Plan In Bali – Rp 217,876 – Rp 290,502 IDR ($15 – $20) per month.

Cost of Medical Health Insurance In Bali, Travel Insurance In Bali

Bali Isn’t dangerous at all. You will have to worry about scooter accidents and some crime, but it isn’t expected. But it would help if you always were prepared no matter where you go in the world, even in your hometown. Scooter crashes frequently happen, as do surfing accidents, and tropical illnesses sometimes occur.

No matter what, you will need Travel Insurance, and the Travel Insurance most digital nomads and expats use called SafetyWing Health Insurance. SafetyWing is cheap, effective, easy, and hassle-free: They Offer No Lock-in contracts, Month to month payments starting at $40 a month. This is the insurance most Digital Nomads Use, including us. They have always delivered on any claim we have ever had and have always been reliable! Click the button below to learn more about SafetyWing’s innovative Insurance for Digital Nomads and Long term Travelers!

Cost of Taxes in Bali, Indonesia by Percentage

Here is in-depth information for the cost of Taxes in Bali, Indonesia for each type of Tax and make sure to contact a local Indonesian Tax Professional for more Information:

Individual Income Tax in Bali/Indonesia

  • Tax Type: Individual Income Tax
  • Tax Rate: 5% – 30%
  • Important Information:
    • Progressive tax rates from 5% to 30% based on taxable income.
    • Some deductions available for non-residents working in Indonesia.
    • Tax residents taxed on worldwide income.

Value Added Tax (VAT) in Bali/Indonesia

  • Tax Type: Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Tax Rate: 10%
  • Important Information:
    • VAT of 10% levied on sales of most goods and services.
    • Certain necessities are exempt from VAT.
    • Added to price paid by consumers.

Corporate Income Tax in Bali/Indonesia

  • Tax Type: Corporate Income Tax
  • Tax Rate: 22%
  • Important Information:
    • Standard 22% corporate tax rate.
    • Public companies get 5% reduction to 20%.
    • Tax incentives offered in special economic zones.

Property Tax in Bali/Indonesia

  • Tax Type: Property Tax
  • Tax Rate: 0.1% – 0.4%
  • Important Information:
    • Levied annually on land and buildings based on value.
    • Rates range from 0.1% to 0.4% depending on usage.
    • Paid by property owners each year.

Customs Duty in Bali/Indonesia

  • Tax Type: Customs Duty
  • Tax Rate: 0% – 150%
  • Important Information:
    • Import duty levied on goods brought into Indonesia.
    • Rates from 0% to 150% depending on product type.
    • Helps protect domestic industries.

Table of Tax Rates in Bali/Indonesia

Tax Type in Bali IndonesiaTax Rate in Bali Indonesia
Individual Income Tax5% – 30%
Value Added Tax (VAT)10%
Corporate Income Tax22%
Property Tax0.1% – 0.4%
Customs Duty0% – 150%

Travel Resources For Transportation And Activities In Bali

Here are some of our are our favorite travel tips & resources for saving money and travel logistics that are relevant to this article!

  • Booking Flights: To score insane flight deals, search on Google FlightsSkyscanner or kayak. Money-saving tips: fly in the middle of the week, on the weekend; fly carry-on only on a budget airline, and take red-eyes or early morning flights.
  • Travel Insurance: We always have travel insurance monthly for international trips and living abroad. We STRONGLY suggest that you have it as well, just in case other digital nomads live abroad, and we always use SafetyWing for international travel insurance and medical concerns. SafetyWing is one of the few policies covering Covid-19, and they start at $42 a month! It’s incredible and always reliable! SafetyWing is perfect for Digital Nomads and long-term travelers!

If you don’t want to just read from us but want to keep up with our travels, go ahead and follow us on our travel page on Instagram @onelifepassportComment below what else you would like to know/see about our experiences traveling the world! Also, check out our YouTube Channel!

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